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~MTMTE Bots Funny Drunk~

I thought it would be funny to do gifs of the bots being silly drunk - so acting ridiculous, happy, or stupid in anyway. Both myself and @zenxenophilia definitely needed the laughs!

These gifs might not be how they would ACTUALLY be drunk, but just the hilarious versions. ;)

So here you go, I hope y’all enjoy! <3 


Ultra Magnus: 








Nautica and Velocity (as friends): 


The Fountain (Jumin x MC)

You were simply walking with your husband when your foot began to slip.

Word Count: 555

I’ve had a very interesting day! I got my hair cut and I’m so happy to have it short once again, and I as well attended a banquet! I had a lovely day and I hope you have as well! Thank you and enjoy <3


You walked beside your husband, Jumin, the two of you chatting away as you approached a fountain, the water cascading from the top level gracefully to the bottom.

You had smiled at the sight of it, especially as you overlooked it, mist drifting against your face. 

Jumin gave your hand a small squeeze as you seemingly beamed.

However, it quickly changed as your foot slipped against the cobblestone road, accidentally dragging Jumin as you both fell forward, into the water. 

 He attempted to shield your crash pulling you close to him as he attempted to twist his body.

Yet that ultimately didn’t change the end result.

You landed in the fountain, your clothes soaked only worse as water dribbled onto you and Jumin.

You looked up, crinkling your nose at the droplets tickled your expression.

Jumin though, appeared much different. 

He had been plunged almost entirely, lifting his upper body from the pool as he sat up, sputtering up small coughs.

“Are…Are you okay darling?” He cleared his throat, looking up.

You stifled your giggling, reaching out and moving away his damp strands clinging at his face, curling it behind his ear. “I’m fine- are you?”

He melted at your touch, nodding softly. “Yes, I think I’ll live.” He chuckled lightly. “But I have to say, this is a first.” 

You laughed weakly, pressing a kiss to his head. “Well, if it’s any consolation I think you look cute.” 

His cheeks became sprinkled with pink, grinning. “And as always you look wonderful.” 

If your words left him flustered, his left you an utter mess, splashing him with water. 

“Did you…” His words drifted off, the gears in his head turning. 

And before you could even respond he splashed you back, his lips stretching as water trickled down your face. 

“Oh, I see how it is.” You sniggered, returning the gesture, scooting away as he huffed the two of you continuing back and forth in a game. 

You erupted into laughter, refusing to give up onto he rose to his feet, scooping you up in his arms, holding you close. 

You kicked playfully, clamping onto his suit, burying your head in the crook of his neck.

“I suppose this means I win?” He asked, resting the tip of his forehead to yours. 

“No way! This is cheating!” 

“Well, I couldn’t help it.” 


“You were simply so adorable, love.” He cooed. “You have a habit of being utterly marvelous if you didn’t know.” 

If his words left him flustered, you became an utter mess,

 You could hardly come up with a response, incoherent squeaks escaping you as your buried your head in the crook of his neck, Jumin’s soft laughter only leaving you worsening.  

And despite the cold painting every inch of you, a warmth entwined the two of you.

And as long as you were with each other, that warmth only grew. 

As did the happiness.

A definitive ranking of Fast and Furious movies based on how many times they visibly shift gears

The Fast and The Furious: Only 16, off to a pretty weak start. It left me a little nervous because I thought maybe I had misremembered the amount of gear shifting in the franchise, but it just turned out to be the lowest. 2/10

2 Fast 2 Furious: 61!!! There were more visible gear shifts in the first race of this one than there were in the entirety of the first film. Truly a cinematic masterpiece. 10/10

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift: 56! I was worried going in because I couldn’t remember if they had to shift gears to drift, but good news! They did. This one had so many jump cuts it gave my roommates anxiety. 9/10

Fast and Furious: 47, a decent number considering they crammed too much plot into this one. A little less talking, a little more gear shifts, please. 7/10

Fast Five: 25. A real disappointment, especially considering there was one scene where they went to race, and then it just immediately cut to the end where they had already won. I guess they cut that scene to make sure Vin Diesel said “family” as many times as he’s contractually obligated to do so, but I’m still pissed. 2/10

Fast and Furious 6: 41, a nice bounce back to the good stuff. They’re really working on honing those plot-to-shift-to-explosion ratios. 6/10

Furious 7: 47 again. I can’t complain this time because the final race between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker has a very heart-wrenching speech about how they’ll always be brothers instead of visible gear shifts. 7/10

Fate of the Furious: 38. I should have counted how many times Dwayne The Rock Johnson broke someone else’s bones instead. Still, it’s good to know that they’re staying true to their roots and not cutting out the gear shifts just because they can afford not to. 6/10


The Drifting Star headcanons by @x-i-l-verify are super super cute, okay, and I couldn’t help but draw one.

It was a pain with the background, but it was still super fun to draw.

Ford carrying Mabel in some makeshift sling because her endurance isn’t built up would be the perfect opportunity for Mabel to show him new songs and tell her tales of fighting zombies and gnomes. Also to make sure their weapons are efficient. There’s some nasty stuff out in some dimensions…

Drifting Stars by @the-subpar-ghost

Recently I got myself a copy of Sonic Drift 2 on the Game Gear, Japanese version!

The art inside the manual is pretty rad, but previously the only scans of the manual were super tiny.

Worry no more! Work has a scanner that can do 600dpi, am I am here to fix this issue!

First up - Sonic The Hedgehog and his car - the cyclone.

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