Working Title Situations and Field Notes; a poster, flyer and a publication by Topo Copy for Workspace Brussels.

Workspace Brussels is a workspace for live arts in their most hybrid forms. Twice a year the Working Title Situations invite you to get in touch with some of the most intriguing new languages and formats artists develop in the field of performance and installation art. Celebrate the spirit of creation.

Field Notes, the half-yearly publication of workspacebrussels, presents a selection of the most promising projects that are under development in the workspace. Combined with essays or artist pages, the Field Notes are also a vehicle to foreground artistic questions that emerge from the residencies or run through our Working Title Situations. Every edition is designed by a different emerging graphic designer or visual artist, which makes the series an ever expanding collection of takes on the art of publishing.

Working Title Situation #02
11-12 December 2015 @ Kaaistudio’s

Working Title Situation #03
18-19 December 2015 @ Beursschouwburg



KEET is a limited edition (/100) 4 color Riso booklet about the tiny, mobile home of Bianca Apostol (‘91, Romania) Daniel Vernooij ('90, The Netherlands) and Dok, the dog ('13, Slovakia).

'KEET wishes to be accepted and spread as a guide and alternative to the standard model of living/housing.’

Text & Photo (by) Bianca Apostol
Print & Publishing (by) Topo Copy
Layout: Topo Copy ( thats me :D )

Presentation Pics (by)
Michiel Devijver