drift ready

Lol or imagine Megatron remembering who Drift actually was in relation to him like, after MONTHS of working with him.

Like one day they’re in a lift going down to check on something in the engine room per Magnus’ request and when Drift walks in it’s like:

“Oh, hello Drift. Ready to go?”

“Yep. Alright, let’s do this.”

And Megs is like “Okay.” But then he thinks about it. Wait. He’s been in an elevator with a pointy-eared mech who says “Alright let’s do this” BEFORE!!!

“… Wait a minute. Drift.”

“Uh, yeah? Did you forget som–”

“DRIFT! You’re THAT Drift!”


“… Sorry I got excited, I just realized it now.”

“.. YOU JUST– You JUST NOW realized I used to be Deadlock under you!!?!”

“Uh well how was I supposed to know. You’ve got a new frame, a new weapon of choice, really the Autobot brand is throwing me off a lot too… you know how different someone can look just with a paint job?”

“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I worked for you. We’ve been living on down the hall from each other for 7 MONTHS! We see each other every day. You’re an IDIOT.”

“You STILL work for me, by the way. I’m your Captain.”

“Oh shut up.”

“Ooh, still feisty. Do you still have the fangs?”

“–Go away–”

“–No no, let me see–”

“–I SAID–”

And the door opens up to the former warlord scuffling with his once most feared general, at least 2 fingers in his mouth while his victim mercilessly kicks at his legs and chassis.

Let the neighbors know my name

Imagine having rough doggy style sex with Juice

trigger warning: Smut on this one. It was requested with visual but i couldn't find any classy gifs. Sorry! 

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“Goodnight, baby.” You said kissing Juice’s cheek when he was standing in front of the mirror brushing his teeth. It was another quiet night in your household, and after a nice dinner together you were ready to drift off to sleep. Juice had other planes, though. 

Armed in only black boxers, Juice walked over to you watching as you took off your earrings and necklace, rubbing lotion all over your body as a nightly routine. He smiled when your eyes met on the mirror, coming closer to you. He stared down at you, only wearing your short purple and black night gown, he let out a shaky breath as he wrapped one strong tattooed arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him, smelling the sweet perfume lingered on your neck. You flashed him a warm smile and placed your earrings on the little gold box on your makeup table. 

“I missed you today.” He whispered, caressing your stomach as his other hand caressed your long silky legs. You shifted your head, letting him full access to your neck, Juice starting to place soft kisses on it.

“I missed you too…” You whispered, leaning back on him, feeling his hard bulge on the low of your back. You gasped, jumping a little and staying still. “Juice…”

“That aint my name is it?” He giggled a little and kissed down to your shoulder. “Say it, baby girl. Please…”

“Juan…” you said, lifting your hands and wrapping them around his neck, staring at your sinful reflection. He locked eyes with you on the mirror again and lifted the front of your night gown, finding it pleasing you wore no panties to bed. “Baby…” you whispered. He smirked, sucking skin patches in your skin, leaving love bites all around your neck. “Juan!” you gasped, spreading your legs as he rubbed your clit using his thumb. 

“God, i want you so much.” Juice whispered in your ear, turning you around and attacking your lips, his rough hands intertwined in your hair, biting your lips. He let go off you and ripped your night gown open,making you moan at the unusual behavior. 

“God…” You whispered, finding yourself being thrown at the bed, your old man already on top of you. “What’s gotten into you tonight?” Juice was not a bad lover, not a chance. But he was sweet and slow and tonight you felt the most delicious pain in between your thighs. Juice laughed a little, spreading your legs and arching his back, staring into your eyes. 

“Look at you..” he said, lustfully. “You’re already so wet…so, so wet.” He pointed caressing the low of your stomach and going under, his thumb attacking your clit and rubbing painfully slow circles on it. You arched your back, caressing your own breasts and smiling up at the feeling. Juiced dropped down his boxers and kicked them away. “Stand up, baby, would you?” he asked, in a husky low voice. You nodded and knelled on the bed, in front of him, wrapping your arms around him and kissing him fiercely, your hand reaching in between both of you, pumping his cock up and down, loving how hard it was, making you proud. He groaned, and pushed you on the bed, making you gasp as he turned you around, making you lay on your stomach. You smirked, biting your lip, loving the new Juice. 

He grabbed a piece of your ass, massaging it and grabbing it hard, making you whimper and wiggle under his touch. He slapped your ass hard, his red print on you, as you arched your back, he grabbed your hips and pulling your hair, lifted you up, your back against his chest. 

“It’s simple.” He said. “Don’t hold back on me, (Y/N).” He whispered, pumping himself. You nodded, out of yourself, feeling pure energy in your pussy, aching as you needed him now. 

“Please, Juice.”

“Beg.” He asked pumping himself faster, breathing heavy. “Beg for it.”

“Please, Juan.” You begged, leaning yourself against his hard shaft, desesperate for some action, for his touch. You knew he was already leaking, you could feel it. “Please…” You bit your lip, crying out on pleasure as he pinned you on the bed, in all fours and he got closer to you. 

“Please what?” he asked, pulling your hair harder, snapping your head back, earning your moan. 

“Please fuck me.” You said in a low moan. “Please fuck me, baby, i’m begging you. I want it.” He teased your entrance, biting his own lip. “Please Juan, please fuck me.” You wiggled your ass against his leaking cock, desesperate for some release, some friction; Anything. 

You felt him enter you from behind and a whole new wave of emotion washed over your whole body. “Fuck!” You groaned feeling so full and complete, as Juice grabbed your hips hard, making sure he leaved his finger prints tomorrow morning. The bed started rocking, his hips knocking on you, skin slapping sound filling the room. Your moans poured out of your mouth as he groaned.

“God, baby, you’re so fucking tight.” He has a bit of trouble getting inside of you ll the time, due to his and your proportions. He went harder, and harder, making you grab the bed sheets and bite your lip, dragging blood. Your eyes went to the back of your head as Juice hitted your G spot with every hip thrust he gave. You could feel yourself so close already. 

“Juan!” you yelled, hurting your throat, making him go faster out of excitement. 

“Juan…” you whispered, out of breath. He wrapped one sing hand around your collarbones, bringing you closer to him, still taking you from behind. “Juan, I-I’m…”

“Let go…” he whispered in your ear, biting your neck as you came all over him, making both of you moan out loud. Blushed, you let your head hang low, the Puerto rican kid still going at it. “God, baby, yes.”

“Fuck, fuck babygirl. Y-Yeah…” You bit your own lip and rolled your eyes out of pleasure. “(Y/N), baby, you feel so fucking good around my cock.”

“Juicy…” You breathed out and started pushing yourself back, meeting his trusts. “I’m fucking yours, Juicy, come for me, baby, please…”

 That was it for him, after two more erratic hip knocks, he came inside of you, a mix of your juices running down your leg.  Trying to catch his breath he got out of you slowly, making sure he didnt hurted you. You both stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before you got up.

“Where you going?” He asked, lifting himself on his elbows.

“I was gonna find a shirt and some shorts.” You explained. He shook his head.

“I’m not done with you yet.” 

Raven propped her head up on a fist and stared at Dick, feeling a little bit of laughter bubble up into her throat. He looked almost boyish, eyes bright and smile practically making his face glow. His blue eyes lifted to her own as he attempted to explain the differences with even more fervor than the first time around.

“See, Star Wars is a space opera, and Star Trek is more than that. It’s about the exploration-“

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LLSHP 2 - Welcome to Hogwarts

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A/N: Finally finished _(:3」∠)_ Here’s ch2! Still in the introduction phase but hopefully this chapter is somewhat interesting!
Words: 4,087
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How much does it hurt knowing Sherlock was ready to drift off into a permanent slumber from his fatal combination of narcotics and as he awaited death he thought to himself, “Tell me a story. The happiest one you know. The story of how you two met. Tell me that bedtime story one final time.” And he dreamt of far off places, of soldiers, of war, of connections, of support, of two people falling into perfect harmony the moment they met. Like an ill child who’s parent knows they won’t survive the night, at least giving them a happy memory to hold on to as they say their final goodbye. Except this is worse because Sherlock accepts that he is dying the way he has spent his whole life: Alone.

almost ready to drift off. i started sleeping in the spare bedroom last night. the main reason is that husband has a bad cold and i don’t want to get sick. but it would also be pretty easy to stay in here until he moves out. the closing on the house he’s buying is october 9th.

i met with my divorce lawyer today. she’s going to email some paperwork for me to complete and then we can get going. it’s going to be about as simple as a divorce gets. one thing i’m surprised that i’m looking forward to is changing my name back to my original. it will be a pain in the ass to change my name on my stuff, but this is the last time i’ll ever have to do it.

i very much need to work a long day tomorrow to get caught up. i hope i manage to go in early in the morning so i get stuff done before my brain gets dull in the late afternoon.