‘Space Flight Corundum was unique. Exploration of the solar system, as far off as the dwarf planet Pluto, had long been considered old news – this maiden voyage, however, was to be a momumental jump in human adventure. Ten years would be dedicated, powered with fission of man-made unstable molecules and with aid of the first application of cryosleep, to navigating the unknown mid-sector of the Milky Way. Saphira had known that this mission would be completely different from anything in history, and that there could arise situations that would require quick decisions and alteration of the long-defined plan; she and the six other members of the crew had spent their lives, from awkward prepubescence until now, planning and training together for every potential accident or fault. No matter the problem, they had been sure they could handle, at the very least, abandoning the quest and returning home safely.

But when Saphira woke, dreams of her family – though an impossibility in cryosleep – still floating in her right eye, she found herself in a world nothing like had ever been theorized. Her pod had been shattered, the paper-thin glass, made to resist the explosive power of a bazooka, dusting her like sparkling sand. Blue mist seeped around her, tinted by the electronic light, and spilled out into the ship. Only darkness existed beyond where she lay… though, as her eyes adjusted, what greeted her was not metal in a power outage, but a jagged hole revealing the eternity of the universe. Fireballs of light, cool blue and gold, glimmered at her. The stars laughed, and Saphira knew she was dead.

It was then that she saw the dim red glow of eyes. They turned to face her, a glimpse of hell among the depths of the heavens, and sparks lit its lips as the demon breathed. It stood. Bits of the ship drifed away at its feet, freed from the confines of gravity. Saphira thought of a movie from her youth, and a hysterical voice met the pounding of her heart with the words: We’re not in Kansas anymore.’ 

( NEW AU! Made by the Lovely @rhinocio with various help over at the Project Corundum chat~ Not In Kansas Anymore au, follows the basic plot of Ruby and Sapphire being sent on a space exploration that went wrong, only to find out that they’re alive and that their bodies have some…changes)           

The Gamer Girl Chronicles

It had started off as a fun competition between father and son, but when Amelia came home from the hospital a few minutes into their little competition, Finn was already on the verge of tears as his father won another round. “Mommyyyyyy!” Finn whined, running into Amelia’s arms and crying, “daddy keeps beefing me.”
“Well you can’t win every game, Finny,” she said sweetly, tousling his red locks as she carried him back to where Owen was waiting.
“But I haven’t won any,” he complained, stealing a glance at his father and glaring.
“Really Owen?” she whispered, not looking at him.
“I didn’t mean to,” he sheepishly announced, “it just kinda happened.”
“Here’s what,” Amelia said, wiping the spilt tears from her ginger haired son’s face, “let me try and beat daddy.”
After a few seconds of contemplation, he finally said, “Okay.”
“No offence, Ames, but this is some hardcore gaming going on here,” Owen said proudly.
“Just give me the controller, O,” she demanded, sticking her hand out.
“Don’t start crying if I beat you then.”
“I won’t,” she reassured.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Amelia shouted, flying out of the chair as she did a victory dance, “I win againnnnnnnn!”
He chuckled and grumbled at the same time, “You got lucky.”
“No she diffent Daddy,” Finn piped in, jumping up and celebrating with his mother, “she beef you fye times now!” He held up four fingers.
“Yes mommy did,” Amelia triumphantly cooed, raising her hand for a high five from Finn. Owen was wishing right about now that he didn’t introduce her to Street Fighter. Her moves were as precise and calculated as her surgical technique, except she was holding a PS3 controller and not a ten blade. “Wanna go again?” she taunted, a devilish twinkle in her eyes.
“Let’s try another game maybe?” he curtly suggested, reaching over for the game cases.

“Goal, mommy, goal!” Finn shouted as Amelia kicked the ball into the net for the third time. Halftime hadn’t even been called as yet and once again, Owen watched as his wife and son basically danced on his soon to be dug grave.

He somehow thought that he could beat her in Need for Speed. He thought wrong. Amelia dominated the track, effectively using her nitro and drifting like there was no tomorrow. He stole glances at her posture, noticing the way she leaned over the chair, her eyes completely enveloped in the task at hand. Every time she hit a sharp turn, she’d bite her lip and furrow her eyebrows. At some point, he found himself looking more at her than playing the game.
“Daddy, you’re drifing in the wrong divection!” Finn exclaimed. Amelia looked at Owen from the corner of her eye, noticing his eyes on her, and red rose in her cheeks. Just then, she crossed the finish line, jumping up out of the couch dramatically as she pumped one of her fists in the air.
“Maybe you should keep your eyes on the road and not me?” she boasted vibrantly.
“Yeah, that’ll teach you not to mess with us, daddy,” Finn countered, hugging onto his mother’s leg, but Owen wasn’t listening.
“Where did you learn how to play all these games so well?” he questioned, completely blindsided by how good she was at them.
“Derek and Mark would play a lot when he came over.”
Owen picked her up by her thighs and threw her over his shoulder, walking away as he said, “That’s unbelievably hot and annoying at the same time.” She squealed and chuckled in response as Owen manhandled her.
“Waif,” Finn protested, “where you guys going?”
“Mommy has to punish me for bullying you,” Owen replied.
“But she already did,” he countered, his eyebrows furrowing like Amelia’s. If he hadn’t ever looked like her before, he definitely did now.
“She has to punish me lots more, Finny,” Owen said.
“That’s right, little red,” Amelia said, spanking Owen on the ass for effect as they closed the bedroom door behind them. The boy stood awkwardly in the room and wondered why she had to close the door to punish him; she never did that when he was being punished.

You're Worth It (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Request: Hello, I ran out of characters when I tried to do the ask. So I am messaging you. First off I adored your fics. So much they made my day I was almost crying. Would you ever do a request for someone like me? You see I’m 5'9 and not conventionally pretty. Like…at all. And I thought a fic about the reader a little taller a little rounder and loosing lots of self confidence. Like they can’t get a spell right or is trying to try something new and can’t do it the first few tries. Then in the fluff of fluff newt saves the day. If you are too busy I understand. This is simply me asking. <3 thanks
A/N: You are beautiful. Don’t ever let society’s dumb standards ruin your confidence.

You woke up and immediately stared at your reflexion in the mirror. You sighed. Beauty was not something you had, you thought. Your boyfriend Newt always told you you were beautiful, but his words never really sunk in.
You got changed into your robes and joined your friends at breakfast.
“Hello love.” A soft voice whispered into your ears as you felt arms wrap around your waist.
You turned around and smiled at Newt as he took a seat beside you.
“Morning Newt.”
“So what class you have first?” He asked you, stealing a piece of bacon from your plate.
You groaned.
“Ugh Charms.”
“You still having a little trouble babe?”
“More like a lot of trouble. Why do I suck so much?” You frowned.
“Darling, don’t say that. I’ll come see you right after class, kay?”
He smiled at you through his big blue eyes. Leaning over, he planted a soft kiss on your lips before leaving for his class.
Goofily smiling, you realized you were due for Charms. Hurrying up, you grasped your books and ran up to class.
“You’re late.” Professor Flitwick said as you panted, walking up to a desk.
“I’m sorry Professor.”
“So as i was saying, the fire-making charm is a very complex spell and very tricky to get right.
However, i strongly believe you will be able to conjure it by the end of this hour. Off to work!”
The following hour was the worst you’ve ever experienced in this very classroom. No matter how hard you swished, waved or flicked your wand, flames refused to appear. Everyone else had been able to do it by now. You started feeling sad, worthless. The bell rang and everyone cleared out, leaving you alone in the empty classroom.
You sat down, Putting your head in your hands. You let out a soft cry. “I’m worthless”, you thought. “I can’t do anything right, nothing’s going well.”
You contined crying for a little while, so consumed in your agony that you didn’t hear Newt walk up to the door. He stared at you, his heart breaking at the sight of you in such pain. He wished you can see how much of a wonderful being you were, How your presence brightened up his day. How you being in his life completed him. She took a few tentative steps towards you. Hearing the sound, you lifted your head and saw him. She sat down beside you and you put your head on his shoulder. He wrapped his strong arms around you and you cried into his chest. The whole time, he laid soft kisses along your shoulder, head and hair while whispering sweet nothings in your ear. After a little while, your sobs came to a halt.
“You okay?” He looked down at you with concern.
“I just feel like I’ll never be enough. I’m not pretty, I’m not smart.… I don’t understand how I am with you. I feel so worthless, I’m not worth it.”
“Y/N. Please listen to me. I’m completely bewildered, I have no idea how you feel like this. I just wanted you to know that I do think you’re beautiful. Every day, you take my breath away over and over each time I see you. And I wish I can tell you or I can show you just how much you mean to me. I wish I had words to express how amazing you are. I’m so crazily in love with you Y/N. Just know that.”
You smiled tearily at his words that warmed up your heart.
“I love you too Newt.”
He pulled you closer to him in a hug, you sighing at the feeling of being in his arms.
“ Feel better?” He asked.
“Much. Thanks to you.” You grinned.
You wrapped your arms around his waist, kissing him.
You are beautiful. You are smart. You are worth it. Newt made all those things clear to you, and whenever you were with him you felt them. He brought out the best in you, he made you feel something so inexplicably good, so positive.
The two of you spent some time that afternoon, working together on the charm you were trying to learn. By dinner time, you had fully mastered it and were able to conjure a magnificent full-fledged fire.
“See Y/N? You can do it, look. You just gotta believe in yourself.” Newt said, holding your hand and looking at the orange and red flames dancing in front of him.
“We should put this out before we burn the whole school down.” You giggled.
It was later on that night, and you were in Newt’s dorm room.
“Thanks for comforting me today Newt.”
“I’m always here for you Y/N.”
You smiled at him in the dark, before drifing off to sleep.
Newt looked down at you. He smiled. Making you feel better and seeing you happy meant the world to him. You were his world, so if you were happy, he definitely was.


Well i hope you liked it @totheworldosanime


Home- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Home
Request: Hello Love! I was hoping for a Peter x Reader where the reader first arrives in neverland when she’s five and everyone adores her but Peter knows she doesn’t belong in Neverland so he sends her home, only for her to come back years later to help the gang get Henry and he falls in love with her?
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

“Get to bed boys.” Y/N said to the lost boys.
“Ok Y/N! Good night!” the all said.
Y/N hugged each and every one of the boys as they went to bed.
“Y/N go clean the fire area.” Peter demanded to her.
All the lost boys on Neverland loved Y/N, but their leader Peter Pan didn’t at all.
He knew she didn’t belong in Neverland, for she was a girl.
“Alright Peter.” she smiled.
Y/N tried to make every day on Neverland go as smooth as possible, but the fact that Peter couldn’t stand her made each day hard.

The day Y/N finally left Neverland was both heartbreaking and a huge weight off her shoulders.
She cried as she told the lost boys good bye, and gave Peter Pan a mental huge middle finger as she left.
“That chapter of my life is over.” she said as she drifed away from the island, it disappearing into the horizon.

Years later, Y/N found herself living in Storybrooke.
She was now 18, and had made many friends.
Her best friend was named Henry Mills, he was a bit younger than her but Y/N loved his sense of magic and adventure.
Henry was taken from Storybrooke, and taken to Neverland.
Along with Henry’s family, Y/N vowed to get her bestfriend back.
Even if it meant she had to go back to the place she both loved and hated the most.

“Y/N you know the island, want to lead us to the base camp?” Emma, Henry’s mom, asked when they got to the island.
“Yea sure. Follow me, watch out for anything dangerous.” Y/N responded.
She lead the group straight to Pan’s base camp, and found Henry sitting with the lost boys.
“Henry!” Emma said, running to hug her son.
“I knew you’d come find me.” Henry said.
“Y/N?” one of the lost boys said.
“Hey boys.” Y/N smiled.
They all run to her a hugged her as hard as they all possibly could.
“Y/N.” Peter said, approaching her and the rest of Henry’s family.
“Hi, Peter.” Y/N responded.
Peter was looking her up and down, a look of surprise on his face, “You’ve changed.”
“You haven’t.” Y/N giggled.
Inside, Y/N had always had a crush on Peter.
It hadn’t gone away in the years off the island.
“Peter, you need to let Henry go.” Y/N demanded.
Peter looked at Henry, then back to Y/N, “Ok, but on one condition.”
“Wow, that was easy.” Y/N laughed, “What’s the condition?”
“I want you to stay on the island, like you did years ago. You can fit in for once, and the lost boys miss you.” Peter responded.
“What happened to you hating me?” Y/N asked.
Peter smiled, “Well, let’s just say times have changed. I always admired your courage, but you just didn’t fit in here years ago. You will now, with me.”
“With you?” Y/N said, blushing, “You like me don’t you?”
“I guess you could say so.” Peter responded, “So what do you say?”
“Well I do miss the boys. And, deep inside, you. I always had a bit of a crush on you.” Y/N said.
“But Y/N?” Henry asked.
“Henry it’s ok. This is my true home, I’ll miss you but you can always visit.” Y/N responded.
Henry and Y/N hugged, and then Y/N went to stand by Peter.
“So this is goodbye?” Y/N asked.
“Thank you for the help Y/N.” Emma said.
“We’ll miss you.” Henry said.
“I’ll miss you too.” Y/N responded.
The group left, leaving Y/N, Peter, and the lost boys.
“Thank you for staying Y/N.” Peter said.
He reached for her hand, and grasped it.
“I’m back home, never thought this place would be my home but it is.” Y/N added.
Peter smiled, “Home is often the most unexpected place, but it’s the best place.”

Over the next few years, Y/N adjusted to living back on Neverland.
The lost boys thought of her as a mother, and she loved each one of them.
Peter and Y/N fell in love too, even with their past.
Y/N was finally home, and was forever grateful to be there.


Thanks for reading!


i want it all (with you)

So…..this is set promptly about a year after Emma geta freed of the darkness. Basically CS fluff, because its the hiatus and we need it.

It really was a beautiful ceremony. Everyone in Storybrooke dressed in their most formal attire, and gathered in city hall for a wedding that wouldn’t be forgotten. Regina was a vision in a dress fit for a queen. She opted to wear red, claiming too many times that white would never be her color.

The meeting hall was turned into a wonderful venue or the celebration. The walls were decorated with delicate floral arrangements, and tables were set up on one side of the room while the dance floor was on the other.

Emma couldn’t remember a time since she came to Storybrooke where it has been this nice and calm to have such a party. It was quiet, though. It had been almost a year since she has been saved from the darkness, and nowadays, she spends her time chasing her little brother around the loft instead of chasing villians around the town.

And she was happy.

Emma was talking to Regina, congratulating her again, but her eyes kept drifing to the devilishly handsome man standing by the bar, talking to the groom. She excuse herself before walking over towards him.

Killian was just in the middle of coversation with Robin when he felt two arms circle his wake, and he could hear a giggle from the woman behind him. He turned in her arms to face his Swan. Gods, she was beautiful.

“Hey, Captain!” She said, placing a kiss on his cheek. She felt ticklish from the stubble that grazed her lips.

“Captain, eh. Someone seems happy.”

“Well, why wouldn’t I be? I just wanted to steal my pirate away for a dance or two.” He smiled at her, placing his drink on the bar and nodding to Robin before following Emma to the dance floor.

Never letting go of his hand, she pulled him to the center, resting her free hand behind his neck, their intertwined hands coming over her heart. He twirled her around a few times, acting as if they were back at the Enchanted Forest, just like their first dance. She laughed a little when he decided to dip her aithout her knowledge.

It was nice, being here like this she decided. She loved him, and she could almost picture doing this again in the future, maybe on their wedding day.

“It really was a beautiful wedding.” Killian said, looking around to the smiles of the other townsfolk dancing around them.

“Yeah. It was.” She lays her head lightly on his shoulder, beathing in the scent of the sea and leather tat she could never get enough of.

“It makes me think…” He paused, drifting off and shaking his head, trying to forget he said anything. “It makes you think of what?”

She raised her head to look at him skeptical, and he diverted his eyes, his face blushing. “Nothing, love. It just made me think-”

“Of us…maybe having a wedding like this.”

“I’m sorry, Emma. I didn’t mean to…It just came to my mind and….I know you may not be ready. And I don’t want to scare you or-”

“Hey.” She cut him off, placing her hand on his scruffy cheek. “It’s okay. You know, when I was younger, like right after the whole Neal thing, I told myself that….that getting married just wouldn’t be for me. I was too screwed up, and I didn’t believe that was the life that I’d want.”

She felt Killian tense up, and she began to sooth the skin of his hand with her thumb. “But look at me now. I thought a lot of things back then. I never imagined I’d find my parents, or have a life with my son. I never in a million years would’ve thought I would fall in love with Captain Hook.”

He chuckled at that, placing a small kiss on her forehead. “I’m a different person now. I believe that I can be happy in the long run, and that I can deserve those things. I love you, so much, and I want to take that next step with you.”

“What are you saying, Swan?” Killian asked, pulling back a bit to look deep into her green eyes.

“I think…” she said, “I’m asking you to marry me.”

She heard his breath catch in his throat, and she feared for a second that maybe this isn’t what he wanted, and that she wasn’t enough. That moment ended quickly when he surged forward and kissed her, letting all of the emotion of the last three years pour into the kiss.

She pulled back for air, laughing as she let go of his hand to wrap is around his neck. “So is that a yes?”

“Emma.” Killian whispered, brong his hand up to cup her jaw. ‘I want more than anything to be your husband. Yes. Yes. I’d marry you tomorrow if I could.“

"Well, I think we should wait a little while.” She said, pulling back to look at him dearly. “At least 9 months. I want to be able to fit into my dress.”

“What are you talk-” he stopped when she gave him a cheesy grin, biting her lip in hope that he understood. “You mean….you’re pregnant?”

“I found out this morning.” She nodded, giggling a little as small tears drippes from her eyes, ruining her makeup. He was at a loss for words, so he pulled her in and let his tears gather at her neck. “Thank you, Emma.”

“For what?”

“ For loving me. For giving ne ths life. For making me a father.” He smile at her as he placing his hand softly on her still flat stomach. “I love you so much, Emma Swan.”

“We love you, too.”