Remember this old video of Nobuteru “NOB” Taniguchi street drifting in his AE86? There’s a dark story behind the boots that Taniguchi is wearing. Taniguchi stole those boots from a homeless man sleeping in Roppongi Station. While this sounds bad, we need to be understanding. We can’t blame Taniguchi (at least not solely) for his actions because he, like the man he stole from, was homeless. Taniguchi had been living out of his car for nearly 3 years and it was during those rough days and cold nights on the street that his old flip flops predictably broke at the straps. Taniguchi was a desperate man.

The real issue is how Taniguchi did it. It’s one thing to steal them with little to no injury dealt to each party, it’s an entirely different thing when the victim ends up murdered.


I think some of you know that I already apologize about what I’ve drawn to be such a sensitive artwork. So, I’m sorry to what I’ve done everything in this problem. Take my words, if I apologize, I meant it. I’m not a kind of person of apologizing it in fake way. Also, I know some of you tries to tell me its not my fault or I shouldn’t apologize about it, but that’s alright, whether its my fault or not I’ll still apologize to everyone.

I know I make mistakes, I’m no perfect, and I’m glad to say I’m pretty aware to what I’ve done. I’m still young to learn what is right or wrong as an artist, and since I’m thankful I learned something for today, I know now what to avoid.

But anyway, I know its all about ‘I can draw what I like’, the freedom of my desires to draw what I want, and to what I’m about to say, I have no intentions to dig myself to draw more of that said of sensitive theme, even if I apologize or not. I have lots of ideas of my own to draw, why should I even stick to that only and to come out it was actually a sensitive thing too? 

I will leave the mistaken drawing just a form of my gift for kokoko-sir, but if anyone of you wanted me to remove it from my blog, feel free to ask me to! 

For now, I’ll still continue my journey as TF fanartist, my usual thing to draw about robots and my OTPs and everything. And for an exchange, I want to ask a favor to everyone else… As a consideration of my apology, if you would please not to drag my name anymore in this issue. To be honest, I am a silent stalker to myself, I have seen all of you who mentions my name, who makes comments about me even on twitter.

Let me leave alone and just continue on drawing what I like. I am no longer going to talk or argue about this issue after this post, I’m not going to put myself on which side I was, I’ll just be here drawing quietly. 

I send my thanks to you all for making me realize things.

Thank you.


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