drifter nomad

Gangs of the Zones

Heres the list so far (as requested by @mcrdeviantclub):

The Fabulous Four: Basically just Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid and Jet Star.

The Killjoys: Basically what you see in the comic book so Val Velocity and all that lot.  The image of rebellion. Will fight all your bullshit.  Bright hair, fucking walking targets, provocative as fuck.  They’re the fighters, the rebels, the ones facing off against the scarecrows. Dye stains on their skin. 

Crash Queens: In my head these are kind of like flashy, drag-esque, shiny, hyper colour kids.  Metallic and acidic.  Melting red lips and blue eyelids.  On speed or some strong zone weed. Always on. Awake only on the highest frequency, fucking sky-high. Shiny. 

Motorbabies: Zonerats with a need for speed and motorbikes. Travel in packs like wolves.  Short tempered and sharp teeth, but are more flight than fight. Only ever seen on the horizon in a cloud of dust or downing paint stripper. (Kobra is kind of a motor baby) Need petrol like Ritalin Kids need drugs. Theres shit between the Motorbabies and the Top Fuel Dragsters as to who can scoop out wheres the petrols at. Bandanas and gang logos are big.

Ritalin Kids: Poor buggers hyped up and addicted to BL/ind drugs. They’re eyes are all pupil, manic, only focused on the next hit.  Aggressive but fragile, desperate flirts if you’ve got the stuff. Frightened sluts. 

Top Fuel Dragsters: Fast cars and burning rubber, driving into the sunset. Kids who want to drive away and leave tire tracks. Dirty, grease everywhere. Think gas masks and helmets. Trucker bodies, but strong as hell. Will win every fight, no question. ( Jet kind of has that Dragster feel) More lone rangers than Motor babies but have a long distant comradery.  

Maggot Babies: Punk rock kids hyped up on guitar static, the shiniest drugs and each others saliva. Sleep on the floor, packed like sardines.  Hug each other to death. Bruised and battered from the pits but so fucking worth it, there wasn’t music like this in Bat City. Cut their hair themselves. The musicians.  Devote followers of Mad Gear and the Missile kid, will do anything to get to a show. Sweat. Soft kisses. 

Skeleton Souls: Runaway kids, dirt is their skin, only bone. The ones who won’t make it, they’ll fade away into the sand and starve under the sun. Sad lost dreams. Phoenix Witch’s dream angels. 

The Drooges: Gun junkies.  Baseball bats and facepaint. Only want to fight don’t want to talk. After gore.  Think the zones are about anarchy, when the zones are about freedom. Deadly snippers. Weasels. Don’t cross. Trigger happy. 

Drifters: Nomads who travel the zones. Think tents and traps and war paint. Straight talkers.  Find at the black markets.  They have all the goods. You want to trade, go to them.  Rituals. Fire. Looking at the stars.  The whispers of the desert. 

Thats all I’ve got so far.  Hope you get the feel I’m visualising for each one. Feel free to message me with ideas, head canons, bits to add :)