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Found another copperhead yesterday while we were repairing this drift fence. This one is a lil baby. You can tell by the green tip on its tail, which they wiggle like an inch worm to lure prey.

Great example of how tough they are to see. We stepped right over this little snake several times, and it never moved. Also great example of the fact that snakes are animals, not horror movie monsters. People pass by dozens of snakes every day and never notice, because the snakes are happily minding their own business.

Jealousy (Jungkook Imagine)

I’ve changed it up a little bit and added a little jealous Jungkook. Hope you enjoy it! ^_^

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Ever since your best friend, Taehyung, introduced you to the rest of the group most of your weekends were spend in the guys’ dorm, playing video games with Jimin and Taehyung, and learning a few cooking tips from Jin. You were getting along with everyone. Everyone, except Jeon Jungkook, the golden boy and all that. You always thought he was cute before meeting him and you even told Taehyung that you might have a little crush on him. His eyes are so big and full of life and his smile always made you feel giddy. That was until you actually met the cocky maknae. He didn’t even bother to look you in the eyes when Taehyung introduced you and you found that very rude, given the fact that he’s always so shy and cute, and nice when he meets new people but with you, he just seemed uninterested by your persona and most of the time he would start making salty comments just to annoy you.

You just arrived at the front door of their apartment, knocking three consecutive times and waited for the door to open. A couple of minutes passed and still no one answered. They were supposed to be home since Taehyung texted you to come over. You tried again in the hopes that maybe it was too loud in there and they couldn’t have heard the knocking, but surely the door cracked opened to reveal the maknae, looking at you questioningly.

“Aren’t you gonna open the door?” You asked, shifting your weight on the other leg as you waited for him to do just that. With a deep sigh, like it was the hardest thing to do, he opened the door to reveal the empty apartment.

“Where is everyone?” You asked as you stepped inside, looking around the silent room.

“How would i know that?” Jungkook walked ahead and plopped onto the couch, turning the tv on.

“Well, you are the one living with them. Taehyung said he was home, though.” You mumbled the last part, pouting as you sat down next to the maknae.

“Jin hyung said something about a new restaurant. I don’t know and i don’t really care.” He said carelessly as he propped his feet onto the coffee table, switching through the channels.

“You know, we could do something until they come back.” You proposed to unwind the awkward atmosphere around you. 

“Like what?” He turned to face you, waiting for your response.

“I don’t know, play a video game or something?” You proposed, grinning nervously. You knew how competitive he was and how he would never pass up the opportunity to kick someone’s ass and win the game.

“Sure. I could take some of my time to beat you.” He shrugged as he stood up to get the controllers and switched the tv to AV mode where the big letters of the PS4 appeared on the screen, waiting to load the games. “Would you rather lose in a fighting game or racing?” He asked smirking.

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“First of all, you won’t beat me, Jungkookie. I am the best when it comes to video games, you can ask Tae and Jimin-” You said, adding the nickname to tease him but you couldn’t even finish your sentence because he interrupted you.

“That doesn’t mean anything. They just naturally suck at it, so your argument is invalid.” He laughed smugly as you rolled your eyes and continued.

“And secondly, I’ll take racing.” You pointed at the screen and waited for him to press the button to open Need For Speed.You were confident when it came to racing since you loved cars and the idea of speeding past the limits. 

Jungkook pressed start and on the screen appeared a girl that explained to you the underground world and the types of cars available for you to choose. As always, your favorite car was Mitsubishi Lancer X and as soon as the car appeared on the list you chose it without a second thought.

But for Jungkook took a longer time to decide which one he’ll get like he was buying them for his personal garage, not in a virtual game. He took his time comparing the top speed and the handling to make sure he chose the best one but it only annoyed you more since it’s been 15 minutes and he was still contemplating between a Mazda and an Audi TT.

“Would you just-” You caught yourself off before you snapped at him but he was too focused that he didn’t even hear you and instead he finally chose the TT. “Thank God, this game has only 20 cars.” You rolled your eyes as the countdown began.

“Ramble all you want but i’ll win this race for sure.” He smirked, leaning forwards to rest his elbows on his knees, taking his position for the race.

“I can’t wait to tell Tae how i beat your sorry ass.” You laughed evilly as he gave a questioning look. Okay, so maybe you were as competitive as him as your mouth would speak without a filter, so what? He just took a half an hour to choose a damn car.

“I’m sure your little boyfy would comfort you when he gets home to see you crying.” He grumbled, almost inaudible over the sound of burning tires but you heard him right.

Jungkook was thinking you and Taehyung were actually an item when you definitely weren’t. Is that bothering him? Is that why he acts the way he acts around you?

“What did you say?” You cleared your voice almost choking when you heard him.

“Nothing.” He mumbled. You let it go for a while in the favor of winning the game.

You were both concentrating on outracing each other, dodging the traffic that was in the way and trying to virtually feel the car by pressing gently on the buttons to not brake too suddenly or drift into a fence or something and crash in the middle of the race. It was bumper to bumper and you were close to the finish line as you could see the green smoke emanating from the sides of the road and you pressed harder on the throttle button as if it would make the car move faster and you did it, outraced him. So you thought. But Jungkook slowed down deliberately to bump into your car’s rear, making you loose control of the car and crash into another vehicle as he sped to the finish line and eventually winning the race.

“Ha-ha! Told ya i’ll beat you.” He got up to do a victory dance.

“Yah! That’s not fair. You cheated!” You frowned, throwing a pillow at him and he dodged it skillfully as he stuck his tongue out, doing his signature dance. You had to admit it was cute but you couldn’t have those thoughts now. You are supposed to be mad at him for cheating.

“Well, there are no rules, darling. It’s the underground world where everything is permitted.” He teased you as you sulked, pouting while looking down at your controller.

“Aw, don’t cry, [Y/N], i’m sure Taetae is going to make you feel better when he comes back home.” He cooed before he placed his controller on the coffee table and made his way to the kitchen.

“Okay, what the hell do you keep implying?” You stood up from the couch to follow him.

“What do you mean? I just said your boyfriend is going to kiss your pout away.” He said innocently, taking a bottle of water from the fridge as you stared at him shocked.

“What boyfriend are you talking about? Taehyung is not my boyfriend, idiot.” You laughed at his crazy statement. Taehyung is cute and sweet but you didn’t see him that way since your crush was and will always be Jungkook. And seeing him get jealous of his hyung was such an adorable sight.

“But you are always with him.” He took a sip of his water before placing the bottle on the counter to look at you.

“Yeah, because we are friends and you are always ignoring me. Why are you ignoring me, by the way?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest and waiting for his explanation as he fiddled with the hem of his shirt, a light blush appearing on his cheeks. Cute.

“I wasn’t ignoring you.” He mumbled. “I just didn’t like it when hyung got to be so close to you because you seem fun and i thought that you guys were a thing and i didn’t wanna be the third wheel.” He tried to look into your eyes but he was too shy to do it, so he settled for your lips instead.

“Just so you know, Taehyung is not my bias in your group.” You said shyly as you looked away from him.

“What?” He asked, confused. “Then who is it? Hobi hyung?” He asked a little disappointed.

“No, idiot. You.” You said as his face lightened up with a shy smiled as he came towards you and gave a hug. “I can’t believe you assumed i was Taehyung’s girlfriend.” You slapped his chest playfully as he groaned embarrassed.

“Don’t tell Taehyung about this.” He pleaded into your ear as you laughed at him. “So, does this mean you’ll go out with me?” He pulled back to look at your face as you brought a finger to your chin contemplating your answer.

“Hmm, i don’t know.” You saw his face froze in disbelief as you continued to tease him further.

“[Y/N]!” He whined as you started laughing, nodding your head.

As you were hugging in the kitchen the front door opened, Taehyung’s deep and loud voice reverberating throughout the entire apartment, startling you and Jungkook.

“Ah, i see you finally came to face your feelings my dongsaengs.” He said proudly. “I hope you’ll stop bugging me with how cute and adorable Jungkookie is, [Y/N].” He wiggled his brows as your face started to burn up in embarrassment and you could feel Jungkook giggling before Taehyung continued, “And you, Jungkook, will stop subtly hinting your jealousy. Have fun, kids.” He said as he waddled into his room, leaving the two of you a blushing mess. That was until Jungkook decided to speak again.

“So you think i’m cute and adorable?” He wiggled a brow as he pulled away from the hug and you covered your face.

“Well, you were jealous of Taehyung.” You fired back, stomping your foot.

“Yeah, because you are cute and i like you.” He smiled sweetly, making your cheeks burn. “And now i know you like me too.”

“Shut up.” You whined in a pouty voice as Jungkook pulled you into a hug where you hid your face.

“Make me.” He said suggestively.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. No one is making no one do nothing. Not in the kitchen.” Jin entered the room with a couple of bags full of groceries as Jungkook took your hand and guided you to his room, ignoring his annoying hyungs that started cooing behind you. You had a lot to talk about, including the details for your first date.

Because I love you >> Hongbin

Wow, another Hongbin vs N scenario LOL I think those two would make the weirdest rivals XDD

This was requested by lulusgull , i really liked your story very much ^_^ it was so good. you’re a good writer.

Enjoy reading it ^_^ 

“See you later then.”

“Hmm.” You smiled, giving your close friend, Hongbin, a slight hug. He dropped you in front of the library before going to his own classes. He walked backward as he kept waving until he turned and walked away.

“Yah! Yah!” Your best friend, Eunji, hit your arm after approaching you from behind making you jump from the shock.

“What?” You scrawled, rubbing your arm where she hit you.

“What’s between you and Hongbin?” She frowned, giving you dared look.

You chuckled and then your face suddenly went into a blank expression. “Nothing!!”

“I’m sure there’s something.” She snorted and linked her arm with yours, dragging you with her to the library.

“What make you say that?”

She raised an eyebrow at you and smirked. “As if you don’t know!”

“No, I don’t!” then you realized what she was hinting about. You held out your hands and said. “We are just friends, okay?”

“But he likes you.”

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This fall, a team of vertebrate specialists from the Museum is heading out to one of the most remote areas in the world in search of new species and specimens on the Explore21 Papua New Guinea expedition. In the most recent dispatch, read about:

Rare Bird Sightings

We were treated to close-up views of Ribbon-tailed Astrapia and Brown Sicklebill at the lodge’s fruit feeders. Another great bird at the feeder was Archbold’s Bowerbird, first discovered near the base of Mount Hagen by Museum ornithologist E. Thomas Gilliard in the 1950s.

The Flight Into A Remote Area

The journey was spectacular; we flew low below the clouds though valleys cloaked in pristine forest, at times hugging the mountainsides. Finally the airstrip appeared as a small gash in the unbroken forest cover. Landing in a small plane on a muddy grass airstrip was quite a thrill.

Unanticipated Delays

In the morning we learned that a “bride-price” negotiation was underway in the village, and our potential carriers would be tied up for the remainder of the day.

Read the full expedition report on the Museum blog.

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prompt idea: the inhumans (including skye) are circus performers. jemma is convinced to go see their psychic raina even though she thinks the whole things a sham. but everyone, including raina, is surprised when jemma sarcastically asks when shell meet the love of her life and the answer is "in about 30 seconds when she walks in the door and asks if she forgot her stupid costume gloves in here again"

Okay so I really, really loved this prompt and I hope I did it justice!

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did you do the blurb about cal and yn playing in the snow

It was the first measurable snow of the season and like hell you weren’t going to bundle yourself up at nine in the morning and dive into the piling inches of fluffy flakes. It’s Calum that becomes the issue as you’re pouncing on him the second the rising sun allows for a clear view of the falling snowflakes outside and he’s immediately groaning and nearly tossing you off except you’re really warm and soft and cuddly so he’s opting for tangling all four limbs around your body to latch you to him like a koala and as nice as he smells and sounds in the morning you really want to play in the snow, so you’re bribing him off of you and then out of bed with chased kisses and cocky smirks as you manage to shove a beanie over his ears in an attempt at a peck before you’re giggling, grabbing his hand, and tugging him outside. And at this point, he can’t be bothered to complain because you look really cute in his beanie and a scarf and your purple winter jacket that makes you look like a cute little grape and he’s so caught up in your appearance and giggle and entire demeanor that he’s completely startled by the huge snowball smacking against his right cheek and yeah that’s probably how you ended up pinned into a small snow drift against the fence with the only warm thing on your body being Calum’s lips over yours.