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“Shh,” Dean said as he pressed a finger to his lips, trying to figure out if the creaking sound above you was a normal house noise or something sinister. 

Your eyes went wide when he pulled out his hunting knife, handling it deftly as he tilted his head to concentrate. He motioned for you to get back as whatever it was drew closer, the pattern of the sound almost like footsteps now that it was closer and easier to hear.

Pressing yourself into the corner as you watched him get into position behind the door, ready to ambush; ready to kill. He glanced back at you as the footsteps stopped outside the door, his eyes pleading with you to be silent as he gripped the handle of the knife so tight his knuckles went white.

Dean moved so fast you could hardly make out what had happened, only what the results were. The man that had taken you in the alley was flat on the floor, face-down, and with Dean’s knee digging into his back. Dean glanced up at you and ordered, “Look away.”

You covered your eyes and turned away as you heard a sickening crunch and a gurgling sound. Before you even considered peaking to see if he was done with whatever he was doing to the.. vampire, there, at least you thought it, you felt his calloused, but gentle hands covering yours. He wrapped his arm around you and lead you out of the room without uncovering your eyes.

“It’s okay, Y/N. He can’t hurt you, you’re safe now. I’ve got you,” he soothed as he guided you to his car.

Despite all that had taken place since that thing had taken you, Dean’s words struck something inside you. Dean, he saved you from certain death. You trusted him from the first moment you saw him, and now you never wanted to be without him.

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The bar was packed and Dean was, as usual, checking out every piece of ass that walked by. You didn’t mind, there were worse things he could do, and it’s not like he ignored you. Dean had made advances, but they never seemed like real offers. 

“Hey, Sammy, she’s your type, right?” Dean asked, glancing at you quickly to see your reaction. He had been trying to drop hints for ages, but you wouldn’t bite. Ever resourceful, Dean refused to give up as he continued to push your buttons and drop hints that he’d like to bend you over a table any day.

Sam ignored him, but you caught him checking your reaction. You stared at him and you noticed he was scanning the other women, his eyes glossing over them as if he were going through the motions. What if he wasn’t joking, what if.. just what if.. Dean, Dean Winchester, was into me, you thought. Slamming the rest of your beer, you steeled yourself for what could be the best or most embarrassing moment of your life.

Leaning over the table, pushing your breasts together so they were more noticable, you said just loud enough for Dean to hear, “What do ya say we get out of here?”

For the first time in the history of your friendship, Dean looked flustered, a blush forming on the apple’s of his cheeks as he smiled, “Um.. yeah.. sure Y/N.” Glaring at Sam, he barked, “Find your own ride, and maybe another room.”

Practically sprinting as he pulled you through the crowd and out the door, he spun around so quickly you nearly fell over. “What did you mean ‘get out of here’?” he asked, watching your face carefully. When you didn’t respond immediately, he began to ramble, “Like, ‘I’m bored and I want to go to bed’ or ‘let’s go back to my place and get a cup of coffee’?”

Your bravado had stayed in the bar, and out in the parking lot and actually talking to him about this was daunting. After a moment of silence you saw his expression falter, and you couldn’t be the cause of that. Without really thinking, you lunged at him, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling his face close to your’s and kissed him. 

Dean was stunned for a moment before he enveloped you in his strong arms, and pulled your body close to his. Breaking the kiss, he didn’t say a word as he dragged you to the Impala and drove like a maniac back to the motel.

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Holy Hell…

Indeed. Submitted by @when-the-day–met-the-night​. Demon Dean.. homg.

Giggling as the handsome stranger continued to chat you up, you couldn’t help but think about how the evening would progress. A few more drinks, more flirting, a bold question, a timid response that would lead to at least one decent orgasm, and based on the way he looked at you, he had the same plan.

“How about I take you back to my motel room and show you a good time?” he asked, well ahead of schedule.

You were slightly taken aback, but he was handsome and there was no way you were going to pass this up. “Sure, let’s go,” you replied as you followed him outside to his car. 

He walked over to the passenger side and held the door open for you. Once inside, he leaned down and looked deep in your eyes, “Gonna take care of you, babygirl, don’t you worry.”

As you buckled your seat-belt and smiled up at him, your breath hitched. His eyes… his eyes had gone black. Before you could block the door, he closed it and walked around to the other side. You tried the handle, but it wouldn’t budge. He got into the car and turned it on, glancing at you with those black eyes and you knew you were in serious trouble.

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