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I was at Black Mark Day at Nikko Circuit last weekend. Here are a few quick shots from the paddock. 

Black Mark Day is an annual drift event organised buy N-Style Customs and co. I’m sure some of you recognize the blue JZA80 owned by N-Style boss Hamachan. 

The event was really buzzing this year, partly thanks to the attendance of 44 members from the Japan 4AGE club. Was so great to see so many Hachirokus on the track.

More shots coming soon.

Your name is JAYKKE ENGLSH. 

You are an OLIVEBLOOD living on ALTERNIA, where you spend most of your time watching REALLY TERRIBLE MOVIES, reading BAD COMICS, and going on ROUSING ADVENTURES during intense ROLEPLAYING SESSIONS.



Drift Wired at Nikko Circuit

Last year on a very hot August Sunday I drove up to Nikko Circuit for the Drift Wired competition. It’s a relatively new event that has only been running for a few years. The event pulled a large field and a variety of different drift builds; From D1 SL spec sponsored Silvias and Chasers to local workshop Miatas, to slightly rarer machines such as the Cefiro pictured.

My Heart Skips a Beat

I haven’t posted anything related to my writing for a long time, and I’ve been re-reading and re-editing some of my old-fics. 

So I decided to repost this one here… I mean, why not?



[Modern AU]

“I just don’t understand it Hiccup! Why didn’t I feel anything at all when he kissed me!” Astrid confided her best friend, feeling a little tipsy maybe drunk after a couple can of beer. Then out of impulse she grabbed her best friend by his shirt and kissed him. She didn’t expect to find what she was searching for.

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First Impressions and Second Chances (part 8)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,202

Misha x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: Let me know in the comments what you thought about this part! Hope you guys are still enjoying it :)

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You were pressed up against the door the moment you were both inside again, kissing each other passionately. Misha lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist, your hands on either side of his face, tangled in his hair. You broke apart briefly for air, both of you panting from lack of air, and you stared at his kiss swollen lips as you thought about what you were about to say.

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7 Days of Heaven (A GOT7 Smut Series Teaser)

Originally posted by igot7-love

Teaser (Hyung line)

Teaser (Maknae Line)

Prologue  Day 1-Jaebum  Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung  Day 4-Jackson  Day 5-Youngjae   Day 6-Bambam   Day 7-Yugyeom

“Wow, so you guys really blocked this week for my birthday?”  You eyed the boys and they all nodded, causing you to smile from ear to ear.

“Of course you are our best girl friend in the world; we only want what’s best for you on your birthday.”  Jackson says and you giggled before giving each one of them a hug; not noticing the evil smirks that are plastered on each of their faces, as their mind automatically drifted to the future events in the next seven days.

“Welcome to a week of heaven hell, _______.

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Little Babygirl (Jay Park)

Originally posted by huckleberryb

Type: fluff

Request:How about a Jay Park with his newborn fluff?

Jay’s eyes were heavy as he held Sunhee who was screaming her little lungs out. “Sunhee please stop with all the yelling” he coos as he lays her back into her plastic crib. “I know I know the world is so scary but don’t worry I’ll keep you safe babygirl” he continues as he stuck his finger into her little hand letting her grip his finger as he smiled at her.

He’s been awake nearly 24 hours. He was ready to pass out like you did but Sunhee started crying and he sprung into action. Now she was settling down after he laid her down and he was happy. He watched her yawn cutely before he mirrored her actions. “You tired too?” he laughed “you should sleep so I can too” he tells her as she started nodding off.

He wheeled the crib over to the plush chair and sat down. His hand stayed out making sure his daughter had grip of his finger before he leaned his head back. He smiled as his eyes closed feeling himself finally drift off after the eventful past few days for your family and he couldn’t be more happy.

You woke up nearly an hour later and looked around and smiled as the sight of Jay’s awkward position. The father and daughter were sleeping calmly together.


Two days later Jay was smiling largely as you got ready to go home. He rocked Sunhee calmly in his arms “you get to go home today. You’ll get to sleep in your nursery or I might just have you sleep with me and mommy” he coos lightly as she started up at him. “Daddy made sure everything is perfect for my little princess” he says happily as you came out. “Alright so I think we’re ready to go” you spoke as you picked up the bag. “Okay I will put her into her carrier and you get your papers” he says as you nod. 

He sighed as he laid Sunhee gently into her carrier quickly buckling her “when you get home mommy will feed you and then I will take you on a tour of your new home sound good?” he asked her like she could answer him. He grabbed the handle of the carrier and headed to catch up with you. 

5 Things About Me Meme

I was tagged by @silkyskykitten for this 5 things about me category thing, so here we go!

5 Things You’ll Find in My Bag:

-writing instruments

-my kindle



5 Things You’ll Find in My Bedroom:

-My computer

-Posters ranging from Kamen Rider to artworks from artist here on Tumblr

-my peace lily

-a circus tent containing my dog, Thomas

- a second desk

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do in Life:
- Go to outer space
- Get involved in track day events, drift, time attack, auto-x, whatever
- Travel around the world
- Join a circus troupe
- Find out where my ancestors come from 

5 Things I’m Currently Into:

- space
- the ocean
- cars
- dogs
- robots

5 Things on My To-Do List:
- Find a career path that isn’t going to dead end
- get back in shape, maybe pick up a martial art again
- get the SHO back on the road
- learn to work with eva foam and other materials
- Take @mygearsarestartingtotremble on a cruise

5 Things People May Not Know About Me:
- I have played most popular American sports, ranging from tennis to wrestling I’m lucky that I inherited good genetics from my parents, but I did also inherit asthma, which always seems to be a looming threat to my athletic prowess

- Almost every alcohol causes a gag reflex due to a really bad experience with drinking that left me able to drink only certain things. cheap beer, sake, and wine seem to not affect me.

- While my family has owned computers since I was 2-3, I was uninterested in both the internet and computers. It was only when I was in my senior year of high school that I really started using them. As a result, my computer had only 512mb of ram, and a stunning 12 gigs of memory on a single core dinosaur for the longest time. 

-Though I never really divulge much here, or anywhere for that instance, I’m an extrovert and can be extremely chatty. A lot of times I end up talking too much, I think.

-I’m not really one for labels. When asked about my sexuality, I’ll usually say bi, or pan, but I don’t really like placing myself in categories since it feels limiting. I just do it for the sake of others. I obviously identify with being Black, because it’s my heritage and culture– one that I’m very proud of, mind you, but it’s the one box I cannot evade due to societal reasons, nor do I want to.

as far as tagging, I’ll tag @thatninja @beat-ignition @okamidensetsu @freyacrescentshangover @hornet-high-class @mygearsarestartingtotremble @the-entire-furry-fandom @zackmcdohl @fatal-fury-real-bant-hours @enricoraqtheterrible @babypissybullysassy @temashi @rorokranz @superrobotpilot. If I missed anyone, go ahead and do the thing, mayne!


My buddy Alex Velasquez representing Rapid Japan across the pacific in his AE86. He sent me these shots of him drifting at the recent Vertex drift event at Grange Motor Circuit, California.

See more of Alex’s drifting adventures at @alex_rx78nt1 on Instagram.

Photos: Bruce Han (@kontradictions - Instagram) and Manny Mendoza (@mannyisbaking - Instagram)


Song is Poet by Bastille! Requested by anon:) This has been in the works for forever dear god I’m so sorry I changed it to fit with the new season as I thought it would work better and then it ended up changing everything. I hope this is okay! Feedback would be wonderful!!

Obsession it takes control

Obsession it eats me whole

I can’t say the words out loud

So in rhyme I wrote you down

Brett watched as your hand flew across the page, your rushed yet flawless cursive scrawl staining the page with inky navy blue words. 

Scott had called him over to Derek’s loft along with the rest of his pack, requesting their help in learning more about the supernatural attacks occurring within Beacon Hills as of late. You were not a werewolf like him, but instead the clairvoyant sister of Stiles Stilinski.

Needless to say, your brother was not fond of the way Brett Talbot was watching you intently, like he’d find all of the answers to the universe in the way you brushed your curls over your shoulder or how you bit your lip when you had trouble finding the right word.

You were ignoring the topic of the meeting, instead choosing to write in the emerald notebook Lydia had gifted you the month prior. You’d already filled a quarter of the book, something that never failed to amuse the pack. You rarely shared with them what you were writing, as you wanted it to be surprise. It was a book, or at least the foundations of one, about the pack’s supernatural adventures in Beacon Hills. A history book, almost.

There was another book you were working on, a navy notebook filled that you would never dare to bring out in public. Too many secrets in one place to risk it.

If you had looked up from your book, you would have blushed a thousand different shades of red upon seeing the way the blue eyed boy was looking at you. But you never did, and so you were helplessly in the dark about the beta’s feelings towards you.

Ones he had no clue you reciprocated.

The truth was that Brett Talbot had loved you since you tried to punch him in the face for upsetting Liam when he knew full well what he the freshman beta had been dealing with. You’d been furious at the time, and Brett couldn’t help but admire the level of ferocity you fit into such a small frame.

You were a shy and timid thing, not often prone to fights or confrontations. But when someone messed with your pack, you let them know exactly who was in charge. And while a five foot tall thin girl who looked like she would snap if you bent her the wrong way wasn’t necessarily intimidating, the look of pure anger and wrath in your dark blue eyes was.

Thankfully you’d gotten past your initial dislike of the beta, befriending him and eventually even considering him one of your closest friends. And while Brett certainly loved being your friend, he desperately wanted to be something more.

He wanted to hold you in the mornings and tangle his fingers in your messy curls, to hold your hand for no reason other than wanting to be close to you, to kiss you whenever he felt like, to hold you safe in his arms when the world around you got to be too much. He wanted everything- the fights, the lazy afternoons, the three AM text messages, the morning breath kisses, all of it.

And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want it too…

Now you’ll live through the ages

I can feel your pulse in the pages

You plopped down on the bleachers unceremoniously as Brett walked over towards you and the two sophomores accompanying you. Warm smiles were exchanged as he picked you up in a hug and spun you around, setting you down gently and leaving one arm wrapped around your shoulders as he pulled you into his side with a laugh.

“Are you two dating?” Mason asked curiously, oblivious to Liam shaking his head rapidly and desperately motioning for him not to ask.

Brett hesitated before responding, shaking his head with a frown as you cleared your throat uncomfortably.

So, back to the issue at hand…” Liam broke the silence awkwardly, handing Brett his phone with the picture of Tracy as Mason and him began their questioning.

You weren’t listening, instead wondering what it would be like if you and Brett were dating…

“And Stiles is letting you investigate?” Brett asked you with an eyebrow raised, drawing you out of your thoughts.

“I’m a big girl Talbot, wipe my own ass and everything.” You joked, making the boys laugh. “Besides, I was the only one free that could drive them, so he had no choice.” You finished with a roll of your eyes, still frustrated that Stiles tried so hard to keep you from doing anything when you at least had some supernatural in you, while he barreled into the fray equipped with only a baseball bat and his sarcasm.

“I’m not one to argue with the woman, so how about we head off to find this hole of yours?” Brett told Liam, siding his hand into your own as you made your way towards your car.

You blushed, and Brett felt his own heartbeat soar as he heard yours skip rapidly. Liam rolled his eyes at the two of you, wishing you would both just confess already as he pleaded with Mason to keep his mouth shut.

You hopped into the driver’s side and slid your key into the ignition, the car roaring to life as you grinned triumphantly. Brett always teased you about your car, as it was a beat up Jeep Wrangler like your brother’s. You’d done a lot of work on it over the summer, and now it ran beautifully.

Brett opened his mouth to speak from his place in the passenger’s seat, but you raised your hand to cut him off. “Not one word about my baby.”

He laughed to himself, smiling at the affection you held for your Jeep. He knew that you and the car had been through practically everything together, and he found your attachment to it adorable.

His smile was replaced with a frown as he noticed the vibrant red marks on your right wrist, exposed when you’d reached for the wheel and the sleeves of your dark grey henley slid down. Brett gently took your arm in his hand, examining the wound with concern. You winced, and he quickly eased his grip even further.

“What happened?” He asked quietly, making you sigh sadly as your mind drifted off to the events that had transpired earlier on in the afternoon.

“Tracy got a hold of me back at the school. Nothing too bad, and it doesn’t hurt.” You told him, but he didn’t believe you for a second. He’d heard the lie in your voice, not even needing his werewolf hearing to sense the irregular beating of your heart as you spoke. 

“Brett, don’t you dare-” You began, but the black veins were already racing up his toned arm. You huffed as he closed his eyes while absorbing your pain, feeling the discomfort leave your arm.

“Too late.” He smiled weakly at you, feeling next to no pain compared to the ache you were surely experiencing before he absorbed it. Liam and Mason watched the exchange curiously, dead silent as they did not wish to disturb the duo. The way the two of you interacted was simply fascinating, one’s movements complimenting the others perfectly. Lydia had once compared it to a ballet, to which you’d rolled your eyes at.

“You didn’t have to do that.” You whispered as you turned your eyes back to the road, gripping the steering wheel a little tighter.

“I know, but I wanted to.” He told you with an affectionate smile, looking down at his hands in his lap. There was a pause, before you let out a deep breathe. 

“Thank you.” You smiled lightly at him, leaning over to kiss his cheek before focusing on the road once more.

Brett grinned to himself, his heart thudding a million miles a minute as he watched you tuck a strand of blonde hair behind your ear.

If only I could tell you…

I have written you down

Now you will live forever

And all the world will read you

And you live forever

In eyes not yet created

On tongues that are not born

I have written you down

Now you will live forever

You frowned as you heard a knock on your door, not expecting the boys to be back so soon. You’d dropped Brett, Mason, and Liam off near the hole, but dashed back home to the Stilinski household in order to continue your research on the potential suspects for the attacks per Scott’s request.

You opened the front door cautiously, holding your brother’s lacrosse stick in one hand and your Deathly Hallows mug of coffee Brett had gotten you over the summer in the other.

Theo?” You asked in confusion as the door opened to reveal the dark haired boy. You dropped the lacrosse stick in surprise, although barely even jostling the coffee (your coffee was far too precious to you for you to let go of it.)

He stood uncomfortably in the doorway, and you awkwardly rushed to open the door further and let him in. You weren’t as wary of him as your brother was, but you certainly didn’t trust him as much as Scott did.

“I, uh- Did you need something?” You asked curiously, leading him into the kitchen where your papers and laptop covered the table.

“Would you happen to know where Scott is?” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, and you nodded.

“Him, Malia, and Stiles took Tracy over to Deaton’s, the Animal Clinic. Why?” You answered hesitantly, sipping your coffee.

“I want to help.” He responded confidently, and you restrained the urge to roll your eyes at the obvious hero complex the boy had going on. He was terribly sweet, but why did he want to help so badly?

You couldn’t help but be slightly suspicious.

“I can give you a ride over there if you would like.” You told him, wanting to learn more about his motives.

“Nah, I’ll be alright. Thank you though!” He grinned sweeping down to kiss your cheek before rushing off. You frowned as you touched your cheek, pulling out your phone.

Hate to interrupt your treasure hunt, boys, but I’m going to need your help following someone. I have a bad feeling about tonight.”

Your body lies upon the sheets

Of paper and words so sweet

I can’t say the words

So I wrote them into my verse

You mindlessly jotted down thoughts on your napkin, having left your notebook at home. You cursed yourself mentally, and then yourself again for not being able to help when you’d tailed Theo to the police station. For not getting there sooner. You’d felt the disturbance deep in your bones at the time, a dreadful sense of the terror that was yet to come.

Brett was quiet, still disturbed by what he had seen earlier and not wanting to pull you out of your wonderings just yet. You were shaken up by what you had seen as well, and had only just stopped crying.

Lydia was hurt, and badly.

You two were alone in the Beacon Hills Hospital cafeteria, having left Room 124 in order to get your mind off of what you had witnessed and snag some coffee for everyone while they waited in panic for Lydia to wake up from her state of unconsciousness. The blinding lights and white washed walls unnerved you, the sterility of the place making it feel as unnatural as what you had just had the misfortune of seeing.


You ignored the incessant buzzing of your phone, in a trancelike state as you furiously slid the cheap blue ballpoint you’d grabbed from the front desk across the napkins. What am I doing? You thought to yourself. Why am I here?

You were stopped as Brett wrapped a gentle arm around your waist, taking the pen from your shaking hands and softly pushing your hands away from the stack of napkins.

“She’s going to be alright,” Brett muttered soothingly, “I promise.”

Your hands shook viciously and your entire body trembled, scared that you would lose Lydia just as you had lost Allison. Not her too.

“What is she isn’t, Brett? What if she’s not going to be okay? I can’t… I can’t lose anyone else. I’m terrified- I feel like I’m choking and I just want to wake up from this nightmare…” You stuttered out, holding back a sob as your phone continued to buzz with texts messages asking about what was going on.

The hell if I know, you thought to yourself as Brett tugged you closer.

He didn’t reply for a few moments, thinking carefully on his next words as he gently ran a hand through your mussed curls and rubbed your back.

“Maybe it’s not going to be alright today, or tomorrow. Maybe it won’t be alright for a while. But there is always a sunrise, and I think it’s up to you to find it. And while the night may be long, there’s still beauty in it’s darkness. Even the blackest of nights have the brightest of stars.” He mumbled to you, tucking a stray curl behind your ear as you slumped into his chest.

“Thank you.” You whispered to him as you calmed down enough to speak.

“For what?” He asked curiously, kissing your forehead.

“For being the moon.”

Now you’ll live through the ages

I can feel your pulse in the pages

The coffee beside you had gone cold as you wrote at the small table beside Lydia’s beside, since you had been in the hospital room for countless hours now. Night had surely fallen by now, the rest of your pack having left to consult with Deaton while Brett reluctantly ran off to grab Parrish per your request.

You peered over at Lydia’s sleeping form, a sad smile on your face as you gently brushed a few strands of scarlet hair from her beautiful face. You were clueless as to what you’d do without your best friend, and a stray tear slipped from your eye as she stirred in her sleep.

This is all my fault, you thought to yourself as you went back to your writing, all my fault.

A groan fell from your lips as you felt your mind slip into a familiar state of numbness that often accompanied your visions, cursing your clairvoyance.

Dark grey fog swamped your mind, cutting off all sensations and severing your ties with the physical world. It was unnerving to feel so weightless, soul not anchored to the earth. Unnatural.

This was what it was like to die.

Your vision cleared and focused in on a bright hallway, much like one you would find in a hospital. You watched in confusion as the lights flickered slightly, the hallway deserted and oddly quiet.

You paused to examine the room number on the door you were closest to, but the light bulbs in the hallway suddenly burst, all light disappearing in an instant. You squinted to see through the darkness as glass rained down around you, freezing as you realized it was no longer silent in the hallway.

Low grinding, like the whispers in a quiet classroom sounded out, the volume increasing as you realized it sounded like the sharp hiss of an old car engine trying to sputter back to life.

Then the screams came.

At first you tried to cover your ears to block out the sound, but it did nothing to dull the pain. It was similar to Lydia’s banshee scream, only magnified to the point of being intensely and painfully deafening.

Then the silence returned, the unnatural stillness of it all even more terrifying than the screaming. There was a sharp clatter to your left, and then the stomping of what sounded like metal boots.

You rushed away from the door you had been closest to, sensing whatever it was approaching you. While it shouldn’t be possible for people or things to sense you during a vision, you were no longer so sure…

There was a momentary pause before the handle of the door was slowly pulled down, the door opening to reveal a hospital room, lit only by a lamp on the bedside table beside the red haired girl lying on the bed.

You turned to the left of the bed, covering your mouth to muffle your screams as you felt a sob wrack through your body.

There was a blonde haired girl hunched over an emerald green notebook, the dark blue on the page the same shade as your eyes. A mug of coffee sat beside the notebook, and you dropped to your knees as you noted the Deathly Hallows symbol on the front of it. You knew exactly what room this was.

Room 124.

Then the vision ended, the transition from being free into a confined form almost painful. All feelings returned to you, and you opened your midnight blue eyes in horror.

Your pen clattered to the floor as you stared down at the words you had mindlessly written in front of you.

Don’t turn around.

I have written you down

Now you will live forever

And all the world will read you

And you will live forever

In eyes not yet created

On tongues that are not born

I have written you down

Now you will live forever

Seven hours, thirty-two minutes, and twenty-seven seconds you’d been gone. Since Brett had found the bloody footsteps leading out of the hospital room Lydia had been in.

Since Brett broke down upon finding your abandoned emerald journal lying open on the bedside table, a hasty entry standing out to the werewolf.

They’re here and I don’t have much time, and I’m so sorry to whoever finds this. Tell Malia to get the navy journal from beneath my bed… she’ll know what to do.

And tell the pack that I am so, terribly, sorry. I love them with all my heart, and I wish it did not have to be this way. It seems that fate has a dreadful habit of making a mockery of me indeed.

Brett breathed in sharply as he peered down at the navy book Malia had given him in his lap, as if it pained him to perform even the simplest of tasks in your absence.

My anchor my heart my rock my best friend my love-

He steeled himself, opening the book as delicately as the werewolf possibly could. Dark blue ink glistened on the pages, Brett’s heart catching in his throat as he read.

I fumble over words, the letters and sounds tumbling restlessly from my mouth in patterns I cannot control. I am not very good with speaking, but I’ve always been told I have a way with words. How can this be, you may ask yourselves?

I am a poet, doomed to the vast worlds of fiction and inky cursive dreams. I can write an epic poem of love and loss easier than I can say hello. There is so much I have to say, and yet no way to put it into words unless it is on paper.

And my greatest fear is that I will never be able to tell the truth to you. This is everything I wish I could tell you in ways I would never be able to say aloud. Brett, if you are reading this, I can only hope it is because I’ve given it to you and not because you’ve stumbled upon it. If you’ve stumbled upon it… Well, you’ve always been a rather curious boy, and I suppose there’s no stopping you now. Read on with care, as there is no turning back now.

The terrible truth is that I am irreparably and irrevocably in love with you.

This is the story of how I fall in love with you each day, and I write this in the hopes that I will one day be able to tell you all of this. That one day, perhaps tomorrow or ten years from now, I can give you this, and you will know just how loved you are.

So thank you, Brett Talbot, for being my moon. Whatever happens after this, know that I love you with every fibre of my being. 

Brett gently placed the notebook beside him, as he did not wish to damage the treasure he had been given. He buried his handsome face in his hands, a sob escaping from the beta’s lips. The werewolf made no effort to restrain his cries, and for the first time in years, he allowed himself to break down entirely.

She loves me, he thought to himself, She loves me and she’s gone.

Brett would spend the next few hours reading the notebook cover to cover, pausing between every few entries to weep. 

I love her and she’s gone.

I have read her with these eyes,

I’ve read her with these eyes,

I have held her in these hands

“Have you ever wondered why you have those wonderful powers of yours, Stilinski?” The Raeken boy questioned as he leaned back lazily in his chair beside your bed, a smirk hanging off his lips.

You bit back a snarl, relaxing your body. He’d already explained that he had no intention of harming you, only wanting to have you separated from the pack as your abilities to see into the future would hinder the doctor’s plans.

It took all of your restraint to not smack that damned smirk off his face.

“No?” He raised an eyebrow, chuckling as if the two of you were merely friends having a casual conversation. “If you must know, it was your grandmother. Every other generation in the Stilinski family has a psychic. Always a girl, too. It appears that beautiful is also a requirement.” He grinned, nearly making you gag. 

Was he flirting with you?

Your eyes darted to the doorway as you sipped the coffee he had brought you through gritted teeth. Locked.

You mentally cursed. So far Theo had done nothing to bind you to the bed or restrain you at all, the room he’d placed you in within his home actually rather pleasant. You didn’t want to do anything that would force him to handcuff you or anything, wanting your escape to be as easy as possible once you’d figured out a way to leave safely.

“Not in the mood to talk? That’s fine. I’ll be back in an hour or so with food.” He paused in the now open doorway, turning to look back at you with a brilliant smile on his face that made your skin crawl.

“And Stilinski? Don’t bother trying to escape. The Dread Doctors may not be here, but I can assure you that I’m more than capable of keeping you here.” And with that, he was gone, the door locking behind him with a sharp click.

You slumped in the large bed, groaning as you rubbed tiredly at your eyes. There was no way you were sleeping here, not with the possibility of Theo messing with you in your sleep. No, you couldn’t afford to be in such a vulnerable state. 

The wooden floorboards creaked beneath your bare feet, making you cringe as you explored the room. The room itself was large, furnished with a bed and a few chairs, with a vanity and bookshelf on one wall while the opposite one had two doors. One door led to a closet filled with clothes that were peculiarly your exact size, the other a bathroom equipped with your favorite soaps and shampoos. If that wasn’t creepy, you didn’t know what was. 

You dove under every cushion and explored every drawer, leaving no crack between floorboards or underside of shelves untouched. Not a single hairpin or sharp object was left in the room, or anything else that would have enabled your escape. The room had no windows sans a skylight that you found you could reach if you stood on the chair beside your bed, but you’d cursed aloud once you found it to be locked. Theo was smart, no doubt about it.

But you were smarter.

A tiny grin made it’s way onto your face as you undid the clasp of your bra, the little hooks making a perfect lock pick if you bent them a certain way.

And to think Brett had made fun of you when you’d told him you’d learned how to pick locks one summer when you’d been grounded.

Your heart clenched painfully at the thought of Brett, the wind knocked out of your lungs. He must be panicking, you sighed as you carefully worked on the lock on the skylight.

You knew you were.

I have written you down

Now you will live forever

The virtue’s in the verse

And you will live forever

A loud knocking jarred Brett out of his trance. He jumped up, racing towards the front door with your notebook still clutched in his large hands. The morning sky was beautiful, he noticed as he passed by a window, a sunrise he knew you would have loved to see.

“Who is it?” He asked, voice raspy as he harshly pulled open his front door. 

He was met with quite sight indeed.

Brett dropped the navy notebook in shock, quickly pulling you into his arms as he choked out a relieved sob. You relaxed in his embrace, wrapping your arms around his neck as he tugged you as close as he physically could to himself until passerby wouldn’t be able to discern where you ended and he began.

“I was so- How did you?” He stuttered out as he gripped you tighter still, inhaling your familiar scent of books and coffee.

“I’m a resourceful girl, Talbot.” You chuckled into his chest. “That, and I picked a few locks with my bra clasp. Stiles was right about Theo, he had me in his house.” You managed to mumble through your sleepiness, and Brett reluctantly pulled away.

He studied you with sharp and beautiful eyes, his gaze concerned and sad. You smiled lightly at the beta, although your face fell once you noticed the notebook lying on the ground by your feet.

“I- I thought I’d make it back before she was able to give it to you. I thought I’d be there much longer. I’m so sorry Brett, I know you probably don’t feel the same, and I-”

Brett cut you off by placing a thumb over your lips, a gentle smile on his face as he pulled you back into him with his free arm.

“Stilinski?” He whispered, eyes filled with something you didn’t quite recognize, but you realized it had always been there when he looked at you.

“Hm?” You hummed nervously, blushing at your current position. What the hell was happening?

“Who said I didn’t feel the same?” He questioned lowly, and then his lips collided with your own in a kiss you knew you’d never be able to forget.

You tasted vaguely of coffee, Brett decided as his arms wrapped around your waist and caressed your back. Your hands went up to entangle themselves in his hair as you melted into the kiss, and Brett swore in that moment he’d never let you go again.

I have written you down

Now you will live forever

And all the world will read you

And you will live forever

In eyes not yet created

On tongues that are not born

I have written you down

You will live forever

You will live forever

“I cried, I’ll admit.” Brett grinned down at you as he brushed a blonde curl behind your ear, making you blush.

You’d been discussing the contents of the navy notebook over lunch, having already seen the pack and reassuring them of your wellbeing. They’d been deeply worried of course, but left you in Brett’s care to go deal with Theo.

“I know my confession can’t even compare to yours, but I’d like to share that I’ve loved you since that night you broke your hand trying to punch me in the face.” He chuckled, your blush darkening even further as he took your face in his hands and his thumbs gently brushed against your cheeks.

“You’re so beautiful, Stilinski. I remember my team having to drag me back to the bus after that game ended, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. But you’re so much more than a pretty face, too. You’re incredibly smart and kind, sweet and passionate and everything a guy could ever want. I still can’t wrap my mind around the thought that you feel the same about me. You could have anyone you wanted, and you chose me.” His lips neared yours, wonder and love in his eyes as you stared into them.

“Why?” He asked quietly, breath fanning across your face.

“Because you’re the only thing that keeps me grounded when it feels like the world is ending, the one thing that makes me smile even when the only thing I want to do is cry.” You smiled at him, bringing your hands up and locking them behind his neck.

“I love you.” He whispered before his lips met yours once more, heart pounding in his chest at the sensation of having you in his arms and his lips on yours.

“I love you too.” You replied after pulling away slightly, resting your forehead on his and looking deeply into his eyes.

Love, you decided as you pressed your lips against his again, that was what was in his eyes.

anonymous asked:

Omg I loved the threesome >< I hate to ask cause I don't know if you want to or not but it's ok if you don't could you do one for V and Suga please

Oh I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it~ It’s been about a whole year since I originally wrote the first one.

- Devi ^_-


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after driving and attending events on both major coasts, what's your general comparison between the two?

I like BC drift events best. their structure and atmosphere promotes better driving and a steeper learning curve and are more fun. 

East coast are structured in a way that is foreign to me, but probably makes sense to the regulations and rules of the tracks in the area. A/B/C groups based on skill level and car capabilities and selective tandems. I feel more at home at a west coast track day but i am also not as involved in the scene here as i should be to make a fair assessment of that.

I think both coasts have events that you could enjoy yourself at. that is my least controversial answer i could give. i don’t want no drama