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  • me on the phone: hi, hello, atlus??? yeah it's me. great work on persona 5, lovin it so far, but um i cant seem to find the gay option???? i think it might be a bug
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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky remembers how he fell in love with Reader.

Word Count:1,499

Warnings: None

A/N: Autumn is the best, until you miss the smell of honeysuckle so bad that you include it in a fic… Italics are flashbacks :) Hope you will like this one.

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Bucky sat on a hard pew with his arms crossed over his chest. He forced his mind to concentrate on his thoughts and remembered the first time he saw you.


“You’re gonna like her,” Steve told Bucky as he opened the door to the facility. “Don’t get fooled by her pretty face, she’s as dangerous as a snake.”

Bucky puffed out a laugh as he followed Steve into the kitchen. When Steve opened the door a thick, grey smoke billowed up from the stove. They couldn’t see much, but heard you cough. Steve swung the window open and the smoke gradually disappeared.

“Thanks,” You smiled, fanning your face with your hand. “Mixed up Celsius and Fahrenheit. Hey, you’re the new guy!” You beamed when you saw Bucky. “Wanna eat some burnt cake? I made it for you.” You snickered, pushing the evil-looking cake forward.

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Please, Daddy

Summary: You get distracted on a mission, causing a lot of trouble…your ‘daddy’, Bucky, knows EXACTLY how to punish you for your little stunt.

Author: buckysplums14

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,489 words

Warnings: SMUT, Daddy kink, Spanking, Oral Sex, Metal Arm Kink, Unprotected Sex, Mission at Beginning

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You slowly blink and swim back to consciousness, fighting the ringing in your ears. It took too long to realize someone was screaming your name. When your eyes focus again you recognized Bucky, holding your shoulders and shaking you violently.

“Hey! Y/N, c’mon!”

You suddenly spring back into the moment. There are scraps of burning paper flying and everything was black. You hear guns firing in the other room and begin to stand.

“Look out!” Bucky shouted as he grabs you and you both tumbled to the ground, bullets missing your heads by inches. You whirled around and saw the gaping hole in the wall and the Hyrda agents in the other room, as Bucky grabs your hand and leads you out of the room.

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Just for you

She is broken

been hurt so many times

Stained-glass eyes

refracting light from deep inside

Her heart has spoken

songs of love and loss

touching the depths of your soul

She is Beauty, Hope, and Love

torn and tempest-tossed

her presence makes you whole

See her descend from above

fuckable Angel, Heavens drift

In her all things are possible

everything is true

She is broken

is broken just for you

Revenge, Interrupted (Part 7)

[Ch 1] [Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4] [Ch 5] [Ch 6]

Caroline woke up to sore limbs and a back that ached far too much for someone in her twenties. Stefan was sitting up, staring into space and looking really out of it.

“Good morning.” she said weakly.

“Hey, sleep well?” he asked, looking a little relieved to have someone to talk to.

She scoffed. “Are you kidding?”

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Uta no Prince-sama Song Starters: Ittoki Otoya ver.

Trust☆My Dream

“Running late and nearly missing the last train!”
“Are you ready!?”
“Let’s join hands!”
“Trust your dream, a world for just us two!”
“Don’t be afraid, the sky is endless!”
“Is this impulse fate?”
“I fell in love after one measure!”
“The truth is, I want to treasure you even more.”
“This love of overflowing so much!”
“Feel the beat of my heart!”
“Come on, come along with me!”
“I’ll swear here, to surely become a melody just for you.”
“Let’s go towards a miracle just for two!”


“If I keep using the amp, I wonder if it’ll reach you?”
“This is a first.”
“At first, growing up seemed frightening…”
“Even if it can be called “love,” you’ve become my song!”
“I think my heart might stop!”
“For my own sake, and for your sake, I’ll softly draw power from my shoulders!”
“The forecast for the future, even after the metaphorical rain becomes actual rain, I’ll become your sun!”
“Let’s kiss!”
“Running as we are, let’s run together!”
“I love you! It’s amazing!”
“I’m so dizzy I’m seeing stars…”
“If I count then the magic will start.”
“Believe me, I love you!”

Brand New Melody

“I don’t want to let this go.”
“If you’re not here, even the things that lie before me are full of noise.”
“Let’s ask God to stop time.”
“I can’t turn away.”
“I won’t turn away from your eyes!”
“With a full throttle smile, let’s aim at tomorrow!”
“I’ll say it this time, that two word phrase.”
“My heart can’t help but fly!”
“I’m captivated by you.”
“Sometimes we smile, and sometimes we fight.”
“With the memories we’ve made, if it’s the two of us, anything can become a song!”
“Even if we’re clumsy, it’s ok.”
“These feelings… are overflowing.!”
“I’ll make tomorrow with you.”

Over the Rainbow

“Who on earth are you really?”
“One of these days, I want to become the sun!”
“We won’t lose our way anymore!”
“Ah, it’s wishful thinking.”
“But these days, I’m not alone.”
“Even on rainy days and windy days, I want to bloom!”
“Even if I’m sad, there won’t be tears.”
“Now, only for your sake, under the name of this love I’ll sing these feelings!”
“I dreamed, from that point on…”

Smile Magic

“With this warm melody, there’s no more sadness!”
“Tell me, tell me!”
“Tell me about this warmth.”
“Surely, my feelings are changing…”
“Hey, you’re not alone!”
“Soon those tears will drift up to the heavens and transform into the floating clouds.”
“I won’t forget, absoutely not.”
“Let’s look ahead unafraid!”
“So now everyone is moving forward, and painting their own stories.”
“Stumbling a little, wanting to cry sometimes, whenever that happens, I want you to remember this song!”
“Believe in yourself!”
“There’s no replacement for your own story.”
“Thanks to my friends!”


“I want to send out this pure sound!”
“More than any rival, I want to sing this high into the sky and into the distance!”
“Believe in myself!”
“There can be only one, so that’s why-!”
“Because of our mutual camaraderie, now I will not lose!”
“Isn’t this chance exciting?”
“I want to convey my own melody!”
“I want to run towards the shining world of our great big dreams!”

Komorebi Daimond

“You give me this love in my heart.”
“Ah, how can I describe it? It’s like this happiness is building up…”
“Why is it, I wonder? I’m this anxious about it…”
“Am I going to see you?”
“But today, I suddenly miss you!”
“What are you doing today?”
“I pray that you’re smiling.”
“Ah, I’m sure it’s probably more so for me than for you.”
“But somehow or other, it’s a little frustrating.”
“See, at least I’m acting like an adult.”
“I’ll always love you!”
“From the bottom of my heart, I love you!”
“I’ll see you in my dreams!”
“Both falling in love and being in love with you, from the beginning to the end, I’ll be together with you!”

Brilliant Days

“I want to deliver my favorite song.”
“How happy it is, my daily life with music and you!”
“I want to thank you!”
“Every time I sing is fun, so the world dazzles with overflowing dreams!”
“You’re always welcome to the place where I live.”
“On the film of my heart are too many memories to count.”
“Let’s collect them together from now.”

Video of me chasing down David Mesker and Riki Heta.

This trip was super awesome. I came out by myself, not knowing how it would go, and made friends for life that I got to shred the best tracks in the world with.

I started the week with little seat time and a car that had gremlins. Then I finished with leading 5 car trains and jumping into 3 man tandems.

Ebisu Matsuri really is Drift Heaven


“O pitiful shadow lost in the darkness;
O evil spirit born of those drifting between Heaven and Earth;
May the thunderous power from the garments of these holy delicate maidens strike down upon you with great vengeance and furious anger,
Shattering your loathsome impurity and returning you from whence you came.
Repent you motherfucker!”

[Photography by Harrison Wong]

Have some shots of my sister and I from katsu this year. :)

Imagine: Night Terrors

(Carl Grimes x Reader)
Description: Carl has a nightmare about you dying

You were jostled awake by Carl sitting straight up in bed, his breath labored and sweat dripping down his bare torso. You groggily sat up too and he pulled you into his arms, his lips connecting with yours passionately. You kissed back, half asleep and lips trailed down your neck.
“You’re here,” he breathed “please,please never leave me.” You raised an eyebrow
“Carl, I’m never going to leave you. What’s wrong?” You questioned, cupping his face.
“N-nothing, it’s fine.” He mumbled, running a hand through his damp hair.
“Obviously, its not fine. Baby, you can tell me anything.” You lightly kissed his nose and smiled at him.
“I just…I had a nightmare that Negan chose you…” You sighed and laid back, pulling his head to rest your breasts.
“But he didn’t. I’m fine, don’t worry,” you whispered and sang an old lullaby your mom use to sing. When you finally heard his light breathing that meant he was asleep, you let yourself drift off too. Heaven knows that Carl would never lose you and you knew it too.

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Half Way Hangs MMXIV

Half Way Hangs is one of my favourite events in the country. It’s located at Valla Beach on the east coast of Australia, halfway in between Sydney and Brisbane. Cars from all over the country make the road trip there to spend days camping with the funnest group of people you’ll likely ever meet. I have to make it to HWH some time soon. An epic road trip with awesome cars, nights drinking and days drifting. Sounds like heaven!

HWH 2015 is coming up soon, but until then: watch this video of last year’s event.

Wildest Dreams; Taeyong

Genre: Highschool! BadBoy! AU

Descrption: He’s so bad, but he does it so well.

Word Count: 3,488

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I squirmed under the gaze of the guy in front of me, me and my friends had come to the nearby club to celebrate my friend’s eighteenth birthday, no one had prepared me to be hit on by sleazy drunk guys.

Even though, the music was blaring, he was still approaching me, I could feel myself backing away into a corner.

“Stop, no.” I shouted, either he didn’t hear or he simply just didn’t care.  His eyes glistened with excitement; I squared my shoulders as a wave of adrenaline rushed through me, if I could catch him in surprise I could hit him in the balls and get the hell out of this club.

“There you are,” a new voice said, it was deep and the source of many nightmares at my school. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer to him, I tried my best not swat his hands away. “I’ve been looking for you,” he whispered, into my ear.

I joined the facade and forced a smile, whilst I tilted my head to look at him. His eyes the same dark rich caramel that I had known so well, and the tiny scar by his right eye that he had gotten during one his many school fights.  He caught my gaze giving me his signature smirk, and when I rolled my eyes, I felt the laughter rumbling through his body.  

He turned towards the guy who had nearly corned me, and with a low snarl he said, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you, Jay, that when a girl says no she means no.” The guy- Jay- averted his gaze and tried his best to escape the situation. “Apologise,” Taeyong continued.  “Or she will throw a mean punch and it won’t be pretty.” I tried to contain my laughter; Taeyong must have sensed this and gave me a wink from the corner of his eye.

“I’m sorry,” Jay scrambled out, and he left the scene in an instant.  

I pushed myself out of the embrace from Taeyong, and he held his arms up in surrender but even in the dim light I didn’t miss the devilish gleam in his eyes. He wore a dark bomber jacket, with a plain grey t-shirt and his infamous skinny jeans.

“I didn’t need your help,” I let out; I crossed my arms around myself.

“Really?” he retorted. “It didn’t look like that to me.”

“If you must know, I was planning to sucker punch him in the balls,” I huffed.

“Well aren’t you a sly little vixen,” he purred. His eyes roamed my body and stayed too long on the way my black dress clung to my body.

“You’re such a man whore,” I retorted as I turned away from him and walked towards my friends, who were most likely occupied on the dance floor.

“Well, see you in Chemistry, Lab partner,” he hollered after me.

“You don’t even show up to chemistry,” I replied, stopping in my tracks.

“Maybe I will from now on,” he replied, the same devilish smirk powering his gaze and before I could reply he had vanished into the crowd.


Taeyong didn’t keep his word. For the next two weeks he didn’t even show up to school let alone chemistry. The word on the street was that he had joined a new gang but with our history of rumours, I didn’t believe it.

It was only when Dr Taylor was telling the class about the new chemistry assignment did he stroll in, thirty minutes late.

“Mr Lee, you’re late. Why do even bother showing up to this lesson?” Dr Taylor scolded; annoyed at the fact that he was interrupting her rambling on bond enthalpy.

“I heard sparks fly in chemistry,” he began, making eye contact with me. “I’m here to test it out.”

I buried my face in my hands, when the whole class turned their attention to me.

“Take a seat.”

As he strolled over to his chair with ease, I noticed his tattoo peeking out from his white t shirt; I couldn’t help but wonder what he had written on his collar bone.  He pulled out the stool next to me with ease. “Long time no see___.”

I tried to ignore him and concentrate on the assignment that the teacher was giving in great depth.  I could feel the amusement radiating from his body and I didn’t miss the way he scooted closer to me. “Are you ignoring me?”

I turned to look at him, succumbing into his games, just as I had expected he had that playful was plastered on his face. He put his head on one hand and continued to smile at me; I rolled my eyes.

“You are so infuriating Lee Taeyong,” I whispered, and continued on listening to the lecture.

I could still feel his gaze on me; he didn’t strike me as the type to pay attention to chemistry lessons. “I get that quite a lot.”

“So are you actually going to help me with this project?” I couldn’t help but ask him.

“Sure more excuse to spend time with you, Lab Partner.”

He began playing with my foot throughout the entire lesson; he would kick me under the table. Sometimes he would nudge me with his shoulder and when I couldn’t hold in the frustration in anymore I raised my voice. “STOP IT TAEYONG”

The whole class turned to me, the blood drained from my face and Taeyong roared with laughter and I didn’t know why but it was something that I had craved to hear. It was loud and gentle like a spring breeze; it was wholesome and light like a feather drifting down from the heavens above. When I turned to face him, he raised an eyebrow at me and I quickly sat down on my seat.

“Would you like so share something with the class,” Dr Taylor asked me.

“No ma’am,” I replied.

I scowled at Taeyong, but he shrugged at me and somehow started taking notes on the assignment. His side profile was jarring, his jawline was sharp and prominent, the cheekbones high and defined. But when he wrinkled his nose when a piece of hair fell into his eyes, I couldn’t help but smile to myself.


Taeyong had kept his promise; he had helped me for the past week on the chemistry project. In fact, he took full control and honestly I was impressed. The time had come to present in front of the class and although I was a bundle of nervous he held my hand and told it was okay.

“Just use the confidence you use to call me out on my bullshit,” he told me, with a smile.  And when i couldn’t hold in my laughter he squeezed my hand tighter.

“Okay,” I replied, amusement still lacing my voice.

Although I had stuttered many times, he let me go on in my voice he never tried to save the day. Instead he gave me reassuring nods, which I caught from the corner of my eye.  When we had finally finished our presentation our teacher was in awe.

“Thank you,” I mouthed to Taeyong.

“It’s okay,” he replied, and headed back to his seat.

/ / /

My friends and I sat in cafeteria during lunch, it was too small for the sheer amount of students and since we sat next to the lunch counter I was constantly the being hit by students who clamoured for space.

“Taeyong and Seulgi totally have something going on,” my friend, Wendy, announced at lunch.

I don’t know why but my stomach lurched.

I looked down at my plate and played with my soggy chips. “W-where did you hear that?”

Wendy looked me with her eyebrows raised, her red hair falling in front of her eyes. “People have been noticing that he spends most of his evenings at her house.”

I didn’t have any time to reply because I could feel something freezing being poured down my head, and then something fizzy. Everyone went silent and I followed their eyes to look at Ten and behind him, Taeyong.

“What the hell?” I screeched, I could feel the yogurt dripping down my legs.

Ten, who was Taeyong’s best friend, came to my side.

“I am so sorry. We were having a food fight,” he turned to look at Taeyong with pleading eyes that said help me, Taeyong just shrugged,

Now all eyes were on me, “its fine.”

I turned to look at my friends, who were trying their best not to laugh, “I’m going to get changed.” With that I ran out of the cafeteria.

The Girl’s toilet was surprisingly vacant, I looked at my reflection, my hair was sticky and clung to my neck. The strawberry yogurt and coke spilled down my body completely running my jeans and my shirt. I huffed with annoyance because I had no idea to clean this mess. Just then Taeyong strolled in, one  hand in his pocket but the other held towels; he was wearing the bomber jacket that fitted him perfectly and his usual skinny jeans.

“Get out,” I mumbled, trying to get the yogurt out of my hair.

Not listening to my demands, he came up behind me and he placed the towels by the sink, I could feel the breath hitching in my throat, all my senses were on high alert.

His touch was light on my waist, as he twisted me so that we are chest to chest, his arms tensed as he lifted me and placed me on top of the counter. “What are you doing?”

“Helping you,” he replied, nonchalantly.

He knelt before me, his hands grip my calves and he takes the towel and slowly dabs the yogurt coke mixture, so it leaves a smear of my claves.

“You aren’t doing a very job,” I said, I don’t even know I manage it.

He looked up at me, his caramel eyes twinkling with so amusement that I think they belong in the night sky.

“I don’t think Seulgi will appreciate you helping another girl,” I couldn’t help but add.

I expect him to get tense, to fumble for his words but I should have known that with Lee Taeyong that is never the case. He oozes charisma even when he’s sleeping.

He takes off my shoes and the socks and arranges it neatly on the titled floors, he moves to other calf and just like before he dabs away the yoghurt leaving a nothing but smear. It feels like all the oxygen is running is out and each touch is rejuvenating. “Why, are you jealous?”

“No,” I screeched, but it sounds like a lie.

When he’s finished, he sits on the tiles and crosses his legs and when his eyes connects with mine the earlier amusement has finished and instead it’s replaced with seriousness. “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“But you’re always around her house?” The question pops out before I can stop myself, his lips tug just slightly.

“I babysit,” he mumbled. “Her baby sister loves me.”

My laughter rumbles through the desolated toilet, no matter how hard I try I can’t stop myself even when my stomach aches and tears flood my eyes. I only stop when I notice the way his gaze his solely focused on me. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Like he’d been broken from a trance he replied, “Nothing go and change.”

He stood up and handed me the towels and underneath are a pair of baggy trousers and a maroon sweatshirt. He left just as quickly as he came in, the only trace that he had ever been in here in the first place is the scent of honey that he leaft behind.


The winter days transform into summer ones, the leaves return to their youthful green and everyone is stressed as prom season approaches.

After our little escapade in the toilet, it felt like Taeyong was everywhere, his presence was overwhelming. In Chemistry, he sat a little closer, initiated more skin contact that lingered for more than necessary. He’d joke and fool around and I convinced myself that nothing had changed by hiding my feelings under the stress of finals.

But there would be days where he wouldn’t come to school at all, I tried to feign ignorance and not let his presence- or lack of- effect me. Yet I found my eyes wandering in the crowded cafeteria, hoping to find the familiar jet black hair or the caramel eyes, but they are nowhere to be found.

It was on one of these days, where I was sitting in the cafeteria minding my own business when Wendy started dragging me out of my seat.

“Where are you dragging me?” I asked.

“Taeyong is in a fight,” she replied, I could feel the adrenaline fuelling her.

I wrenched myself out of her grasp and walk as fast my legs could carry me. “With who?”

“This guy named Jay,” she said. “He’s in the year above us.”

It didn’t strike me at first, who she was talking about, and when realisation dawned on me, I was sprinting to the courtyard.

Everyone was gathered around in a circle; I try and weasel my way in.

“Don’t say shit like that again?” Taeyong growled, as he held Jay by the collar. Taeyong had a cut lip and his forehead was bleeding, but Jay had a black eye and what looked like a broken nose.

Taeyong released the grip on his shoulder and shoved him onto the floor; that’s when Jay spotted me his eyes wrinkle at the sight of me. “Look your whore is here to watch you Taeyong.”

As everyone turned to me with horror, Taeyong lunged onto Jay. He lands punch after punch beating Jay to a pulp, he doesn’t look he will stop anytime soon.

“I told you scumbag, what the consequences would be if you took her name in your mouth again,” Taeyonh seethed, a chill runs through the air.

I ran to Taeyong and grabbed his hand before he could land another punch, “Stop.”

He did. He looked at me, his face softening and then when he looked at the crowd again ice cold wrath washes over him again. He shook off  my grip and the circle cleared as he stalked off.


I found him in the boy’s toilet; I tried  to balance the first aid kit in my hand as I tried to push open the door. Taeyong stood by the mirror, inspecting his cut lip with one hand, and putting his right hand under cold water.

He turned to look at me; there were blood stains on his plain white t-shirt, “what are you doing here?”

“Tending to your wounds,” I retorted. I placed the first aid kit on the counter.

“You didn’t have to,” he replied, his voice sombre.

“I wanted to,” I whispered. “And plus I am a qualified first aider.”

Taeyong jumped onto the counter and I stood in between his legs. I took the ice pack from the first aid kit and placed it on his swelling right hand. “You landed quite a few punches.”

I could feel him regarding me silently, as I inspected his cut on the forehead. “He deserved it.”

“Hmmm.” Is all I say, I cleaned the wound with antiseptic liquid and he hissed.

“Why?” he raised his eyebrow. “You don’t think so?”

I held his gaze, “Not if it involves you getting hurt.”

His lips quirked up again; the way it does when he’s smiling genuinly and his cheeks flushed pink. I can feel my cheeks mirror his.

“Take your shirt off,” I said, breaking away from the moment.

“You’re very direct,” he wiggled his eyebrows. “I love a confident woman.”

I hit him on the shoulders, he lets out another loud laugh but he obliged..

He discards the white t-shirt, I inspect the tattoo on his collarbone, and it’s French written in calligraphy.  Vivre sans regret.

“French,” I regard, I hand him another T-shirt.

“Live without regrets,” he replies.

“I know,” I took the messy t- shirt. “I took French”

We stood like that for moment, neither of us sure what to do, but he walked up to me each step slow and painful. I was backing up until my back hit the stall, his hands held onto my forearms steadying me in his grasp.  He breathed in deeply, and moved so that his lips are by my ears. “I wish I could kiss you right now”

I let out a gasp, or a sigh, as he bites my ears.

“But I have a cut on my lip and I would want our first kiss to be hygienic,” he joked. I don’t miss the smirk in his tone.

Without meaning to, my hands fly to his cheeks and I pull him towards me so that we are only inches apart. I don’t thinkeither of us are breathing, my thumbs draw circles on his cheeks. We maintain eye contact as my hands fly his hair stroking each strand, he closes his eyes.

“You should really stop doing that,” he growls. “I have very limited self control.”

I’m scared that he can hear the rapid beating of my heart. His hands snake around my waist, but he doesn’t have to pull me closer to him, I do that on my own. I stand on my tiptoes so that I can inspect every detail of his face.

“Your eyes aren’t really brown,” I whisper.

“What are they then?” he asks, genuinely interested.

“They’re like really light black. I bet it looks different in all kinds of lighting.”

“I’ve never been told that,” he laughs, and it sounds like a melody waiting to be written.

His grip on me tightens, “You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, inside and out.”

When I wrap my arms around his neck, and I rest my head on his chest where I can hear the irregular beats of his heart, he doesn’t argue.

“So are you,” I whispered.


I never thought my prom would be like this, sitting on the steps of the hall, freezing my ass off. My friends had ditched me for the alcohol and I didn’t feel like getting drunk. I hadn’t seen Taeyong after that, he had been suspended for one month, but he would send me texts almost every day asking me if I was okay.

I chose a black dress with a mesh neck, there was a split in the back which I didn’t approve of at first but I warmed up to it. I was so focused on my thoughts that I didn’t notice Taeyong walking up the steps. When I finally did, he looked absolutely break taking, he wore a black fitted suit. His blackhair somehow disappeared into the cold night sky; I shivered when I noticed the sly grin taking control f his lips.

“Can I offer you dance,” he asked, stretching his arms towards to me.

“I don’t really want go back in,” I shrugged.

“I meant out here,” he gestured to the empty car park, partially lit by the moon.

“There’s no music,” I countered, my palms getting sweaty by the second.

“It’s okay,” he smiled, and I believe him.

I take his hands, he leads me down the stairs, and we stand next to each other, our chests rising and fall in a rhythm.

He wraps his around my waist so that I bump into his chest, my hands find their own place behind his neck.  He leads, and we sway to our beat, to the rhythm of our hearts. His eyes never leave mine, he takes in all of me, and he when he finds the slit in the back of my dress, his eyes dance with mischief.  There’s a scar on his forehead where the cut used to be, willing up all my strength, I ask him. “Has your lip healed?”

He nods, not really seeing the significance of it, only when I press my lips to his does he understand.

He doesn’t kiss back at first, but he moves in synch with me; his tongue teases me, asking me for entrance. My hand ravishes his hair, his hands move up and down my back and when we break apart both of us are out of breath.

“Make a wise decision and don’t get tangled up with me,” he whispered, as he closes his eyes.

“I want to be get tangled up with you.” He catches the mischief in my tone and his grip on me tightens.

“You can’t say that,” he says, his voice deep and husky against my cheeks. “Specially not wearing this dress.”

I kiss the bridge of his nose, “I’m all in.”

He smiles again, exposing his teeth. “Good, because I kind of like you.”

I blush, “I kind of like you too.”


Dedicated to @beau-tytrack. I hope you like this!

The bedroom is dark when Castiel approaches. He carefully eases the door open and slips past it, leaving it ajar just enough to allow some light in, enough to let him navigate the room without tripping over a stray boot. He finds Dean dozing under the blankets, his steady breathing easily audible in the still atmosphere, and Castiel’s gaze is helplessly drawn to the peaceful expression on his face. He’s happy to see Dean resting, recovering from the nasty cold he’d caught before Sam and Castiel left to pursue a possible job. It had taken a lot of persuading, but eventually Dean had relented and agreed to stay home sick.

He deposits his bags on the floor, making his best effort to minimize any disturbances, but the sound seems to alert Dean to his presence. “Cas?” he asks sleepily, stirring and seeking Castiel out.

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel didn’t mean to wake him, but it’s a thrill to hear his voice all the same. It inspires something fierce and content in Castiel’s chest that Dean knows it’s him, that he stays languidly cocooned in the safety of their bed and doesn’t leap to attention, assuming a threat.

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One Thousand Years

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Chapter o5. Separation

A golden leaf effortlessly spun in waves down the well that sheltered your lover and you from the heavy thunderstorm outside.  Water had seeped into the hidden sanctuary, flooding the grainy floor and soiling the tips of your white robe.  Desperately, you tried to roll the ends up until your bare legs were exposed.  Meanwhile, Chanyeol attempted to keep the fire going but every time so much as a spark ignited, another splash of rainwater collided against it.

Shivering in your miniscule shell, you let out a meager sneeze.  Instantly, the wolf spirit whipped his head around to catch you hugging and rubbing your arms in the cold atmosphere.  His footsteps dug into the damp soil, creating indentations in the ground like a trail from the put out campfire to your little nest.

“Sorry, Dal-nim-ah, I can’t get the fire to stay,” he apologized depressingly.

In an instant, you shook your head at his self-blaming.  He began to strip himself from his robe to drape over you but you rejected his offer.

“Then you will be cold…” you said as a matter of fact.

“I’m fine,” he assured, wrapping you up like a burrito in the layer of fur blanket and his black robe.

Again, you shook your head but an obnoxious booming of the thunder ‘caused you to yelp in fear.  A bright lighting bolt hit inches from the cave entrance like veins on a human anatomy.  Overcome with trepidation, your body shuddered uncontrollably as you whimpered and clung to your blankets for dear life.

Ever since you were a baby, the “booming” of the weather god shunned you to paralysis.  It just sounded so callous and filled with rage.  Little pearls acclimated on the edges of your eyes.  You wanted to go home and roll in your bundles and bundles of hay while hugging your baby sister.

Strong arms looped itself around your weakened body, pulling you into his bare chest.  Still fearful, you peeped out from your covers to peer into Chanyeol’s affectionate orbs.  With a sweet smile, he nodded reassuring.

“I will protect you,” he promised.

Your lips parted but you were too bashful to reply so instead you began to chew on your lower lip.

Another loud boom shook the cave.  Rocks and dust particles separated from its foundation.  Yelping, you hid yourself deep in Chanyeol’s chest.  Your arms suffocated your handsome lover.  His shiny skin, bare and wet, stuck to the chiffon of your robe.  You could feel every muscle, every bump of his physique but you buried yourself deeper.

“Shh…” he hushed, stroking your hair.

Your fear must seem so childish to the brave warrior beside you.

Rustling noises echoed in the cave as more rocks dropped from the strong force of gravity.  Chanyeol protectively covered your body with his own.  A large slab shifted back and forth, right above the two of you.  Gasping, you tried to alert Chanyeol but he was too focused on covering every inch of you.  A long gash appeared as the sharp material streaked across his left arm.  With widened eyes, you pushed yourself away from his chest to examine the wound.  Blood oozed from the deeply punctured injury but the wolf spirit bit his tongue from hissing in pain.  In tears, you took a handkerchief out to bandage his arm.  But as you do, a piece of rubble scratched your cheek.  You winced.  

“Dal-nim!” your lover cried, holding your cut with his thumb to stop the bleeding.

“I’m fine…but your arm,” you warned.

Mentally removing yourself from the throbbing of your cheek, you continued to tie the embroidered fabric around Chanyeol’s bloodied wound.  When the earthquake did not cease, the young man tossed the blankets into the air.  It flowed midair like a bird before cascading down, landing on top of both your heads.  Expertly, Chanyeol pulled the ends taunt to form a blanket fort to cover both of you from the falling rubble.

Your eyes met his and despite the dangerous situation, you still felt tiny butterflies dancing in your stomach.  If the sun and moon collided, if celestial stars aligned in a straight line, if galaxies reunited as one…they would twinkle as brightly as the crystal orbs of Park Chanyeol.  His tears were magical elixirs, healing the scrape along your cheek with just one drop.  His bare skin were like desert sand, smooth yet fragile.  Traveling down his body, your fingers danced, stopping on the crevices and bumps left behind for your sake.  One arrow wound situated inches from his heart.  With trembling lips, you leaned in to kiss his scar, only his soft lips intercepted your efforts.  Having bent his neck at the same time, his lips pressed against of corner of yours.  It was so light.  Your eyes closed; lashes drifted in the air like feathers of an angelic creature.  His thumb stroked the back of your neck to prevent you from escaping, though you certainty didn’t even desire for such a thing.  Slowly, he maneuvered toward to the center of your moist lips, sucking them lightly like a baby swallow.  Surrendering under his love, you tilted your neck in so you could innocently follow his movements.

His saliva smoothened out the cracks of your lips.  Breathing on your face, he slowly moved against your cheek, down your jawbone, to your neck.  You swallowed, bobbing back and forth to his gestures to invite him closer.  Every millimeter of skin forfeited itself to him; for if this wasn’t love…this feeling of being lifted up off your feet, floating on clouds, in the warmth of his embrace…then you didn’t know what was love…

Even…even if he would eventually break you into pieces, in that moment, you gave in to his love.




I…love…you, Park Chanyeol…” you mouthed as his fingers ran through your long hair.

His arm looped around your slim waist, pulling your closer to him.  It was sweaty and gorgeous.      

So ethereal…like drifting weightlessly in Heaven…

You wanted to be his…

But instead of taking you then and there, he sat back up straight and cradled your cheeks into his palms.  Muddled by his sudden withdrawal, your eyes flickered open to see him with a perplexed expression.

“Hmm?” you hummed.

With one quick stroke, he tugged you back into the comfort of his chest.  It was beating just as fast as yours.

Perhaps, it was cold and chaotic outside, but inside…it was incredibly warm and peaceful.  You kissed his uncovered chest and circled your arms around his waist.  Sighing, the wolf spirit swayed you back and forth while humming a soft tune to block out the thunderous raid outside.

If we can stay like this forever…wouldn’t that be perfect, Savior?

Even if you are a wolf and I am a bunny…if we love each other enough…it shouldn’t matter, right?  Though we are different, we are essentially one and the same.  For love was the strongest power on Earth…

Having drifted off to sweet slumber under Chanyeol’s protection, you didn’t even know the storm had ended until the morning after.  Still inseparable, your lover’s arms doubled as another layer of warmth.  Giggling in your half sleep, you envisioned baby wolves and little bunnies playing tag in a meadow of flowers.

“Dal-nim,” his deep yet gentle voice greeted as soon as your eyes opened.

Like a newborn baby, you pouted and hazily spun your head around to scan the environment around you.  It was all a solid peachy color.  Chuckling at your confusion, Chanyeol tossed the blankets away.  Light casted like lethal beams, stinging your unadjusted eyes.  Immediately, Chanyeol covered them to prevent you from prematurely becoming blind.  Your lips curled up at the corners.

“You must be hungry.  I brought rice cakes,” he informed, digging into his robe that was tossed off to the side earlier.

Excitedly, you scooted over to accept the present.  But then Chanyeol’s smile dropped and he stuffed the package back into his pockets.

“Hmm?” you frowned and reached over to his hand.

Sighing, he revealed the soggy pack, having been drenched in the rain yesterday.  You let out a quiet gasp.  Growing depressed due to your disappointed face, Chanyeol immediately jolted up.

“I’ll get you some freshly made ones!” he volunteered.

A quiet giggle escaped your lips.  Touched by his willingness, you shook your head and pulled him to sit back down next to you.  Taking the wet pack from his palms, you meticulously separated the perfectly edible ones from the moldy ones.  In the end, only about 1/3 of it survived.  The greens, pink, and white mushed together into tie-dyed mochis.  With a wide smile, you plopped one into your mouth.

“Mmm…yummy…” you purposely vocalized to calm your lover’s doubt.

Still skeptical, he took a seat beside you to observe your expression.

“So is that why they call you guys ‘rice bunnies’?” Chanyeol teased to lighten the mood.

Licking the sticky residue from your lips, you shyly lowered your head to hide your blush at the implication.

“I can pound a thousand batches of rice cakes a day!” you surprised yourself by saying.  Immediately, you clapped your hands over your lips, unsure of why you felt the need to brag to him about your achievement.

He smiled, “They must taste really good”.

“H-how do you know that?” you mumbled, nibbling on a second rice cake.

“Because Dal-nim is pretty and kindhearted so it only makes sense that the things she makes are just as good,” he stated as a matter of fact.

Biting your lip, you fidgeted with and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“I wished I got the chance to try it though…” the young man sighed.

“I can bring some…”  for you…

But you stopped yourself because you reminded yourself that after today, the two of you would have to separate.  For days, you tried to prolong your stay by blaming your leg but even that had healed up days ago.  If you didn’t return to your base soon, the elders were sure to send off troops to find you for you were the newly assumed bunny goddess.  Even if they didn’t care, they’d have to find you to keep their reputation as the strongest rabbit clan.

Chanyeol smiled sadly, as if reading your mind.  Your heart sank, already missing the sight of those pure white teeth of his that took center stage every time he grinned.

“Okay, let me take you back,” he craved into your heart by saying.

Let me stay… you wanted to say but you swallowed your own voice back down.

Blinking back tears, you nodded and took his outstretched hands.  The touch of his skin was so hot.  Side by side, step by step, you trudged out of the cave.  A teardrop fell onto the soil but you continued to walk.

At the mouth of the narrow ditch, Chanyeol placed both hands to either side of your waist and hoisted you up.  For the first time in two weeks, you breathed in fresh air.  The lime-greens of grass and pale blue of the sky greeted you, welcoming you back onto the Earth above the underground.  You turned around to help Chanyeol out but he single handedly lifted himself back onto the land.

Right, he was a fully-grown wolf…

Walking past the meadow of flowers, you bent over to sniff their natural perfume.  So sweet.  You thought about the time, two years ago, when Chanyeol saved you from the arrows.  Your heart knotted tightly.

W-will…will we really not see each other ever again?

Brushing your hair to one side, your lover slipped a peony flower through the back of your ear.  His large hands lingered at the edge of your jawline before the same sad smile appeared and his hand dropped back to his side.

Silently, the two of you continued your way back to your base.  When you trailed behind unwillingly, Chanyeol stopped in his tracks for you to catch up so that he’d always be available in case someone attacked you from behind.  You wanted to vocalize your desire to hold his hand and walk side by side, like the illustration of the humans you saw in that romance book you read from the secret library, but you kept quiet.      

When the periwinkle skies made way for its darker variation, Chanyeol placed his palm on the small of your back to encourage you to walk faster.  You bit your tongue.

About two blocks from the bunny cave, the wolf spirit abruptly stopped dead in his tracks.  Blankly, you stared into his orbs.

“Sorry, I can’t go any further or else your clan will smell my scent and think that wolves are about to raid their territory.  I don’t want you to get in trouble either,” he started and then assured, “Don’t worry, I’ll stay here for at least an hour to make sure you get back safely”.    

Please…don’t be so good to me…

You don’t know when the tears started but they were already uncontrollable.

“Does your leg still hurt?” he asked worriedly.  Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the jar of medicine, “Here.  Take this and remember to apply it onto your wound every night”.

The metal canister was placed securely in the center of your palms.  Chanyeol squeezed your hand.  Yet, still, you continued to cry.  Grimacing, your lover kneeled down to physically examine if your wound had reopened from the lengthy walk but it has practically fully healed under his care.

No one has ever been this kind to me…not even my family…

“Okay, the sun’s going down, you better get going before my brothers come out for their night hunts…” Chanyeol warned, urging you to keep walking.

Nodding, you turned around to leave, but as you do, you recalled the scroll he gave you.  Backtracking, you held the necklace in your hand and held it out to him.

“No, that’s for you.  It’s a talisman to hide your scent from predators,” he informed, helping you put it around your neck again.

Sniffing back tears, you made it known, “But I have nothing to repay Savior’s favor…”

With a sad laugh, Chanyeol shook his head and answered, “Dal-nim doesn’t need to repay Chanyeol anything”.

You burst into tears.  A wet feeling pressed against the center of your forehead.  His lips quivered but he doesn’t make a sound.

A howl sounded off in the distance.

Hiding his tear-stained cheeks, your lover pushed you forward and ordered, “Now go!”

Hesitantly, you turned around to leave.  But five steps in, you already surrendered to the temptation.  Peering slightly back, you witnessed Chanyeol turn around, desperately trying to stop himself from watching you leave.  The veins along his arms protruded out as he clenched his fists and choked back tears.  Unable to settle down, your legs guided you back to him.  Without words, you threw your arms around him from behind and cried in his back.  He sucked back air, his large hands automatically placed on top of yours.

“Y-you…you need to go…” he warned.

You shook your head in his back.

Spinning around, he harshly tore you off and ordered, “Go!”


Another howl echoed under the moonlight.

“Go!” he repeated, pushing you forward, “Go, and don’t look back!”

But…how am I going to leave knowing that my heart is elsewhere?  How am I supposed to leave knowing that we may never see each other again…

He kept pushing you forward until you were practically skidding along the dirt.  At the entrance to the bunny forest, Chanyeol squeezed your shoulder one last time, whispered a soft, “I love you, Dal-nim, and dashed away before you could respond.

Swamped in tears, you shouted into the forest, “I love you too, Park Chanyeol!  Do you hear me?  Dal-nim will wait for you tomorrow at the meadow!”

But only the whistle of the night breeze answered you.  Swallowing back the urge to chase after him, you forced your legs to walk and your head to face forward.

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The Species of Supernatural Fans

Someone asked the fine folks at fandomnatural to describe the types of Supernatural fans. Okay, so I am new to all this and my picture of the SPN fandom is very warped and inaccurate, but this was my answer: 

Naive Recruit (Casual version) - those mythical folks who idly watch the show but have never heard of shipping or cons, own no Supernatural stuff at all and are unaware a fandom exists. They don’t mind retcons and seem to like monster-of-the-week episodes.

Naive Recruit (Netflix version) - Have just watched 214 episodes in a row in the last 6.24 days and though they don’t even know the cast’s names, they have a better grasp on character history & canon than any of the show writers. They’re into the show enough to feel personally offended that reapers are now angels, but still haven’t found the fandom.

Truefanning Dudebros - a further developmental stage of some of the above; have found the fandom but had a violently allergic reaction, are personally offended by the existence of shippers, and live in constant dread of being infested with fangirl cooties.

Grizzled Wincestians - have been watching in real time for ten years, ship Dean with Sam, melt into a puddle of goo over brotherly hugs, used to walk uphill in the snow five miles both ways just to watch the season 1 premiere back in ought-four, and still are adjusting to the puzzling presence of that brand new whippersnapper Castiel.

Destielers - passionate fans of the Dean/Cas ship, fuzzily remember blazing through S1-S3 in about three days on Netflix and consider the show to have started with Lazarus Rising. Like magical goats they can devour any kind of garbage the show throws at them (“Dean picks up a beer bottle”) and transform it into Destiel gold (“Dean picks up a beer bottle… that says ‘Taste of Heaven’ and it’s SUPERIMPOSED ON CASTIEL FOR 1/10TH SECOND AND OMG THEY’RE SO IN LOOOOVE”). (edit: in case it wasn’t clear, this is me)

Rare Shippers - drink unique local microbrews, listen to obscure indie bands, and rather than the commoners’ Wincest and Destiel they go for the rare ships. From half-canon ships like Megstiel to the mysterious Crayowley (Crowley and his crayon) and things I’ve never even heard of like DonJodBriel.

Bromance Purists - take their coffee black, their burgers dry, their whiskey straight, and though they aren’t scared of fangirl cooties, they just happen to prefer the elegant simplicity of a Supernatural that has bromance but no romance. Gen fics only please!

The Sublime Exalted Fanon'ers -  no longer watch the show because they have transformed into a state of pure energy and no longer need the crutch of petty mortal canon. They drift about in fanon Heaven thinking exalted thoughts and trading magnificent fics (typically Destiel A/U’s), which rain down on the rest of us like manna from above.

Cast Appreciation United - watch the show largely to study the cast’s eyebrows, hairstyle, and facial mannerisms; have articulate opinions about Jared’s hairline, Misha’s skin tone and the correct way to describe Jensen’s eye color; know the date of every con, have every possible cast t-shirt, and know every major cast member’s hometown, birthday, job history, wife’s name, wife’s birthday, wife’s job history, kids’ names, kids’ ages, kids’  birthdays, pets’ names and birthdays, probably the birthdays of the squirrels in their backyards too, and also have impressive knowledge about the cast’s favorite airlines and personal wardrobe. (“He really should’ve worn his leather jacket on that last American flight.”)

The Anthropologists - Are all busily finishing up their PhDs on the sociological implications of all the above. 

SE Hinton - is a meanie.