Nearly @dictionary643 drop me an outline of an AU about transformers can trans into weapons by a kiss lol, transformers divided into 3 kind, normal, soldier and weapon, mostly soldier and weapon work in pairs and when they need to fight the soldier kiss his weapon bot and then the bot trans into a special weapon. Full of her dirty thoughts and yes, absolutely it’s Drift and Wing’s cooperate mood in lv…30? Also have the Deadlock and Perceptor one cuz it will be so wired if Dirft hold a Gatling gun.

And honesty is me ask her translate her thoughts in English, although she promised will sooner write it in English but now she’s work on a new function about Deadlock and Perceptor. If u guys interested in that I’ll knock her and here is her outline. (In fact I’m the person who wants to write this AU and when she preparing send the pic she asked me how to describe what she drew, as u see I’m a really annoying person who talks a lot… )

Once the Cybertron steps in war, many mech monsters made by Unicron were thrown in cities and their aim is destroy the Cybertron (absolutely is). And then in transformers, something happened in the two force which already preparing againist each other, some of bots turn to have the third form which need another kind of bots help them to unlock it, deeply, is USE them. The transformers which can have the third form belongs to the kind named “weapon”, and the bot which can use them named “soldier”. They need to work in pairs, usually they are couples or spark brothers, and when the monster army carry forward, two base were built by Decepticons and Autobots for training them and give technology support. One is on an island in the Rust Sea (Belongs to Autobots and other forces) and another is in Keon(yeah, definitely belongs to Decepticons). Deadlock was betrayaedby his superior and go to Autobots’ jail, but suddenly they found he is a special and he is a soldier. They decide to send him to the Rust Sea’s island. At the same time, Perceptor was taken by the Autobots send to the island cuz he is a “weapon”. Another story line is Wing is a “Rare A” level weapon who still can’t find his “soldier”. Once he went out for a task but bring a bot back and said to Dai atlas“he is my soldier”. This is Drift, from a slumdog, nearly dead, and take drugs. Atlas was angry, and decide quickly that hold a “wedding” to find the “soldier” who can use Wing as a “weapon”. At that day, after listening to doctor’s explain, he decided to find Wing and take him from the wedding… Deadlock was sent from Hydra port (in a container) to island, and then pick up a scientist named Perceptor on the seabeach, bear him on the back and walk to the main base. When he walked in, the main door shut ted down and walls raised around him, then somebody jumped in—his little brother Drift and another bot. If he wants to live (well, he thought it’s like a live or die choice fight), he need to beat Drift and that bot down. Although he don’t know will he pairing Perceptor well or not, when he saw Drift kissed that bot and suddenly have a sword in his hand and start attack him, without thinking, Deadlock caught Perceptor and kissed him deeply…

I’m the one who only drew this pic so please don’t ask me anything!!!