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As Long As the Moon Shines--Imagine #19

Anonymous asked: Hello. Could you write an fluffy imagine where my crush and I are internet best friends and one day I go to his country on holiday so we can finally met and we have amazing, fun time together? Thank you! 💕

A/n: Jesus christ it’s been way too long since I’ve posted. I’m sorry for my absence. My life took a turn for the worst a couple months ago and I’ve been recovering this whole time. Anyway, sorry it took me forever to get around to writing this. I’m going back into the recesses of my ask box. Hope you enjoy, anon, if you even still follow me. <3 Keep dreaming!~Logan

P.S. This is unedited. Just a warning. There’s probably some typos. 

Bouncing in my airplane seat, I kept my eyes glued on the beautiful country that slowly got closer and closer as the plane neared landing. The excitement inside me was threatening to explode out of my limbs if I didn’t move so I let myself squirm in my seat like a small child waiting to open gifts on Christmas. 

The plane could not land any quicker and the second the stewardess announced that we were landed and able to leave the plane, I dashed out of my seat, practically assaulting the thirty-year old that sat next to me in my hurry to get out. My heart sank though, when I reached the area where people met and went to baggage claim. Awkwardly, I searched all the smiling, hopeful, impatient faces, desperately hoping my eyes would lock on c/n’s. It was odd he wasn’t here yet. He said he was going to pick me up, and he knew what time my plane landed. I decided to drag myself to baggage claim instead and call him, praying he hadn’t forgotten about me

It was excruciating trying to weave through the sloth-like people that moved toward the baggage claim. When I reached it, it finally hit me. I was here, taking advantage of my spring break, and seeing c/n for the first time in person after having been internet best friends for a long time. We had spent hours, painstakingly planning this trip months before it would actually happen just so it could be perfect. So that our time together could be perfect. For all the planning, this trip sure wasn’t starting off perfect, me being forgotten in a foreign airport and all. 

My luggage finally neared me, on the conveyor belt, and I fumbled trying to get it off. A pair of strong hands effortlessly lifted it off. 

“There you go, ma’am. Um, would you know where I can find a Ms. y/l/n?”

I looked up, my eyes meeting the brilliant, very real, very clear e/c eyes of c/n. I shrieked, dropping the luggage he’d handed to me and flung myself at him. 

“Oh my god,” I cried, though my ecstatic yelp was muffled by his soft henley.

He lifted me up into his arms, spinning me around as my legs and arms wrapped tightly around him like a koala bear. I could feel his laughter, actually feel it, vibrating in his chest, uncontained and free. It was so deliciously deep, so free and loud, I wanted to bottle it up and listen to it whenever. 

My body was trembling with elation, and I breathed him in deeply, my brain trying to wrap around the fact that I was physically–like, actually physcially– hugging c/n. He smelled like boy’s cologne, not the kind that makes your nose bleed, but the kind that makes your knees weak and your breath shallow, minty and enticing. 

I kept blubbering things like how I couldn’t believe he was here, how excited I was, all in a very loud tone. He just keep laughing and nodding his head, and I peeked over his shoulder to see all the people in baggage claim–the ones who weren’t completely burnt out from their trip–staring at us, at me, at him, at us meeting. I didn’t care, I wanted the whole world to know we were finally together, two worlds colliding. 

“Get a room,” one teen boy said, while strolling by us, cackling. I could hear a few other people awwing behind us, making me blush furiously.

He stroked my hair, and I looked up. His eyes were wet, but his smile was so exuberant it reached from ear to ear. He was still holding me up, and I savored the feeling of his strong hands holding up my thighs. 

“Let’s go to my house, yeah?” He asked, that beautiful smile frozen on his face. 

I simply giggled and nodded, hugging him once more. 


On the way back to c/n’s home, he apologized for not being there on time. Apparently, he had been cooking a huge dinner for just us two to share at his place, and he had lost track of time. He said he had to go through several rounds of cooking the surprise meal before he got it right. 

“I’m not a very good cook, but I wanted to make your first night here special and welcoming,” he said, as we drove, flashing me that smile that still hadn’t left his face from when we were in the airport, only this time it had a hint of shyness. 

As I stepped through the door of his home, a heavenly scent wafted from the kitchen. C/n was such a gentleman, bringing my luggage in. 

“Welcome to your home for the next seven days,” he outstretched his arms toward the cozy home, grinning.

Taking my hand, he led me to his room, and I tried to memorize every furniture piece, every turn, every detail of his home on the way. As well as every detail of his hand. Because there was no way I was going to let the feeling and texture of his palm in mine slip my memory when I got home. 

When we got to his room, I studied it. It was plain, but still warm. Some pictures of his friends and family on his walls and his bed stand. It smelled like him, and I found that extremely comforting. 

“Sorry, we don’t have a guest room, so you’ll be staying in here. I made sure to clean it,” He ran a hand through his hair, an apologetic look on his face. 

“I don’t care at all. You have a beautiful home,” I breathed, still not believing that this was all real. 

“You like it?” He asked, nervously scratching his arm.

“Very. Maybe even more than I like you,” I dead-panned. 

In one large step towards me, he body-slammed me onto his bed, tickling me, prodding me, somehow finding all my most ticklish places. I let out shrieks and giggles, squirming under his relentless fingers.

“Stooop!” I gasped, as his fingers prodded my sides, a string of breathless giggles spilling out of my mouth.

“What was that?” he asked, voice dripping with exaggerated innocence. In the split second before I shut my eyes again, laughing, my heart skipped at the wicked grin he gave me and how–how…sexy? it was. 

I couldn’t be having these thoughts right now. We always flirted, but that was just business as usual and there was no way I was going to make things awkward by blurting. I liked him a lot, more than his house, and in a much less platonic way, if you catch my drift. 

“I sa–aid st-o-oop,” I choked out, trying to talk through the giggles. 

God, this was a strange kind of enjoyable torture. 

“Mmm, didn’t quite hear ya there,” he said, only this time his husky voice was close to my ear, making me tremble. 

When did his voice get husky? And why was he panting when I was the one being tickled? Was I imagining what I wanted to hear?

I didn’t have any time to ponder that before his fingers were back to poking and wiggling against my sensitive skin. I was breathless and it wasn’t just from laughing. 

“C/n,” I panted, and as I strained to keep my eyes open through my giggles, I thought I saw his eyes darker than normal as he looked up at me. “St–stoop,” I whined. 

“No can do,” he answered, playfully. This time there was no questioning the husky quality of his voice that hadn’t been there before. 

His fingers traveled down my body and I couldn’t rip my eyes from his, as his body maneuvered lower, still hovering over me. He wasn’t tickling me anymore, his fingers instead gliding over the bare skin of my ankles. Our eyes were saying things we were too scared to say out loud and my breath hitched. 

That’s when he flashed me the sexiest, most mischievous smile, eyebrow quirked, and he licked the side of my foot. 

My eyes widened in shock, and I shrieked. Before I could think, my foot had made contact with his face, and I didn’t register he was on the ground until a soft thud and groan came from the floor. 

Scrambling off the bed, I dropped beside c/n, taking his pained face in my hands. 

“Oh my god, I am so sorry! Are you ok? I didn’t–Oh, god, are you alright?” I asked, frantically searching his face, and stroking his messed up hair away from his forehead. 

His eyes squished up, and his shoulders shook. For a moment I thought he was crying and I looked at him in horror. He dropped his face to my lap, his silent laughter becoming audible. He was roaring. 

“Your–yo–” more roaring laughter erupted from him. “you looked so terri–”.

“Terrified, I get it!” I finished for him, as his body shook with laughter and he rolled on the carpeted floor, his head now laying upwards in my lap. 

“God, you’re insufferable,” I huffed, but his laughter was contagious and soon I was chuckling along with him. 

I don’t think I had ever witnessed anything more beautiful. No, not the grand canyon, not the rocky mountains, not even his own country could compare. His face was lit up and flushed from laughing so hard, tears poking out from the corners of his dancing e/c eyes, and my god the way he was looking at me couldn’t be described. It could only be felt by the heart. 

Finally, our laughter subsided, and the only sound was our shallow breaths becoming more regular. I stroked his hair. 

“This is why you should never, ever lick, or even tickle me,” I scolded, his head remaining rooted to my lap. 

“I only licked your foot, does that make all of you off-limits for licking?” He asked, his lips twitching as he tried to keep a straight face. 

My jaw dropped, and I slapped his shoulder, getting up. “This is what I get for spending my break with a boy,” I huffed, walking out of his room, trying to repress a smile. I felt his eyes on my ass.

“Well, that wasn’t a yes,” I could hear the smirk in his words as he followed me.

“You’re a perv,” I muttered, my face heating at his jokes.

“Still hear no confirmation to my question,” he hummed as he scooted around me, and blocked my path. 

“I’m starving, c/n. Feed me,” I gave him my best puppy-dog look. 

He scooped me up, and his palms cupped my ass, unlike before at the airport, as he carried me into the kitchen. 

He had his face buried in my neck, so I had no clue how he knew where to go. His hot breath hit my neck in soft puffs and my heart raced as he confessed into my hair, “I’m starving, too, y/n.”

My breathing shallowed. There was no way in hell he was talking about food like I had been with that tone. 

He placed me on the counter in his kitchen, his hands sliding off my thighs in a way that made my toes curl. 

“You sit right here and I’m going to dish you up the most delectable meal of your life,” he smirked, his eyes meeting mine and I noticed how fat his pupils were. 

Once we had both been dished and moved to the table, we dug into the best damn creamy alfredo with lobster I’d ever tried.

I moaned as I sunk my teeth into another large forkful, my eyes rolling back in pleasure. “Mmm, oh, my god, this tastes so good, c/n.”

I heard c/n choke on his food, and I opened my eyes to see his widened eyes on me. He coughed, trying to swallow down the pasta. 

“Glad–cough– you like it so much,” he swallowed hard, and glimpsed at me before gulping down water. 

His throat and cheeks were scarlet red. And suddenly, it dawned on me why. I felt my own cheeks flare up. 

After an awkward silence with shy glances and electricity in the air, our dinner continued, filling each other in on some more details of our life. After my second heaping helping I shoved my plate away from me and slumped in my seat across from c/n. 

“Already done?” He asked, eyebrows raised. 

I snickered, running my bare foot up his pant leg. “You would be too, if you hadn’t spent so much time staring at me eating.”

His eyes darted over my face, wide from the shock of my foot grazing his muscled calf dusted with hair. Clearing his throat he replied with a shy smile, “Can’t blame me for admiring a girl who knows how to eat.”

I just stared back at him, embracing the heat climbing my throat and settling over my cheeks. In the soft lighting of the dining room, his eyes were smoldering, and offered a soft smile, gazing at him through my eyelashes. 

Abruptly his fork clattered to his unfinished meal, and he shoved his chair back, striding over to my side of the table.

“Where are you–” 

“Just follow me,” he commanded, grabbing my hand as I reached out to stop him. 

I tripped after him, still marveling at the intimacy of being able to feel the contours of his palm pressed against mine. I don’t think I would ever get used to feeling his hand wrapped around mine.

I didn’t understand where he was taking us as we exited his own personal apartment and climbed a stairwell in his apartment building. We reached a door that had rooftop stamped on it after climbing several flights of stairs, and c/n was breathless when he turned to look me in the eyes. 

“Close your eyes,” he said. 

I furrowed my brows, confused. Taking a step closer to me until our labored breaths were mingling, he wrapped his other hand around my previously dangling one. 

“Do you trust me?” He asked, his voice a whisper. 

“Yes,” I breathed, admiring his handsome features.

“Then close your eyes,” he urged, stroking the backs of my hands with his thumbs. 

Reluctantly, I closed my eyes and I heard the door open. A gush of wind hit me, and I grasped his hands tighter. His squeezed back reassuringly.

He moved us forward and I heard the door close from farther away. The wind played with my hair gently. My stomach lurched as I felt the heat of c/n’s hands leave my hands only to wrap gingerly around my waist from behind me. 

“Open your eyes and look up,” c/n’s voice whispered into my ear, hot puffs of his breath hitting my neck. 

I opened my eyes and looked up. Gasping, I took in the beautiful streaks of color splashed across the sky. A beautiful, soft lilac slowly deepened into a royal purple, finally ending in a midnight blue. Stars were beginning to emerge and I could see the moon already. 

“Every time that we would have to say our goodbyes, I would escape to up here. I studied so many sunsets, so many afternoon skies covered in clouds. And, at night, when you would say goodnight over Facetime while trying not to yawn, your adorable eyes drooping, and your face disappeared from my screen I would come up here and stare at the stars, the moon. It made me feel closer to you, like our connection never really dropped, even if I couldn’t see or hear you. Because I knew you were falling asleep under the same sky that I was sitting under. Granted, I had to stay up hours later into the night than you did since I’m hours ahead of you, but for you, I would do anything. Anything to feel closer to you. I see the moon and I instantly feel better because I know he’s keeping watch over you as I whisper to him all the things I’m too bloody scared to say to your face,” he finished, his voice now a hoarse, low, rumbling tone, reverberating through my body, making me shiver. 

“Well,” I said, turning in his arms, “I guess the moon is good at keeping secrets.”

I played with the collar of his shirt, too shy to meet his eyes. What he was saying, what I was saying could change everything about us and nothing at all at the same time. 

“Why do you say that?” He asked, and I met his eyes before answering. 

“Because I tell him all the things I’m too chicken shit afraid to say to your face, too,” I pushed out. 

I held my breath, staring into those soulful eyes that were looking back at me with so much longing it almost hurt to look.

“All good things I hope?” The mischievous glint in his eyes twinkling at me didn’t erase the serious expression he was wearing. 

I leaned up, letting my lips graze his earlobe. I heard his breath hitch.

“Depends on how you define good. Because I think if anyone heard the way I described you to the moon, they would call me a pretty naughty girl,” I rasped into his ear. 

With a low growl, and lightning fast speed, c/n had pulled me back to look me in the eyes before his lips were devouring mine with a hunger that put my appetite at dinner to shame. I returned it with equal passion, my hands roaming his hair, scratching his scalp with each pass through as he groaned and slipped his tongue into my mouth. I whimpered as he nipped on my lower lip, only to return to blazing a trail through my mouth with his tongue. 

Later that night, as c/n’s arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me protectively against his chest as we snuggled under his bed covers, both of us drifting into sleep, I heard c/n whisper a question that changed our lives for the better forever. 

“Will you be mine, y/n? Even after you leave? Will you wait for the day when we don’t have to use technology to see each other?”

“I will, c/n. For as long as the moon shines at night.”