drifter life

Yoongi during Danger era was such an iconic bad boy look like im still shook and it’s been like 5000 years. 

I can already see this fine ass piece of artwork with his tattooed fingers wrapped around the steering wheel of his matte blacked out Maserati as he easily drifts the car into a circle around his pretty boy Taehyung. The tires screech and smoke comes out from where they skid as he circles HIS boy standing nearby a crowed of people at some street race and everyone stares with wide eyes because they want to know who the crazy ass drifter is but they can’t see in the car through the tinted windows.

Taehyung himself is giggling because he knows damn well who is inside  and after it does another two turns around him it comes to halt so the drivers door is facing him. 

Soon the doors open and out comes Yoongi looking like every boy Taehyung’s mother had warned him about with his dark red hair. The white muscle shirt under Yoongi’s leather jacket is totally spotted with blood from a fight he got into but that just makes the image hotter too like how?!?! Yoongi smirks as he checks out Taehyung’s thighs (thank god for tight leather shorts) but before he can say anything too cool Taehyung is already skipping over and pulling him into a kiss that nearly knocks the breath out of him. (he loves it though)

Ten Lines from Love Letters or Suicide Notes

Inspired by the spoken word poem, 14 Lines from Love Letters or Suicide Notes

1. There are worst things in this life than loving a person like you.

2. I cleaned out my closet today, and I found boxes upon boxes of old picture albums. Suddenly it occurred to me that these flimsy fragments of our history, as meaningless and hidden from view as they’re, were the best times of my life.

3. I realized that I am most myself when I am around you. Only I don’t particularly like who that person is.

4. Let us hope we die in tandem.

5. You deserve someone who is more inspired by you then they’re scared of the world.

6. Yesterday I stopped dead in my tracks, and it dawned on me that I had been walking aimlessly amidst my house, going from room to room without a cause. I am just a linger, a drifter in my own life.

7. I’ve always wanted to leave this town, and I’m starting to think this is the only way I ever will.

8. I’m sorry I always taunted your vegan diet. I think I was just envious of your principles and passion. The fridge is stockpiled with tofu.

9. You touch me as if you never want to let go, and that is frightening for a person like me.

10. I use to scold your habit of smoking. You smell like an ashtray, I’d always say. Today I found a pack of your cigarettes left behind in an old sock draw. I smoked one. I wanted to remember what you tasted like one last time.




anonymous asked:

hanzo and mccree have made it a habit to randomly say "i love you" to each other all the time, like they're sitting there watching a movie and out of nowhere one of the would be like "i love you" and then they snuggle a bit harder, and the reason they do it is bc at one point both of them have been drifters and they're family life was a mess, so they probably felt unloved by everyone at that point, and so they made a silent pact to make sure that neither of them feel unloved again.

im not crying. nope. not at all.

GOD but yeah everyone they loved is gone, they’ve been alone for so long, they’ve done so many things they just don’t think they can be loved anymore. they’re so scared, but it’s worth it, murmuring it in the dark of night or in the middle of a firefight, because they’re not alone anymore.

The Signs As Issues Lyrics
  • Aries: I guess if you're in love with the streets
  • Then you'll die in the sheets
  • With the coke on your chest and his lips on your cheek
  • Taurus: Your love is addictive
  • I'm trying hard, just to quit it
  • Gemini: If they let you into heaven then I'd rather go to hell
  • You think you're buying your way to the top
  • with all that bullshit that you sell
  • Cancer: Catch me running around the town, if you can.
  • My heart on my sleeve and the world in my hands.
  • Leo: You see I got a conscience like gasoline
  • I could siphon shit out, fuck it and leave
  • Virgo: Things aren't always picture perfect
  • But picture us on top cause we're worth it
  • Libra: She's a killer, try to get inside my head
  • Try to give her wine and bread
  • But she prefers the blood I bled
  • Scorpio: Stingray Affliction
  • Making small stabs in passing
  • But the pain is bigger than it seems
  • Sagittarius: Hotel rooms, Bourbon and Bronx, a drifter living life without God
  • Capricorn: There's a place in my bed where you rested your head
  • Now I'm resting alone in this bed and it's cold
  • I feel like a ghost, these memories go up in smoke
  • Aquarius: What a shame that you feel so insane,
  • but the truth of the matter's
  • Your shadow is cold and afraid
  • Pisces: I never should have let you in
  • I needed a hit of something
  • High for this feeling they call love
Stanley Pines is a fan of Tom Waits and you will have to pry that headcanon from my cold dead fingers.

My evidence:

Tom Waits’s first album, Closing Time, was released about a year after Stan was kicked out. 

Between 1973 and 1983, i.e., a period of time when Stan was living out of his car, Tom Waits focused heavily on themes of drifters, travelers, criminals, seedy locations, alcohol, regret, gamblers and shysters. 

While Stan was living as a drifter, Tom was living life on the road too. He was a travelling musician slowly becoming more and more fed up with that lifestyle. He was drinking heavily, and getting into a dark and dire place which slowly started to show in his music. 

Meaning that while Stan watched one dream or scheme die after another, Tom Waits’s music was following his mood. Tom was singing about the kind of places and people that Stan ran into in his day-to-day life. And while Stan slowly grew more disillusioned and less hopeful about his future, Tom’s music also grew darker, sadder and more cynical.

In the early 80s, when Stan was getting the Murder Hut/Mystery Shack started, Tom was getting more experimental with his music–this was when he started to develop some of the weirder themes and uses of instruments he’s most known for today.

Tom Wait’s music since then has included a lot of focus on the following themes:

  • Carnivals, junk shops, performers and showmen
  • Downtrodden, doomed and overlooked people and places
  • Weird, spooky-ooky stuff–monsters, mysteries, secret places and hidden lore
  • Regret, sorrow, living with ones’s mistakes
  • Seedy/shady characters, criminals and con artists.
  • Morbid topics and themes of death
  • EDIT: OH YEAH. And sailing. Sailing too.

Tom Waits is the only singer whose music Stan doesn’t feel like he’s ruining with his gravelly voice when he sings along.