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Black Milk

mafia!Taehyung x Reader ft. Jungkook

If I don’t love you right in this life,
find me in the next.

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, jealousy

A/N: I wanna thank all the people that wrote those nice things on my hiatus post, because I didn’t get to reply to them. Especially @kittymewmewxx, I saved your messages in my inbox and will be rereading them forever and ever. This is for you.
*****the keep reading button doesn’t show up on mobile, so it looks as if there’s no text. So just go to my blog’s description and you’ll find the story there. None of these pictures are mine, credits too the owners.

He is driving you somewhere – you don’t know where, but that’s the part of it. The night has already descended onto the city and everything is black, except for the occasional streetlights, which hurt your eyes as they flash by.

His breathing is calm – his thighs spread apart, almost in a vulgar way, strong muscles clenching as he steps on the pedal and accelerates. 

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Radio Chaos (Pt. 1)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Racer!Jungkook

Word Count: 4,155

Warnings: Sexual content, drinking, swearing, mentions of suicide

Summary:  The dark hoodies and jackets they’re wearing hugging and touching their bodies in places every girl is dying to and you find yourself yearning for their warmth. While the unforgiving November wind creeps up your body, you wonder how soothing it would feel in the embrace of a notorious boy.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A/N: So tell me if you want me to continue this story, as always, your opinion means a lot to me. I didn’t read it through, so there are probably some errors. Enjoy! :) NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE MINE, CREDITS TO THE OWNERS

They’re already here.

You can see the cars as you’re approaching, and you can barely distinguish a couple of figures that are leaning on them.

You can hear them talking, a laugh slipping out here and there – it all sounds like a murmur of voices, boyish voices; deep and rough, but soft at the same time, playful in a way, beckoning you over. Sharply cut strands of hair playing with the wind, pierced ears – and you think to yourself that ‘earrings have never looked hotter on boys’.
The dark hoodies and jackets they’re wearing hugging and touching their bodies in places every girl is dying to and you find yourself yearning for their warmth. While the unforgiving November wind creeps up your body, you wonder how soothing it would feel in the embrace of a notorious boy.

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Bad Decisions pt 4 [Jaehyun]

Originally posted by cherryassbomb

Genre: Angst

Scenario: Your long term friend Jaehyun is in love with your best friend. You want nothing but the best for them but silently dealing with your break up from BTS singer Jeon Jungkook has been weighing on you. One drunken night and one bad decision leads to risks taken and mistakes made.

Characters: Jaehyun; Reader (You); Your Friend (Y/F/N); Mark

Word Count: 1820

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5

Jaehyun listened to the engine of Y/F/N’s car roar as he watched her tear off into the distance. As if to reflect his mood the dark clouds in the sky quickly merged together and the rain from earlier had returned with a force. He felt the cold raindrops splash against his skin and he took his bottom lip between his teeth. He pressed down so hard he could have sworn he recognized the coppery taste of blood on his tongue.

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Aiden- Hope Is Our Best Bet

Request-  Could you do one where y/n gets taken by the ghost riders, but she has an empathy link with Lydia (her best friend) so she knows what’s going on and everything but she’s stuck in the room.? (Sorry if it’s confusing idk what I’m saying myself)

A/N- It took me so long to write this tbh. I made it an Aiden imagine, and I hope you like it!

“Where ya going?”
You paused on the stairwell, glancing up at the head peeking over the railing two floors above you. Aiden was grinning down at you, and you suppressed an irritated groan at the site of his playful brown eyes.
In seconds, he was launching himself over the railing and landing on the steps in front of you with a  loud thump. You took a startled step back, eyeing his wild grin.
“You’re crazy,” you told him.
“It’s quicker than walking down.”
“You’re still crazy.”
You pushed past him, planning on heading down to the lobby of your apartment building alone, but he seemed to have a different idea. His helmet was tucked under his arm, and you knew he had planned on following you out. He only lived a couple floors above you, and the fact that he might have been listening for you to leave caused irritation to wash over you.
“Seriously, where are you going?” he asked, following behind.
“Aiden, you’re not my bodyguard,” you stated.
“Says who?” he asked.
“Says me!” you snapped. “I save your life once, and suddenly-”
“I still owe you.”
“You don’t.” You shook your head softly, turning back around to face him. The two of you paused on the stairs, with you staring up at him as he perched on the step above you.
“You saved me from that oni,” he reminded you. “You didn’t just save my life, you showed everyone that you were willing to die for me. You showed them I was a part of the pack too.”
“Well it’s not hard,” you said with a roll of your eyes. “Scott takes in every stray supernatural creature in Beacon Hills.”
“Still,” he insisted. “I owe you. And I’m going to be right behind you until I return the favor. Even if you don’t know I’m there.”
You frowned. “Do you have any idea how creepy that sounds?”
“Well I didn’t until you said that…look, just tell me where you’re going.”
You huffed. “The school. Liam and Hayden found a dead body.”
“What?” Aiden demanded. “Why didn’t Scott call me?”
“He wanted to keep it quiet. The only people he told were Lydia, Malia, and Stiles, because they were already with him.”
“You felt it didn’t you?” he questioned. “Through Lydia?”
You nodded. “She was nervous. Then I called.”
Aiden shook his head in disbelief and leaned against the railing. “That empathy link thing is freaky.”
You cocked an eyebrow. “Like you and Ethan’s twin mind-meld isn’t?”
Aiden shrugged. “At least that has a sort of normal explanation. Your thing is just weird.”
“Yeah, well, when you almost die on a lacrosse field with your best friend, it turns into a supernatural bonding experience.”
You rolled your eyes and turned away, but Aiden grabbed your arm. “Hey, look, I didn’t mean it like that. What you and Lydia have, it’s actually kind of cool. I just…I never know the right thing to say around you. I always feel like I’m doing something wrong.”
“Following me everywhere is not something I would call right…”
“I’m protecting you,” he said with a frown.
“I didn’t ask for you to. I mean, it’s not like I mind you crashing my movie nights or sitting next to me in every class we have, but you shouldn’t have to feel like you owe me.”
“Why not?” he asked.
“Because I don’t want you dying because of me. Allison already did.”
Despair washed over you as you thought back to that night at Oak Creek, when your best friend’s gentle hands had shoved you to the icy ground. You looked up just in time to see her take that blade for you, and you had spent every day since trying to repay her for her sacrifice. Saving Aiden had just been one of the ways you attempted that, and ever since, he had been following you around like a lost puppy.
He was always showing up at parties you attended, and offering you rides to places you were planning on walking to. He was right next to you during fights, or stakeouts, or even just dinner with the pack. You didn’t really mind him always being around, or even crashing on your bedroom floor when Ethan and Danny were being a little too loud for his liking. You just didn’t want him getting hurt because of you. You weren’t sure you could live with that happening again.
“Following you to the school isn’t going to get me killed,” Aiden pointed out. “Besides, the body’s already dead. What’s the worst that could happen?”
“Fine,” you relented. “Just…stop following me everywhere, okay? You can ask to hangout if it makes you feel better.”
“Seriously?” he asked with a grin.
“Seriously,” you echoed, rolling your eyes once more. “Now let’s go.”
“Good thing I’ve got an extra helmet.”
You scoffed. “We are not taking the bike.”
“It’s faster,” he protested. “Besides, you don’t want to waste any time getting to Lydia, right?”
You frowned, and started to head down the stairs with a sigh. “If we die, it’s on you.”
“Of course it is,” he told you, and you could hear the grin in his voice.
He followed you out of the stairwell and into the quiet lobby. No one was there, save for a sleepy looking old woman shuffling to the elevator. You headed out into the warm night, but as you stepped outside, an eerie gust of wind blew past you.
Leaves drifted through the parking lot as you walked to Aiden’s motorcycle, and you frowned.
“What?” Aiden asked, glancing over at you. “Is it Lydia?”
“No,” you told him, shaking your head. “Just a weird feeling.”
He looked at you like he didn’t quite believe you, but he simply lifted up the seat and pulled out his spare helmet. As you went to take it from his hands, he completely ignored you and placed it on your head himself.
He adjusted it carefully, then lifted up the visor to reveal your frowning eyes. His lips twitched as he glanced down at you. “I think you look cute.”
“I think I’m capable of putting a helmet on by myself.”
Aiden rolled his eyes and sat down on his bike. “Come on.”
He put on his own helmet as you sat down behind him, and then reached out to grab your arms and wrap them around his waist. You tensed up, but he glanced back at you.
“You wanna fall off?” his muffled voice asked.
“No,” you grumbled, tightening your arms around his waist.
“Don’t worry, Sweetheart. You’re getting something most women would kill for.”
“A chance to push you off this bike?” you snarked.
“A chance to have your arms around me.”
You rolled your eyes as he started up the bike, but you had to admit the rumble it let out was satisfying. You clung to the fabric of his leather jacket as you pulled out of the parking lot, and let yourself melt into him for the short ride to the school. He was warm, and a lot more comfortable than you thought he would be.
You had never said yes to a ride unless it was an emergency, and at those times, you had been so tense and nervous that you couldn’t think straight. Liam and Hayden finding the body probably counted as an emergency, but at this point you had found so many dead bodies that it didn’t freak you out as much as it used to.
Now, clinging to Aiden, you let yourself really appreciate the ride, and the fact that he was there with you.
You arrived at the school exhilarated, and when you both pulled off your helmets, Aiden turned around to grin at you.
“Am I dreaming, or did you actually enjoy that?”
“And what if I did?” you asked, raising your eyebrows.
“Then I’m thinking I have to offer you rides more often.”
You tossed your helmet to him with another roll of your eyes and scanned the parking lot. Lydia was leaning against her toyota and talking to the Sheriff, and softly shaking her head.
“I’m gonna go talk to Lydia,” you explained to Aiden.
He got up to follow you, but with the look you shot him, he held up his hands and sighed. “I’ll go look for Scott.”
You smiled gratefully and turned your back on him, and you didn’t catch the way his gaze followed you as you moved across the parking lot. His brown eyes followed you like the moon followed the earth, like his entire world revolved around you.
He made a promise to himself that night you saved his life, one that he knew would keep him around until he returned the favor. But with all the time he spent around you, he couldn’t help but fall, and since he and Lydia had decided they were better as just friends, there was nothing stopping him. Well, nothing except your stubborn attitude and his inability to stop irritating you.
He never seemed to be able to say the right thing, and you were so caught up in protecting everyone else in that pack that you were often oblivious to normal everyday things, like when guys had crushes on you. Lydia had promised Aiden that all he had to do was admit his feelings, but something about you scared him.
He remembered a time when you had hated him, and when he had almost tried to kill you and all of your friends. It hadn’t been so long ago that he had worked for Deucalion, and he wasn’t sure if he had earned your trust completely. He didn’t want to ask without being sure, but as he watched you go with a wistful look in his eyes, he noticed Lydia staring at him.
She smirked, her eyes flicking between the two of you before she winked at him. She mouthed something, words that caused Aiden to glare at her. Tell her or I will.
She turned to give you a hug, and Aiden turned his back, but not before making himself one more promise. By the end of the night, he was going to admit how he felt. Lydia had a point, and with the chaos that seemed to be brewing in Beacon Hills, he wanted you to know before the town turned into a deathtrap again.

“You know, you’ve got to stop doing this,” Lydia told you as you leaned against her car. The Sheriff had finished talking to her minutes ago, and he was now headed back into the school behind Aiden.
“Doing what?” you asked.
“Freaking out when you feel something from me.”
You rolled your eyes. “I can’t help it. When you’re nervous, I’m nervous. And if something’s wrong, you should tell me.”
Lydia sighed. “Normally I would, but you’ve been happier than usual lately.”
You scoffed. “I’ve been happier than usual?”
“Yep!” she confirmed. “And it’s all because of Aiden.”
“W-what?” you choked. “Lydia-”
“Aha!” she cried. “You denied it. That means it’s true. You do have feelings for him.”
“No,” you insisted stubbornly. “He’s just always around. I mean, yes, I like him. He’s cool, but I just spend so much time with him…”
“Mmhm,” Lydia mused. “I just don’t want this freaky connection pulling you away from what really matters.”
“As much as you want to keep us all safe, you need to think about yourself sometimes. You need to be happy too.”
“Lydia, I am,” you promised. “I am happy.”
She smiled. “I know. Which is why I really want this to happen for you. And, when that time comes, this is for you.”
She rooted through her purse and tossed you a tiny foil packet, which sailed through the air toward you. You tried to catch the condom, but ended up fumbling and causing it to fall onto the pavement.
“Lydia!” you hissed. “What the hell?”
“What?” she demanded. “He’s hot as hell, and he’s got a lot of drive, I can promise you-”
“Don’t tell me!” you cried, cutting her off. “Jesus, aren’t I supposed to figure that out on my own?”
Lydia smirked, her pink-painted lips curling up. “You are. Go ahead and pick it up. It’s yours now.”
You huffed and knelt down, but as you reached for the condom. You noticed a shadow fall across the pavement on the other side of her car. You grabbed the packet just as four legs came into view, and your brows contorted in confusion when you saw the unmistakable hooves of a horse.
“Y/n?” Lydia asked, staring down at you with raised eyebrows. “Are you alright?”
“I…” You rose to the ground, tucked the condom into your jeans and then peeked around the side, but there was nothing but asphalt on the other side of her car. “What?”
“What?” Lydia echoed, staring in confusion as you dropped down to all fours and peered under the car again. This time there was nothing there.
“Nothing,” you told her, rising to your feet and dusting off your hands. “I thought I saw something. I think I’m just-”
“Hey, watch who you’re calling crazy,” you told her. “I’m not the one who ran naked through the woods.”
She rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at you. “I’m not the one who punched Gavin Johnson in the face the day after we got back from the attack.”
“He asked you if you would take your clothes off and run around for him,” you reminded her.
She sighed and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “One of these days, I’m going to be the one saving you. Not the other way around.”
You gave her a gentle squeeze. “You better be quick about it. We don’t have much time left.”
She looked over at you, her green eyes staring into yours. “What am I going to do without you?”
“I don’t know,” you said softly. “But we don’t have to think about it until later. For now, I’m right by your side, ready to punch anyone and everyone in the face for you.”
She laughed softly and squeezed your arm. “Come on. Let’s head inside and see what’s after us now.”
You smiled and walked by her side toward the blue double doors, thinking that you had no idea what you would do when she was away at MIT. Lydia was your best friend, and since the moment you had been attacked on that field with her, you were bonded. That kind of thing didn’t just go away, and you knew you were going to be left wondering what to do when you felt something wrong with the other and were a whole country apart.
You pushed the thought out of your mind, telling yourself that you didn’t have to think about that yet. Lydia would be by your side for another few months, and everything would be fine. But as you headed into the school, that view of the horse behind her car crossed your mind, and you suddenly felt like maybe something was coming. Maybe college separating the two of you was the least you had to worry about.

“What happened?” you whispered to Aiden, as you glanced into the bloody closet. Bright flashes came from inside, no doubt the crime scene photographers capturing every gruesome detail.
“Someone bit out the back of his skull,” Aiden told you softly.
“Bit?” you choked. “As in with teeth?”
Aiden shrugged. “I could do it if I really wanted to.”
You eyed him carefully and he huffed. “Not like I would.”
“Why bite out the back of the skull?” you wondered aloud, shifting as you leaned against a locker. “Why not slit his throat, or stab him or something?”
Aiden shrugged. “Maybe he didn’t want to use his claws. If he was an alpha, he might not have wanted to turn him.”
You thought for a moment. “Why him? He’s just a janitor, right?”
“Maybe he’s not,” he suggested. “I mean, what sane person would ever take a night job here?”
“True,” you remarked, running your fingers over the metal of the lockers.
“Hey, can I ask you something?”
“Sure,” you told him, looking up into his brown eyes.
Aiden pursed his lips, glancing around the busy hall. Scott and Stiles were talking quietly as they stared at the officers passing by, and Lydia was pestering Liam and Hayden for more details. She was taking in every detail of the scene, but Aiden knew she didn’t feel anything, because you would have felt it too.
“Not here,” he said eventually, tilting his head down the hall. “Come with me.”
You followed him through the noisy hall to a quieter one, and then he pushed open the doors of the library. “Aiden, is everything okay?”
“Yeah,” he assured you. “I just wanted to talk to you.”
“Okay…” you said cautiously.
“Don’t worry.”
“You know when you say that, it makes me want to worry.”
He rolled his eyes. “Look, I think you realize how much I’ve been hanging around you…”
“How could I not?” you asked him.
Aiden shot you a look, and then he smirked. “It’s not like you don’t like it.”
You swallowed. “Oh yeah? How do you know that?”
“Come on, it’s not like I can’t see the way you look at me.”
“Like I want to kill you?”
“No,” he said, taking a step toward you. “Like you want to kiss me.”
“Woah, woah, woah,” you said. “Did Lydia put you up to this?”
“No,” he repeated. “I put me up to this. Finally.”
“Finally?” you repeated.
He nodded. “I’ve been waiting to say this, but I never found the right way to do it. But that doesn’t matter, because I’ve been feeling this since we kissed at Scott’s birthday party.”
“Th-that wasn’t-”
“I felt something,” he insisted. “And I know you were drinking, but you felt it too, and it wasn’t the tequila.”
You swallowed. “Aiden…”
“I know you’re scared of losing the people you love. But I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. If you let me, or even if you don’t, I’m always going to be right here.”
Your throat seemed to dry out as you opened your mouth to respond, and you stared at him in shock. A nervous warmth spread through you, and Aiden smiled as a blush covered your cheeks.
“So is that a yes?”
You took a deep breath, but before you could respond, you saw a flicker of movement farther back in the library. You glanced over Aiden’s shoulder, and he raised his eyebrows. “What?”
“I saw something.”
“Y/n, come on. You can’t just avoid the-”
“No, seriously,” you cut him off. “I saw something earlier too. I think it has something to do with that boy who went missing.”
“Okay…what did you see?”
“I…I’m not sure,” you admitted.
“Well that’s helpful.”
“I’m sure it has something to do with-”
A loud whinnying from behind caused your blood to run cold, and you whirled around to see just what you had in the parking lot. Instead of just the legs, a full-grown horse stood before you, and on its back rode a man dressed in all black. He had a hat perched on his head, but you could make out his shadow of a face, and the melted, deformed sight caused you to gasp.
“Y/n?” Aiden asked, placing a hand on your back. “What is it? What’s wrong?”
“You-you don’t see it?” you asked, eyes still on the rider and his horse.
“What do you see?”
“A man on a horse,” you told him.
“What?” he demanded. “Is this a banshee thing? Does Lydia see it too?”
“I don’t know,” you breathed, grabbing his hand. “Come on, run!”
You lead him through the shelves of the library, pulling out your phone and dialing your best friend’s number. She picked up right away, and you heaved a sigh of relief. “Hello?”
“Lydia,” you breathed. “God, please tell me you’re seeing what I’m seeing.”
“What?” you heard her ask. “Who is this?”
“Wh-what?” you asked breathlessly. “Lydia, it’s me. It’s Y/n.”
“Y/n?” she questioned skeptically. “Sorry. I think you’ve got the wrong girl.”
“Wait, Lydia-”
But it was too late. She was already hanging up the phone, and Aiden was staring down at you in confusion. “What was that about?”
“She didn’t know me,” you stated weakly.
“What?” he asked. “How is that possible?”
“I think it has something to do with that kid and his parents,” you whispered quickly. “When the cops went to his house, it looked abandoned, but when Stiles went inside, the kid’s room looked like any normal bedroom. It was the only room like that in the house.”
“Wait, what kid?” Aiden asked.
“Oh god. You’re already starting to forget.”
“Forget what? Y/n, what’s going on?”
“Listen to me,” you whispered, grabbing his hands in yours. “You’re going to forget me. That’s what’s happening here. People are being taken, and they’re being erased.”
“From memories?” he asked. “That’s not possible.”
“It is,” you told him. “It is, and it’s going to happen to me.”
“What? No,” he insisted. “I won’t let-”
“It’s too late,” you said softly, flashing him a sad smile. “I’ve already seen them. I saw the horse in the parking lot. And I could see it when you couldn’t. They’re coming for me. Maybe someone else too. Just promise me something-”
“You’re not going anywhere,” he snarled, scanning the dark library. “I’d die before I let anyone hurt you.”
“Please, just promise me,” you begged, tears filling your eyes. “You’ve spent so much time protecting me, but I need you to make sure the others are okay. Especially Lydia. Just protect them for me, okay?”
“Y/n, please-”
“Promise!” you ordered, your voice breaking. “Please.”
“Okay, I promise. But I made a promise to protect you. And that’s one I’m going to keep. No matter what happens, I’ll remember you, and I’ll find you. I’m not letting you go.”
You reached up to place a hand on his wet cheek, and only then did he realize he was crying. He stared down at your broken smile, and wanted nothing more than to whisk you out of Beacon Hills, to take you away from the danger, but he knew he was out of time.
You took one shaky breath, just as the sound of spurred boots hit your ears. Aiden didn’t see it or hear it, and he didn’t realize what was happening. You snatched him by the shirt and yanked his lips onto yours, kissing him for a few blissful seconds. His lips enveloped yours, lighting your body on fire and ripping your heart in two with the realization that you might never feel this again.
You broke the kiss suddenly, and scraped together one last broken smile.
“No,” he protested. “How the hell am I supposed to let you go after that?”
“You have to,” you whispered, just as a gunshot from the rider’s gun echoed through the library.
In a puff of green smoke, you disappeared from Aiden’s arms, and he swore he felt it in his chest when you went. Slowly, the electric feel of your lips on his, the memory of your terrified whisper, and even your broken eyes all disappeared.
Aiden stood there, trying to find a way to fight the ache in his chest, until he finally forgot the reason it was there at all.

Lydia stood against a row of lockers, holding her textbook and glancing around the hallway self-consciously. The bell was about to ring, and as students cleared the halls, she realized that whoever she was supposed to be meeting wasn’t going to show.
“You feel it too don’t you?” a voice asked from behind her.
She whirled around, causing her braid to swing over her shoulder. Aiden was leaning against the lockers down the hall to her left, and she kicked herself for not even realizing he was there.
“What do you mean?” she asked, as he walked up to her.
“Something’s missing. I feel it. And you do too.”
She frowned. “I was sure I was supposed to meet someone. Maybe even more than one person, but…I don’t think they’re coming.”
“I pulled out an extra helmet this morning,” Aiden told her. “For someone who didn’t show up.”
“Ethan maybe?” she suggested.
“Ethan has his own. And there’s nothing wrong with his bike. I even went back up and asked.”
Lydia pursed her lips. “Maybe we should talk to Scott.”
“And tell him what?” he asked. “That we’re losing our minds?”
Lydia thought back to a distant memory, one she couldn’t quite place but knew she had experienced. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Lydia walked into her room and dropped her bag on the ground, wanting nothing more than to collapse into her sheets and pillows. It had been days since her and Aiden had talked to Scott, since they had found out they were missing someone, or maybe a few someones. She wasn’t sure if she could take another day of this painful, hollow feeling in her chest, the one that told her something was wrong and she might never be able to fix it.
She kicked off her heels without bothering to change into pajamas, and crawled under the covers. As she closed her eyes, trying to drift off to sleep, she found herself drifting somewhere else, as if she was someone else.
“Lydia!” you choked, lunging forward with a bloody hand.
A dark boot slammed down on your wrist, pinning it to the lacrosse field and crushing the grass. You let out a cry of pain, and looked up at the figure standing above you. You gave him a defiant look, despite the fact that he seemed to be crushing your wrist.
He took his boot off your wrist and flicked out his fingers, revealing nails that were insanely long. When you thought about it more, you realized that they were claws. They were already stained red with Lydia’s blood, and as much as you wanted to stay strong and protect her, you were about to black out too.
Before you slipped away, you reached out for Lydia’s hand with trembling fingers. You had just barely placed your bloody hand in hers before you completely passed out.

Lydia sat up in bed with a choked scream, swiping at herself and frantically trying to wipe the blood from her hands. It took her a few seconds to realize that the blood she had seen wasn’t real, that the horrifying moment on the lacrosse field had been nothing more than a bizarre vision.
“Lydia!” her mother cried, shoving open her bedroom door. “What happened? What’s wrong?”
“I…there was blood all over me,” she whispered. “I was on the lacrosse field and I was covered in blood.”
Mrs. Martin sighed. “Lydia it was just another nightmare.”
“But, mom-”
“Sweetheart, what happened to you was a terrifying experience,” she told her soothingly. “They never found who attacked you, so it’s perfectly normal for you to be afraid. It was just a terrible memory working it’s way to the surface through a bad dream. Now, don’t worry. I’m sure everything will be fine.”
She flashed Lydia a reassuring smile and shut the door, but after she was gone, Lydia shook her head in confusion.
“But I wasn’t asleep,” she whispered to herself.
She leaned back into her pillows and rolled over, pulling the covers up around her shoulders. She couldn’t deny this terrible feeling she had, and she knew the dream, or hallucination, or whatever it was meant something. She also knew that there was something odd about what she had seen.
All the reports stated that Lydia was alone when she had been attacked. She hadn’t remembered much of anything, including who her attacker was, but something about this didn’t seem right to her…especially because moments ago, when she was so sure she was on the field, she swore she felt a hand in hers. She didn’t care what her mother or the reports said. She knew someone had been with her.

“Someone was with you that night?” Scott asked, his eyebrows furrowing at Lydia as he stood in front of her locker.
Scott was the first one she had come to after her nightmare the night before, but Lydia was sure it had been something much more than a product of her imagination. She had been having one almost every night. Sometimes it was a bizarre memory that felt like it was missing a piece, and sometimes it was something entirely new.
Only a few nights ago, she was sitting up in bed when she heard the sound of a train passing through the room. Just like the night before, she was sure that it hadn’t been a dream, and she knew it meant something.
“Yes,” she told Scott.. “I’m sure of it. Maybe it has something to do with who we’re missing. With Stiles or…or maybe it was someone else. It felt different. No, I’m sure. It was someone different..Wait, who found me that night?”
“It was Jackson, wasn’t it?” Scott offered.
Lydia blinked. What Scott was saying would have made sense, but something about it felt wrong. “No.”
“But, Lydia, he carried you in,” Scott stated. “Everyone was talking about it. I remember that.”
“Well…maybe he carried me inside,” she agreed. “But he wasn’t the one who found me. And he definitely wasn’t on that field with me. Someone was holding my hand Scott. Someone who was also covered in blood.”
Scott raised his eyebrows. “You think someone else was attacked with you?”
“There had to be,” she whispered.
“How would we know?” he asked. “I mean, we can see if any of the responding deputies remember, but if the Ghost Riders are taking memories, they’re only going to remember you, not this girl.”
Lydia frowned for a few moments, but her eyes suddenly went wide. “But there’s something that will.”
“What?” Scott asked.
“Hospital records” Lydia told him. “Just like the ones we found about Claudia. I’m sure that whoever was on the field that night was  just as hurt as I was, if not more. She had to have been brought in the same time I was.”
“She?” Scott repeated. “How are you so sure it’s a girl?”
“I…I don’t know,” Lydia said softly. “I don’t know why I just said that…but I feel like it’s right.”
Scott nodded. “Okay. We can start with my mom. I’m sure she’d let us look at the records.”
“What are we waiting for?” Lydia asked. “Let’s go.”
Scott blinked. “Lydia, we can’t just leave. Your mom would kill us.”
“I don’t care,” she hissed. “We’re finding whoever was on the field with me that night. We have to. And we’re calling Aiden. He can meet us there.”
Scott sighed and looked down the hall. Kids were still flowing down the hall to different classes, and the usual chaos in the school hadn’t seemed to stop because of a few disappearances. If they wanted to leave without being seen, now was the time to do it.
“Come on,” Scott said, reaching forward to shut Lydia’s locker. “We’re going to find her.”

You sat on the bench beside Stiles, your leg bouncing up and down as you glanced around the train station. Your eyes landed on Peter Hale, who was sitting a few rows down and looking bored out of his mind. When he felt your eyes on him, he glanced over, and you glared.
He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, avoiding your accusing expression. You still hadn’t forgiven him for attacking you that night, and you weren’t sure you ever would.
“Do you think he’s right?”
“What?” Stiles asked.
“Peter,” you elaborated. “Do you think he’s right when he says that we’re already forgotten? That we don’t exist anymore?”
“We have to exist,” he stated. “We’re here, aren’t we?”
“But where’s here?” you questioned. “Maybe we’re dead. Maybe this is hell.”
Stiles scoffed. “Okay, now I may not be perfect, but I never thought I’d end up in the same place as Peter Hale when I died.”
“Okay, so maybe we’re not dead. We’re not living anymore either, though.”
“We’re forgotten,” Stiles said grimly. “Not dead, not alive, forgotten.”
You placed your chin in your hands, and stared out at the grim scene before you. No one else seemed to be snapping out of their trance, and since the guy who been incinerated by the barrier a few hours before was literally dust, it was just you, Stiles and Peter.
“They have to find us,” Stiles whispered. “They have to.”
“Maybe we should try to get the radio working again,” you suggested.
Stiles shook his head. “Ghost Riders smashed that thing to pieces. I’m good, but I’m not that good.”
“Great,” you said. “So what do we do now?”
“Wait to die?” he offered.
“No thanks,” you told him, thinking for a moment. “I kissed Aiden.”
“What?” Stiles demanded. “When?!”
“The night we were taken,” you said softly. “He was trying to tell me how he felt when I saw the rider in the library.”
“How did he not see it?”
“I saw the horse in the parking lot earlier. Lydia tossed a condom at me and when I bent down to pick it up, I saw it on the other side of the car. He came into the library to take me.”
Stiles snorted. “You’re here because of a condom?”
You smiled. “Apparently so. You can thank Lydia for that one.”
“Was it supposed to be for Aiden?”
“What do you think?”
“Hey, I’m just asking…you like him that much?”
“Yeah,” you admitted. “I mean, he’s a pain in the ass, but he’s changed a lot.”
“Yeah, ‘cause of you.”
You looked over at Stiles. “Really?”
He nodded. “When you saved his life that night, it changed him. After that, he only cared about you. And yeah, at first it was because you saved his life and he wanted to return the favor, but all that time he spent around you…”
“Huh,” you murmured. “I guess you’re right. I can’t believe I didn’t see it.”
“You were worrying about other things,” Stiles said with a one-shouldered shrug. “I know the feeling.”
You glanced over at him again. “Lydia, huh? Even after all these years?”
He nodded, and you reached out to place your hand on his shoulder. “If we ever get back, you might not have to wait much longer.”
His lips turned up in a sad smile. “I saw her that night too. She was the last person to remember me.”
“She remembered you?” you asked thickly.
“Yeah,” he whispered fondly. “Up until the very last moment.”
“She didn’t even know who I was. I’m connected to her, and she didn’t even know who I was.”
“Hey, it doesn’t mean anything.”
“What if it does, Stiles? What if it means that she’s not going to remember?”
“Maybe she won’t,” he relented. “But Aiden will.”
“You sure about that?”
“No,” he admitted. “But it’s all we’ve got right now. And until Scott and the others figure out how to get us out, hope is our best bet.”
You nodded and leaned back against the bench, telling yourself that maybe, just maybe, Aiden would remember you. He promised you he wouldn’t let you go, and you hoped to every god there was that he could keep that promise.

“Come on,” Melissa hissed.
She hastily pulled Scott, Lydia, and Aiden into the file room, shutting the door behind her. She turned back to the teens before her, and felt a pang of sympathy as she met their desperate eyes.
“We have to do this quickly,” she explained. “But I looked up the details you sent me. Only one patient matched them.”
Lydia held her breath as Melissa unlocked one of the filing cabinets. She ran her fingers over the manila folders and fished one out, and Lydia practically snatched it out of her hands.
Her eyes fell on the name of the patient, and she felt her breath catch in her throat. Y/n Y/l/n.
As soon as she saw the name, everything hit her at once. She remembered standing in that parking lot with you, arms around your shoulders, wondering how she was going to spend four years without you. She remembered how when Allison died, when she felt like she had no one, you were there by her side. She even remembered that night on the lacrosse field, how when Peter tried to tear her to pieces, you were standing in his way.
Aiden felt it too. Lydia whispered the name, without even realizing it, and that was all it took for him to remember. He remembered you standing in the library with your hand on his cheek, trying to fight your own tears as his streamed freely down his face. He remembered the feel of your lips on his, and how he would have given just about anything to kiss you again.
Most importantly, he remembered the way you had come between him and that Oni the night he almost died. That was the moment he had really truly seen you, and the moment that first caused him to fall for you. He had been falling ever since.
“We have to get her back,” Lydia choked. “Her and Stiles.”
“We will,” Aiden swore. “If I have to kill every ghost rider there is, I’ll do it.”
Scott swallowed, glancing down at the file in Lydia’s hands. He knew how much Aiden loved you, and he knew he meant what he said. They were going to get you back, no matter what it took, and seeing the look on Aiden’s face when he saw you again would make it all worth it for Scott.

All across the field, people were beginning to appear. Hundreds of shapes lay on the drenched grass, slowly waking up as a cool rain fell from the sky. You sat up, shoving yourself up from the wet grass just as Stiles rose to his feet next to you.
“We’re back,” you breathed.
“We’re back,” he confirmed, reaching forward to pull you into a tight hug.
You clapped him on the back and pulled away, glancing up at the rain shimmering in the lacrosse field lights. “You think they’ll be here?”
“Stiles!” a voice shouted, causing you two to turn. “Y/n!”
A flash of strawberry blonde hair was all you could make out in the blur of the rain, but you could tell it was Lydia was sprinting down the field as if her life depended on it.
“I think they already are,” Stiles told you with a grin.
She slammed into Stiles, barreling into his arms only to have him wrap them around her.
“I knew you would remember,” he murmured her, running a hand over her hair. “I knew.”
She nodded mutely, tears slipping from her green eyes as she looked up at him. You stepped away from them, giving them their moment, and grinned as their lips met in a kiss. You could practically feel Allison smiling at you from wherever she was. Hell, you could practically hear her. I told you so.
“Y/n! Stiles!” you heard another familiar voice call out.
You turned to see Scott and Malia running down the field, and it took them seconds to wrap their arms around you. Scott got you first, pulling you into his arms, and Malia came last, tackling you both to the wet ground in a crushing hug.
“Malia,” you choked. “Good to see you too.”
She finally rolled off of you and held out a hand to help you up. “I’m sorry I forgot you.”
“Me too,” Scott told you. “God, it’s insane to think that it was actually possible. Now that you’re here…it doesn’t feel real.”
“You can thank Stiles and Lydia for that,” you told them. “Even in different dimensions, those two are still a perfect team.”
Scott smiled and glanced back at the couple, before placing his hand on your shoulder. “I should go talk to Stiles. You did good, Y/n. Allison would have been proud.”
You flashed him a grateful smile and turned to Malia. “So, what did I miss?”
“Everything,” she told you. “I don’t even know what to say first…oh, wait! Yes, I do. Remember how you thought that if you brushed Aiden off he would stop bothering you?”
“Uh, yeah,” you told her.
“Well it didn’t work,” she informed you. “He was torn up because he was missing something. He said if he had to kill every ghost rider just to get you back, he would.”
“For me?” you blinked. “Really?”
She nodded. “He lost it when you left.”
“I think he loves you, Y/n,” Malia told you. “And I think you should stop pushing him away.”
You smiled. “Trust me, Malia, I already know.”
“Y/n!” a voice shouted, causing you to turn for the third time that night.
You brushed a strand of sopping wet hair out of your face, and saw Aiden running toward you through the rain. You met him halfway, crashing into his arms, and the slick leather of his jacket.
“I’m sorry,” he breathed into your wet hair. “I forgot you. You saved my life and I forgot you.”
“It’s okay,” you said, pulling away to look at him. “You remembered.”
Tears were streaming down your face and mixing with the rain, but Aiden reached up to touch your cheek. “You were right before.”
“When?” he asked.
“In the library. When you told me I felt something for you, that I was just scared. You’re right. I was scared. And it wasn’t the tequila I was scared of.”
Aiden grinned, and leaned down, cupping your face as he kissed you. He leaned into you eagerly, and you looped your arms around your neck, yanking him closer. His fingers threaded through your hair, and when he finally pulled his lips from yours, you were both breathing hard.
“I…I love you so much,” he breathed, tracing his thumb over your cheek.
You grinned and reached up to push some slick hair out of his eyes. “Me too…me too.”
He wrapped his arms around you once more, holding you in the rain. He didn’t know what would happen to Beacon Hills after the disappearance of the Ghost Riders. It seemed like something always did, no matter how hard you fought, but he knew one thing. He was never letting you go again.

Let’s talk about street drifting.

Nearly for as long as I’ve been a legal adult, I’ve been street drifting. As much as driving on the track is entertaining, drifting is a street sport. Even those of us who have grown up, gotten careers, and can no longer take risks like we used to have a passion for the street, and how it feels to be somewhere with your friends at 3am.

Me personally, try as I might, I can never forget street drifting.

Tons of new kids are getting excited about drifting, and naturally are going to street drift some. Sure, learning at the track is the best possible way, but it’s not realistic to think that people won’t drive on the street as well.

If you’re new to drifting, you might have already been bitched at by grouchy old drifters who call you an idiot for streeting, and you might be wondering why. If you’re drifting in mall parking lots, if you’re drifting in front of people who don’t drift, if you’re drifting near residential areas…. that’s why.

So why am I posting this? Because I’ve been street drifting for a very long time, and I’ve never had major issues with police. The reason for that is because the people I drive with follow very specific rules- rules I now see getting broken constantly by newer drivers. I’m going to tell you those rules. Follow them or don’t, it’s your choice. Just know that these rules have kept us safe and out of trouble for longer than most people have been drifting.

When you look for spots, look for places that are away from areas of population. Do not drive at active warehouses. Do not drive near residential areas where home owners can hear your car. Look for abandoned industrial zones, far away from all people.

Keep street spots to your crew. Do NOT invite as many people as possible to your spots. When you invite people outside of your crew, they invite people outside of their crew, and before you know it police are at that spot before you are, waiting for you to show up, every night. 

If you’re staying at a spot and not hitting it once and leaving, take sound breaks when you drive. Don’t drive for 2 hours straight. Drive for 5 minutes, then stop for 10. Drive again, then take a sound break. This way, if police do come, you’re more likely to be parked and not actually drifting. You can also more easily hear and see them coming.

If police do come (and you’re in a state where CARB won’t seize your car for having a modified muffler), do NOT leave when police arrive. Act normal, don’t get into your car, don’t act suspicious, don’t have your hands in your pockets, just wait, stand there, and talk to them. They’ll probably give you a bunch of shit- that’s their job. Stand there, and take their shit. Let them say whatever they need to say, and respond with “yes sir” or “no sir” as much as you can. Don’t lie to police. Don’t argue with police. The more you roll with it, the more likely it is that they’ll let you go without major consequence.

ALWAYS have spotters. Spotters should stand at a point where they can see all incoming traffic, including people walking by, and signal you not to take a run. Hitting an oncoming car or worse yet a person will end your life as you know it. Keep that in mind when you drive, and ALWAYS have spotters. A system that works is having a few people watching the corner and signaling with bright flashlights if anyone is coming. 

If you have a gallery (audience/spectators), keep the audience at a place where your car can’t hit if you spin. Do not drift in the direction of your spectators. Hitting a person will end your life as you know it. It will also end street drifting in your area, so keep the spectators positively out of harm’s way.

If your friends are parked somewhere, keep that area out of harm’s way also. That means putting the people who aren’t drifting somewhere where they cannot be hit if a car spins or understeers. Think about the course layout for a long time, before you decide where you’re planning on placing people.

If you’re running the course regular and reverse, have all of the cars complete their run and park at the end of the course, then have all of the cars run the course backwards.

If you street drift a ton, consider not having the loudest exhaust available.

Lastly, if I’ve learned anything, keep that shit to yourself. Don’t post videos or photos of you driving on your facebook, and probably not even your instagram. Don’t put your name on your driving. There’s a reason this blog almost never shows street names, locations, or driver names. There’s a reason that the only cars on this blog with visible license plate numbers are long sold. There’s a reason Drift Tengoku has a “No Name Heroes” section.

See you out there.

Dean Teaches You to Drive

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, John

Word Count: 1,453

Warnings: Very minor car crash, maybe some language but other than that, just fluff

Author’s Note: In this, the reader and Dean are 16 years old and Sam is 12.

Feedback is always appreciated

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Planning Ahead - Naegiri One-Shot - Danganronpa Fanfic

This one grew way beyond my intended length. Sorry, but… here’s the longest one-shot I’ve ever done.

Honestly… I wound up being kind of proud of it.

Naegi and Kirigiri squatted down to focus on the dusty concrete floor. Kyoko instinctively glanced at the hem of her skirt to see whether any of the filth from the ground was brushing it, then promptly returned to ignoring the matter. This was not the time or place to worry about the state of her outfit. It’s not like she expected to be imprisoned in an abandoned building today.

No - this time was best spent strategizing.

Kyoko extended her left forefinger and used it to trace out her vision in the dust, placing it just within the beam of sunlight that extended from their cell’s tiny window along the back of the small room. “We put Togami-kun here,” she told Makoto as she drew a circle in the filth. “That way, he can serve as a distraction.”

Makoto chuckled a little. “He won’t like that,” he said.

“The venue is ideal for it,” Kyoko countered. “The entryway serves as a bottleneck. If we have him near the door, then align ourselves so that you and I have a direct line of sight to both his location and said door-”

“I get it,” Makoto said, smiling in realization. “He can cut off any unwanted guests and prevent them from getting decent shots of us. And they’ll naturally be drawn to look at him anyway, since he’s… Togami-kun.”

Kyoko smirked and gave a nod in response. Pleased with herself, she raised her right forefinger to her lips in thought. “Perhaps we should put Fukawa-san with him?”

“He definitely won’t like that,” Makoto replied with a grin. However, his face fell as a complication occurred to him. “Wait, what if she accidentally sneezes and ‘changes’ on us?”

Creases appeared in Kyoko’s forehead as she mulled the possibility over. “I think we can prevent exposure to any of the obvious triggers,” she said. “I’ll just tell the florist to keep all arrangements away from their table, then ask the chef to go light on the pepper in Fukawa-san’s dishes.”

“There’s another thing to consider,” Makoto warned her. “Komaru will want to be wherever Fukawa-san is.”

“Fine,” Kyoko said as she drew a few more ‘x’ marks next to her first circle. “Then the table closest to the entry will have Togami-kun, Fukawa-san, Komaru and Pennyworth-kun.

“What if Togami-kun starts wandering, though?” Makoto asked with concern. “To get away from Fukawa-san, I mean. If he moves off, we lose our shield against the paparazzi.”

Kyoko frowned slightly. “Then… hm… ”

She started to wipe away three of her dusty ‘x’ marks when a loud noise came from the metal door. Kyoko quickly stood to regard the armed man in ill-fitting fatigues who stepped through. He was joined by a partner wearing a white tight-shirt and jeans. This one had his spiky hair dyed a bright, unnatural blond.

“It’s time,” one of them said roughly. Naegi stood up and took his place by Kirigiri’s left side.

Kyoko placed her hands on her hips. “No last requests?” she asked indignantly.

“Boss says you don’t deserve any,” the blond one answered.

Makoto glanced down at Kyoko’s left hand, nervously eyeing the engagement ring slipped over her gloved hand. He grabbed her hand in his and swallowed.

Even as she gripped Makoto’s hand with her left, Kyoko ran her right hand through her hair, flipping it defiantly. “Your ‘boss’ is unfathomably rude,” she informed the men.

The one in fatigues gave her a toothy grin. “I’ll pass along your complaints,” he snarled.

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Car Trouble

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (Criminal Minds)

Summary: Reader’s car won’t start after a night out with the team, and Spencer helps her out. 

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 1067

Other Notes: this is just some fluff for my first fic/one-shot on this account. it’s pretty dumb lol, but tell me what ya think! :))

“I am never seeing a movie with you people, ever again!” Garcia explained as she led the group, walking out of the movie theater.

“Garcia, it was a horror movie, what did you expect?” Spencer asked.

“I don’t know,” she huffed, “But it was just too much…blood. We see enough of that at work!”

You all laughed. Garcia, Morgan, Emily, Spencer, and you had all decided to go to dinner and a movie after a long day. It was originally an outing for the whole team, but JJ, Hotch, and Rossi couldn’t make it.

“Come on, baby girl, you know I’m there to protect you,” Morgan told her.

“Yea, that’s when you’re not jumping out of your seat like a little girl!” Emily retorted.

“Haha. That was one time, and it wasn’t because of the movie,” he protested.

“What was it then, Derek?”

They continued their bickering as you walked down the street. Spencer, Garcia, and you were just watching, and laughing as they made fun of each other. You had drifted into a local park. It was deserted this late at night, the grassy area completely dark except for a few lampposts.

Emily pointed towards the playground, “I’m just behind there. I’ll see you guys bright and early tomorrow,” she smiled.

“You’re my ride home,” Garcia clung to Morgan jokingly. “Of course, Mama. We’re just around the corner.”

“Well, I’m back near the theater,” you said.

“I’m over there too,” Spencer added.

“Lucky. How early did you two have to come to get good parking downtown on a Saturday?” Emily joked.

“Hey, I came like 10 minutes before the movie was supposed to start,” you said, “Mostly because I was responsible for getting tickets,” you looked at her pointedly, the two of you laughing.

“I came exactly 45 minutes early, and read a book in my car,” Spencer added.

You all chuckled. “Only you, Reid.”

“See you guys tomorrow,” Penelope gave you each hug as she and Morgan walked away. Emily waved as she went in the opposite direction.

You and Spencer walked together, until you reached the parking lot of the theater again, where you then hugged him goodnight.

 You set your bag in the passenger seat, and put the key in the ignition. You flicked it, and your engine rolled over for a few seconds, before giving out.

“Oh, hell, not today,” you rolled your eyes, setting your head back.

You tried again, with the same result.

“Damn it!” you slammed a fist on the steering wheel, nearly hitting the horn.

You climbed back out of the car, and popped the hood, trying to see if the problem was easily fixable. Unfortunately, the almost empty car lot was not well lit by any means, and you couldn’t see anything.

“Ugh, this is just what I need right now,” you groaned, pulling out your phone to use the flashlight.

“Y/N, having car trouble?” you heard someone call behind you. You turned, and it was Spencer. He was giving you a concerned look through the window of his own car.

“Uh, yea, my car won’t start, I’m trying to see under the hood, but I’m not sure I can even fix it.”

“I can keep you company,” he offers.

“Spence, no, that’s okay, I’ll be fine,” you reassured him. But even as you said that, you weren’t sure. Even if by some miracle you could see under the hood of the car and identify the problem, could you start it up again?

“Nonsense, Y/N. I’ve seen enough cases where this situation doesn’t end well. I’m staying.”      

You laughed lightly, “Thank you.”

“Of course.” He pulled his car into the spot next to yours, and turned off the engine. He got out, and took your phone from you, holding the light steady as you looked around the car’s engine.

Spencer tightened his purple scarf around his neck. You didn’t blame him, it was actually quite cold. You were shivering as well. Still, you persisted, even taking off your gloves as not to get them dirty from the sticky motor oil that was on top of the plastic overflow container.

“You know, I could drop you off at home, instead,” Spencer suggested slowly.

“That’s nice, really, thank you, but what about my car?”

“We’ll call a tow truck,” he said easily.

“I don’t know, Spence…,” you were unsure of this plan.

“Trust me, I’ll pick you up tomorrow before work, and we’ll get a tow truck during lunch. Come on, it’s on my way home and everything.”

He saw your evident hesitation. “It’s no inconvenience, Y/N, I promise,” he grinned.

You finally gave in and accepted, “Thank you, Spencer, really.”

He nodded, and waited for you to go get your bag from your car, and make sure nothing was left behind in it. You sat next to him in the passenger seat of his old Volvo, and he started the car, pulling out of the movie theater parking.

“I’ve always loved your car,” you commented, “It’s interesting.”

He smiled, “Did you know that only 18% of Americans can drive stick shift? And that number isn’t really surprising, considering that now only 3% of all cars sold in the U.S. have manual transmissions,” he said.

“Really? I remember the summer before my sixteenth birthday, my dad insisted I learn to drive stick in this old station wagon he fixed up. It was the most annoying thing.”

“I didn’t know your Dad was a mechanic.”

“He wasn’t. That’s why it was annoying: it was always breaking down,” you laughed.

Spencer laughed with you the rest of the way, you directing him on how to get to your apartment.

“Turn here,” you pointed quickly, and Spencer turned. “…And then just up ahead.”

He parked in front of your building, “Would you like to come in?”

“Uh, I can’t really, I should get home, but see you tomorrow? I’ll text you in the morning,” he replied apologetically.

“Of course,” you said, grabbing your bag. Before you climbed out of the car, you gave Spencer a fast and small peck on the cheek. You waved one final time before shutting the door behind you.

Spencer watched as you walked into the lobby, still slightly puzzled as to what had just happened. His hand graced the side of his face where your lips had been just a moment ago, and beamed dizzily to himself.