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I love Lance, friendship, and your headcanons. May I request some Lance-Hunk, Lance-Keith, Lance-Shiro, and/or Lance-Allura ones (since you've already covered Lance-Pidge)? Please and thank you, you wonderful memer.

i’m so happy someone finally requested the bros

  • *sleepover voice* “hunk… be real with me buddy….. do you think my ears are ugly”
  • they’re drift compatible
    • have mastered the art of the no-look fist bump
    • “jinx! double jinx!! triple jinx!!!”
    • the kings of spontaneous duets
  • hunk’s skin is so soft and lance is so jealous
  • “if i run and leap at hunk he will most certainly catch me in his arms” “lance wait I’m holding coffee-”
  • hunk has receipts and lance lives in fear of them
    • hunk’s known him for too long he’s gotta know a bunch of embarrassing stories
    • whenever lance gets a little too extra all hunk has to do is give him a look™ and he’ll stop like immediately
  • “hunk can you build me a girlfriend”
  • lance: *that friend that’ll text you at 2am to ask if cacti have feelings* 
    • hunk: *that friend who’ll respond with a thoughtful answer and instigate a 3 hour conversation about plant emotions*
  • their relationship is a weird mix between shaggy and scooby doo, drake and josh, and leslie knope and ann perkins
  • pidge: “why are you guys always hanging off of each other like that?” lance, literally sitting in hunk’s lap: “???? what do you mean????”

I never imagined death before my Master, but it does seem rather poignant. 

Taryon, it was a blessing to be your loyal construct through thick and thin. Thank you for enlisting me as as your faithful scribe.

The Opening Scene to The Lego Ninjago Movie (I hope)

There was a light breeze in the bamboo forest as an elderly man slowly made his way through the moss. The sun beamed from above, filling the forest with light and therefore creating little shadow. There were no sounds of wildlife, in fact it was deadly silent-except for the beautiful shrill notes performed on the flute by the old man.

Step by step the old man trailed through the trees with his eyes shut, trusting that there was nothing endangering his internal peace.

His flute haltered when a quick breeze brushed by him and then vanished. The breeze flew through the trees as they waved and cracked, like the breeze was alive.

With one last deep breath, the master finished his little tune, and then snapped his eyes open.

Within the little shadow of the forest birthed a figure that lunged straight for the old man.

In an expert move, the elder flipped over the back of the newcomer and used his flute to wack him to the ground. He flopped to the ground with a “UMPH”.

As if the first figure was a leader, more masked warriors kept from what looked like no where towards the master. He readied his flute and leapt into action.

He struck the first one with his leg and she flew into a bamboo tree with a crack. The second one he used his flute to rebound him into the air and then flipped and kicked him into the mossy mud. The third came from behind but he masterfully punched him right in the face, and the last one he flipped and twisted over before using his flute as a javelin and striking his head.

The elder gently landed on the ground, his worn down robes fluttering around his legs. He quickly looked around the clearing and counted the defeated enemies before pausing. He quickly whipped his straw hat off and threw it into the tree tops without a glance. There was a pause, but sure enough there was a loud crash as one last enemy dressed in white hit the ground a little behind and next to the master. As the hat fluttered back down the ground, the last enemy in white muttered a muffled but emotionless, “Ow.”

“Alright,” the elder man commanded as he plucked the hat from the air and placed it back on his head. “Get up, all of you.”

Slowly, each of the masked figures rose off the ground, holding their arm, head, or stomach. A sleeveless warrior picked up the flute, brushed off some dirt, and then handed it to the old man. “Was that a new song? I’ve never heard you play it before.” The sleeveless warrior commented, followed by a wink from the master.

“Line up,” the master continued. The six warriors slowly made their way to form a very loose line in the moss. One by one, they pulled their masks off to reveal that they were actually only teenagers.

“Kai,” the old man pointed his flute at a red cloaked spiky haired ninja. “You struck too low. I was able to flip over you and leave you vulnerable. Remember, when you are on the offense-”

“I’m at eye level. Sorry, Master.” Kai looked at the ground.

“Jay,” the master turned to a curly haired teenager sporting a blue suit with freckles peppering his face. “Good idea coming from behind, but you were not quick or intense enough. You need to build confidence when you strike.”

“Yes, Master.” The teen squeaked, glancing at the girl standing proudly next to him.

“Nya,” the master continued to the spiky black haired teen with a samurai styled skirt. “You threw me off guard with how strong and fierce you attacked me.”

“Thank you Master-” she started, but he put his hand up, cutting her off.

“However, you need to harness the strength-not use all of it at once. With a simple move I counterbalanced your effort, but you put so much into it you couldn’t recover.”

“Oh,” she said quietly as her eyes dropped. “Of course, Master.”

He continued with a blonde haired blue eyed teen that wore all white and a frown. “Zane,” the master started.

“My bow string alerted you to my location.” The teen began.

“Uh, yes.” The old man spoke with an eyebrow raised. “Next time make sure you-”

“Pull back the string when there is combat so the enemy won’t hear me.”

“Exactly. Well done Zane.” He said with a small smile. “Now, Cole-”

The sleeveless teen raised an eyebrow.

“I know you like my music, but you can’t let it distract you. I easily caught you mid jump.”

Cole’s eyes drifted downward. “Yes, Master Wu.”

The master nodded then stepped in front of the last ninja. His green eyes gleamed in the sunlight and his blonde hair reflected the sun so he looked like a heavenly teenager in the bamboo forest. “Lloyd.”

The teen stood a little straighter. “Yes, Master?”

Master Wu narrowed his eyes as he stared at the teen. “Your form was good, your camo was excellent, I only detected your presence once.”

The teen cracked a smile.

“However,” he continued. The smile faded instantly. “You fell for the easiest trick in the book. I had a weapon and you-”

“Did not! Of course,” the teen face planted. “I needed to disarm you, not go for the surprise blow.”

“Correct.” Master Wu said as he slipped his flute onto his back. “Ninja,” he called out as he addressed the full team. “I hope you learned a lot from this no-weapon exercise. You must rely more than welded steel to take down your enemies. Your weapons are only an extension of a trained arm and a sharp mind.”

The team all bowed together. “Yes, Master,” they all said in unison.

The master glanced at the sky. “Speaking of a sharp mind, it looks like the hour has come. Training this morning is complete. I look forward to seeing you all at twilight on the Bounty.”

They all nodded then took off into the bamboo forest. Lloyd glanced at his watch. “Aw, crap! Master only left us 10 minutes to get to school! We’ll never make it to first period in time!”

“Well, we could!” Kai snorted as he dashed side by side Lloyd. “Except I don’t think Master Wu would appreciate us showing up at school in our ninja attire.”

Nya joined his side. “Speak for yourself,
bro. I actually think my suit has the punk style I wear to school.”

“Your suit looks great, Nya…” Jay called from behind.

“See, even Jay appreciates it.” Nya smiled as she high-fived the curly headed ninja.

“But Master Wu said we were never to wear our ninja gear in public for the endangerment of our identities.” Zane warned.

“Zane, we are joking.” Cole laughed as he nudged him mid-stride. “Lighten up, dude-we are gonna change.”

“Too bad our ninja suits don’t fit under our school clothes,” Kai said with a smirk. “I guess I’ll never live up to feeling like a true superhero!”

“Besides your only superpower would be your unmatched skill with styling your hair!” Nya snorted. The entire team burst into laughter at Kai as he frowned and said that his hair was “super fly” and “worth the hour of styling every morning.”

As the others laughed, Lloyd mumbled to himself, “I wouldn’t mind wearing my suit to school. Everyone would see me as a hero instead….” he chucked. “But then again, they would never believe that Ninjago’s worst enemy’s son is Ninjago’s greatest hero, wouldn’t they?” He shook his head, then waved his hand to his team. “Alright guys, if we hurry, we might make the second bell!”

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Hello :) I loooooove your stories (and I'm very eager to read more of the Silent Song). Could you write something called "Reunion"? :3 I bet you know what I have in mind ^^ Please please please please :3 :3

@ithiliel-the-french-tolkiendil the prompt you sent in February…finally…


Summary: The Force-ghosts get together with some nice popcorn to watch the second death star blow up. Someone shows up just in time to join the party. Angsty…crack?

Serious, but…not…serious?

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Mace Windu, Tahl Uvain, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker

Qui-Gon Jinn keeps an eye on the inter-dimensional rift as he stirs more butter into this newest batch of popcorn. Behind him is a ridiculous scene; a room that could almost be a carbon copy of standard-issue quarters at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, but where one wall should be is instead a translucent barrier, shimmering in the Force.

A barrier between the living and the dead.

This dimension currently exists as a comfortable living area with three Jedi lounging upon sofas and meditation cushions alike (and one making popcorn) but out there…

There is a terrific howl of lightsabers just over the flickering border between the timeless world of the Force and the shadowed durasteel of the Death Star; Obi-Wan stands just at the edge, watching the duel between father and son with an inscrutable expression. The clash of plasma blades paint Obi-Wan’s face in alternating shades of crimson and emerald.

“Staring at them won’t make Luke win,” a baritone voice says.

“Quite right, Master Windu,” Obi-Wan murmurs, stroking a hand over his beard. “But I shall watch all the same.” His eyes never leave the duel, glimmering in the flashing lights.

Qui-Gon pours the popcorn into a bag, conjures a measure of Corellian honey, and sets to shaking the mixture with verve. The shaa-shaa of popcorn against plastifilm mixed with the screaming of the lightsabers almost drown out Mace’s next words completely.

“For stars’ sake,” Mace mutters, “I’ve been dead for about a quarter century now, you’d think he’d start calling me Mace.”

A good-natured harrumph sounds from somewhere behind Qui-Gon. “A Knight of the old guard, Obi-Wan is.”

Qui-Gon pours the popcorn into a bowl just as there is a lull beyond the portal.

“Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy,” a gnarled voice declares nasally. “Let the hate flow through you.”

“And the prune speaks,” Tahl says, from where she is languidly sprawled across a sofa, feet propped up on one armrest. To a casual observer she would seem relaxed, but her green-gold eyes rest on Obi-Wan.

Qui-Gon stifles a chuckle as he turns around, setting the bowl of popcorn on the low table between the couches.

“Isn’t this a bit early for a celebration?” Mace says, sitting up. “You’re always one for optimism, Qui-Gon, but Luke hasn’t actually won yet.” His left hand grasps his right wrist, distractedly, a phantom memory.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing,” Qui-Gon deadpans.

Not amusing.”

“At all, Qui.”

Qui-Gon raises both hands in surrender to his oldest friends.

“Obi-Wan has taught you well.” The mechanised echo of Vader’s voice has all their heads snapping towards the barrier.

“What’s Luke doing?” Tahl says, suddenly. “He’s deactivated his lightsaber.”

Obi-Wan flicks blue eyes over to her; they are rimmed with moisture. “Being a Jedi,” he says, simply.

“I will not fight you, father.” Luke’s voice is quiet, and determined, and echoes in the Force like a cleansing rain.

Mace frowns, narrowing his eyes at the young black-clothed Jedi standing at the top of the steps. “He’s a shatterpoint,” he says, slowly. Then he straightens, suddenly. “They’re both shatterpoints.”

The Force shivers beneath their feet, awakening.

As the red-green flicker of Jedi against Sith starts up again, the masters drift towards the edge between worlds, drawn by the glimmer of the Force flowing there.

Master Yoda, on the other hand, stays back, gimlet eyes unblinking.

Qui-Gon places a hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder, and feels the desert-thinned shoulder tremble beneath his fingers.

“Your thoughts betray you, father. I feel the good in you, the conflict.”

“There is no conflict.”

“Liar,” Obi-Wan whispers, so softly to be barely audible.

Qui-Gon tightens his grip.

Across the shimmering barrier, Father and son throw words back and forth; the Jedi stand silent, watching.

And then the world erupts in a shower of sparks as Vader hurls his lightsaber at Luke, who stumbles and falls as the catwalk he was standing on is sliced to shreds.

Mace mumbles something that sounds suspiciously like “Skywalkers and their methods,” but then the cold chamber in the Death Star falls silent, save for Vader’s breathing, and the Force shudders.

Vader speaks, Vader senses, and Vader…

“Sister. So you have a twin sister. Your feelings have betrayed her to me.” Vader turns in swirl of shadow, and the barrier trembles at the weight of his anger.  “Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from me. Now his failure is complete.”

Obi-Wan makes a noise, behind a hand clamped over his lips. He does not look, in this moment, like a master.

Tahl moves silently to Obi-Wan’s other side, and wraps a bronze-skinned hand around his wrist.

“If you will not turn to the dark side, then perhaps she will.”

Luke’s change is like a torrent of pitch that hammers into the air beyond the barrier and paints the world black.

Qui-Gon flinches, and feels Obi-Wan flinch with him.

The screams of Luke and Vader’s lightsabers do not compare to the screaming of the Force, now.

And then it happens.

Vader goes down with an inhuman howl as Luke’s lightsaber cleaves through his wrist.

And the Emperor laughs.

Luke is shaking as the Emperor speaks.

“He’s about to shatter,” Mace says, quietly. “But I cannot see how.”

The Force roars into a crescendo. It will fall, or it will fly.

It does neither.

It sings.

“You’ve failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”

Qui-Gon closes his eyes. He knows what will come next, even before the Emperor speaks.

Lightning flashes behind his eyelids, agonising white-rimmed blue, like Luke’s eyes, Anakin’s, Obi-Wan’s, his-

The screaming is worse.

It echoes back, back, twenty years and more, to graceful halls scored with blasterfire, and young voices shrieking in terror as blue-painted soldiers descend upon them, with a shadow at their head-


Under Qui-Gon’s fingers, Obi-Wan is deathly still.

The Force stirs at their feet, and whispers at them to open their eyes, and see.

Qui-Gon becomes aware there are hushed footsteps behind them; he turns his head, and is met with the vermillion eyes of Kit Fisto; the kindly face of Ki-Adi-Mundi; the gentle smile of Luminara Unduli, and face after familiar face, filling the chamber and beyond; Jedi come to see the culmination of their hope.

It is not the dark that gives Vader the superhuman strength needed to carry a Sith to its death, when lightning burns away his artificial lungs and heart and limbs; it is light from ten thousand Jedi, watching, and waiting.

The assembled Jedi sigh, and fade away, as Luke scrambles towards his father.

It is suddenly very quiet, in the chamber connected to the living world.

A single word breaks the silence.

“Anakin,” Obi-Wan murmurs. “Anakin.”

Yoda steps up beside his four students, and watches with both hands on his gimer stick.

The five Jedi stand guard, throughout the sobbing and the agony and the sheer determination that allows Luke to drag his father down to the closest hangar bay.

And then Anakin speaks, and Luke listens, and Darth Vader’s helmet is pulled away.

Obi-Wan lowers his head into both hands when he sees Anakin’s face - or what is left of it.

The others turn away. This is a moment too private, and too full, for anyone other than father and son.

Qui-Gon pulls Obi-Wan away from the barrier, and in a moment, the scene beyond it has flickered away into a field of stars, and there, in the centre, hangs the second death star.

And then suddenly there is a sixth Jedi among them.

Obi-Wan raises his tear-streaked face from his hands and stares at his former apprentice.

Anakin - not looking a day above twenty-three - startles, glances around him, meets Mace’s gaze and flinches away, and then decides to stare at his own feet instead.

Qui-Gon pushes Obi-Wan into a seat, nudges Anakin over to him, and stuffs the bowl of popcorn between them.

“My children are stupid,” he says, clearly. “And they need to eat.”

The second Death Star chooses this moment to blow up. Spectacularly.

Mace waggles the intact fingers of his right hand in front of Anakin’s face and takes a handful of popcorn, which he then flings at the barrier.

A passing TIE gets a viewport full of popcorn before being blasted to smithereens by a pursuing X-wing.

With what seems to be a gargantuan effort, Anakin looks up and meets his former master’s eyes.

“Obi-Wan,” Anakin says, voice breaking, “I’m so sor-”

Obi-Wan grabs a fistful of popcorn and smashes it into Anakin’s face.

It is almost a punch.

Anakin gags on a mouthful of popcorn and stares, wide-eyed, as Obi-Wan’s image flickers and re-coalesces into what General Kenobi looked like, at the height of the Clone Wars. No older than thirty-five.

Obi-Wan begins to smile. His auburn beard cannot quite hide it.

Anakin swallows. “Oh, you are so-”

Qui-Gon smashes a cushion into the side of Anakin’s head. It explodes (the cushion, not Anakin’s head) and rains Nubian duck-feathers down on all their heads.

Yoda begins to massage his temples. Mace seems to come to a decision, and reaches for a pillow the same time Tahl slips behind a sideboard and emerges with a bottle of Corellian champagne.

And then popcorn is flung into the air, and there is laughing and shouting and crying - mostly crying - and beyond the barrier, the remnants of the second Death Star glimmer like a second veil of stars over the diamond-studded cloak of the galaxy.

When they appear as a line of blue-hued figures, hours later on the forest moon of Endor, Obi-Wan has to reach over to pluck a feather from Anakin’s cloak.

If Luke is surprised, he does not show it. His smile shines bright enough for ten galaxies.


Thanks for reading whatever that was (the product of a wish not to write something cliche and whatever my imagination decided should happen). Mace Windu in that, I think, was more Samuel L Jackson than anything else. Reblog as you like!

This is like. The second-most crack thing I’ve ever written.

My fanfic masterlist (I usually write far more seriously than this, I promise)

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location: Volkov Manor, Barvikha Luxury Village, Moscow, Russia
time: 6:00 pm UTC+3:00
      ( @ishikawao )

For someone who had never had any genuine romantic feelings before now, Valentin had always enjoyed organizing grand romantic gestures any time they had the excuse. For as long as they had been with Yana, they had made certain to do something special on any occasion they could; anniversaries, birthdays, holidays. No matter how cold many people believed they were, showing someone how much they cared on days such as those was perhaps when they felt happiest. So despite everything that was happening in their private and public life, they were not one to miss Valentine’s Day, especially given how different things were now.

Especially given that they now had someone whom they did have genuine romantic feelings for.

The thought of doing for Oliver what they had done for Yana excited them; it felt more meaningful, more important to show Oliver how much they cared already, how grateful they were for him.

Yana was away for the weekend, anyway, and Alexandra was staying with Vera, so they had gone about their preparations without any prying eyes. They had their chef make chocolate-covered khvorost, paired with an expensive bottle of champagne chilled to perfection, which they had set up along the edge of the master bath’s luxurious tub, along with two thin-steamed glasses. Candles lit the bath in the dying light steaming through the window, dozens and dozens of orchids, pink, purple, blue, lining every surface of the room, creating a path to the tub filled with steaming water, a warm golden color from the bath salts they had found.

Once everything had been prepared, and they had been left alone, they had changed into their dark red robe, and sat down on their bed. This was the difficult part. They had not yet truly attempted to call anyone to Moscow, and they were worried that now, after all of their preparations, they would not even be able to make Oliver appear. But they closed their eyes, letting the flowery smells drifting in from the master bath wash over them, focusing on Oliver, wanting nothing more than to show him what he meant to them.

Who wants a Poly!headcanon?

Alrighty who wants to hear about my ‘Dooku doesn’t go to the Darkside and actually sticks around to see how Qui-Gon gets on’ idea?

Aka 'Grumpy Jedi Grampa accidentally ends up with three boyfriends’.

Like for reals, I’m talking generational shipping here. All the way down the line.

Imagine it: Dooku/Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan/Anakin.

A poly relationship with all of them in varying different relationships with eachother.

Okay so! It starts a few years after Qui-Gon gets knighted and just cant seem to drift away from his Master. He’s taught Qui-Gon everything he knows and that wasn’t necessarily the most by-the-book Jedi code so Qui-Gon is constantly going back to his Master like 'Why don’t they understand?? I know what I’m doing!’

  • And Dooku is all stony faced and serious and offering advice but inside he’s just so damn proud his ex-Padawan is growing up to give the council headaches about morality and grey areas.

And then Qui-Gon gets a bit older again and sees his first Padawan to Knighthood.  He’s more sure of himself and confident in his abilites and he goes to his Master to express his joy and–

Well one thing leads to another and the next thing they know Dooku’s bringing Qui-Gon breakfast tea in bed (Dooku’s bed) and telling him he needs to get up and dressed because Qui-Gon has a meeting in the council chamber in thirty minutes he shouldn’t be late to.

– And after that they just fall into this easy agreement that whenever they cross paths, which turns out be only occasionally, Qui-Gon’s probably going to be there in morning.


Qui-Gon eventually meets Obi and suddenly he’s got a new Padwan, and Dooku is suspicious and probably not very warm towards his new grand-padawan since he remembers the absolute wreck Qui-Gon was after Xan.

  • And Obi never understands why his Master would want to hang around with this dry, humourless old grump (and why does Qui-Gon always sit SO close to him whenever they’re together?)
  • (Obviously Obi-Wan grows up and starts to get suspicions, but of course never asks because that would be rude. )
  • (And honestly it happens so rarely he usually forgets about it, until he sees his Qui-Gon bidding Dooku an exceptionally affectionate (for Qui-Gon) farewell. Or noticing how his Master always let’s his touches linger just a little longer than usual on his old Master.)

And then the UNTHINKABLE happens: Qui-Gon is struck down by Darth Maul, and Obi is clinging to him feeling his lifeforce slipping away and begging him not to go (don’t let his words be about the boy please please please)

It’s only by some MIRACLE that Qui-Gon manages to hold on long enough for the medical droids to get to them.

And even then it’s touch and go for DAYS until Qui-Gon is stable and can be moved to the Temple.

Dooku is at Qui-Gon’s side within the day, and Obi-Wan hears from his friend Garen that the Jedi Master made it halfway across the galaxy in record time and NO ONE KNOWS HOW. (it’s suspected that the Master pulled in every favour he had to allow him to get him through pirate-controlled Space, but that was never confirmed.)

And after that, Obi-Wan knows. Hell, after Dooku storms towards the medical bay, barking at younglings and Masters alike to get out of his way, half the Temple knows their feelings towards each other.

(Which is like a kick to the chest for Obi-Wan, who is only just now realising his own feelings for his Master.)

And Dooku doesn’t leave the medical bay until Qui-Gon wakes up. 

  • (He’s an utter terror; barking at nursing staff, wanting regular updates, and even after DAYS of sitting there, rarely drinking and hardly eating, Dooku looks as well-groomed and presentable as ever. To the untrained eye.)

Qui-Gon finally opens his eyes for the first time and there’s this long moment where they just look at each other and Dooku is scowling his darkest, most intense scowl and doesn’t say a word. And that’s how Qui-Gon knows just how worried he was about him.

And the first words out of Qui’s mouth, raspy and weak from disuse, are to ask if Dooku has brought him any tea.

  • (Qui-Gon tries to laugh off the disgusted noise Dooku makes, his ex-Master informing him that he wont be drinking anything but water until his stomach is healed. But Qui-Gon knows he’s never seen Dooku’s expression so soft or pained before, nor seen him look so unkempt and dishevelled inside the Temple.)
  • The next questions are about Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Obi-Wan has been Knighted even before Qui-Gon awakes, and following what could have been his Master’s final request has taken Anakin as his padawan.

  • “Your Padawan is a foolish as you.” Dooku tells Qui-Gon, and he is clearly not happy about Anakin being trained by the fledgling Knight.

But Qui-Gon wont be in any fit state to train the boy for months, they all know it, and without Obi-Wan refusing to take no for an answer (Qui-Gon is so proud) Anakin would have been sent away.

After that, for a long time Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon see very little of each other. Qui-Gon is recovering, then back on missions (paired up with Dooku for a while when the older Master refuses to let a still recuperating Qui-Gon go on his own). And Obi-Wan is sent on his own missions with Anakin.

But after a few years, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon start to cross paths more and more, and Anakin of course is delighted by this. He loves having Qui-Gon around; the Jedi Master lets him get away with so much more than Obi-Wan. 

  • (And he knows just what to say to make Obi-Wan go bright red, which makes the teenage padawan absolutely crease up with laughter.)

And whilst Qui-Gon is fondly embarrassing him in front of his padawan, Obi-Wan realises his feelings for his Master have not diminished. And it physically pains him.

(To the point he cant focus on missions when Qui-Gon is there, and he’s short with Anakin, and angry with himself.)

He’s at the point of going to the council to request Master Qui-Gon not be sent on any more missions with them, when Qui-Gon gently confronts him about his uncharacteristic moods.

And well...one things leads to another and the next day Qui-Gon is recording a message to inform Dooku about the developments in their relationship.

  • Dooku is like 'I suppose that’s acceptable, bring him to me next time you’re at the Temple’.

And Obi-Wan is suddenly regretting every single one of his life choices that has brought him to be in a relationship with his old Master, and his old Master.

  • “He doesn’t even like me!”

    “That’s clearly not true, Obi-Wan.” And it’s true, Dooku stopped disliking Obi-Wan as soon as it was obvious as a Padawan that he was nothing but a Paragon of Jedi ideals, and treated Qui-Gon with the appropriate respect.

  • (And he could evidently grow a highly respectable beard, which Dooku looks very pleased with when they meet for dinner.)

The relationship ends up being mainly Qui-Gon centric for a long time. They each share their time with him. Qui-Gon ends up on missions a lot with Obi-Wan, so when he’s back at the Temple he makes time to spend with Dooku.

(Although of course eventually they all end up piled in bed together, and Dooku is bringing both of them tea in the morning because apparently his legacy is train Jedi who will not get up in the morning.)

Anakin comes along later. First as Obi-Wan’s lover, then jumping Qui-Gon at the first comfortable opportunity when he’s informed of how their relationship is put together.

But Anakin and Dooku find it difficult to see eye-to-eye. There’s just too many years and so many conflicting ideas between them for them to do much but argue.

It ends up not being too much of a problem, though. They all learn to spread their time between each other, so when Obi-Wan is with Anakin, Qui-Gon spends time with Dooku. And equally when Qui-Gon is with Anakin, Obi-Wan gets to spend time with Dooku.

  • (Obi-Wan enjoys this more than he would ever have thought possible at the beginning of their relationship– getting stories about Padawan!Qui-Gon, or playing chess and enjoying tea, allowing Dooku to teach him useful tactics the Master learned when he was young. It’s as much a thrilling educational experience as it was bonding whenever he got to huddle up his Master’s Master.)

Eventually though, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon do want to spend some time together alone, and during one such time Anakin and Dooku end up having to front a mission together.

And they bicker.

(Like oh my god they bicker so much and their Clone Troopers are suddenly confused about who’s dating who in that relationship because they’re sure as hell acting like an old married couple.)

But then something goes wrong and there’s powder in the air and Anakin is suddenly high off his face on Spice or some other narcotic, and Dooku has to physically haul the not-so-light young Jedi Knight back to safety.

Why don’t you like me??” Anakin is suddenly demanding, apropos of NOTHING and Dooku is glad it’s only them in the med bay whilst Anakin sees out the drug in his system because he’s getting to old for this shit.

How did he end up with 3 partners of progressively younger ages?? Who thought this was a good idea?? And now Anakin will not stop clawing at his robes demanding 'why don’t you like meeeee?’

“I don’t dislike you, Skywalker,” Dooku is having to explain in his very calmest 'so done with this’ tone, and Anakin is just looking up at him like he’s grown another head.

“But you dont like me,”Anakin is clutching to Dooku more for balance than urgency now, and Dooku keeps a hand fisted in the Knight’s robes as the young man leans further and further away. “You like Obi…” Anakin continues, looking down his nose as the thoroughly unamused Jedi Master, and then his face breaks into a 100% spaced-out grin, “You really like him…” his pouting frown returns, “But not me!”

And Dooku wishes he had a free hand to rub at the headache he can feel coming (if he let’s Anakin go he will fall over) and instead has to explain in SMALL words how Anakin is very young, and they have very different ideals and no he doesn’t hate him and yes he’s fine with Obi-Wan and Qui–

Anakin cuts him off mid-sentence with an off-center kiss and Dooku is just stood there with the most longsuffering expression as Anakin giggles against his mouth and he has to physically peel the Spice-addled Knight off the front of his robes and drag him to the bed.

And you can bet as soon as Anakin is FINALLY sedated he’s calling Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and informing them that they can deal with their energetic, needy paramour because his days of looking after CHILDREN are very much over tyvm.

(Obi chimes in with an unhelpful “Have you considered not calling him a child, Love? That may be the crux of the problem–” and Dooku hangs up on them.)

But Dooku and Anakin are on much more amenable terms after that, and Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are very relieved.

(A few months later Anakin makes an off-colour and uninformed joke about Dooku’s stamina in bed and one thing leads to another and the next morning Dooku is bringing him tea in bed and Anakin is staring at him with an utterly disgusted, disbelieving expression “HOW ARE YOU EVEN WALKING I CAN’T MOVE.” )

(Also, Anakin and Padme are best buds with benefits and the babies still happen only this time they have one Uncle and two grampas and are literally the most adorably spoiled babies ever.)

Spartan-117 & Spartan-087: Jaeger Pilot AU

Their first run is an easy category two, and ease of it amazes her most - the feeling of fakery won’t last, she knows. The rain can’t hit her in the Jaeger but as soon as she steps out there’s sweat and the clamor of the Shatterdome and somebody handing her headphones, for some reason, victory rock blasting. The second thing that amazes her about it is how well her speed compliments her partner’s strength. She taps her fist on his mask as soon as they step out of the harness, and he smiles.

(artwork by jiinsy // writing by nemonuus)

50 First Tears

This angst came out weak. I need to up my game again. Prompt: Need.

The morning sun was warm on the skin that wasn’t covered by her blankets. From beyond the window, birds chirped and fluttered about, wings and feathers creating more disturbance in the blonde’s slumber. It was high time that they flew south! Snorting unhappily, her head of tangles turned into the pillow before she found the power to lift her head and take in the apartment around her.

Empty. Lonely. Devoid of anyone but herself.

Another day without Fairy Tail. Another day without her friends.

Lucy blinked at the empty couch and the clean table, exactly how she left it before. Everything was in place as she had left it before going to bed. No visitors came. It was just another day of feeling sorry for herself and mourning the loss of her family.

Natsu was gone, away to train for a year. Her food supply had never been more…accounted for. She ate for one, each meal, never venturing out unless to gather groceries. Every scrap of food was always eaten by herself, all fears of missing snacks gone.

Arms pushing up, Lucy rose to stand up from her bed, scratching at her thigh with a languid stretch and yawn.

That was when Natsu appeared from within her kitchen, grinning and holding a tray of cereal for two.

“Mornin’ Luce.” He greeted casually, never looking away from her as she froze and stared with a gaping jaw. “Got breakfast here if you’re hungry.”

He said it so casually, as if he never left on a trip or just said goodbye with a lousy letter. What was more…he didn’t know about Fairy Tail disbanding, or the Master disappearing. The pink haired man just thought he could waltz back into her life as if he never left. He just stood there, smiling innocently like he would before the trouble with Tartaros. It was as if nothing was wrong and her loneliness never existed.

“Natsu…you’re back.” She breathed, tears pooling in her eyes at the sight of her best friend. In her dazed joy, Lucy never picked up on the tightness of his smile or the flicker of an emotion that was not joy in his eyes. His knuckles became white from the grip on the tray but he kept up his facade. “Yeah…I’m back.” He answered with a soft sigh, sounding more disappointed more than anything.

Gently setting down the tray, Natsu seemed prepared for her approach and hesitant hug, maintaining his hold just as long as she was willing to keep the embrace. Releasing her almost the second she wanted, he gestured to the bowls of cereal with his bangs shadowing his eyes. “Hurry up and eat, Luce! We got a big day today!”

The blonde blinked at the sudden exclamation, frowning. “No. Natsu…I have to tell you-”

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Can someone tell me why the  beat to shit “Missle” /  "Rat Rod" look on S13’s became what people actually aimed for their car to look for?  Remember when you removed the rust?  and fixed the problem? Or when you took off a dented fender and painted it to match the car? Or buying wheels that fit the car? Or making your car one color?

I understand the “to each their own” style….but i just do not get the haggered beat to shit look people think is “rad” or OK to have with these cars? 

Maybe this just shows my age, and how long i’ve been in and around these cars… who knows. That’s my small rant of the evening.