drifter's end


And with the coming of 2016, the Drifter Au comes to a close as 2015 does. Bill finally gets to achieve his ultimate goal and Ford pays the largest price for their transgressions. The multiverse will be rebuilt and everyone who has fallen during this time will wake up as if this was nothing more than a bad dream but it’s a world without Bill Cipher in it.

Or is it?

We’ll be posting the final log to the Drifter Au alongside with the screen shots of the final three scenes from the draw pile later on. We want to thank everyone who’s read the Au and has enjoyed the journey it’s taken us. 

It’s been wild!


I’m not sure I’m 100% convinced in the whole “Drifter-Was-A-Science-Experiment” down in the South Labs, but it makes for an intriguing story. Either way, it won’t be getting any elaboration here since it’ll divert too much from the main story.

This is the product of much cutting back and laziness. I had more content (mostly an extended battle with The Summoner instead of the flimsy one-shot kill with a sword he got here), but ultimately cut a lot to squeeze all I need in five pages.

I feel like every update ends with Drifter and Guardian cuddling. I swear this was not intended, it just happened!