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You have one of the most interesting collection of images of all the people I follow, but I know so little about you. Can you tell us more about you and your life? I can only image that you must have a fascinating life.

What exactly would you want to know about my life?

It’s really not fascinating at all; I’d categorize it as one train wreck after the other, with a little bit of whipped cream on top, all thrown into a garbage disposal system that then shits it all out to start the process again.


                           WHAT’S WAYWARD WANDERER?*

After receiving many requests from my followers to explain the term “WAYWARD WANDERER”, I thought I should explain my version of the term to all:

A dubious traveler without purpose or particular destination who gains unorthodox insights (i.e. wanton wisdom) into the meaning of life as he journeys to parts unknown. In order to reach the depths of understanding, the wayward wanderer 1) Travels all over the World, 2) Time Travels by way of the Fourth Dimension, 3) Enters the Spiritual realms, and 4) Explores the Hidden Kingdom of God.

I would define myself as a “Wayward Wanderer” who is known to carry the “Mark of Cain” as protection from others who do not understand the depths of this abandoned wisdom. Therefore, I am called a Loner, a Drifter, a Vagabond, a Transient, a Rebel, or a Madman. I am in good company, which I explore in my Mad Genius Series on my Blog.

As an Artistic Journalist, I depict my wanderings here for my followers in an aesthetic manner so as to best convey the transcendental side of each image.  The best book to describe this process and the essence of the “Mark of Cain” would be Hermann Hesse’s DEMIAN that also follows the teachings of Carl Jung.

*Your questions and comments are always welcome, but I do not post them on the Blog unless they have specific reference to the topic being discussed on the Tumblr. Each inquiry will be answered privately.




                                   EPIPHANY OF THE FALLEN MAN

“A sharp realization burned within me:  each man has his "function” but none which he can choose himself, define, or perform as he pleases. ……  An enlightened man had but one duty-to seek the way to himself, to reach inner certainty, to grope his way forward, no matter where it led.“

  ~Hermann Hesse, DEMIAN, 1919


                                       ROGUE MANIFESTO

> Life is a Joke

> Everyone is Multidimensional with Multiple Personalities

>Visualization is the key to Spirituality

> Psychoanalyze yourself by creating art to project your thoughts and respond to your situations

>Immortality comes by figuratively eliminating  yourself:    Stop looking in the mirror - you are not who you think you are. The rouge believes he/she is who he/she defines itself to be; then live the part.