Summary of Danganronpa
  • DR1: Tell em' Naegi
  • SDR2: No Komaeda, Hope is not an instrument
  • DRAE: *leans into the mic* goodbye u little shits
  • DR3Future: dear boy
  • DR3Despair: they live and die by the meme
  • DR3Hope: Being Munakata is suffering
  • DR2.5: Fucking fuckers with talent, go fucking kill urselves
  • DR0: MatsudakunmatsudakunmatsudakunmATSUDAKUNMATSUDAKUN
  • DRTogami: all my friends are dead
  • DRKirigiri: Onee-sama
  • DRIF: Junko no-
  • NDRV3: why the fuck u lyin'
  • DR School mode/island mode: meet my harem, everybody

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Mukuro has got to get tickle revenge on naegi omg pls they're so cute

Ok afther some time she finally puts herself together and crushes on him with revenge

But you know…

Makoto isn’t really affected by it. Every time this happends Mukuro is really shocked and thinks that there’s something wrong with him.

I don’t want to be dramatic or anything but this is the cutest picture I have ever seen. I will never see anything more beautiful than this collection of pixels. When I die, plaster this over my grave, don’t write my name or date or birth or death, just slap this image over the slab of stone that marks my eternal place of rest. People will understand, they will. I truly believe this is a message from God himself. I truly believe this is the first photograph of a real live angel. There is no other explanation, I am blessed, so blessed.

i really like kita shinsuke’s (inarizaki’s captain) characterization

inarizaki’s captain is like a mix of tsukishima, ushijima and daichi to me

he’s like ushijima in the way that he’s confident in his abilities and knows that his abilities will never fail him. just like how ushijijma knows his spikes are always gonna score and shiratorizawa will always win (until karasuno came along). but he’s not arrogant about it. it doesn’t come off as annoying or rubs you in a bad way. kita shinsuke just has a matter of fact kind of attitude. he doesn’t have a motive for doing things. he just does them because they need to be done and it makes him feel good. 

he’s like tsukishima in the way that he’s cold hard logic. he relies on what he knows and only trusts what he knows. he doesn’t sugar coat things and he tells them as they are. he might come off a bit callous and tactless but he means well and people can’t really argue with him when they know he makes perfect sense.

but then, he’s also like daichi in the way that he is stable.as a player and a person. while they both don’t standout compared to some of their teammates, they’re a vital member of the team because they’re the ones that keeps the team grounded. but while daichi’s specialty is receives, shinsuke doesn’t have any. but he’s stable and consistent. both his personality and his abilities are, and those are the qualities that a team captain should have.

BUT ALSO, he cares for his team in the same matter of fact kind of attitude. his characteristics (stable and consistent) and logic extends to taking care of his team and himself. because he’s known to be logical, it might come off as if he’s only taking care of his teammates because they all need to be in top shape to win BUT like it was said “he simply does what needs to be done” meaning, he saw that atsumu is sick, so the next logical action is send him home with a reminder to take care of himself (AND EVEN SNACKS!!!) and telling him to feel better.

anyway. tl;dr

if you haven’t realized it yet by now, i’ve fallen inlove with kita shinsuke and has now adopted him as my new volleyball son

Crescent (I.M. Werewolf AU)

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Title: Crescent

Featuring: I.M (Monsta X ) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Word count: 5k.

Warnings: Violence, mentions of blood, very subtle smut.

Summary: You’ve hunted werewolves all your life, so when you come across a lone wolf in the woods, you never expected him to become the other half of your moon.

Requested by Anon! Now taking Halloween/Fall themed scenario requests!

Leaves crunched under your feet as you moved slowly through the barren forest; the dead, spiny branches raking across a clear night sky. The air was crisply cold, stinging your cheeks and making your eyes water, but you pressed on, hand against your holster.

It was foolish to hunt alone, you knew that, but you’d gotten a tip about a lone wolf out in the trees. It should be simple to take just one down, especially with your years of experience and acquired hunting skills. You’d been hunting werewolves all your life, so this wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle.

Although, you hadn’t killed many lately. Something had happened, something that complicated your entire life as you knew it. You fell in love.

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Naekusaba !!!!

Who said “I love you” first: I feel like it could be either way with these two, and whoever was confessed to would be a blushing mess as a result.
Who would have the others picture as their phone background: Mukuro would have a background photo of Makoto, while Makoto has a picture of the both of them together.
Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Makoto was the one who suggested putting things that make them happy on the mirror. Imagine the heart attack he had next morning when he saw Mukuro had drawn a knife.
Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Makoto goes totally overboard with his gifts.
Who initiated the first kiss: Makoto! He just thought she looked pretty at the moment, and he just decided to go in.
Who kisses the other awake in the morning: After living together awhile, Mukuro finally decides to give Makoto a little kiss on the cheek in the morning. It becomes routinely.
Who surprises the other in the middle of the work day with lunch: Mukuro pretty much prepared what would be considered standard military rations, and you bet your ass Makoto would love and appreciate them.
Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Makoto was more outwardly nervous, while Mukuro was more innerly nervous.
Who kills the spiders: Mukuro does it. One time there was a spider that was on the can of bugspray so she just pulled out some of her old military weapons and killed it with those.
Who loudly proclaims their love for the other while drunk: Makoto isn’t a drinker, but on the rare rare occasion he gets drunk, he won’t shut up about how great Mukuro is.

Modern Heathenism

When I was explaining Heathenism to a friend the other day, something occurred to me: Heathenism sounds fucking ridiculous.
“The universe is a tree.”
“Two wolves chase the sun and moon across the sky.”
“There’s a giant wolf attached to a rock via unbreakable ribbon.”
“A cow licked a dude into existence.”

But, it also occurred to me that we could be taking this too literally
(If you truly believe the universe is a tree, bless you because I wish I had that amount of faith in the old religion. This post is in no way meant to be rude.)

Take Fenrir for example:
If you know the story of the Binding of Fenrir, you know Odin causes his own demise in the end. Fenrir was a friend to the Gods, but Odin was so paranoid about dying that he locked Fenrir up, which pissed off the wolf, so he made a vow to escape and kill Odin.
Many people interpret this story as the “beginning of the end,” the start of the countdown to Ragnarok, and it is, but think about the idea of the story:
Odin causes his own demise. He is his own worst enemy.
I feel the story of Fenrir can be taken as a moral, just let things be how they’re gonna be, don’t try to change the outcome. (I know if Odin hadn’t locked up Fenrir the prophecy wouldn’t have come true but that’s another topic.)

Now, let’s think about Yggdrasil, the World Tree:
Sounds pretty crazy, right? Instead, let’s take it as a metaphor.
The World Tree connects the Nine Realms. It connects us to the Gods, it connects the Gods to the dead, etc. Yggdrasil can be taken as a sort of personification of our connection with the Gods, and the idea that everything in the universe is connected, regardless of location.

I had a hard time connecting to Heathenism at first because of how odd it sounded, but instead of taking everything literally, taking some things metaphorically made it easier to understand and accept.
There’s a ton of ways to modernize Heathenism, but I feel this way, a way that might help people connect with it, is often overlooked.

If you feel Heathenism is a bit too “out there” for you but you’re still interested in it, try taking things metaphorically instead of literally.
Yggdrasil is the binding/connecting force in our lives.
The Binding of Fenrir is a warning against trying to change the future instead of accepting what’s to be.
A cow licking a guy into existence is… that’s still just a cow licking a guy into existence, I don’t have anything for that.