dried apricot

great comet characters as shit my classmates have said pt. 2
  • natasha: "i gave my boyfriend a stick of deodorant to celebrate our one month anniversary"
  • pierre: "gender is a social construct, time is a social construct and i don't want to exist anymore"
  • anatole: *holding a bottle full of an unknown green substance* "do you think it would be dangerous to use this as a face wash?"
  • dolokhov: "why the fuck is there eleven water bottles in your locker? i'm not kidding what the fuck"
  • marya: *trying to read while a group of kids are arguing loudly* "our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name please give me the sweet release of death"
  • andrey: *after missing an entire week of school* "what the fuck am i doing here"
  • sonya: *after seeing someone throw a stuffed llama across the room* "do you think llamas have feelings?"
  • mary: "yeah my dad has some pretty funny nicknames for me. my personal favorite nickname is 'disappointment'"
  • hélène: *after angrily slamming a locker so hard that the lock breaks* "what class was i supposed to have now?"
  • balaga: "i just found a dried apricot slice in my sock"
  • bolkonsky: "i think i just forgot how to breathe for a minute there"

Flick - Bug’s Life Autumn Trail Mix

“It’s okay to drink Olive Oil” - Fuck


  • ½ cup sunflower seeds
  • ½ cup flax seeds
  • 1/3 cup dried raisins or apricot bits
  • 1/3 cup dried cranberries
  • ½ cup live ants
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips or M&M’s


  1. Mix

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senior syndrome

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood

setting: modern, non-magical, college vampire au

word count: 3,131 

written for: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @bunimalsfiberdolls !!!!!!! 

notes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Marcus wakes up thirsty.

He blinks, scrubbing at the corners of his eyes. There’s a suspiciously crusty stain on the inside of his bedspread; it isn’t white, but it’s not not white, either. He doesn’t know which pledge had laundry duty last week, but he thinks it was probably Goyle. Goyle always forgets to add detergent. Possibly, Goyle isn’t actually aware he’s supposed to add detergent.


Marcus rolls over. His tongue is sticking to the roof of his mouth, and his throat feels dry and rough and a little like he might’ve accidentally gargled paint thinner. A strange burning sensation is piercing his gut; if he concentrates, he can almost trace it back to a gently pulsating spot between his tonsils.  

Swallowing hurts.  

Swallowing hurts a lot.  

He vows not to try that again, and then idly wonders if he’s getting sick. That would suck. Hooch is picking captains at the end of the week, and Marcus would really enjoy stripping that fuzzy felt “C” off Wood’s jersey. Especially now. Especially after three months of silence and stupid passive aggressive Snap stories featuring way too many fishing boats. And lakes. And sad, ugly, shirtless Canadian bros who definitely didn’t need to, like, molest Wood so thoroughly.  


Marcus’s stomach rumbles.

He instinctively swipes at his teeth with the tip of his tongue.

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Thinking About the Disciples...

Okay, this is a super long post, so I’ll put most of it under a readmore.

But it really bugs me sometimes how much we let Jesus and his disciples fade into these two-dimensional painted icons, with no personality or emotion. I mean, I’m as guilty as anyone in this, but I think it’s important to remember that they were real people with real personalities and feelings and reactions?

It’s easiest to see in Peter, I guess. The loudmouth, the brash one, the confident guy who always spoke first and thought later… I relate to Peter so much.

But the rest of the twelve kind of get the short shift as far as characterization is concerned. Naturally, Judas usually gets the “smarmy, slimy bad guy” trope, and I think John was probably quieter, a bit more somber, and probably fairly well educated, considering the angle his writings come from. (The whole “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” is just a beautiful piece of rhetorical writing, just saying. He pulls in Hebrew custom, Greek philosophy, a play on words, theological theory and more all in just one statement. The guy had brains.)

Anyway, I just kind of wish we had a better idea of how they interacted as a group. I mean, twelve dudes (plus some friends and wives and maybe even kids, and the ever-shifting group that followed Jesus around) living together in close quarters for three years is going to produce some really intense dynamics. I want to know who the pranksters were. Who always had a joke to lighten awkward silences. Who told the best stories while they walked, and who always wanted to get it back to politics even when everyone else groaned and said, “Man, we’ve already had this discussion ten times!” (My money’s on Simon the Zealot, I’m sure he had OpinionsTM). How often did Andrew clap his hand over Peter’s mouth and say “Don’t listen to him, my brother is an idiot” and then it devolves into a wrestling match while everyone laughs.

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The Fisher King

Title: The Fisher King 6/?
Rating: T
Timeline: Part 6 of the coffee shop au universe
Category: MSR
Summary: Dana’s face tightens and Mulder gets the sense that she’d like to ask his ex-wife some questions at the business end of a scalpel. He’s not wholly opposed to the idea. 
Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone who keeps encouraging me to write something else in this universe. It is very kind.

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Yalumba Museum Reserve Muscat

Don’t mind me while I lounge with this truly excellent Aussie dessert wine. A brilliant copper color with rum raisin, golden raisins, a hint of tar, brown sugar, molasses, and sticky figs on the nose. More golden raisins, brown sugar, molasses, sweet pie apples, dried apricots, bittersweet chocolate, toffee, and burnt sugar crust on the palate. Sweet and thick. A great dessert wine at $22 (per half bottle)? Load up the truck!

5/5 bones



18% abv


narimanpoint  asked:

Hi I have been a vegetarian right through. In fact I do not have milk too. Avoiding leather articles and even honey. I eat very limited items like vegetables and pulses. Rye. Jawar. How will I get my calcium? Never had eggs.

Hi there narimanpoint! That’s just awesome, you’re not missing anything with eggs! 😜

Calcium is found in dark green leafy vegetables, tofu made with calcium sulfate, calcium-fortified soy milk and orange juice, and many other foods commonly eaten by vegans, here are some examples:

  • Kale (1 cup contains 180 mg)
  • Collard Greens (1 cup contains over 350 mg)
  • Blackstrap Molasses (2 tablespoons contains 400 mg)
  • Tempeh (1 cup contains 215 mg)
  • Turnip Greens (1 cup contains 250 mg)
  • Fortified non-dairy milk (1 cup contains 200-300 mg)
  • Hemp milk (1 cup contains 460 mg)
  • Fortified orange juice (1 cup contains 300 mg)
  • Tahini (2 tablespoons contains 130 mg)
  • Almond butter (2 tablespoons contains 85 mg)
  • Great northern beans (1 cup contains 120 mg)
  • Soybeans (1 cup contains 175 mg)
  • Broccoli (1 cup contains 95 mg)
  • Raw fennel (1 medium bulb contains 115 mg)
  • Blackberries (1 cup contains 40 mg)
  • Black Currants (1 cup contains 62 mg)
  • Oranges (1 orange contains between 50 and 60 mg)
  • Dried apricots (½ cup contains 35 mg)
  • Figs (½ cup contains 120 mg)
  • Dates (½ cup contains 35 mg)
  • Artichoke (1 medium artichoke contains 55 mg)
  • Roasted sesame seeds (1 oz. contains 35 mg)
  • Adzuki beans (1 cup contains 65 mg)
  • Navy beans (1 cup contains 125 mg)
  • Amaranth (1 cup contains 275 mg)



I’m just eating my breakfast (three slices of raisin toast and a black coffee) and finishing getting ready for a long day at student placement. This morning I’m working with children who are off to school next year and ensuring they can all write and recognise their own names. Such a rewarding career guys!

Also honestly, if you haven’t seen Swiss Army Man yet, you’re missing out! And the soundtrack is beautiful as well!! I seriously can’t stop listening to it lol.

Lunch today is as photographed above.
A handful of dried apricots.
4 pieces of dried strawberry.
4 9 grain vita weets.
A tub of light Philly.
A strawberry yoghurt.
An organic gala Apple.
And 250ml of orange juice.

After placement, I’m off to the gym for my weights circuit and a 5km run. Also contemplating whether or not to do Aqua fit tonight as I have a bit of a cough from doing a trail run over the weekend in the rain 😬

create your own personalized trail mix and keep it in a bag or container in the office

here’s an idea:

- raw unsalted almonds
- raw unsalted walnuts
- unsulfured raisins
- lightly salted sunflower seeds
- raw pumpkin seeds
- dried unsulfured apricots
- carob or chocolate chips
- a shake of cinnamon and nutmeg

fill a few plastic bags with your trail mix and pass them out to other weary workers!

Do you make your own trail mix? What do you use? 

Vegan Grocery Shopping-Budget Style

This is my generic vegan grocery shopping template-it’s perfect if you live in a colder climate like myself and you’re wanting to eat cheaply as a vegan!🌱😊

1) Have a constant supply of starches, whole grains, beans and legumes at home. These are the fundamental base of my diet-they’re cheap, nutritious and widely available in most places. I stock up on oats, pasta, potatoes, dark wholemeal breads, noodles, sweet potatoes, brown rice and buy them in bulk/on sale. I’d recommend buying lentils/beans in bulk as well in dry weight as opposed to canned, try to vary the lentils, beans and pulses you use-aim to get beans and lentils in an array of shapes, sizes and colours for multifarious nutrition. I try to go for dark grains over white!

2) Buy frozen not fresh-frozen vegetables and fruits are just as nutritious but often significantly cheaper than buying them fresh-I like to get frozen berries, peas, corn, spinach, string beans, if you’re eating a lot of the surface area of your produce if you can afford it, go organic.

3) Fresh Produce Section: Here I try to switch up what I buy- I’ll often get apples, bananas, avocados, oranges, carrots, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, onions, eggplant, apricots, parsnips, whatever’s in season. I’ll also always get some dark leafy/collard/cruciferous greens (kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower) to make sure I’m getting enough calcium and other important micronutrients and vitamins.

4) Nuts and nut butters/seeds/dried fruit-I’ll switch this up a bit also, normally buying these products in bulk/when they’re discounted. I’ll often get almonds, cashews, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, tahini, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, walnuts and dried apricots, raisins, dried cranberries, dried figs, dates, dried prunes, sometimes dried mango. I don’t use margarine or olive oil in my cooking often because I’d rather eat foods in their whole food form and get the fats from there, (in saying this I’m definitely not against using oils/margarines that are palm oil free). 

4) Misc.other-I usually buy some tofu/tempeh, and if I’m too lazy to make my own haha I’ll buy soy/almond/coconut milks when they’re on sale. I’ll make sure to eat sushi nori/buy some seaweed to get some form of the DHA form of omega 3 fatty acids.

This is all I can really think of at the moment, sometimes I’ll buy some vegan junk food or vegan substitutes-like fake meats, yoghurts, ice cream etc but I don’t often crave foods like these :)

Some people were also asking if I take any supplements-apart from a vitamin D supplement in winter I don’t, I’m easily getting enough zinc, iron, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids etc. through the way I am eating but I get my blood tested every 6 months to make sure I’m on top of my nutrition and I’d recommend if you’re transitioning to veganism, you do too. For B12 I’ll either get that through nutritional yeast, marmite or I’ll buy plant milks that are fortified with it 👍

Quinoa with Dried Cranberries, Apricots, Sunflower Seeds, Feta and Coriander in Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette

When I moved here in California, I already have a preconception of the eating lifestyle of people here. I knew that kale, quinoa, chia seeds, goji berries, green juice, vegan, organic, farmers market, farm-to-table, sustainable food, wine country, artisanal, avocado and bacon are a few of the stellar ingredients and terms and phrases Californians are accustomed to in their everyday lives.

One of the first places my husband took me to was Whole Foods Market where I was blown away with the natural, organic, wholesome and fresh selection and wide variety of gorgeous ingredients which most I haven’t seen in real life (I just knew  and saw ingredients like kale, quinoa, black truffles, etc. on television, but never met them in person <insert eyes rolling>) before. So I can honestly say that when I stepped inside Whole Foods Market I was culinary culture shocked.

I’ve been living here in Northern California for 3 years now and I have adjusted quite well in every aspect of life abroad and most specially in terms of gastronomy. I season my eggs and hash browns with black truffle salt, an avocado, an over-easy egg and buttered toast are my favorite breakfast choice, my kale, cannellini beans, tarragon and Spanish chorizo soup is the soup of my dreams. I am obsessed with micro greens, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with white truffle oil is a go-to offering whenever I want to make my husband feel more loved in the morning, bacon is a staple in our fridge and we rarely run out of it, and Italian black rice and yes, (finally) Quinoa which I am very enthusiastic about to sort of replace white rice in my diet, now this is a big deal for me because I don’t know any Asian person (who grew up eating white rice 3 meals a day) who is willing to give up their rice for a fancy grain such as quinoa. Well, I certainly can’t completely eliminate white rice in my life but it is nice to have a more wholesome alternative.

This quinoa dish is wonderful as an entrée, a mid-afternoon snack or a nice filling meal on its own. This dish keeps for 3 days in the fridge and what I did was I portioned it and placed each portion in decent size microwavable containers for easy warming up to pacify sudden hunger for whatever time of the day or night.


1 cup uncooked organic quinoa

2 cups warm chicken stock  (or vegetable stock to make this vegetarian/vegan)

Juice of 1 whole medium-size lemon

½ cup dried cranberries

½ cup chopped dried apricots (about 8-10whole apricots)

1/3 cup shelled sunflower seeds (or pine nuts would be delicious too)

Crumbled feta cheese (optional, or vegan cheese) to sprinkle on top

Handful of coriander (chopped) to sprinkle on top

Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette:

¼ cup lemon juice

2 Tablespoons honey

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste


Place quinoa in a fine mesh sieve and rinse thoroughly under running cold water from a tap. Put quinoa in a medium casserole pot or 3-qt. Dutch oven and add chicken or vegetable stock and lemon juice. Cook over medium heat, once the liquid starts boiling, immediately turn down heat to low, put the lid on the pot and cook for 20-25 minutes or until the grains are tender. Fluff gently with a fork and transfer to a mixing bowl.

Add all the dried fruits and nut to the cooked quinoa and dress with the vinaigrette. Season with salt and cracked black pepper. Sprinkle with crumbled feta and chopped or torn coriander.

Best served warm.

Makes 3-4 servings