I got the parts yesterday, sorry for the delay everyone!!

One of the reasons is that they had to be printed again. I wasn’t satisfied with how they came out. But look at them now!! ♡

I should be ready to ship stuff starting Friday!! I’ll let you know!!

First time printing these guys… I’m so in love with the colors, they’re so accurate and yummy o(〃^▽^〃)o

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you think I could have mtmte Fort Max, Prowl, Whirl, and Drift reacting to their (cybertronian) s/o getting horribly injured in battle? Also I would like to wish you luck with your blog!!

-rubs hands together- i love a good steaming hot cup of angst in the afternoon. And thank you! ^^

Fortress Maximus, Prowl, Whirl, and Drift MTMTE

(I’m assuming the s/o lives in this scenario)  Assuming you were fighting side by side with them, and they saw you receive the hit, each of them would have that moment where time just stops, and they feel their insides go cold. Each of them would fight their way to you as fast as possibly, and immediately get you a medic

Fort Max would want to stay with you, and would need some convincing to go back into the fight. He would need to know your in good hands before leaving you side. Once the battle is over, you better bet he’s stuck to you by the hip for a loooong time

Drift would be largely the same, but it would be easier to get him back into the fight seeing as he will be hell bent on finding the one who hurt you, and they will pay dearly. He’s overjoyed to see you’re going to be all right after the battle, and sits by your sickbed until you can leave 

Whirl (while terrified of losing you) would jump right back into the fight the moment you’re in a medic’s care. He resorts to violence when faced with difficult situations, and this is no different. Similar to drift, whoever hurt you is dead. Once the fight is over though, he refuses to leave your side

Prowl is a very logical person. While he would want to stay by your side, he knows the battle is more important, and that the medic would be able to work faster without him there. So he would go right back into battle without a fuss. Afterwards, he sits by your bed quietly and holds your hand