drfunkadunk reblogged your link: THIS IS WHAT A GENDER NEUTRAL TOY STORE LOOKS LIKE

what makes you say that?

Keep in mind I have no experience in marketing/ positioning/ gender studies but based on the pictures a couple things stood out to me. Just because you declare a toy store gender neutral it doesn’t make it gender neutral. Admittedly the store is not separated into, say a room for boys and a room for girls, but in placing similar themed/branded toys together the positioning reads more like separate shelves for boys and girls. 

Unless the organization of the store is random, I’m not sure there is a way to avoid this until TOYS are truly gender neutral. In the picture below you have a shelf of monster trucks, and race cars and on the other shelf I’m not sure there is a single toy not traditionally marketed toward girls. Aliens and Princess Love Stories are equally make believe, however, a diorama showing them interacting would seem out of place in this store based on these photos.