dried glue

Random things that I like for no real reason: 

  •  The smell of the dust when you smack out a chalk eraser 
  •  The feeling when you listen to a song so many times that, even though you don’t speak the language it’s in, you’re able to sing along and not mess up 
  •  The feeling when you’ve been drinking and your mouth feels kinda numb and you press the edge of the bottle/glass against your lips 
  •  The warm glow of a room lit by candles 
  •  The way a fizzy drink feels when your throat is inexplicably itchy 
  •  The way your face feels when cooling off after you’ve been blushing really hard 
  •  Peeling dried craft glue from the palm of ur hand and watching/feeling it come off in one big sheet thingy 
  •  Also the weird feeling of peeling after being sunburned 
  •  The feeling in the moment when you realize that you can truly trust someone

Day 23 of #31diystilhalloween my fall fairy costume!

Everything you see here was DIY’d except for the corset, my @orchardcorset 20" maroon satin CS426.

I made the bikini and flower crown by hand! I just used an old bikini I haven’t worn in years and ripped a bunch of fall leaves off a floral garland I found at Michaels on sale, then glued them to the bikini with E6000 (showgirl’s best friend)! Sometimes the leaves don’t want to lie flat so I used stick pins to hold them in place overnight until the glue dried. I made the floral crown from a different garland and wrapped the stems around gardening wire.

Lemurian seed crystal necklace and matching earrings were custom made for me by the amazing @evermore__accessories.
I am really happy with how this one turned out!


I found the only hat I will ever need im fuckign, putting this on every Naegi and Komaeda cosplayer who will consent to having a fugly hat placed on their head u dont understand this FUCKING hat was $15 at this little tacky Chinese accessories store and the old Chinese woman who owned the store spent like, 5-10 minutes replacing one of the rhinestones that had fallen out and telling me to be careful until the glue had dried and she gave me a discount and this hat is SO UGLY i cannot describe how much i love this hat

Creating a Healing Candle
  • Supplies:
    • A pillar candle (this can be a candle you yourself or one you purchased).
    • Various healing herbs (you can use whichever ones appeal to you) either fresh or dried.
      • Optional: white glue, any magickal healing oil, waxed paper
  • Notes: There a few different ways to do this, and some are simpler than others. You can experiment to see which one works best for you. A wide pillar candle often doesn’t burn all the way to the outside, so it might be good to use one of that type for this particular project.
  • Magickal Uses: Healing (although you can also use this
    same project to make other magickal candles, just substitute
    the appropriate herbs for that work).
  • Directions:
    • Spread your herbs out on a safe surface (waxed paper works well), spread a thin layer of white glue (such as Elmer’s glue) onto the sides of the candle, and roll the candle in the herbs.
      • If you don’t like the idea of using glue, you can either soften the candle wax slightly by heating it only until it softens (you don’t want to actually melt the candle) over a warm flame or burner, or melt a little bit of additional wax that you spread on the candle instead of the glue.
    • Roll the candle in the herbs as before.
      • Try carving symbols for healing (including the name or initials of whomever the candle is for) into the candle before applying the herbs. Or you can apply the melted wax in a pattern (such as a pentacle or a healing rune sign) and then add the herbs. You can also add a few drops of healing magickal oil to your herbs or anoint the candle with it once you are finished.
  • Afterwards: Once the wax or glue has dried, burn the candle as usual. Keep a careful eye on it to make sure that the herbs don’t smoke or burn as the candle is used.
    • Optional- Say the following spell while lighting the candle:
      I call upon the gods above
      In perfect trust, in perfect love
      I ask for health and energy
      Balanced and in synergy
      Healthy body, mind, and soul
      A perfect, balanced, healthy whole
      I pledge that I will do my part
      For healthy body, healthy heart
      Every day let health increase
      Until all signs of illness cea

Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Practicing the Craft Without Breaking Your Budget by Deborah Blake


The process of Matrix

I first began by gluing the mirror to my base.  I had to use construction grade adhesive to ensure the mirror was safely attached.  Then I taped the mirror to the base and let it dry for 48 hours.  Afterwards, I was able to begin gluing the acrylic onto the mirror.  I used a glass jewelry glue, so the glue dried clear and was not noticeable.  I had to use multiple objects to prop precariously placed pieces.

It took around 20 hours to complete this work.  There are a total of 96 acrylic blocks in the piece.

the signs at summer camp
  • Aries: tried to climb a tree and got a splinter somewhere unpleasant
  • Taurus: makes crafts with dried pasta and elmers glue
  • Gemini: hunting lizards and collecting rocks
  • Cancer: homesick, writing letters to their parents
  • Leo: cleaning the cabin
  • Virgo: paddling on the lake by themselves
  • Libra: flirting with the counselor
  • Scorpio: bullying some younger kid for the candy their parents sent them
  • Sagittarius: playing board games
  • Capricorn: sick in the infirmary
  • Aquarius: hiking on the nature trail
  • Pisces: playing sports

my boyfriend’s step brother is 13. him and his friends do something called “peeling season.” It’s where they put glue on their hands and arms and necks and when it dries they say “ It’s peeling season” in a creepy, gravelly voice while peeling it off. They’ve been freaking out teachers and other kids all winter.
it’s honestly my favorite thing in the world

&&.  OPEN

    Little by little, Newt could feel his sanity slipping from his
    fingers and no matter how hard he tried to grasp it and
    keep it together, it just kept slipping through his fingers.
    He couldn’t hold onto it any longer and the sudden bursts
    of anger had came more frequent for him.  The urge to get
    his lanky fingers wrapped around someone’s throat grew
    stronger but with the small bit of sanity that remained, he
    was able to keep himself from doing so.  He knew that with
    the anger that ran through him was the reason as to why
    his sanity continued to slip away from him; the illness growing
    stronger as the red hot anger burned alongside the Flare.

The signs as bottles of glue
  • The almost dried out glue that never does its job: Sagittarius, cancer, aquarius
  • The wet glue that pours out way more than its supposed to and makes everything sticky: Capricorn, Scorpio, leo
  • The glue that wON'T COME OUT OF THE BOTTLE: Gemini, Taurus, aries
  • The empty glue bottle : pisces, libra, virgo

i hate that i’d absolutely buy that shinee sparkling water if it were sold in the us at marked up prices

at this point they could put shinee’s faces on dried glue and i’m probably buy it 


I’m a bad, perverted girl, I know it, and I’m not ashamed of it.
Once I did a Thomas faceup commission for a customer, and I liked the result so much that I wanted a similar doll for myself. Of course, I did some alterations to faceup, like adding freckles, doing a deeper blush and changing a thing here and there…

He’s called “baby Hiddles”. Just because he’s so kawaii.
And that’s not a kilt. That’s a skirt. Just because I can. Sorry Hiddles))

The whole set took a lot of time to make, especially the curled wig. I’s my first curled wig, and it was very hard to glue the curls to the wig cap, because they sprang out and I had to press them until the glue dries out. More, I messed with the first version, making curls too thick and short, so I had to tear all the hairs out and to redo them completely.

I hoped to find a shoes of a certain design in BJD sites but despite of all the similar designs I couldn’t find anything, so I ended up making them.

You can order a faceup from me here: http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?https://www.etsy.com/ru/listing/214787208/bjd-custom-faceup-service?ref=shop_home_feat_4

i feel like i don’t fit in with the studyblr community.

now, this community is one of the nicest group of people ive ever seen! but i also dont fit into the typical “studyblr” box.

im trans,
i dont have enough money to buy muji or anything other than walmart,
i don’t go to target (too far) or stationery stores,
i don’t have apple products,
i don’t have a spotless and aesthetically pleasing white/black desk (years of crafting has left my desk covered in dried glitter, glue, paint and marker),
im not good at taking photos,
im too anxious to approach anyone in the community,
im riddled with depressive states and anxiety,

im not what people think of when they hear “studyblr” and that’s why it took so long for me to make this blog (a year!!) and that’s why im making this post.
im not sure what the real point of this is- not attention, but more of, recognition.

i want to meet others in similar (and different!) situations.
i want to point out the diversity this community has that goes overlooked.
i dunno, i just want u guys to know that i… exist? that there’s true diversity here and that we deserve to be the face of this community too- everyone does.