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Evening fog bands drift out over San Francisco Bay

Breathing Space

Sequel to Brave. 

More installments ahead! Tag list comes mainly from this post, which also includes a rough outline of all the installments in this University!AU series to come!

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Virgil hardly wakes at all, which surprises him. He is usually a notoriously light sleeper, as if some part of his mind is constantly on guard, waiting to hear if something changes during the night. 

But, this time, his mind slips easily into sleep, limbs blissfully heavy. He vaguely remembers stirring at the sound of Roman moving the covers back. He remembers trying to say something, at least, only managing a weak, questioning, “Hmm…?” And then, Roman’s voice drifting through the fog: “Shh, it’s early, still. Go back to sleep.”

And, what’s even more surprising to Virgil is that he apparently does so. The next thing he knows is he’s waking up to the light of day streaming through his curtains. He gets up and stretches. Roman is not there.

Virgil opens his door to meet Logan in the corridor. He’s shutting the kitchen door behind him, balancing a cup of tea in one hand. He nods.

“Good morning, Virgil. Well, almost afternoon.”

“Hey, Teach. Much on today?”

“Not particularly- tutoring one first year in the lab at three, but apart from that… Actually.” Logan jerks his head towards his own room. “May we talk?”

Virgil frowns. “Uh, sure?”

He follows Logan down the corridor into his room. Logan leans on the desk and sips his tea while Virgil stands uncertainly, arms folded. Logan sets the mug down.

“I have been made- ah- aware of the Giant Jerk Number One situation.”

“You’ve- oh. Have- have you seen Roman today?”

“I have.”

Virgil tries to disguise his shoulders tensing with worry, but he can’t help it. Maybe Roman found things too awkward. Maybe he said something wrong, and Roman had to vent to Logan about it and, oh God-

“Virgil. Relax. We just chatted for a little while. He said you were… very kind.”

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Winter Shadow - chapter 9

Nothing happens here. Literally, 2,859 words of nothing happening. And not even well written nothing. Sorry. If I can, I’m going to finish this tonight, so you can just skip this chapter and wait for the end (or skip both!).


Even by Quinjet, the flight time between North America and Wakanda was long. The jet was equipped with excellent AI and autopilots, but Natasha and Steve liked to stay at the controls, at least while they were flying over occupied lands. Once the jet was clear of the continent and there was nothing but Atlantic as far as the eye could see, they finally switched to the autopilot and both sat back. Steve continued their earlier conversation, as if there’d barely been a pause; it had been playing in his mind throughout the flight.

“So, you think we can find a way to remove the triggers, really?” They’d had this conversation so many times before, but he needed constant reassurance, that there was hope. Natasha didn’t mind, she could sense how close he was at times to losing faith, was always happy to try and talk him around, help him remain optimistic.

“Someone put those triggers in there. So, there’s got to be a way to get them out. And now we have another tool…” her eyes flicked to the back of the jet, where the Shadow sat, still, lost in a world of her own. “… it could be the thing that helps.”

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So… I’m like 20 minutes late for Day 1: Intimacy of the Sanvers Week Challenge… but the muse is a procrastinator just like me. This is my first Sanvers fic so I hope I do them, the fandom, and @queercapwriting justice!



It is 5am.

It is 5am dammit and you’re not supposed to have to go into the DEO until 10am and you were hoping to sleep in.

But there’s a rustling next to you. A hunger that cannot wait. A whimper that will not stop without your touch.

So you drag yourself upward; fighting against the tight grasp sleep tries to hold over you. The fog slowly drifting to the edges of your mind. You can do this. Certainly you’ve survived more harrowing times than these. Certainly you’ve had to function with less sleep with an entire envoy of troops at your command no less.





You throw the covers off of you and swing your feet over the bed and they drop clumsily on the cool hardwood. You’re slightly dizzy when you first stand but right yourself almost immediately. A deep breath (it’s 5am! you whine in your head).

You pad softly over to the crib in the corner of the room and look down. Familiar brown eyes look up at you. A gummy smile, chin covered in drool, legs kicking all about. And while you may be a hardass 12 hours a day, in these moments your heart, your voice, your touch will be the softest they have ever been.

“Good morning, love.”

You pick up your son and his arms wrap around your neck and play with the small hairs at the base of your skull. You snuggle into his cheek in return, smelling the baby wash you used on him last night when you got more water on the floor of your bathroom than you did in the tub itself. You turn to bring him to the kitchen where his morning bottle awaits you both in the fridge only to see Maggie already there. You’re not sure when she snuck out of the bed, but there she is. Humming softly to herself and swaying as she waits for the bottle warmer’s telltale *ding* to let you know it’s ready.  

You recognize the tune as you get closer. It’s a lullaby her abuelita used to sing to her. All soft and rounded curves that wrap around you. You’re not sure if you or the wriggling mass in your arms likes it more. You’re not sure if you or he light up the most when Maggie turns around with a warm bottle and warmer smile.

Maggie embraces you both. Tight hug for you and a smooth back rub for him. And it is these simple moments now that you hope to hold onto forever. That you pray your mind will wander back to in times of stress. These simple intimacies when it’s just the three of you together… the soft light of 5am, the soothing sounds of Maggie’s lullaby, the warmth of smiles and hugs and bottles in your hands.

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1 83 84 sehun? your writing is so nice ;_;

You’d been Oh Sehun’s stylist for a while now. Three months now, in fact, and despite the critical acclaim EXO had gotten over the past few years, you honestly didn’t know how much more of this personal hell you could take.

Granted, Sehun wasn’t a bad-natured individual, but after the first few jokes he threw at you, the teasing had dominoed to a point where he was becoming like your personal poltergeist.

“Yah! (y/n)-ah, you messed up my bangs!”

“Why do you look so tired all the time? It’ll only add wrinkles when you get older.”

“Stop using this brand of hairspray. I’m pretty sure it aggravates my skin.”

That, combined with SM’s incomprehensibly busy schedule that ran on the ‘tell-you-at-the-last-possible-minute’ system, was beginning to eat away at your sanity.

Still… You needed this job. It paid pretty well, and jobs in general were getting rather scarce. Others would call you lucky, but you just considered yourself fortunate that you had a family member refer you to EXO’s manager and snag you a job.

You suppressed your complaints. You were very easily replaceable, and if Sehun mentioned anything that so much as hinted as a complaint, you knew you’d be tossed to the curb in less time than you could blink.

You had lasted three months, and you’d be damned if you let this somewhat bratty idol get in the way of your steady income.

Your morale, however, hit an all time low when you misplaced your favorite necklace.

You weren’t one for jewelry, or any other overly-priced luxury for that matter. This necklace was your most precious keepsake: the only thing left from your best friend, who moved abroad a few years back, and news of passing hit you last Christmas.

You distinctly remembered throwing it into your handbag on your way to work, being too short on time in the morning to put it on properly. The hectic day carried on and it left your memory until you returned home. When you looked through the pockets, it was nowhere to be found. You nearly tore the bag to shreds looking for it, but with no success.

The next few days at work were dismal, as a nearly visible cloud of gloom hung over you like a fog and drifted to your coworkers.

Sehun noticed your lack of comebacks to his usual teasing.

“You parted my hair on the wrong side, idiot.” He would comment.

“I’m sorry.” You would mumble back.

“This is the wrong brand of BB cream, go get me the other one.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why are you such a doormat? Buck up.”

“I’m sorry.”

Eventually, Sehun got overwhelmingly frustrated, grabbing the styling comb from your hands and turning around in his chair to face you.

“Okay (y/n), what’s wrong.” You’d never seen him glare at you so seriously before.

“Nothing.” You lied.

“Did you have a boyfriend?” He questioned. “Did he break up with you.”

“No. It’s nothing.”

“Are you having financial struggle? You know I can just tell our manager that-”

“No.” You stated firmly, avoiding his gaze and taking a deep breath. “I said it’s nothing. And that’s starting to get annoying.”

Sehun brushed his hair to the side and rested his head on his hand. “So what, do you get beat up at home, attacked by loan sharks? Tell me what-”

“Enough with the sass!” You shouted louder than you intended, silencing the other members within the dressing room, along with their stylists.

You quieted your voice, physically embarrassed. “I lost something very precious to me a few days ago, alright?”

“Oh,” Sehun nodded in weak understanding. “I guess you won’t want the present I got you then.”

He started to stand, but you grabbed his arm before he could get up and walk away.

“You got me a present?” You gave him an incredulous look. “Why on earth-”

“Nope.” He huffed, smirking. “I guess you don’t want it.”

It was then that you noticed he had his hand balled into a fist behind him. Without giving him a moment to react you reached for it, attempting to grapple for the object in his hand.

“Show me what’s behind your back.” Your voice tensed, showing your annoyance.

“Not unless you promise me something.” Sehun stared down at you with a surprisingly solemn expression, and it made you freeze.

“Like what?” You huffed and crossed your arms against your chest.

“You have to smile every day at work now.” Sehun blurted, barely letting you get your words out.

His gaze didn’t falter.

“I miss your smile.”

That was the last thing you expected to hear at the moment.

Your stance visibly faltered as you stumbled backwards. You felt your heart clench inexplicably, your mind going into a haze.

A shiny object dropping right in front of your face shook you out of your trance.

“…Hello? Earth to (y/n).”

It was your necklace.

“H-how did you..?” You stuttered.

“It fell out of your bag… And I saw one of the other stylists pick it up.” Sehun grabbed your palm and dropped the necklace into it. “She was wearing it for a while before I confronted her about it.”

You were speechless.

“Needless to say you won’t be seeing her around the workplace anymore.”

He closed your fingers around the necklace, still amused at your lucid daze.

“Don’t forget,” He smiled, turning around to leave and giving you a wave. “You made me a promise.”

You still couldn’t speak, too shocked to respond.

“I better see your gorgeous smile again by tomorrow morning.”

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OMG THIS IS SOOOO LONGGGG I’m sorry… I don’t really know where this went but before I knew it, it was almost 1,000 words and I was no where near ending it… HAVV SOME SASSY TSUNDERE SEHUN!! Hope you liked it anon, (tysm for saying so!)~


Otherkin Meditation

This meditation will help one to connect to past lives and one’s true self.

Begin by setting up a conducive environment. Make sure your space is quiet and comfortable, you’ll want the room to be clean. You may wish to light some incense, and put on some relaxing music.

Sit in a comfortable position. I recommend a straight backed chair. Close your eyes and relax.

If you have a preferred trance induction technique, use it now. My favorite is as follows.

You may wish to record yourself reading the rest of the exercise and play it back as a guided meditation.

“Focus on your breathing, deep slow breaths. In… and out. In… and out. Let your muscles relax, beginning at your toes, moving up into your feet. Each muscle slowly relaxing as you move your attention up into your legs. Muscles relaxing, tension easing away. Into your thighs as you move slowly deeper in a calm, relaxed state. Up into your torso, muscles relaxing, thoughts drifting by. Nothing to worry about, nothing to think about but relaxing as you move up into your shoulders, deeper and deeper into relaxation. Down into your arms, muscles relaxing and coming to rest. Into your hands and your fingers, strain and stress fading away. Now up into your neck, muscles unknotting, stress dissipating and fading away as we move up into your head and your face. The last of your stress melting away, and your thoughts drifting into a deep calm

The darkness behind your eyes begins to resolve into a forest. The night surrounds you, warm and comforting. A silver fog drifts between the trees, so that you can hardly see more than a few feet in any direction. There is something familiar and welcoming about this place. Crickets and frogs chirp all around you, and in the distance the call of an owl. The air is just the right temperature, and a bed of moss is soft beneath your bare feet. There is a scent of night air, the loamy aroma of leaf litter, and a vague hint of wild flowers.

You hear footsteps crunching through the leaves. You find that you know intuitively that whatever’s approaching is yourself. Another you. Someone that you have been once upon a time. At first you see only a shadow approaching, but they slowly come into view. Your past self stops in front of you, and waits for you to speak.

Have your conversation, and when you’re done, your other self steps forward and into you, and you remember that you are one. The forest fades into the darkness, and you slowly return to the physical world.

Svt. on Halloween! Vocal Unit Reaction : “You disappearing on Halloween Night!”

Anon: Hello, i Loved your blog, can i ask for the number 13 with vocal unit!? Thanks.!! 

Aww you guys are so cute thank you! <3 Here you go - hope you like it! <3 If you guys want to see anymore of these I’ll link the LIST HERE! <3 

WARNING: Some strong language, and if your sensitive to disappearances don’t read on!

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*


*gif by me*

Woozi had been forced by you to take Halloween off. A carnival had made its way into town, there was a fair, rides, and a ghost train. It was your favourite time of year. You just wanted to share it with him, and Woozi knew that. 

“What do you want jagi?” Woozi asked staring at the menu. The smell of hotdogs filling the air, mixed with the sweet scent of candy and his stomach growled. 

“Y/N?” he called again this time turning to look for you. Only issue was, you were nowhere to be seen. He didn’t panic. You had a habit of wandering off whenever something caught you eye, and this place was crawling with such things.

He called. You didn’t answer. He still didn’t worry, instead he was annoyed. You had asked him to come with you and yet, where were you? “Excuse me?” Jihoon asked a family nearby, a smile on his face as he described you. They nodded, pointing in the direction of the walk through haunted house. 

“Thanks,” Jihoon said with a bow before hurrying in that direction. The haunting music filtered from the entrance, mixed with a green fog that drifted around his ankles. “Y/N better be in here…” he whispered to himself, paying the fee and stepping inside.

The jump scares caught him off guard. He yelled, he shouted, even screamed but the smile didn’t leave his face. Just as he was about to reach the exit a figure ran at him, a scream left his lips as he sprinted outside.

That’s where he found you, sitting on a wall grinning expectantly at him. Woozi shook his head slowly heading straight for you. “You look like you had fun,” you teased taking his hands.

“Why’d you run off?” he asked quickly, avoiding your question.

“Because, you were stuck in your head. I needed you to let go, and I knew I couldn’t do it…Are you ready to have some fun?”  


*gif by me*

20:54 p.m. Halloween Night. 

Y/N call me, you said you would be here an hour ago…Jeonghan messaged you for the fifth time. Panic was starting to take over, purely because he didn’t know what had happened. You were always on time, and if not, you always called him.

Jeonghan paced back and forth throughout the dorm. Waiting. “Y/N, answer the phone!” Jeonghan shouted at his phone before throwing it onto the sofa. 

The lights flickered. Blackness threatening the room until suddenly he was plunged into darkness. “What the?” he hurried to the nearest light switch, flicking it on and off repeatedly. 


He felt something hit the wall beside him. Something he would have noticed in the light, but right now, in the dark he was suddenly terrified. “Y/N?” No answer. “Guys?”

Jeonghan heard the scream deep in the dorm. It echoed through the corridors, getting louder and louder as it headed straight for him. “Y/N!?” he shouted, but his feet were moving straight for the door. 

He fumbled with the handle and as soon as the door opened the lights flicked back on, and you were standing on the other side of the door. Drenched from the rain outside, but wearing a ghost onesie and grinning at him. “I brought pizza! Hey, what’s wrong with you?” you laughed at his suddenly pale skin, his wide eyes, his shaking hands.

“How long have you been here?” Jeonghan asked, suspicious of you immediately. 

“I was about to knock on the door…what’s wrong Jeonghan? You’re acting weird…I text you to say I’d be late cause I was getting food…” He quickly shook his head, grabbing your arm and pulling you from the dorm.

He dragged you down the corridor not looking back. “Lets go to your place…” 


*gif by me*

Joshua had helped you organise the Halloween party you were throwing, from the invitations, to the decorations, and now, to the food. “Y/N do I put the chocolate in the mix before or…” 

You appeared from nowhere, taking the spoon from his hand with a grin. “You’re a menace Jisoo, I swear!” you teased stirring the mixture once more. “Right, just put these in cake tins for me, please.” And, just as soon as you appeared you had disappeared. 

You didn’t tell Joshua where you were going, or even why. You simply left. At first Joshua didn’t notice. He was too busy dancing to some tunes that came through on the radio, and following your orders for the cupcakes. 

It wasn’t until the cakes were in the oven that he realised you were missing. “Y/N?” Joshua called, walking through the house. He was surprised he could see anything amongst all the decorations you’d put up. “Look, if you’re going to jump out this isn’t funny!” 

He wasn’t scared. At least that was what he was telling himself anyway. “Y/N?” he called again, before chickening out and heading back to the kitchen. By the time he had decorated the cakes, and started on the toffee apples, the guys had already turned up. 

“Have you tried calling?” Jeonghan suggested, about to grab one of the cakes Joshua had made but was quickly slapped away. 

“Of course I tried,” Joshua grumbled adjusting the collar of his shirt. You two were both supposed to be vampires. Except you weren’t even here. “Why would Y/N just leave?”

That was when Joshua heard the scream from outside, even amongst the music. He hurried to the source. Only to be caught off guard by you standing there holding sparklers out to him. “I know I left you to finish off the party, but I have a surprise for you.”

Just as you said those words the fireworks lit the sky. “I know you’re not supposed to have fireworks on Halloween, but…” Joshua took your hands in his smiling widely.

“It’s perfect Y/N,” he whispered, not caring that you disappeared on him.


*gif by me*

“Have you seen Y/N?” Seokmin asked Minghao stumbling over the coffee table. He had been looking for you for the past half hour and still had no luck. Halloween night with Seventeen and DK had led to one thing, a party. And, a party led you into your natural state of avoiding people when you could.

“How can you lose someone dressed as a pumpkin DK?” Minghao laughed, plopping himself down into the nearest chair. “Y/N is the only one here wearing that stupid costume!”

Seokmin sniggered at the memory of you walking around in that orange suit, a frown on your face as you tried to decipher what made you choose a pumpkin. “Ugh, why does Y/N always disappear…And on tonight of all nights!”

“Oh shit, what if Y/N was attacked by zombies? Or turned into a bat?” Minghao teased, nudging Jun beside him as Seokmin’s face went pale.

“No, no, what if a witch turned Y/N into a toad and now they’re living in a puddle waiting for someone to step on them?” Jun interjected, which received a weirded look from Minghao who seemed to be questioning why they were still friends. 

“Seokmin!?” he heard you shout but you were nowhere to be seen. “Yes!?” he cried in response turning to look for you, but becoming confused when you weren’t there. “Seokmin! Ugh, look at me!”

He spun on his heels staring around the room still not catching sight of you. Then, the claws were in his back. A cat perched on his shoulder, glaring at him with strangely familiar eyes. “Y/N?” he asked quietly.

“No, Seokmin!” You appeared behind him, wearing a completely different costume. You had changed, sporting a witches outfit that meant you could blend in with the crowd - not stand out. “How much have you had to drink? Did you seriously think I had turned into a cat?” you laughed nudging him with your elbow and smirking.

“No! No…why did you change? I couldn’t find you! I thought you’d disappeared…Minghao said you might have been attacked by zombies”

You pecked his lips lightly, shaking your head at him. “Are you drunk?”


*gif by me*

“Y/N!” Seungkwan bellowed, startling the trick or treaters around him as he searched up and down the street for you. “Y/N!!!” 

Seungkwan had lost sight of you amongst a crowd of parents. He was too busy looking at all the decorations, the pumpkins, the cobwebs, skeletons, zombies…all of it was so cool. But, still pretty freaky. 

“Y/N drags me out, makes me dress up and now they go missing!?” he panicked spinning in a circle as he looked up and down the street. “If I were Y/N which way would I go?” 

He took a gamble, looking up at the full moon creeping through the clouds and setting an eerie feeling to the evening, and went left. “Y/N!” Seungkwan cried every couple of steps as the street evened out and the fields rolled into view.

A country lane. Dark, provoking, cold. “Why does Y/N have to disappear?” Seungkwan mumbled crossing his arms over his chest as he continued to walk. He jumped at every step, cursing your name. He glanced at his phone, 22:51 p.m. Seungkwan had been looking for you for almost two hours. 

“Why does Y/N have to live in the middle of nowhere!?” he cried, before screaming. Loudly. His voice echoing like thunder throughout the sky. A cat. A black cat stalking in the shadows dashed across his path, and he ran. 

“WHY???!!!” he screamed into the distance, running straight for home. He burst through the front door, still screaming.

You were standing there, in the cat outfit he’d seen you in hours earlier, sweet box in hand, a confused yet concerned look on your face. “Where have you been Seungkwan? My sister wants to go, its going to be too late now,” you scolded just as your younger sibling ran for the door.

“Me?! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for ages!! It’s like…seven…What?” He stared confusedly at the clock on the wall. “But, my phone said it was…”

You pecked his cheek quickly drawing him back. “Just go trick or treating Seungkwan, and please stop screaming.”

I haven’t been home in over a week and there is nothing but corn and cattle and fried food out here please save me

here take this as my sacrifice to the fakecation gods

Rain was a rare sight on Coruscant. Nothing grew that wasn’t tended to, and the artificial atmosphere did not produce what it was not programmed for, meaning a deluge was out of the question. Today being the exception, a day of remembrance.

He had never questioned how far out the rain fell, or for how long in the areas farther from the palace. On the building itself, the thunder boomed for the whole day, the Emperor locked away in one of the high turrets. It was best not to disturb him, his staff had learned during previous years. His bride, new and unknowledgeable, insisted upon climbing the many steps to his stronghold despite the warnings of her handmaidens and his advisors.

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Film Photo Series by: Justin Ford

Hitchhiked thru the south of France, spent a lovely day Pyrenaic-hiking beneath a chilly blue sun, trekking into Spain & ascending to sleep atop Taillón, enshrouded by eerie sweetness of soft silent fog (drifting off, asleep in a cloud).

Olympus XA + Psychedelic Blues Film (Kodak Gold 400)

so gimme a pizza your heart (Pidge/Lance)

Prompt fill for @keepleaves“Haunted horror nights at a theme park plance with the rest of the paladins and coran, they’re trying to be cool but it is Not Working” 

this is like, p much Crack but…. so it goes  :P

Lance is still dizzy from the spinny space-pod ride when he and Pidge stumble across the pizza parlor.  It’s been a long day at the alien theme park. First there was the log ride that ended up with a near-death experience in the face of a literal swamp monster, and then he and Hunk tried some weird noodle dish that might have still been wriggling as it went down his esophagus.  At the beginning, Coran had led them around as a group, but eventually they’d split ways—too much ground to cover, not enough time.

Still, Lance figures it’s time for them to reunite.  He fires up the transmitter device; Coran picks up after two pings.


“Hey, where are you guys? Pidge and I just got off the Space-pod Spinneroo.”

“The Penopean Plummet!” Coran answers as, in the background, a loud shriek sounds.

“Where is that?”

“It’s the giant twisty blue tower,” Coran instructs cheerfully.  “You can’t miss it.”

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“Sorry,” Bucky says. “This is your spot, I’ll - ”

The archer, Barton, shrugs and drops down next to him, close enough to touch. He drums his heels against the giant glowing A and seems willing to share silence with him, which generous as they all have been is not something anyone else has been willing to let him have.

Bucky lets out a long breath after a second, fog drifting through the clear air. Barton cocks his head a little - unspoken signal he’s listening.

“I just - Steve keeps trying to fix me - ” he gestures, vaguely, in the air by his head, “and Tony keeps trying to fix me -” another gesture, this time with the metal arm - “and I just - ”

“Wanna make your own stuff work,” Barton finishes for him, and Bucky could kiss him, seriously, for getting that ‘broken beyond repair’ doesn’t mean useless, or done.