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8 reasons why we love Regina Mills (insp)

happy birthday @freifraufischer​!

Got this commission done by Jack Lawrence at London MCM comic-con, and oh boy am I thrilled with this!!! Picked this up on the last day, which was my birthday and is the best thing ever, it’s perfect!!!!
Got to get it framed soon. Jack Lawrence is an amazing guy, really brilliant person to meet.
Be even better if this ship came true…. *shrugs with very little hope*

Sharing Is Caring

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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “Hey! Can you write a JeffxReader? Where the reader is Clay sister (and have a secret crush on Jeff), someday she was going to sleep in Hanna’s house, but for some reason she didn’t stay to sleep and when she go home she find Jeff slepping in her bed. You can choose how it ends. Thank you! :D”

Words: 1.247

A/N: I am happy that I received a Jeff imagine! Although I didn’t want to leave Hannah alone, because I can imagine the reader being on the tapes after because of it. Yup, I am a little bit paranoid. Sorry. Anyways, I hope you like it and I would be grateful if you send other requests!
Thank you.

- G. x

Link: Part 2

Warning: (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

“Oh my God, you seriously like Jeff Atkins?” Hannah exclaimed excitedly and energetically as she knew the secret you’ve been keeping for years.

“Who wouldn’t like him?” You stated as if it was normal to like Jeff. Well, he was good looking, kind and funny. He had the characteristics you were looking for a boy and you knew that he was the one when you met him.

“Aw, I hope he likes you back.” Hannah honestly said as she played with your (Y/H/C) hair while you both sat on her comfortable double bed. You decided to have a sleepover because it has been awhile since you last spent time together. She was one of your close friends and you loved her presence.

“Well, he’s older than me and I am out of his league.” You shrugged your shoulders as you felt a little bit down for what you’ve just said.

“Oh, cut it off! You are beautiful, intelligent and sweet, it is impossible to not fall in love with you.” Hannah comforted you as she praised you with her sincere words.

“Aw, Hannah.” You looked at her with a wide smile and you hugged her. “Thank you.”

“It was the truth.” She hugged you back as a nice friend she was.

“Talking of these boys,” You started as you broke the hug and she hid her face behind her hands as she already knew the next question. “how are you and my older brother, Clay?” You flashed a smirk and you saw her cheeks turned red.

“Oh my God, I knew it.” She laughed, still having her face hidden. “We’re friends, (Y/N). We work at the movie theatre and we talk at school, that’s it.”

“Jesus, Clay never asked you out?” You shook your head for your disappointment because you rooted for them being together. You considered Clay and Hannah as a perfect couple.

“He’s shy.” Hannah shortly answered.

“But it’s not an excuse! I would slap that dork silly, seriously.” You unleashed a long and deep sigh because Hannah seemed disappointed too and her being dismayed was one of the things you wouldn’t want to see. “I’ll talk to him, because I know that he likes you too, a lot!”

“Geez, really?” Hannah smiled widely and you nodded happily as her happiness came back once again.

“You can count on that!” You winked at her and she bit her lower lip. You stared at each other and you both let out some soft giggles for no reason, but it was interrupted as you heard some noise coming from the living room.

There was a discussion happening between Hannah’s parents and you could tell that she felt embarrassed for it. She hated it when they fought and having a friend hearing their complaints wasn’t one of the things that she wanted to happen.

“Are you okay, Hannah?” You worriedly asked and she just shook it off, obviously avoiding herself to ask you some help.

“(Y/N), do you mind if we cancel this sleepover?” She fidgeted with her warm blankets as she was nervous for your possible reaction.

“Oh no, it’s fine for me if you don’t feel comfortable. I mean, I would stay to cheer you up, but I will give you space if you want.” You sympathetically said as you understood her situation.

“I am fine, really.” She assured you. “I will call you if I ever need some help. Thank you.”

“Don’t bother to call me, okay?” You reminded her once again as you got up from her bed. You gathered your things and you put them in your backpack.

“Noted.” She smiled widely at you, not minding her parents anymore. She got up too and you both went outside her room as she led you to the house’s front door. Her parents stopped throwing shit at each other as they saw you going away and you could say that they felt guilty because of it.

“Good night, Hannah.” You sweetly greeted. “Call me or text me, okay? I am always here.”

“I know and I thank you for that.” She hugged you and you responded to it by hugging her back. “Good night.” She then let you go.

“Good night, see you tomorrow.” You said as you unlocked your bike’s chains. You then rode it as you said goodbye to Hannah once again. She watched you as you started to pedal way back home.

During your journey, you thought of Hannah’s family situation and you knew that it wasn’t your business but you wanted to help her. You wanted to help her, because you didn’t want for it to be one of the reasons she would feel sad or disappointed. Her life was already hard and you didn’t want for her to carry another problem on her back.

Once you arrived home, you silently went to your room, not wanting to wake anybody up. You plopped your things on your desk and you let yourself fall on the bed carelessly.

“What the fuck, Clay?!” You heard a deep voice complaining and you were shocked, mostly scared, for a moment. You were afraid to move, but you quickly searched for the lamp that rested on your bedside table and you turned the lights on. “Oh, it’s you (Y/N)!”

“What the hell are you doing in my room, Jeff?” You corrugated your forehead as you wondered why. You liked Jeff, but you knew that you had the right to be furious after what happened.

“Clay said that you were staying at Hannah’s!” Jeff sat up as he covered his shirtless body. “Boys can have sleepover too, duh!”

“Jeez!” You laughed even though you were annoyed. “I am sleeping on the couch downstairs then.”

“No, I am sleeping there. This is your bed and it’s not okay to let a woman sleep uncomfortably.” He ranted as he searched for his shirt and wore it soon after.

“It’s okay, Jeff. Stay here.” You flashed him a smile and you got up from your bed, ready to go out of the room.

“No!” Jeff protested. “We can share! It’s a double bed and I can sleep on one side and you on the other.”

“Hmm?” You raised an eyebrow as you considered his proposal.

“Only if it’s okay with you. If not, I am sleeping on the couch.” He smiled as he scratched his nape.

“Alright, I’ll share my bed with you.” You went back on the bed and you sat on your space. “Only because I don’t want for you to be uncomfortable, okay?”

“Alright, (Y/N).” You could bet that you saw him smirking before you turned the lights off.

“No malice, Jeff!” You slapped his muscular arm and he just let out a laugh. Oh, how much you loved that laughter. “Thank my parents because they taught us that sharing is caring.”

“I’m thanking Lainie and Matt tomorrow, don’t worry.” He jokingly answered and you just giggled because of it. “Good night, (Y/N).”

“Good night, Jeff.” You smiled while you had your eyes closed. You couldn’t believe it, so you had a hard time drifting in your sleep, same for Jeff.

You were happy that you had a chance to share the bed with your ultimate crush and both knew that you would wake up hugging each other, but who cares? You both liked each other, you just had no guts to admit it and this is a great coincidence to show the affection to each other.

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Heya! Long time no see (life has been shitty being sick and hating work) just wondering if your bee bigness would mind offering a lowly subject a request? Kinda a what if say... Drift, Ratchet, Rodimus and Magnus found their S/o with a little plushie they made of them? Hope to chat soon!

big mood pal, hopefully things are turning around 🐝

Drift, Ratchet, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus (MTMTE)

  • Drift would be in awe of your craftsmanship, being able to get every detail of his armour correct just… couldn’t be easy. Then again, his hands are considerably larger than your own. After staring at it and admiring it for about 5 minutes straight, he finally gives it back to you. Drift thinks it’s adorable! He wants one made of you so that he can have one as well. 

  • Ratchet would be… well, actually, pretty impressed with it. He holds it in his hand extremely delicately, letting out a contemplative “huh,” as he inspects every angle. He doesn’t really tell you, but he secretly thinks it’s incredible and very pure of you. He gets Ten to help him make little figurines of you two holding hands. It almost makes you cry.

  • Rodimus nearly fraggin’ breaks it in half in his excitement as he shows it to all of his crewmates. Then he nearly breaks you in half as well when he tries to thank you for it. He loves it a lot, and it nearly kills him when he has to give it back to you. He (kindly) demands that you make one of everyone to boost morale.

  • Ultra Magnus doesn’t even want to hold it he’s so afraid of breaking it. So you set the figure on his desk and he studies it carefully, noting with a smile that both sides of the figure are perfectly symmetrical. He loves that you took the time to make this little figure of him just because you could, much less put in the noticeable effort to make it look neat.

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any headcannons about rod, drift, whirl, nightbeat, and swerve's fav earth stuff?

wow rodi’s was hard to figure out but!! here it is!!!

Rodimus MTMTE

  • probably the food, only bc there’s so much and he really wants to try it but he’ll get the equivalent of robo food poisoning if he eats organic food
  • you can bet he tried it anyway. ultra magnus wasn’t very pleased
  • he’s really into action movies (probably likes marvel and dc and shit) and gets like,, really into them
  • that’s all i got my dude sorry


  • i mean it’s canon he loves japan right
  • the cultures dude. there’s just so many, and people from different cultures celebrate different things, believe in different deities, it’s really interesting to observe. also kinda upsetting when he realizes how earthlings like to separate and undermine different people from different cultures


  • probably our guns and weapons and stuff. he likes seeing how ridiculous they can get, especially when taking into consideration that it’s for tiny earthlings
  • gets bored quickly, though, because he can’t do anything about it lol
  • he probably really enjoys action movies a lot too (and especially movies like deadpool, lets be real)

Nightbeat MTMTE

  • documentaries. he adores them. especially the ones covering aliens because it makes him laugh at how much humans Don’t Know about aliens
  • he especially likes them because it helps him learn more about earth, and lets him have his mini mysteries answered until either the documentary itself answers (most) of his questions, or he himself goes out to find out

Swerve MTMTE

  • gosh i feel like there’s something he already likes in canon, but i forgot what it was
  • NONETHELESS he’d absolutely dig the music. it’s so diverse, with different tastes for different people, and there’s just so much of everything how could he not like it???
  • oh, and movies. for the exact same reasons
  • he’s very into sit coms and rom coms but he’ll probably take a while to admit it


Another sneeze, nose running so you had to reach for more tissues, stuffy head, Lord you were barely gonna last the afternoon if this kept up. Why’d you even come into work anyways? Not like things couldn’t have been taken care of in the comfort of your own apartment. But then it’d remind you of the reason you came in today in the first place. Loneliness, granted you weren’t totally alone. Nat, Clint and Sam stayed home from this last mission so company wasn’t the issues. No it’s who you want there more than anything else. To keep you warm, hold you close, kiss your forehead and tell you everything’s going to be okay.

Course the honeymoon stage should’ve worn off by now as Tony has said more than a few times over the past several months; given the fact you and Bucky have been together for going on three years. Though you can’t help it and only hoped Bucky felt the same. Thoughts are interrupted by another coughing fit that rattles your lungs and has you gasping for breath and the desk in front of you.

“Damn sweetheart you don’t sound so good,” Sam’s deep voice reaches your ears right as you blow your sore nose for what felt like the thousandth time today.

Glaring, before tossing the tissues out, “Thanks for the boost in confidence birdman, I’ll be sure to fix my makeup later.”

“That’s not what I meant Y/N,” rolling expressive chocolate eyes, Sam perches a hip on the end of your desk, arms crossed, while giving you the once over. “You look sick.”

“And he takes another shot,” groaning when two more sneezes land in the hastily grabbed tissues. “Insults gonna stop anytime soon Wilson?”

“Woman,” he all but growls, then chuckles seeing the half smirk on your lips, which turns into a frown at the next couching fit. “Seriously Y/N, you need to get home, meds, soup and sleep,” worry seeping into his tone.

“I’ll be fine Sam, promise,” soft groan leaving your lips as you sit up, sore muscle being pulled from coughing so much.

Shaking his head, “Not taking no for an answer sweetness. I won’t have that walking icicle you call a boyfriend rip me a new one for not taking care of you.”

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Hello. I'm pretty new to this blog so do tell if there's any mistakes. I would like to request for headcanons about mtmte Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Megatron, Rung, Fortress Maximus, Whirl, Ratchet, & Drift with human s/o giving a plastic rose that symbolize their love for them (it won't rot away like a real one & remains the same) and something to remember them by. How does the bots react to this? Please and thank you!

Nope you’re all good! It’s within my character limit and a continuity I do plus holy shit this is so fucking sad so like expect angst?


~He doesn’t realize right away what it *actually* stands for, but he loves it because it’s something you gave him.
~He puts it in like a little glass case, kind of like beauty and the beast.
~He keeps it in his office, but on a back shelf so it doesn’t stand a chance of getting ruined. If the case breaks he could careless, if the rose gets hurt he would be devastated.
~When he gets stressed and you’re not around he finds that looking at it calms him down. He has something to return to when he gets finished and that is amazing.
~It’s thanks to that, that he realizes just what the rose was for.
~He basically fucks off from his office and finds you.
~He takes you to your habsuite and holds you tight, but gentle, to his chassis.
~He’s crying, but don’t point it out because then he’ll cry harder.
~Don’t worry he’ll explain what’s wrong when he’s done crying. Probably.

Ultra Magnus
~It goes over his head as well, just like Rodimus.
~He thinks it’s just a gift because he’s not thinking about you not being there.
~He thanks you happily and gives you a gentle kiss on top of your head.
~He takes it to his office and gets it a vase and sets it down in it.
~He’s glad it doesn’t need water or maintenance, except for maybe a dusting.
~He’s busy so he doesn’t have a lot of time for things he has to take care of, he often forgets to take care of himself in the first place.
~It really makes his day every time he looks down at it, it’s like a little piece of you to him.
~that’s when it hits him. It’s a little piece of you.
~He finds you immediately and cancels everything he has to do today that he can get away with cancelling.
~He spends the whole day telling you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him.
~He takes a lot more time out of work to spend with you.
~He finds himself asking himself which is more important and it’s always you.

~He knows immediately what it’s for and fights himself on getting mad about it.
~He’s not mad at you he’s just mad at how short human existence is in relation to a bot.
~100 years to them is like 10 to a human and you may only have 60 or 70 years left. Or even less.
~He takes it and nods and says nothing as he walks away. You really think you made him mad.
~He locks himself in his habsuite and cries, helm in his servos.
~You’re life is so short and he can’t imagine why you want to spend it with /him/.
~He’s gone for the rest of the day, but the next he immediately finds you to apologize for his behavior.
~He picks you up and gently and carefully kisses the top of your head and tells you he loves the rose.
~He’s just so scared of the day he’ll lose you. 
~The next time you’re in his habsuite you see the rose in a vase that is your favorite color with a grey ribbon tied terribly around it.
~You giggle and fix the ribbon for him.

~He knows and he practically deflates as he takes it from you.
~”it’s beautiful…” He doesn’t want to think about you being gone but he knows he has to.
~He places it in a vase and puts in on his shelf with all his model ships, right next to the Lost Light model.
~He then scoops you up and sits down with you in his lap, he wants to enjoy your presence.
~He knows the day you go he will be devastated, but he also knows you’ll want him to move on. The rose is proof enough of that.
~He’s not sure how he’ll do it, but the rose will probably help.
~However, right now he doesn’t want to think about that, instead he settles for having you nuzzle against his neck and just talking.
~Later he’ll start up his hollomatter form for proper cuddles, but right now he doesn’t want to think about it, just you.
~Later he gives you something in return, a little model ship of your own with roses meticulously painted on it.

Fortress Maximus
~Two and two don’t click.
~He’s worse about it that Rodimus, he’s just not thinking about you dying. He doesn’t like to think about it.
~He takes it with a smile and comments about how cute it is and what a pretty color.
~He tells you he’s going to keep it with him forever, and he means it literally.
~It’s kept inside his subspace at all times, period.
~He often things about how close to his spark it is and how close you are to his spark as well, literally and figuratively.
~It’s months before it clicks and it’s probably a close call where you get seriously hurt.
~This is all he would have, physically, left of you and he knows his processor can play tricks on him.
~It’s time to panic.
~He holds you especially close to him and tells you he wants to spend more time with you and do more things.
~He wants every single day to matter.
~If you tell him every day already mattered, he would cry.
~Now you both have a habit of trading gifts every so often.

~Nope, no way, not happening, none of that here fleshie.
~He’s panicking, he doesn’t want to think about this, he barely likes thinking about how defenseless you are.
~He almost refuses to accept it, but when he sees you upset he snatches it from you and mutters about it being stupid.
~He’s just /really/ bad at emotions, okay?
~And like he’s basically just learning that his emotions are still a thing and it’s confusing and kind of scary, give him a moment. 
~He almost resents the present when he sees it, it just reminds him of your mortality and that just really bums him out.
~He places it in a draw somewhere where he can find it later but doesn’t have to see it right now. 
~You’re alive right now and that’s all that matters, he can face that mountain when it’s not a dot on the horizon. 
~Sides he might end up dead before you, you never know!
~He spends a lot more time with you after that though. He realizes he doesn’t have a lot of time with you and so he has to soak up every. single. moment.
~He’s also just a tad bit nicer, though it’s hardly noticeable to most of the others.
~He’s not going to take having you around for granted anymore because he’s been faced with the fact that someday very soon you won’t be there. 

~”are you dying right now?” he snaps, almost defensively.
~He’s not ready for this and he’s not ready to think about it. 
~He also doesn’t want to think about it.
~He does take the present, he’s grateful you’d do that for him so he can have something when you’re gone.
~But he also feels compelled to tell you that he is old as dirt and therefore might go right along with you.
~He’s joke, or he’s trying to.
~He also apologizes for snapping at you as he picks you up and places you on his shoulder so you can place kisses to his cheekplates.
~He’s never really been so in love in his life and he’s afraid of what he’ll do once you’re gone.
~He’s not sure in his capability to actually move on and keep living his life without you.
~You are a huge part of his life now and he’s going to see if he can figure out how to help you live at least a little longer than usual.
~If you disagree he’d understand, he’s not going to force you to do anything.
~He spends a lot of extra time with you now and even hands off to First Aid a lot so he can take longer breaks and days off to spend with you.
~His work is /very/ important, but you are also more important.
~Asks himself often “What are you going to regret more? Not being there for something First Aid can handle on his own or not spending time with s/o?”
~The answer to that question is always the rose sitting in the vase on his desk.

~Like Rodimus he doesn’t catch it right away. He just thinks you’re giving him a gift and he loves it so much!
~It doesn’t take him long to realize and it hits him so hard he almost can’t breathe. Oh.
~He’s crying as he picks you up and holds you to his faceplates. He couldn’t stand losing you too.
~He cries and whimpers with you comforting him for almost an hour before he finally wipes his face off, takes in a deep vent, puffs out his chassis and nods.
~It’s time for a date!
~He takes you to Swerves and asks him for a drink for himself and a drink for you and some of the food he’s taken to keeping for you.
~He sits down at the back of the bar, placing you on the table in front of him and smiles.
~He’s just enjoying your presence and the light conversation going between the two of you. The bar isn’t particularly quiet, but it’s not obscenely loud. Comfortable.
~He’s not going to think about the rose, which is tucked into his subspace, right now. He’s just going to concentrate on you and this moment.
~After the date he takes you back to your habsuite and actually lets you fall asleep on his chassis, he hasn’t let you in forever.
~He doesn’t recharge that night and he knew he wouldn’t.
~His mind is racing with things he could try with you, how to make your short time seem like eternity.
~And he comes up with a lot of things and he’s not sure he can do them all, but even then that’s fine… At least he’ll have made the most of having you there with him.
~It starts the next morning, him asking you to join him for his yoga and then some light breakfast.
~The day is packed between spending time with you and his duties.
~He’s going to do everything with you.



The TFA Lost Light AU continues, with some things I took terrible phone photos of earlier and some new stuff! In order, tho;

Minimus is going to blow a fuse trying to keep this ship in order. Rodimus here isn’t quite as INCREDIBLY foolhardy and desperate as IDW Rodimus, but he’s still got a real snap-decision streak and a tendency to say “eat the rule off my aft”. Also, to be fair, he -tried- to get rid of Cyclonus but Cyclonus wouldn’t leave him alone so now they might as well keep him.

As for why Cyclonus is here? He needs Rodimus to survive if his future is to happen; even though history has already changed considerably and he’s slowly growing more and more unsettled because oh god what if he has no future to go home to. Still won’t talk about it, tho. Pisses Rodimus off.

TAILGATE. They found him in a closet! Kinda dusty. V. old. Needed new batteries, so to speak, but he’s the fuckin’ cutest little trashbot ever! Not 100% on his design yet, but I’ll mess with that a little later- there’s a lot to tinker with. He’s confused, old, and charming tho. Also take a look at that young Ultra Magnus. DREAMBOAT.

Perceptor is basically Decepticon Catnip”. Nobody’s sure what it is but damn, that scientist just attracts Decepticons like nobody’s business! Drift and Brainstorm (still unsure what to do with Brainstorm, or how to work in his Decepticon past/whatever/ugh) sometimes make him wonder if he should’ve deleted all his ability to feel emotions, as opposed to most of it. He can certainly still get irritated when they insist on monopolizing his time when he’s trying to work.

HEY if you wanna do anythign in this AU or using these designs go ahead! I’d love it if you tagged it #TFA Lost Light AU or shoot me a message, tho, because I’m so thirsty for this thing I’ve made. So thirsty.

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may I please have some headcanons on the first time the boys get fully drunk around Candy? (so essentially more than the buzzed the boys were during Iris' party)

of curo se naon xpp i’ lbov wrtign v head cnaos of thec gyz being c dRINuk thyref vry funny 3 wry te  ty smmmm for asski-//shot

Ok I should stop and start writing these. They’re not gonna be super detailed though - it’ll be the types of drunks and how they’d act ?? they’re pretty short anyways so. Enjoy.

And wait a second I thought nath was the only one that got kind of drunk but not really ??


  • Seriously, Nath is the annoying drunk.
  • Slowly built up on getting drunk he didn’t just swallow and swallow…kept on building.
  • Probably got a little too into the fruit punch and started acting a little too carefree. 
  • Very sluggish speech, carries words on a lot.
  • Complains about all types of lights and noise - goodness someone just take him out.
  • Clings onto Candy a lot, usually by her waist or just hugs from behind like “Caaaandy when are we gonna go hooome?”
  • Such an ufking kid someone please throw him.
  • Very loose like he’s super loose, as in the wobbly drunk - the type that walks kinda weird and doesn’t walk straight.
  • Goes shirtless, the only thing that Melody approves of about this.
  • Tries to grab Candy onto the dance floor, can’t move to the rhythm.
  • Honestly ?? who knew how loose Nath could be 
  • Tries to dance on the dance floor, is pretty good but is actually very…strange.
  • Hiccups a lot in his speech, wraps his arms around everyone - even Castiel.
  • Will honestly regret all of his decisions after this.


  • A whining drunk, that’s for sure.
  • Face would be red the majority of the time, he probably drank a cup or two on a dare.
  • His speech is good enough to make out but crappy enough not to want to hear.
  • Leaves Candy a lot. Such as if she held his hand, he wanders off - probably into a wall, let’s be real.
  • Obviously his hair is up he keeps on sweating rain and is just not ?? someone to be around with
  • Not a violent drunk someone could say they wanna fight and he’d say “Later”.
  • Still recognizes who Lysander is and Lys, for once, wishes he didn’t.
  • Talks about a lot of weird stuff in his relationship, Candy needs to shut him up sometimes.
  • Randomly calls people attractive. Said this once to Amber and she took it to heart like an idiot
  • Doesn’t dance, it makes his headache even worse - more than it already is.
  • Hiccups a lot in mid-sentence around Candy-
  • Tries to tell her dirty jokes but always mixes them up.
  • Probably knocked himself out about an hour after he got drunk.
  • Speaks his mind a bit too much like - he’ll tell Candy how hot she is legit in front of everyone.
  • Has the WORST hangover out of everyone.


  • The sleepy drunk that complains about everything since they want sleep.
  • Hair would be messier around the edges to reflect on his drinking.
  • Mouth is probably drifted open, hard breathing.
  • Blushes the majority of the time - like tell him a joke he doesn’t get, he’ll laugh.
  • NEVER loses his notepad now there’s definitely something up with him.
  • Whines about wanting to have sleep, is like a little brother around Candy.
  • Sitting next to Candy ?? He’d wrap his arms around her neck and make sure to have one hell of a grip around her. 
  • Best to have him on Candy’s lap while getting pet, it’ll keep him quiet. 
  • Doesn’t dance, it’s too tired and doesn’t like dancing in front of others in general.
  • Wants nothing more but to go home and sleep with Candy, let him go home with his woman pls.
  • Has a very sluggish voice and often has some empty cup in his hand. 
  • Influenced either by Candy daring him or his peers, he wouldn’t drink by himself in general like that.
  • Falls asleep about 2 hours later after complaining about wanting to sleep the whole time.
  • Has the worst headache and doesn’t get up the next day.


  • The kid drunk that literally has no idea what’s going on but wants to do it anyway.
  • Has such an annoying smirk on his face alongside some blush. 
  • If Candy tried to touch him or kiss him he’d be like “Wait - no, I have a girlfriend”. Candy can’t tell if she’s proud or not.
  • The one dude that starts a dance fight to some weird electro songs. 
  • Probably tries to flirt with Candy, leaning on the table, and slipped off and fell. But still won’t touch her.
  • Touches no one or anything, except that red cup in his hand.
  • Has fallen down once or twice, or just mainly anytime he thinks straight.
  • Will openly talk about his “crush” Candy and how amazing she is. 
  • Has a deep groggy voice, mixture of sexy and dumb tbh.
  • Doesn’t even touch Candy because, again, he has “a girlfriend” he can’t seem to see that IS Candy.
  • Very unbalanced, Alexy tries to restrain him on the couch with some spoon or stick he found.
  • Probably regrets SOME things he did but not all of it. Probably regrets not making out with Candy with such a valid excuse let’s be real-
  • Ends up vomiting most of the day.


  • The tough…but not really tough drunk. 
  • Very confrontational and vocal, though he’s usually more humble - he’s out of this league this time.
  • Very groggy, tries to flirt with Candy but is just in a mixture of ‘wtf’ and ‘what in the actual fuck’.
  • Will seriously ask to fight anyone, Candy has had to pull his arm and say “He doesn’t mean it”. 
  • Doesn’t dance, makes him dizzy.
  • Actually swears…not often but more as in to express his “anger”.
  • Seriously he’s a very weird drunk, one second he’s whining - the next he’s just wants to fight.
  • Gives very sloppy kisses to Candy, looks like a sad kid if she rejects him. 
  • Drank in a dare. There’s no way that this boy would intentionally drink like this.
  • Lays around a lot, usually across the whole couch.
  • Mentioned earlier, Kentin would be suuuper moody like - “You wanna square up??” to “Why do fireflies die so soonpls get my ref.
  • Probably fainted.
  • Is the sickest of sick back at home, swears he’ll never do something as stupid as that ever again in his teenage life.

how come you can sit down with your partner and say we should break up but you can’t sit your friend down and break up