Here’s a bunch of DRIFBLIMS. They’re all crossed with Pokemon from the amorphous egg group! I sketched these a while back, but I spent all day today coloring them in time for halloweeb…. Drifblim is one of my faves so this was really fun!

Pokemon Picnic!

this painting took forever to finish … if you can name all of the berries in the picture you win the internet

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Hello! I’d like to introduce you to my wonderful Drifblim~

She’s bulky and can set up Tailwind! With Shadow Ball and even Sunny Day to help supporth her partners! How bulky? She can survive a Hydro Vortex from a Golduck in the rain and even Thunderbotls from Tapu Koko in Electric Terrain! How…? Well…

This is my Tapu Lele and her best friend! He holds a Life Orb and can fire off amazingly powerful Psychic-type attacks under his terrain! Psychic Terrain activates Drifblim’s Psychic Seed item which increases her Special Defence by one stage! It also activates her Unburden ability which doubles her speed and allows her to support the rest of the team with Tailwind~

This combination is known as LeleBlim and is a great way to set-up Tailwind! It has its weaknesses but these do support their fellow team mates incredibly well!