dried gourd

Earth Witchcraft: Tools & Associations

**Tools: Acorns/Acorn Caps, Animal Bones, Animal Skulls, Antlers, Axe, Bark, Baskets, Branches and Sticks, Bricks, Chains, Chords, Clay, Claws (animal), Club/Bat, Coins/Currency, Dried Plants/Flowers, Drums, Earthenware, Flower Pots, Fur, Gardening Tools and Supplies, Gourds (dried), Gloves (work/leather/gardening), Hammer, Hands and Feet/the Body, Hedge Clippers/Gardening Sheers, Horns (animal), Leather, Metallic Objects and Jewelry, Mud/Facial Mud, Mushrooms & Fungi, Nails/Stakes, Nuts and Nut Shells, Pentacles, Pickaxe, Potted Plants, Pottery, Pottery Tools, Rake, Rocks and Stones, Salt, Salt Lights, Sand, Scale, Sculptures, Sculpting Tools, Seeds, Shield, Shovel, Soil/Dirt, Spade, Staff, Stomping and Marching, Straw and Hay, Teeth, Twine, Weights, Wires (metal), Wood, Wood Carvings, Wood Chips, Wooden Objects, Wooden Utensils, and Yarn

**be sure that any animal parts you are using were legally obtained! Check your local laws! Do not use human body parts, bones or teeth due to the human remains laws unless you have proper documentation and proof you legally got them!

Colors: Brown, Beige, Greens, Black, earthy colors

Corresponds to: Stability, prosperity, food, feasts, money, wealth, crops, animals, home, mountains, family, fertility, strength, grounding, protection, nature, death and rebirth

Crystals: All stones and crystals relate to earth some specific ones- onyx, jade, halite, amethyst, fluorite, amazonite, emerald, hematite, jet, lodestone, malachite, peridot, serpentine, turquoise, desert rose, sandstone, geode

Metals: Lead (toxic be careful), Iron, Silver

*Plants & Trees: All plants and trees are associated to earth on some level, those more strongly attuned are - Ash, Dwarf Elm, Hawthorn, Patchouli, Vetiver, Wheat, Oats, Rice, Cypress, Ivy, Poppy, Thrift Plant, Mushrooms, Potato, Narcissus, Oak moss, Fern, Honeysuckle, Primrose, Horehound, Rhubarb, Magnolia, Mugwort, Vervain, Turnips, Onions, Carrots, Nuts (general), Roots (general), Seeds. 

*research plants, herbs and trees before burning, ingesting or using on skin for some are toxic and even lethal

Animals: All 4-legged animals; Cow/Bull/Ox, Bison, Snake, Dog, Donkey, Mule, Bear, Coyote, Wolf, Deer/Stag, Elk, Owl, and Cats

Elementals and Beasts/Creatures: Giant, Gargoyle, Leprechaun, Troll, Sphinx, Gnomes, Dwarf, Faun, Goblin, Satyr, Dryad, Sylvestres and Brownies

Sense: Touch

Body: Teeth, Bones, Hands, Feet, Spine/Back, Reproduction Organs

Earth Related Magick: Animal, Ancestral, Cottage, Crystal, Death/Funerary, Green, Kitchen, Knot/Weaving, Family, Prosperity, Sculpting and Carving, Fertility, Protection, Defensive, Strength, Grounding, Money/Gain

                              MABON (AUTUMN EQUINOX)

                             * Masterpost and helpful information HERE <—*                  
                           DATES: northern hemisphere date is September 20-23
                                       southern hemisphere date is March 20-23
 Also called The Witches Thanksgiving, Madron, Alban Elfed, Second Harvest, Wine Harvest, Harvest Home, and Harvestide. Keep in mind that pronunciation obviously differs between accents but, these are the most popular.
  Mabon is a fairly recent term we use for this day, naming it after Mabon son of Modron in Welsh folklore; it’s been more commonly referred to as the Autumn Equinox and just like the Spring, it divides the day and night equally. On this day we take some time to pay our respects to the waning sunlight and prepare for the coming darkness. Mabon is considered a time of balance because this is when we can relax and enjoy the payoff of going to school, working at our jobs, raising our families, or just coping with the poop that can sometimes pop up in daily life. 

The Equinox is the day of the year when the light is finally defeated by the darkness; from now on the days grow shorter and the nights get longer and colder. The green life energy of nature returns back into the Earths roots, giving us a sight of death in the treetops that has never looked more stunning. Although many view the Harvest season as a celebration of life, it is also a celebration of death and a reminder of the entire cycle of life. We are returning to the dark from whence we came but, before we do that, there has to be another feast! This is the Second Harvest and the Great Feast of Thanksgiving. The Goddess is radiant and wise in her age and the God who passed on his crown during Lammas now dies with unconditional love in his heart as he provides us with so much one last time. We don’t have to be sad though because he will return and that is why we celebrate! With death comes rebirth, reminding us that energy never truly dies… it only switches form.

Activities on Mabon vary with region, tradition and personal preference. Some may go out the evening before to collect certain herbs, flowers, rocks and other things found in nature but, for the most part, it is celebrated the day of. Group or solo rituals to give thanks are beneficial to do at this time, specifically relating around giving thanks to those you respect or look up to. Just make sure you have a large feast, sing, dance, have fun and take some time to remember that life is a celebration and it is what we choose to make of it!

  The Gods that are associated with Mabon are the Sun God, Mabon, Sky Father, the Corn Man, Thoth, Hermes, Hotei, Thor, Dionysus, Bacchus and all wine Deities + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Goddesses that are associated with Mabon are Gaia, Triple Moon goddess, Modron, Bona Dea, Persephone, Demeter/Ceres, Morgan, Snake Woman, Pamona, the Muses + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Colours of Mabon are pretty much all of the autumn colours like reds, oranges, browns, gold, greens and purple/violet Animals/Beings that correspond with this day are dogs, wolves, stags, blackbirds, owls, eagles, salmon, goat, gnomes, sphinx, minotaur and cyclops Essences that are perfect for Mabon would be benzoin, myrrh, and sage (TIP: mix these three together for the perfect autumn blend!) Also look into pine, frankincense, jasmine, black pepper, cinnamon and clove. Stones that pair perfectly with this celebration are clear quartz, amber, peridot, diamond, gold, citrine, yellow topaz, cat’s-eye, aventurine, sapphire, lapis lazuli, carnelian and amethyst. Popular things to consume during Mabon are wheat products, berries, nuts, grapes, acorns, seeds, dried fruits, corn, beans, squash, onions, carrots, potatoes, beets, apples, pomegranates, wine, ale and ciders Decorate your Altar with things like the corresponding herbs and stones. You can display acorns, pinecones, autumn leaves, pomegranates, a statue of the Triple Goddess in her Mother phase, wine, gourds, apples, dried flowers, and horns of plenty The areas you should put thought into during Mabon include what you have managed to achieve so far in the current year and the things that you are thankful for. Mabon is very much like Thanksgiving, representing a time to honour the cycle of life. It is very important to give thanks for the end of the harvest season and the abundance it provides.  Rituals and areas of Magick work include protection, security, self-confidence and balance. Prosperity and abundance rituals, reflection and past life recall. Some fun activities of Mabon include gathering dried herbs, plants and seeds that correspond with the season, walking in nature, scattering offerings in fields for the Gods, visiting burial sites and leaving things that you would also place on your altar to honour those who have passed over.  You could make a protection charm, corn dolls or a witch’s broom.

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Gourd Lamps by Calabarte

“The gourd is the annual tropical vine originating from Africa and Asia. Its dried, lignified fruits are used for various, both decorative and practical, purposes. There are several dozen varieties of gourds differing mostly in shapes and sizes. The structure of the dried gourd is entirely different than the structure of the standard wood. It is more homogenous; it does not contain growth rings, fibers or knots. The external layer of the gourd is harder than the deeper one of a light wood. For that matters, the gourd is kind of a phenomenon in the nature; it is the raw material that gives enormous processing possibilities.

In the past, my lamps have been made from the two varieties of the gourd growing in Poland. After my trip to Senegal, I started creating them, in the first place, from the senegalese variety called calabash which is growing on the trees.”