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Some Comments From TVD General Viewers.


Excellent. Really, really excellent. The one redeeming character in the show is now dead.

Plot Holes :

1. Magic if falling apart, yet Tyler rips Stefan’s heart out with some ease.

2. If magic is indeed falling apart, and all vampires are going to die, why is Enzo so desperate to come back? Err why did he commit, was essentially was suicide and now 2 episodes later he’s so terribly desperate to return?

3. This Liv is the same witch who was being bullied by Enzo last episode? Like come on…she’s far more powerful than Bonnie, yet she was being bullied by Enzo, while her brother was being held up by some jocks? I’d have thought witches with the power to quite literally cripple 200 year old vampires would deal a bit better with jocks, and you know Enzo, another freaking vampire!

This episode had some action, I’ll give them that, and its probably the first episode in about 10 that’s had a halfway decent storyline. There was actually something happening…for once. In the midst of everything the “Delena” moment seemed so forced…why, just why? To gratify the 14 year olds who flood Caroline Dries and Julie Plec’s twitter feed, that’s why. Its so ridiculously lame. Its getting beyond nauseating now. They’ll bring Stefan back most likely with this mumbo jumbo going on with the other side.

If, as the shows err “mythology” states, the emotions and personality of a vampire are magnified from when they’re human, howcome the same compassionate, sweet, caring Elena is still so obsessed with the guy whose threatened to kill her closest friends, raped one of them and tried to kill her brother 4 times is it now? This show follows no semblance of logic, its like one of those twitter delena trolls is doing the writing.

On second though, I hope Stefan stays dead. I watch the show cause I felt connected to the character right from the outset, and if he’s dead, I can finally spend an hour a week doing something better.

TVD is one of the few shows I absolutely loved when it started. The first 3 seasons were absolutely fantastic. This show’s been ruined by a lack of creativity, failure to follow their own fictional rules, a Damon obsessed set of writers and a teenage fanbase that thinks sexual passion is love and chemistry.


Damon and Elena should’ve NEVER become more than what it did after season 3. The traingle should’ve ended after Elena picked Stefan when she became a vampire. Elena has been destroyed as a protagonist and it’s a very big reason as to why this show has gone down in quality. How can you have a television show that basically revolves around three main characters when two of them garner hardly any empathy for the audience. This couple is one of the worst portrayed on tv and gives a new definition to the term “Fan service.” Elena continues to be the most annoying female lead ever and is obsessed with a guy who has ruined her life continuously and made her become someone she (and everyone) despises.

The CW should know that young girls take impression from such shows and the writers glorifying such an abusive relationship as a passionate love story is wrong and horrifying on so many levels.


I agree. I just don’t think a girl sleeping with two brothers translates on screen. I just never got the passion from Delena that everyone else saw. But personally now I don’t ever want to see Stelena become a thing again. The best part of this season was when Stefan lost his memory and just thought Elena and Damon were jerks. It was the most real thing the show had in a while. The Stefan champion the relationship is just odd and stupid.


Damon will bring Stefan back and die in the process… Or so I’ve heard. I kinda want Stefan to actually be dead so I can stop watching this show. Paul Wesley is the only reason I’m hanging on. And yet again we get a lame Damon and Elena scene. Those two make me nauseous.


Well said!

I definitely agree on that with you. Stefan staying dead = the one main character with redeeming qualities who fans can connect to (well unless you call fawning over bicep veins and pretty blue eyes as having some sort of connection with a character ) will be gone.

Please be dead Stefan, so I can forget about TVD as another one of those shows that just went so far downhill I had to quit.

I’m a big television fan, and have been for the last 5-6 years. I don’t exaggerate when I say that I’ve never seen a show deteriorate so fast, and the writers to be so amateurish and pathetic that they listen to 12 year old fans and make “thank you episodes” when these absolutely pathetic fans make “delena” win “best chemistry”.


I totally feel the same way. I believe the writing has really gone downhill since Julie Plec left to go write the Originals… I’m so tired of Damon and Elena - I think they were great as friends, but the real chemistry was/is between Elena and Stefan. If Stefan is truly dead, I’m done with the show. This show needs Kevin Williams or Julie Plec back ASAP - and I vote for Kevin Williams. Every year, I keep hoping that it will go back to the magic of the first two (maybe season 3) seasons. The show has some fantastic actors, but they are being wasted! Stop the triangle - go back to the roots, and stop pandering to the young fans whom just love Ian Somehalder. Yes I love Ian, but you have ruined the character of Elena for the Damon and Elena ‘fans’…. :(


I know it when I see chemistry between two characters..male or female..platonic or romantic..friends or enemy. Damon and Elena had chemistry as friends. They looked good with the banter going on and the thing was, as a friend they always told each other the tough truths. this was well done in season 2. Damon and Elena proves everything that means opposite of being romantic. Bed scenes does not make chemistry. Ian and Nina made Damon and Elena boring because they were together and when they broke up, it became pathetic. Look at the expressions in Elena’s face when she has to kiss Damon. I feel bad. This season the only romance was when Stefan caught Katherine while she was about to die. Nina looks much more comfortable in doing romantic scenes with Paul.


I don’t care what other’s say you are 100% correct - this show deteoriated the moment Julie Plec killed off the romance that was Stefan and Elena. TVD started with, “I met a girl….” and it was all Stefan. She went and changed everything because the fans wanted more Damon. Stefan and Elena were pure love and romance. It’s all gone now. I’m with everyone else…Stefan remain dead so I can stop watching because this show literally makes my eyes bleed. Even the actors seem bored - doesn’t appear that anyone’s heart is in it.


Of course Damon will bring Stefan back, be the hero, blah blah blah. Just like the entire season. After all folks, Ian is Julie and Carolines fantasy lover. Paul Wesley is such a talented and beautiful man. He deserves so much more than to be on a show that doesn’t appreciate him. I hope his character really stays dead and Paul moves on to bigger and better. Paul has been on the big screen and will do so much more. F the vampire diaries!


I think Stefan’s acceptance and championing of Delena is more disturbing to me than his death at this point. Which I didn’t really feel sad about, because this show brings EVERYONE back. And even if it doesn’t, this show has becoming poorly-written Delena fan fiction. So, peace out, TVD. I tried to endure you to the end, but no more.

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