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Don’t Touch My Stuff! (TG/AP)

              Danny loved to mess with his older sister’s stuff, much to her frustration. He would always hide her belongings just to watch her freak out. He got a kick out of her storming around the house and yelling “don’t touch my stuff, you little brat” as she looked for whatever he took from her. One day, she grew fed up with Danny’s behavior and decided to teach him a lesson. She had a goth friend who was super into witchcraft and hexes, and she asked her to come over and lay a trap for her brother. She knew he would try to hide whatever new item she flaunted around the house, so she had her friend place a hex on a new red hairclip and wore it around the house, making sure Danny saw her wearing it. She placed it right on her dresser before leaving the house to hang out with her friends, laying the perfect trap for Danny. Little did she know that the curse was going to change both of their lives forever.

              Danny waited until his sister was gone before sneaking into her room. He saw the hairclip sitting alone on her dresser. He picked it up and examined it, wondering what to do with it. Deciding to tease his sister a bit, be placed it in his hair and pulled out his phone to take a selfie. It clicked satisfyingly as it clipped his hair, but before he was able to snap a pic and send it to his sister, he felt a wave of dizziness come over him. He looked in the mirror above the drawer just in time to see his hair begin to grow. In a matter of seconds, his hair had turned jet black and grown down to his waist. His scalp tickled as his hair grew long and silky. For a second, he thought he was hallucinating, but a moment after his hair stopped growing he could feel his body beginning to stretch. With a sudden burst, he grew nearly six inches in height, stretching his boyish clothes and revealing his maturing midriff. He watched himself in the mirror as his abs tensed up, becoming toned and athletic. With a few cracks, his shoulders and hips expanded outwards, tearing his already stretched clothes. He wanted to scream for help, but he knew that his sister was gone and his parents were still at work.

              His tattered clothes drifted off his rapidly maturing body, revealing the smooth, pale skin that now covered his body. He looked over his new frame, realizing that he looked strikingly feminine now. In fact, the longer he stared at his changing body, the more he noticed how much he was beginning to look like his sister. The revelation made him want to puke. He had always seen girls as some strange creatures from another world, and the idea of becoming one was not sitting well with him. Before he could ruminate on the idea of being a girl more, he suddenly felt a tingling sensation coming from his nipples. He watched his chest in the mirror as his nipples began to expand, growing larger and darker, and beginning to protrude uncomfortably from his chest. He felt the cool air of the room making his nipples harden, and while it seemed utterly wrong, the feelings coming from his chest were undeniably pleasurable. He suddenly let out a girly moan as he arched his back and pushed his chest forward, watching in horror as two large breasts began to grow beneath his new nipples. He knew that older girls had boobs, but he had always been grossed out by them. Now he knew that he was definitely becoming a girl, and while the idea of living in a girl’s body made him want to cry, he couldn’t help but moan louder as his new breasts swung freely off his chest. The mounds of flesh on his chest finally stopped growing, allowing to regain his composure as the pleasure coming from his chest subsided. He was breathing heavily, still disgusted by the weight hanging off his chest, but also noticing how much his voice sounded like his sister’s. The thought of becoming his sister sent a shiver up his spine, causing him to panic and plead to an empty room to make these changes stop.

              “Please, I don’t want to be a girl! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have taken Stacey’s stuff! I don’t want to be Stac- EEEYYYYYY!” he squealed in his sister’s voice as he felt his butt beginning to inflate. He turned around and faced his ass to the mirror, staring at the cute peach shape it had taken. He squeezed it briefly, noticing how soft and round his butt cheeks were now, but quickly stopped as he realized that he was touching his sister’s body. This all felt wrong, and he would do anything to make it stop, but before he could do anything else he suddenly felt another tingling sensation coming from his chest. He began to sweat as he realized that girls have different parts between their legs. He didn’t know what was about to happen, but he watched his crotch in terror as his boy parts began to retract into his body. He felt his insides shifting around, making room for a bunch of new organs that he didn’t even know the name of. With a final slurp, he was left with a pair of fleshy lips between his legs and an alien dampness that called for attention. He didn’t want to touch the new thing between his legs, but the feelings it was sending through his body couldn’t be ignored. It felt itchy, but in a weird, exciting way, like it needed to be filled. Reluctantly, he reached a feminine hand down between his legs and began to rub the moist lips where his member used to be. A flood of pleasure coursed through his body as his fingers made contact with his new sex. He knew it was wrong, that he was a boy, but these feelings were unimaginable. He screamed in pleasure and plunged his fingers deep into his new clit, rubbing the fleshy cavern between his legs and the pleasure continued to build. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he lost himself in pleasure. He could only hear his moans and the schlicking sounds of his hand sliding in and out of his new sex. He could feel his face shifting and cracking, becoming a perfect replica of his sister’s, but he didn’t care at this point. The only thing he cared about was the ecstasy coursing through his veins.

              A sudden crash of a door closing shocked him back from the brink of orgasm. He regained himself and looked at his body, disgusted with his actions, but reluctantly wanting more. He looked at himself in the mirror, realizing that he was now an exact copy of his sister, and realized he had to cover himself up before whoever just entered the house saw him naked. Before he could find clothes to put on, he heard someone rush up the stairs and burst into the room. It was Brian, his sister’s boyfriend. He dropped his bookbag on the floor and smiled upon seeing the naked girl standing there.

              “Hey, baby. I see you were too excited to wait for me,” Brian said, removing his shirt and revealing a chiseled masculine body. His olive skin glistened in the sunlight, and the sight of his attractive physique immediately made Danny’s heart beat faster. He felt the dampness growing in his crotch again, but didn’t know why. He wanted to run and hide, but Brian was blocking the only way out.

              “Whoa, uhhh, I don’t know if we should…um…” Danny stammered as he frantically searched for words.

              “What’s wrong, Stephanie? Your sister is out with her friends and your parents won’t come home for another few hours, right?”

              Danny recoiled as Brian said the name ‘Stephanie’, his mind filling with new memories and personality traits. He tried to fight it, he didn’t want to be a girl and didn’t want to like girly things, but the name ‘Stephanie’ kept growing louder and louder in his head. The memories he had of playing action figures began to transform into memories of playing dress-up with Barbie dolls. He tried to think of his video game collection, but could only think of all the makeup he had collected over the years. The shirts with comic book logos that he loved to wear became cute dresses and skirts that revealed just enough to drive boys crazy. As the thought of boys entered his head, his mind began to change even faster. He didn’t want to think of boys, especially cute, shirtless, musclebound boys, but the more he thought about it, the more excited he got, and the more wet the area between his legs grew. Memories of the cute boys at school messing around with him and caressing his body gave him goosebumps. He suddenly remembered Stacy, his twin sister, and how jealous she was when Brian started dating- NO! This wasn’t him! He was a boy, a nerdy little kid. This was wrong! He felt like he was going to fall to his knees and cry, but to his surprise he fell into the embrace of Brian’s arms. He wanted to scream, but he looked up and locked eyes with the cute boy holding him and suddenly felt comfortable.

              Brian laid the naked girl down on the bed without breaking eye contact. He gently grabbed her legs and opened them. The young couple remained speechless, the girl simply staring at Brian’s hardening cock as her legs opened, revealing her tight, moist pussy. The last remnant of Danny’s old life exploded into oblivion as Brian thrust his cock into her for the first time, sending a shockwave of pleasure through her fertile body. She was Stephanie, Brian was her boyfriend, and her twin sister Stacey was always being a bitch to her ever since she and Brian had started dating. She knew Stacey was jealous of her boyfriend, but that knowledge only made her hornier as they fucked on Stacey’s bed. Stephanie threw her arms back and braced herself against the pillow as Brian continued to pound her. She moaned in ecstasy as his dick filled her, shaking her sizeable boobs with each thrust. The stench of sex filled the room, and she knew Stacey would know about her playtime with Brian when she came home. With a final thrust, Brian grunted as Stephanie screamed, both climaxing at the same time before lying next to each other on the bed and smiling. The sweaty couple cuddled, breathing sensually into each other’s faces as Stephanie reveled in the feeling of her pussy being coated in Brian’s cum.

              “That’s a cute hairclip, Steph,” Brian said, brushing the hair out of her face.

              “Thanks, babe. It’s my sister’s,” she said with a wicked smile. She had never been happier, and as the couple drifted blissfully to sleep, Stacey’s goth friend was sitting quietly at the mall while Stacey shopped. She was still learning about hexes, and had the sudden realization that she may have used the wrong spell on Stacey’s hairclip…

Shameless Self-Insertion: Mission Report

By popular demand, here’s the sequel to Shameless Self-Insertion: A Soldier in the Night

Bucky Barnes x Reader SMUT!! - 8962 words.

Bucky’s called away after your hot night together, leaving you to pick up the pieces. As you struggle to return to a normal life without him, you wonder whether things will ever be the same.

Originally posted by peterparkher

A/N: Thanks for checking this out!! I sure hope you like it. ✌🏻💗😈

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20 please 👀👀👀

also requested by @softrobertsugden :)))

things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

Robert’s mostly asleep, curled up on the sofa as usual. He manages fits and starts most of the time, the ridiculous duvet he can’t stop wrapping around himself, the sound of the pub washing over him.

He can’t remember the last time he went in his room for anything other than clothes.

He’s drifting, somewhere close to conscious, when voices bleed through his vicious nightmares.

“-long has he been like this?”

There’s a soft hand in his hair, threading strands through familiar fingers.

“Months. Don’t think he could handle being upstairs, love.”

Robert recognises the voices. He knows them, he thinks, but he’s so tired, exhausted in ways he’s never been before and can’t bring himself to open his eyes.

“Is he asleep?”


There’s a silence that Robert’s not sure is real; maybe he’s still drifting in and out of sleep.

“He looks awful.”

Robert wants to protest, feels like waking up just for that. He’s doing his best; he’s trying to be strong, has to be for Aaron.

“I spent most of the time worrying about him. Every time he came in, he looked worse. I think that hurt more.”

Robert didn’t mean to be weak. He tried. He really tried.

The hand rests on his cheek, something soft and damp presses to his temple. A kiss, he thinks, and doesn’t know who it could be. His heart thumps in want when he thinks about Aaron doing the same. Chas has done it once, when she thought he was alseep, worried about you, she’d whispered. Vic’s never done it, even if he knows she wishes she could.

He shifts, lets out a slow breath, but can’t open his eyes. Part of him wants to stay here, warm and loved. He doesn’t want to wake up, to face the reality of being alone.

“Robert?” The voice sounds suspiciously familiar, something Robert wants, needs. “Hey, Rob, s’alright.”

Robert curls up deeper in the duvet, but there’s something warm next to him. He buries his face in it, the hand coming back to his head, massaging gently. He feels safe, comfortable and his chest feels tight.

“I don’t wanna wake him,” the voice admits. “What if we can’t do this, mum?”

“You will. You’re strong, both of you.”

Robert doesn’t feel it. He feels every day like another piece of him shatters and disappears. What if he’s not the person Aaron wants when he wakes up?

Robert whimpers, feels the hand tighten in his hair, then relax.

“I should let him sleep.”

“He’ll kill ya for not waking him up.” Chas, Robert thinks. Chas.

If Chas is there-

Robert jerks awake, body screaming to go back to sleep, to rest, but when Robert’s eyes open-


Oh, fuck.

“Aaron,” Robert says, his vocie unrecognisable, more sob than word, and he drags Aaron in, presses his face into Aaron’s neck. “Aaron, Aaron.”

“It’s okay,” Aaron says, just as wrecked. “Rob, I’m home, I’m home.”

“I tried to be strong,” Robert says, knowing he wasn’t meant to hear but he can’t stop the words tumbling out. “If you thought I could handle it-”

“Hey,” Aaron says softly, kisses Robert gently, far more gentle than Robert deserves. “We’ll talk later, alright? I just wanna be here with you.”

“Yeah,” Robert says, leaning in, pressing his face to Aaron’s neck. “I love you so much, Aaron, I-”

“I know,” Aaron promises, kisses his temple. “I love you too.”

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How do you think the assassins/templars would react if they find their SO sleeping in their coats?


Originally posted by competitiveeatingfortheelderly


I hope you don’t mind, dear anon, but I didn’t stay strictly to your prompt. Satisfaction is key, and if I failed to write something how you wanted it, please let me know!

Thanks to a dear page supporter, I’ll now be adding Mary Read/James Kidd to the list of assassins. Let me know what you think!

Altair: He’d been searching everywhere- he could not find his coat, which was necessary for his day. Unaware of where else to look, he decides to go to your quarters, hoping you’d know where the coat was. Without knocking, he barged into your home, but halted abruptly where he stood. There you were, peacefully sleeping, however not in your normal robes, but in his own coat. Still frozen in your doorway, he slowly and silently backs up and leaves. He would just steal one of Malik’s for the day.

Ezio: Your moment of silence had been disrupted by short, loud, and raspy chuckles. Slowly, groggily, and annoyed, you began to wake from your euphoric rest. Unsurprisingly, there was Ezio, lying by your side, laughing like an idiot. Not only were you tired and irritated, but now confused; that is until you figured out why he had been laughing. The night before, you’d been so lonely, knowing Ezio couldn’t be with you. To feel content and whole again, you reached for his coat… one he never wore, and the one he wanted you to keep. Unintentionally, you’d drifted asleep, the cloths contorted around your body. Ridged with realization, you hastily and unsuccessfully attempted to take the coat off; Ezio’s laughter subsided. He grabbed your hand, his eyes crinkled with delight. “You’re just too beautiful, mi amore.”

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Plus-one (3)

Hello lovely followers and friends. As promised (I’m big at keeping promises), here’s the third chapter of Plus-one. As I said before, this is a cross-over between the MMFD universe and The Wedding Date. Although the plot mostly follows the movie - I’ve added my own twists. 

I rather like this chapter and I hope you all do too. Let me know! 

Thank you to everyone that commented, liked and reblogged the previous chapters. It means the world to me. (Also, special thanks to the anons that have sent asks.) xx

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Hope those tags work because tumblr hates me and I had to type them all out again! (If there are random Ks or @s anywhere, blame tumblr - and I’ll fix it later)

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The bedroom smells like Ocean Sandalwood, a happy combination of scents that the people at some factory dreamed up a few years ago. A large candle flickers atop the bedside table, illuminating the dimly lit room. The sun has just dipped behind the nearby homes, signaling that Monday’s nightfall is close.

Leaning against the wall, Taylor’s bare shoulder is flush against the light gray paint, while her heel presses up against wainscoting that flanks the sides of the room. She presses her lips onto one another and wonders momentarily where her chapstick is, then watches Tom as he moves his last items into the charcoal black suitcase and begins to zip it up.

Scratching her eyelid and absentmindedly holding her arms by the elbows as they cross her abdomen, she watches as Tom moves effortlessly around the master suite, seemingly in a hurry even though she knew that he wasn’t running late. His light blue t-shirt has become untucked in the back, and she can see the waistband of his navy Calvin Klein’s peeking through. Taylor smiles without realizing it, thinking back to the night before.

Suppressing a yawn, she inhales. “You have everything?” she tilts her head to the side and watches as he lines his suitcases up next to each other, and strips off the old stickers from his last trip.

“Yeah, think so,” he mumbles, turning to smile at her as he scrumples up the last of the old flight tags.

She forces a smile back, knowing that what is coming next is the worst part of it all. The goodbye.

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Take a Chance (Part 3)

Originally posted by imagining-in-the-mcu

Your name: submit What is this?

pairings: Reader x Steve Rogers
characters: Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Amora (Enchantress), Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes (mention)
word count: 1,656
warnings: vomit, cussing, pregnancy talks
a/n: steve is a cutie 
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could possibly change your life and views on life for the better or worse.

Prev||All Parts||Next

You’re sitting on your bed, the three of you forming a circle as Wanda calls Amora on speaker and Natasha searches through Sam’s friend list on Facebook. You’re the only one not doing anything and it’s killing you to just wait! Why couldn’t you have been the one searching Sam’s facebook? You understand why you’re not the one speaking to Amora, but searching Sam’s facebook? You could totally do that!

“What do you want?” is how Amora greets Wanda when she answers the phone call. “I’m trying to enjoy the warm Hawaiian sun and you’re interrupting.”

Natasha rolls her eyes as she continues searching for the mysterious blonde, and you groan, not sure why her personality still surprises either of you at times.

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Theo x Reader / Scott x Reader

Warnings: Dom!Scott, Dom!Theo, Sub!Reader, Heavy hints of smut

Part two will be coming soon with lots of smut. Thank you to @daddyobrienx for getting me out of my writers block :P

Part Two

Theo could feel his body relaxing as he ran. The icy night air stung his nose but he didn’t care, the last of his pack had deserted him and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold out against Scott’s pack.


When something to his left snapped he skidded to an immediate halt and slowly scanned the woods for whatever had made the noise. After a few minutes he spotted her, wide eyed and the scent of wolf and fear rolling off her, watching him as if she wasn’t sure if she should run away or towards him.


“Well hello there Princess, what’s a cute thing like you doing out here alone?” As soon as he spoke she rushed forwards and collided with his chest, rubbing against him and marking him with her scent.


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I have a lot of opinions this morning

As someone who has long enjoyed draping herself in the flowing pseudo-burnoose of XL men’s clothing, I would really like the world to either move away from fitted men’s garments or start making them in much bigger sizes. I need more giant shirt mumus, and there is no way a 46″ chest is XXL – that’s like 8-ish inches of ease in the bust for me, and that’s barely enough as far as I’m concerned. 

#13- Dry Humping (Wincest)

Requested by @choosecastiel for my kink list!

Summary: Sam and Dean do laundry.

Warning: Wincest, dry humping

Word Count: 1450

A/N: I am having so much fun writing these kinks. I hope y’all are enjoying reading them! Feedback always appreciated!

Dean hums absently as he loads the clothes into the washer. He can hear Sam moving around behind him, folding the clothes that just came out of the dryer, comfortably silent as the afternoon wears on, calm and serene.

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Smash Into You

a/n: hiya loves! sorry for being so inactive, but heres an angsty drabble to make it up to you. (i’m also thinking about a part 2 to this, so i hope you enjoy!)

It was nine o’clock on an autumn’s night. Thin, dingy rain drizzled past the lit street lamps. I was making my way home from work when the sky decided to open and the freezing cold droplets of water trickled from the black clouds. I wrapped my arms around myself, regretting the fact I had no coat to protect me and was only wearing the short sleeved polo that work required me to wear and black skinny jeans.

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iamanemotionaltimebomb  asked:

Reaper being sweet and romantic with reader and reader is like "who are you and where's Gabriel?"

Sorry for the delay! I actually have a bit of trouble writing Reaper. It’s a really hard balancing act of keeping him in character but making people love and sympathize with him too. Either way, I hope you enjoy!!!

Subject: Reaper x Reader
Word Count: 1.4k words

The explosion at the Swiss headquarters was months ago and yet you still mourned. Mourned for your friends and colleagues caught in the disaster. Mourned for the subsequent decay of Overwatch and the volatile reaction the public had. Mourned for the divide that it had among its remaining members. But mostly you were still mourning for the only family you had ever known. The group of people who you trusted beyond belief, who you truly thought had the world’s best interest at heart. Kind people, determined people, wise and brave and loyal people.

Those close to you know who you wept for the most. Not openly, of course. No, always in private. The lingering look of sorrow that Angela tended to give you made your heart hurt, as if it didn’t constantly ache every moment you were trapped in your own head. Those cold and lonely moments when the gravity of his death still smacked you in the face, demanding that you feel the burning pain and loss. You hadn’t even believed it at first. You thought he’d be back one day at headquarters, maybe a little burnt or battered or otherwise worse for wear. But sitting on the table, giving you a cocky smirk and a one liner about how he’s handled worse.

But he was gone and you were still here. Still alive.

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Store Announcement:

There are several questions that asks me about where to buy my goods, like mugs and clothes and etc. So I’ll answer it here and besides that, I also have new plans to do on clothing design project.

I plan not to stick much in society6 for business purposes, I only earn a very small amount of profits from every buyer who bought it. 

I intend to hold the clothing designs on my own. I’ve found a company that prints clothes in full, not only prints in limit sizes. I wanted to started to design TF in full design clothes! Like mass designs of chibi Lost Light crews around the shirt and more..! 

But there is only one problem the left me, the company that prints clothes were located in America, and it will costs a lot for me to deliver it to my place. So bear with me in prices now… (Instead if someone is willing to be my middleman for my business who lives in America, I can make the clothing price more cheaper. You can message me if wanted.)

I also have more different goods to create soon to sell too! Stay tuned-!!

Society6 store

Here’s my store where my goodies like mugs and cute clothes where! Enjoy!!