Summary of Danganronpa
  • DR1: Tell em' Naegi
  • SDR2: No Komaeda, Hope is not an instrument
  • DRAE: *leans into the mic* goodbye u little shits
  • DR3Future: dear boy
  • DR3Despair: they live and die by the meme
  • DR3Hope: Being Munakata is suffering
  • DR2.5: Fucking fuckers with talent, go fucking kill urselves
  • DR0: MatsudakunmatsudakunmatsudakunmATSUDAKUNMATSUDAKUN
  • DRTogami: all my friends are dead
  • DRKirigiri: Onee-sama
  • DRIF: Junko no-
  • NDRV3: why the fuck u lyin'
  • DR School mode/island mode: meet my harem, everybody

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Mukuro has got to get tickle revenge on naegi omg pls they're so cute

Ok afther some time she finally puts herself together and crushes on him with revenge

But you know…

Makoto isn’t really affected by it. Every time this happends Mukuro is really shocked and thinks that there’s something wrong with him.

"You promise?"

“What if I end up like him?” Ashton nervously asked, his knee bouncing up and down as he took in the sight of me and my seven-month old baby bump.

“Ashton, babe, you definitely won’t.” I smiled lightly, putting my hand on top of his.

“Y/N, all of this is just, fuck, well, the start of everything. We’ll have more concerts and more venues and it’s just th-…”

“I call bullshit.”

“I know. But what if I don’t fulfill my responsibilities as a father that well? This is gonna be our first. And what if I drif-…”

I interrupted Ashton by crashing my lips onto his, letting my forehead touch his afterwards.

“Ash, you’re gonna be a great father. I promise.”

“You promise?” His eyes lit up, smiling ever so slightly.

“I promise.”


So this is definitely overdoing it haha but I’ve always loved Psychology (my frustrated major tbh) and last episode made me extremely interested in how Noriko’s and Katsuhira’s condition compare to the real deal. 

I went looking into both, Congenital insensitivity to pain (inability to feel physical pain) and Alexithymia (inability to feel emotional pain), because people with congenital insensitivity to pain are able to feel emotions just fine. 

And Alexithymia is so spot-on that it blew my mind. Granted, I’m not expecting them to outright say they have this condition, but I wanted to share the info just in case someone else is also interested in Psychology! :D

Alexithymia is a personality construct characterized by the sub-clinical inability to identify and describe emotions in the self: Problems identifying, describing, and working with one’s own feelings.

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ok though, “home” in the context of hld (and moreso drif) makes me sad cause like

If I fall
Down on my knees
Wondering for
What we could be

If I could
Try a little harder
I would succeed (oh, oh)
I’d rather give up
And be happy

I will come home in time
We will grow old and break apart
It’s what I told you from the start
Oh, we’ve always played the part

it becomes a song about Could Have Beens ? and suddenly the BRIGHT, HOPEFUL ENERGY of the song becomes ncredibly bittersweet

anyway. i’m crying what’s up

The Maze Runner Preferences: Cuddling


After a long day of work you wanted nothing more than to sleep. When you had finished dinner, yo had arrived in yours and Newt’s hammock and drifted off to sleep. Not long after, Newt came in. He didn’t want to wake you up so he moved into the bed, pulling you close to his chest but unfortunately the movement woke you. “Go back to sleep, it’s just me”. You smile, drifting off to sleep after a hard day of work.


You had woken up due to yet another nightmare. You sat on the bed, trying to get your breathing to slow when Thomas began running a hand down your back to sothe you. You smile slightly, moving so that you could put your head on his chest. He didn’t say a word, but rather kissed your forehed and let you drif off to sleep. You fell asleep, knowing you were safe in his arms.


You and Minho had spent the majority of the morning in bed. You were both happy, seeing as you had recently not spent any alone time together. You both lay in bed, caressing each other, savoring the moment. It was very rare that you and Minho got to spend time like this. You smile, “I’m glad we finally got to spend time together”. He smiles, kissing your forehead, “Me too”.


You and Gally were both lying on the hammock talking about how your day went when you yawned. He laughed, “Come here”, he says, taking you into his arms. “Keep talking I love listening to you talk”, you say smiling. He smiles, kissing your forehead and continues where he left off. You fall asleep to the sound of his voice and not long after does he drift off to sleep.

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Attention UT Fandom

So like with any other fandom, there are ships that some people love and some people hate, for many reasons. It’s fine to dislike or even be disgusted by some ships, but please do not go out of your way to tell artists your negative opinions! If you would feel disappointed seeing one of your favorite artists drawing content you don’t agree with, keep it to yourself and silently unfollow if it makes you uncomfortable enough.

“But I feel strongly about the content they are drawing and it’s just.. wrong!”

So what? They are drawing for themselves and not for you. These artists aren’t going around and pushing their views on others. They are merely posting to share with those who would enjoy. Note that most of these artists have disclaimers on their blogs and tag properly to ensure only the appropriate audiences will come across it. If they are tagging improperly, just let them know calmly like “Oh sorry to bother you but just letting you know any NSFW undertale content should not be tagged as undertale, but as undertail instead”.

You can’t help what you like and dislike, and that’s okay. Heck, even the artists themselves might have had a hard time accepting that they like what they like (trust me on this one). Attacking them does absolutely nothing positive and makes them feel awful for doing nothing wrong. Remember that these are fictional characters and what people may enjoy in fanworks does not reflect what they approve of in real life.


if you don’t like something an artist creates, don’t follow and don’t bash.