The mystery of the velvet worms migration

Once again a fossil trapped in 105 million year old Burmese amber has answered a riddle that puzzled ecologists and palaeontologists for decades and provided clear proof for one of the two main contending hypotheses that had been in contention. The question relates to the distribution of organisms worldwide both now and going back through deep time, a discipline known as biogeography. Already back in the early 20th century the distribution of fossils at varying times in geological history was one of the prime pieces of evidence thrown up by Alfred Wegener in his theory of continental drift (now evolved into the current plate tectonic paradigm).

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Fanny Maurer aka Lady Diamond (France)

At Seven Hotel, 20 rue Berthollet 75005 Paris - Suite Diamant Noir

Photo by: Adrien Ehrhardt Photography

Make-up by: Fanny Maurer Make Up Artist

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