A voice note while driving a 1959 Edsel

The Edsel is providing a perfect night of after sunset cruising. The still bluish sky is spilling over the gloss black hood and the lightning bugs are all over the cornfields that stretch to the horizon. The glow of the dashboard and 100 feet of road ahead are the only things not in silhouette. The tubes in the AM radio warmed up for the first time in years and as if it continued where it last left off from years ago, it’s crackling about the 78 degree weather on the local 50 thousand watt AM News station that every place seems to have. The engine is running cool, and I can tell it can handle a little more, but 50 is fine for the moment and the engine is burbling at a low RPM in cruising gear. But with a little more throttle, this thing goes like tomorrow might bring back something that’s been missing, as it roars ahead and finds it.


#DRIVECLUB Time Trial at Night | Audi R8 V10 Plus

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Dude he dives so much wtf. At first I was like no it was a foul but then I noticed he has the ability to dribe wuick last an opponent but chooses to dive right when they slide tackle and it's not even a direct hit. Dude is a diver. No doubt about that.

yeah, and sometimes ppl are like he’s in your team so you gotta like him, like no?? if i don’t wanna like a racist diver, even if he is in my fave team, i won’t??

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*smiles and gets in the front**dribes away*-Haz

*2 hours later*

*sits on the bed with Jack and smiles* You’re so cute baby *tickles his tummy*

*giggles* -Jack