dried gourd


Gourd Lamps by Calabarte

“The gourd is the annual tropical vine originating from Africa and Asia. Its dried, lignified fruits are used for various, both decorative and practical, purposes. There are several dozen varieties of gourds differing mostly in shapes and sizes. The structure of the dried gourd is entirely different than the structure of the standard wood. It is more homogenous; it does not contain growth rings, fibers or knots. The external layer of the gourd is harder than the deeper one of a light wood. For that matters, the gourd is kind of a phenomenon in the nature; it is the raw material that gives enormous processing possibilities.

In the past, my lamps have been made from the two varieties of the gourd growing in Poland. After my trip to Senegal, I started creating them, in the first place, from the senegalese variety called calabash which is growing on the trees.”

anonymous asked:

I think your story is beautiful, and you appear to be a wonderful woman. But abortion is a decision left to the individual herself, wouldn't you agree? I have 2 siblings, my mother had abortions before she finally decided to have my older sister, then my brother and I. Evidently, if my mother so happened to carry the first pregnancies full term, there would be no chance that she would have birthed me and my siblings. Things do happen for a reason. She wasn't ready at the time, eventually she was

Do I agree that abortion is left to the individual herself?

Lets talk about choice. As human beings we are ALL given the freedom of choice, its called “free will.” We have the free will to choose all sorts of basic things. What to wear in the morning, whether to eat cake or a bran muffin for breakfast, and whether or not to attend class. Life is full of choices. Some choices are between good and evil. For example, I could choose to steal a candy bar rather then pay for it. I could choose to trip random strangers on the sidewalk, and I could choose to get into a car drunk and drive.

The question is, when should these choices be supported in full by the law. Should the law support that I have the choice to choose whether or not I want to eat cake or a bran muffin for breakfast? Certainly. Should the law support that I have the choice to drink and drive? Absolutely not. If the law does not permit me to drink and drive, is my choice being removed? No. I still have the choice to drink and drive, but now if i choose to drink and drive, I also choose to break the law.

I guess some people are confused on what a law is for. A law protects. Unfortunately right now, some people are not protected, simply because they are unborn human beings. Society likes to call them “fetuses” because they feel that it dehumanizes them to a point in which it makes it acceptable to kill them. When in reality, a fetus is just an underdeveloped human being in the womb. You can call it what you like, parasite, tumor, a banana. It isn’t going to change facts. Currently the law supports the murder, or “termination” of unborn humans.

“Its my body.”- Your right, it is your body. It must then be automatically unlawful to restrict what you get to do with your body. Which then makes laws against prostitution, hard drugs, self harm or suicide, even not wearing seat belts also unlawful. Surely if the right to our own bodily autonomy stomps over the right to life, or quality of life of ourselves or another, these laws must too be abolished.

In fact, why have any laws protecting other human beings. We should just legalize all known choices of man kind. I mean, if I want to kill my two year old because it is a burden to my mental health and my financial health, how could the law prevent me from doing so? I mean the child is MINE right?

“Things happen for a reason.” Yes, they do happen, but people also choose for things to happen.

I’m not sure about the whole pregnancy time line with your mother and your born and deceased siblings, but there is no reason I could ever think of that validates the killing of another human being, no matter what “could happen” in the future. Is it possible that you may have never been born? I don’t know?

If my parents would have never of went to the Barter Fair, tripped out on acid in a canvas tent with bongo drums playing the background and dried out gourds onlooking I probably wouldn’t have been conceived either. Should I promote the legalization of acid?

I do know one thing, I am very glad that your mother continued your pregnancy. I’m glad you exist, and I don’t know who you are anon, but your life is valuable and beautiful, just as valuable as others.