drifter end

He knew.”
“I never told him.”
“It’s not about what you say or do. It’s not even about what you think. It’s about the way you look at someone when they’re happy, and you don’t think anyone is watching. And he saw the way you looked at him. He knew.
—  from an unfinished story #705

Something that I’ve found kind of interesting about the tablets you find throughout Hyper Light Drifter is… well, here; look at one.

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@your-lovers-and-drifters said: HA! Heck, after everything these two’ve put Lizzy through, she DESERVES everything! And can you imagine cute Watchdog Lizzy cutting down her enemies with swords decorated with ribbons and daisies and them just going “???” (And the Evil Noblemen. Like no more of this heavy, mysterious shit - she’s gonna throw tea parties and if they don’t remember to wear pink on Wednesdays then bye bitch, executioner’s block is right around the peach tree corner.)

Right!? Lizzie deserves the entire estate. And she’d be an amazing watchdog- every mission would be completed perfectly, with a side dose of cute. She’d use people underestimating her to her advantage. Doing it with a sweet smile would be even better.

LOL The Evil Nobleman rebooted XD That’s right. No more pretending to be dark and mysterious- Lizzie throws tea parties and cuts down anyway who dares defy her dress code. You respect these tea parties or you die, bitch. It’s what Claudia would have wanted. 

That’s the hard thing about love, isn’t it? You don’t get a choice. You don’t get to look at someone and say, “I pick you.” It just happens. Someone shows up and all of a sudden it doesn’t matter what you need or deserve. You love them, whether you want to or not.
—  from an unfinished story #761
so, about hld’s ending song

something that stands out to me more than anything is that this game very much comes across as an Art Piece. something that asks you, “what am i?”

alex preston, the guy behind heart machine, was born with a heart defect that has him in and out of the hospital. when you take that into the context of the game’s story, it sort of…turns things into a different angle. example:

you have an illness that limits your physical activity (guardian’s illness gets worse if you speak to them, presumably spurring them to help you more), limits your diet (drifter’s infamous “cloak jerky”), and you exhaust all your time and energy into searching for a way to get better, only to realize that the only thing in your power to do is to help those who come after you

as for that last point……gestures to the entirety of hyper light drifter

drifter destroys judgement and the cell. and then….they die [ ): ] and then they’re happy in the afterlife! [ (: ] and then…..they die ??? [ )’8 ] and we’re treated to this in conjuction with the renovation of the entire world as a peaceful song plays in the background

a piano song. the only song in the entire game without any synth, bits, or electronic influence in it. panacea.

this speaks to me very much of a man pouring a lifetime of fear and anxiety and even hopes into a game that may reasonably outlive him. the sort of realization that, while a true cure may one day be in reach, sometimes the only thing you have is the cure you make for yourself.

…..this got really rambly and i kind of forgot where i wanted to go with it, but this song still makes me tear up and i hope it does the same to u


Epilogue 🎃

A stylish woman leaves the Goth Manor some months later. She is Deserie the twin sister of Lolita, the woman who secretly lived in the house. Deserie was  estranged from her sister for many years because Lolita married Dr. Goth, the man Deserie was to marry. Deserie wants nothing to do with Goth Manor and the  memories of her sister who killed the man she loved so she sold it to Craig for $1. Craig is now the proud owner of a 4 bedroom mansion, featuring an impressive library, an extensive wine cellar, a greenhouse, and a boating dock of which he and Oriole have officially moved into. He still plans on selling most of the furnishings in the house but only so he can modernize and upgrade the house and to put his and Oriole’s stamp on the place. Oriole has finally gained some weight in all the right places just as Craig likes but it could also be due to the baby they’re expecting in the spring. Craig couldn’t be happier. He’s outside now mustering up the courage to ask Oriole to be his wife.

Drifter has his own askblog now!


Having this interactive comic here was starting to get really confusing and a little cluttery on top of everything else that happens, so I got around to making a blog for him!

Asks are not currently open for him, but for future reference, please direct all questions for him to @driftverse instead of this blog. Please don’t send questions for Drifter to @onebizarrekai anymore! :,)

You can still ask questions here that aren’t intended to continue the story, but if asks are closed on the Driftverse blog, that means that, well, questions aren’t open for him at the time.

On the note of names, the comic is indeed called Driftverse now.

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7 (hai this is sanctuary-sistahs here :3)

hi there!!!! :D

7.  Who is their closest confidante?

depends, really. wash doesnt like talking or admitting things about himself, but he has a handful of people to go to with specific topics.

cait knows the most about his childhood and drifter years. they end up having a lot of joking conversations along the lines of “you think THAT’s bad, well one time i-”. laughing about things instead of feeling the usual crushing guilt is nice. there’s a mutual “i know you wont think less of me for this” between them.

danse was more… accidental. wash never told anyone about his time in the military, not even his wife, but danse had a particular way of inadvertently pissing him off enough to get him to bring it up in arguments. its not really til after blind betrayal that they start talking about these things in less aggressive ways. 

x6-88′s naturally curious and inquisitive nature means he learns a lot of stuff about wash’s life prewar that other companions dont. technically a lot of those things arent necessarily “secret,” he’s just usually the only one to actually ask. wash also prefers x6′s input on things he’s anxious/paranoid about because he’s good at helping rationalize his thoughts.

hancock’s wash’s go-to guy for venting about his commonwealth troubles, though admittedly it’s more escapism than actually working through things.


the one person wash told most everything to was shaun. he really wanted shaun to know about him, about his wife, about his family, so maybe they wouldnt all be strangers to his own son anymore. wash doesnt know if he regrets this or not.


And with the coming of 2016, the Drifter Au comes to a close as 2015 does. Bill finally gets to achieve his ultimate goal and Ford pays the largest price for their transgressions. The multiverse will be rebuilt and everyone who has fallen during this time will wake up as if this was nothing more than a bad dream but it’s a world without Bill Cipher in it.

Or is it?

We’ll be posting the final log to the Drifter Au alongside with the screen shots of the final three scenes from the draw pile later on. We want to thank everyone who’s read the Au and has enjoyed the journey it’s taken us. 

It’s been wild!

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What is Drifter's weapon? Like original Dream is a staff and original and NM was only known as the octopus. So would it be something like a whip with stars of feelings on the end?

Drifter doesn’t have a weapon. Both Dream and Nightmare’s ‘weapons’ resulted from eating the apples–even Dream didn’t get his staff until he ate the last gold apple.

Since Drifter has not eaten any apples, he doesn’t have any magic weapons.