You can never predict the crazy critters cruising by the Aquarium’s back deck!

UPDATE! Hey everyone reading this! We heard back from our jelly aquarist Wyatt, and this siphonophore is actually in the genus Rosacea, not Praya—apparently it had been mislabelled for years in the gelatinous zooplankter book! It is in the Prayidae family of siphonophores, but the lack of taxonomic clarity in the siphonophore family has led this animal to be misidentified with Praya in a few different places—we’re glad to offer this update to you all! Happy jelly watching!



yes, Judy reveal…n-nothing…special, Got some weird shadow patches here and there but y’know…eh.

really should’ve added a hat to go with that shadow


yes…a hat would be nice

I’ll add a hat later on.



A short wordless Hyper Light Drifter comic, Afterlife.
Drifter reconciles with the memory of his only friend before passing away. Or however the viewer wishes to see it. :)

It was also a practice for me to paint fast without worrying for detail or polishing the shapes, so things look a little wonky.

HLD is still definitely one of my favorite games of the year, telling it’s story via beautiful music and visuals.

the third panel from the end is based on the composition of Andastea’s artwork The next pier.

I wondered what would happen if the tree spirit in Dreamtale had gathered all that positive and negative energy in that time of desperation and only created one guardian.

Before I knew it, Drifter came about.

He’s essentially a ‘combination’ of Dream and Nightmare–a hypothetical creation of some alternate multiverse where there’s only one guardian for all feelings. The direct heir of the tree spirit, per say.

The symbol next to him is the emblem on the back of his cape.

Dreamtale was created by @jokublog