Things Jason Todd 100% Owns

  • That shirt that says “I’m a luxury few can afford”
  • You know in cartoons when they open the closet and it’s like a whole row of the same shirts and pants, that except with leather jackets
  • A gun that Steph bedazzled but he can’t throw it away because it’s one of his favorites
  • Juicy sweatpants that say “Juicy” on the ass from the early 2000′s
  • A hollowed out book filled with joints but everyone knows about it because when has he ever read Pride and Prejudice
  • A shirt that says “I’m bi and alive”
  • A pair of pleaser heels that he wears when he is alone because he likes how they make his butt look
  • Sushi socks from forever 21
  • A pin that says “dank memes” that he probably pins to the collar of his leather jacket
  • Leopard print leggings that were a gag gift from Roy but are actually comfortable so he wears them around the house
  • 3 crop tops to show off his mid driff because he’s really proud of his abs
  • A dog stuffie that he sleeps with every night named Mr. Fred
#7 - Starting to Show

Boy(s): 4/4

Rating: No Smut

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Ashton: Ever since Ash had announced your pregnancy to the fans wherever you went people were looking to see if you were showing yet. It was seriously starting to get to you. All you could think about was that the minute you started to show that people may start to call you fat, but Ashton couldn’t wait until you started to show. He said that once you started showing it would be a sign that the twins were really growing. You agreed that it meant they were growing, but you didn’t like the fact that it meant you would have to grow too.

“Ash,” you whined, “the fans are tweeting again about how I am not showing even though I am almost three months along!”

“So? Who cares what the fans think. Maybe your body just works differently.” You smiled at him, grateful that even when your hormones were out of whack Ash could still make you feel better about yourself. You walked over to your full-length mirror and turned from side to side almost hoping that you would see even a little bump to make Ash happy, then when you lifted your shirt up slightly you saw a very small but definite bump.

“Ashton!,” you called. He came running into the room from where he had been shaving in the bathroom.

“(Y/N) is something wrong! Is it the babies!” You waved him over, and after he slowly made his way over you grabbed his hand and placed it on your stomach. You watched as his worried expression turned into one of the biggest smiles you had ever seen on Ash’s face when he felt the small bump that signaled the twins were growing healthily.

Calum: You and Calum were playing some video game that he had just picked up from the store when your front door opened and the other boys waltzed in like they owned the place, but at this point you were used to it.

“Hey (Y/N)! What’s up with you and the baby,” Luke said as he plopped down on the couch next to you. You loved all of the boys, but you and Luke always seemed to be the closest friendship wise, and ever since you got pregnant Luke has been just as protective over you as Calum.

“We’re great! My morning sickness hasn’t been all too bad these past two days which is a huge relief.” Calum looked up with relief in his eyes since you weren’t exactly the most pleasant person towards him whenever your morning sickness was really bad.

Luke chuckled and said, “Well Cal sure does look relieved.” You smiled and laid your head down on Cal’s shoulder as his arm wrapped around you with his hand placed protectively on your stomach. A few minutes after Cal placed his hand on your stomach he froze, and looked over at you smiling widely. You looked down at your stomach as he lifted your shirt up and saw a small little bump that had not been there before. The minute all the boys saw the little bump all of them except for Mike who was keeking the whole thing ran over to you and starting talking to your stomach in baby voices. You smiled at the camera as Mike was videoing the whole thing and mouthed “idiots.”

Michael: Your sister was having dinner over at her house for you and your parents to celebrate her promotion and you were having a hard time figuring out what you were going to where. Mike swore that he saw a little bump growing on your stomach last week, but you just couldn’t see it. Mike was downstairs waiting for you to get ready so that you guys could head out because (Y/S/N) lived 45 mins away. You finally found a dress that you liked and put it on, but as you were shimmying into it you noticed that it was a little tight on your mid-driff. You walked over to the mirror hoping to get a better view and be able to zip it up, but to your dismay you still couldn’t pull the zipper all the way up.

“Michael, can you come here for a sec?” You could hear his footsteps at he loudly made his way up the steps.

“What’s up, babe?”

“I need you to zip this up for me,” you whined slightly upset that you couldn’t do it yourself. He smiled at you as he walked over, but instead of zipping up your dress as you had asked.

Instead he slipped his hands onto your stomach underneath your dress and whispered in your ear, “See? I told you that you were starting to show.” You glared up at him as he removed his hands and zipped up your dress only to place them right back on your stomach and turn you sideways so that you could see the bump his hands were forming a heart on. You smiled up at him surprisingly happy he had been right because this was just confirmation that your little Clifford was growing.

Luke: You and Luke were out to dinner with your parents when you were hit with a wave of nausea. Your morning sickness had been very unpredictable. One day you would be perfectly fine and the next you couldn’t leave the bathroom for fear of throwing up all over the furniture. You gave Luke the signal that you two had come up with then sprinted to the bathroom. After you washed out your mouth you left the bathroom finding Luke standing right at the entrance waiting for you.

“I told your parents what was up and told them we would be heading home.”

You nodded, “Thanks Luke.” Once you two got home Luke walked you upstairs and you laid down on the bed. You watched Luke as he changed out of his fancy clothes and into lounging wear. Once he was done he crawled onto the bed and lifted your shirt and began to talk to the baby.

“Now listen baby I know you don’t mean it, but you can’t keep giving mommy such bad morning sickness.”

You chuckled, “Luke you know the baby probably can’t hear you, right?”

“I don’t care (Y/N),” he stated as he placed his hand on your stomach. You watched as his eyes widened finally feeling the little bump forming on your stomach that you had actually noticed three days ago.

“(Y/N) why aren’t you acting as excited about this!”

You smirked, “Cause Luke I noticed about three days ago, but I wanted to see how long it would take for you to notice.” He pursed his lips seemingly frustrated with you, but then he placed a quick kiss on you stomach and one on your lips. He then pulled you close with you head on his shoulder and his hand on your stomach protecting your little miracle.

-Sierra xx


So I’ve been noticing alot of anti-ss are claiming sakuras outfit is similar to Karin and that they are using sakura as a substitute for Karin or that sakura is dressing like Karin so that sasuke will like her. If you look at the images you’ll notice something pretty obvious, Sakura and Konan have like exactly the same outfit like they are wayyy similar than Karin like come one. The differences are uncanny. You can’t deny that sakura figure and outfit is more of Konan than Karin. Karin outfit doesn’t even give off a nice figure, the chest size is pretty obvious. Sakura inherited alot from her tsunade, she wears heals, puts on lipstick, and has her figure even. Karin wasn’t the only one with lip gloss or wore mid driff tops. Sakura actually showed her belly button in one of the movies like come on. Karin is a side character not a main character. Dont try to point out every detail, not everything sakura does revolve around Karin. Sakura and Karin are two differ characters. Get over it anti-ss.

Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s Midriff

The answers to your burning questions.

Hi, greetings. This is a post about a very important thing: Taylor Swift’s midriff. In the next few minutes we will explore the depths of the ‘driff.

First of all, the midriff enjoys being seen. That is obvious.

External image

And Taylor gives the midriff the satisfaction of being seen that it wants.

External image

The midriff also loves by cats and has gotten very close to tiny white fluffy kittens.

External image

However the midriff hasn’t always wanted to be exposed. For example, this picture taken in 2007 shows no midriff. At all.

External image

And in this example of a picture taken this year, the midriff barely makes its existence known to the world because it was still kind of shy and just wanted to peep out to say hi.

External image

Then there was this time, when it was just barely playing peek-a-boo with the world.

External image

Clearly it was urging to be seen, but it wasn’t ready yet.

External image

That basically all changed when the ‘driff made its big debut at the American Music Awards. (actually the ACMs)

External image


External image

Now the midriff is living in its glory days.

External image

It’s life has never been better.

External image

It’s tanned and toned and ready to live.

External image

And that’s everything you need to know about the midriff du Taylor Swift. Next time we will examine her purse holding technique.

External image


my home is the sea, a wadanohara and the great blue sea mix

tracklist: mindy gledhil-anchor// the kooks-the seaside// los campesinos!-the sea is a good place to think of the future// swim deep-the sea// frightened rabbits-swim until you cant see land// karen o feat erza koenig-the moon song// nice little penguins-grateful// fleet foxes- blue spotted tail// driffs-ocean sounds// eisley-lost at sea

art source

Vitani tried to take over when I took her for a ride.

#red tail boa

im drimv the car. No worry! Saw ya playen the Tockyo Driff! no problem *hops a gardrail* no issue *beeps thro the woods into a vale* no prob *crushes over the homes lands in your bedrroom* no problem no issues 9.88/10 IM TO CERTAINLY THINK THEIRE IS AN ISSUE!!! (takes a snake licke on your nosy) ah all good! No Swett’s

(another again submartle from cutiesnoots the misterie humain again!)