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Okay sorry if this is ignorant of me to ask but I really don't understand - WHY has America not changed it's gun laws yet? Like have the government actually given a reason? I just don't understand their lack of logic? Genuine question x

I’m Canadian, so I don’t really know, but it has to do with how their constitution was written. It’s pretty vague.

Here’s the wikipedia article on the second amendment.

It’s widely believed that Canada has more guns per capita than America, but based on statistics canada, wikipedia, and the RCMP website, this is not true (I just fact checked because I was until right now, under the impression that we had more). 

However, we also don’t have people obsessed with the idea that guns keep people safe. If there were no guns, there would be no guns to kill people, therefore no need to own a gun to keep yourself safe. Just like kids, adults don’t like it when you take their toys away. 

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Omg Beckii the song and video are amazing you did a really great job well done ; _ ; be proud. It's definitely my favourite of all your songs and that's really good considering you did it independently <3 congrats xx

thank you so much! <3

Aww shucks (●´∀`●)

As if you replied to my post Beckii *hides* (/ω\) 

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