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Hi, hello, hi! You know what time of the year it is? It’s the time when we celebrate a relationship of fictional characters, because we are cool like that. Anyway, you know what to do, right?

  • on 22nd of April post your River/Doctor edits,
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jadethe2nd prompted:

I would love to read about them exchanging stories about their various husbands/wives :D

I shall always take the most careful documentation

“Stephen Fry.”

River rolled onto her stomach, the sheet dipping just below the small of her back as she pillowed her head on her arm to study her husband. The Doctor was sat up next to her, flipping through the diary he had never handed back. She really should be cross at some point, but there literally was no more spoilers between them. For the first, and she deeply suspected only time, they were on the exact same page.

“Stephen Fry,” he repeated with a huff. “He’s gay.” 

“I married him. I never said I had sex with him. God, Doctor.” 

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Goodbye, Sweetie.

River grasped the Doctor’s hand tightly.  They had been preparing for this moment, but she still couldn’t bear it.  From the remote look on his face, neither could he.

The TARDIS was parked outside of her little house near the university.  After they had watched the sunrise on Darillium, the Doctor had brought her home.

“Doctor, you have to tell me, will I really never see you again?”

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Anything other than perfection

River arrives back home on Darillium three seconds before he does, and she does her best to ignore the part of her which tells her that that makes three seconds lost forever. It’s the same part of her that starts her internal countdown every time she arrives here: nineteen years, seven months, three weeks, two days, ten hours, thirteen minutes and forty-seven seconds…



Forty-four is when the TARDIS door opens and he steps out, carrying a bottle of wine and immediately pulling her in for a kiss.

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Inspired by my first (and hopefully only) trip to Cabela’s. Set in the same time line as The water’s dark and deep inside this ancient heart

Save these questions for another day

The Doctor, quite frankly, was horrified.

Of course he knew of the great Trafanium Market on Catatrox in the 98th century. He spent far too much time here during the Time War and not by choice. However, he never imagined to be walking into the largest megastore of guns, laser blasters, bombs, universal weapons of mass destruction and other pointy things in the universe with his wife and their four-year-old daughter.

“River,” the Doctor hissed as Charlotte’s eyes promptly widened at the giant space. An array of clothing spread before them, looking utterly harmless. But against the walls, gleaming weapons sparkled in all their destructive glory.

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In celebration of actress Alex Kingston, we’re counting down to her birthday with a week full of Alex love and appreciation! Beginning on March 5th and going through the 11th, please join us in creating and sharing original content – gifs, edits, playlists, art, fics, musings, et cetera – to celebrate all things Alex.


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  • There are 2 prompts listed for each day so you can pick your favorite. Feel free to think of the prompts as suggestions and substitute a lagniappe prompt (below) or deviate entirely.
  • Please do not feel obligated to participate in all seven days!


  • Day 1 (5 March) –  What was your introduction to Alex Kingston? // Alex in a period piece
  • Day 2 (6 March) –  When Alex made you feel all the feels // A time when Alex made you laugh
  • Day 3 (7 March) –  Favorite interview // Cast Alex in a film of your own imagining. Create a graphic, generate a synopsis, and/or write a scene.
  • Day 4 (8 March) –  Favorite acting partnership // Favorite Alex quote (either by or about her)
  • Day 5 (9 March) –  Favorite non-River Song role // Favorite recurring Alex theme (an accessory, outfit, type of role, prop, etc., that’s popped up repeatedly)
  • Day 6 (10 March) –  Alex in a decade // What has Alex taught you? / How has she inspired or influenced you?
  • Day 7 (11 March) –  Happy birthday, Alex Kingston! A free day to create as you please!

Lagniappe prompts: (for substitutions or those who’d like to do just a little extra)

  • A role or production you’d like to see Alex in
  • Favorite sartorial choice(s)
  • Favorite audio recording(s)
  • Favorite stage role(s)

Fic prompts: For the fiction writers out there, write a fic based on a character Alex has played and three words given (to include or inspire).

  • Archaeologist. Dust, worn, shine.
  • Queen. Sword, courageous, skim.
  • Criminal. Atomizer, dense, divulge.
  • Writer. Draft, blurry, tapped.
  • Mother. Water, frayed, grasp.
  • Doctor. Adrenaline, precise, gather.


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anonymous asked:

Are you taking River and Twelve prompts? Because what if they made a child during those 24 years?

Because I got a lot of requests for time babies …

The water’s dark and deep inside this ancient heart

It was a truth universally acknowledged that River Song would never be a mother.

Really, it wasn’t even much of a passing thought. Motherhood was for people like Amy, who mainly wanted it because she was with Rory. There was very little innate nurturing in River’s system, despite being the daughter of Rory Williams. Her peers spent their childhoods playing with Barbies and dolls that “wet” their diapers when spoonfed water. River spent her childhood either being brainwashed by the Silence, wandering starving through the streets of New York, or ensuring that her parents didn’t get killed by aliens before they had the chance to create her to begin with.

Not the seeds for successful motherhood there.

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Twelve/River fics to whet your appetite

Since the next three and a half months will officially be the longest ever, here’s my rec list of Twelve/River fanfics to read. A good deal of these are M-rated, as we figured the Doctor and River would have a lot of making up to do after 1,000 years on Trenzalore.

Pretty much everything that mygalfriday has penned on the couple, but these three are my diehard favorites:

And from other folks:

And these are the Twelve/River fics I’ve written:

This one’s not based off any particular prompt. It was just kicking around in my head for a bit after THoRS ended. The title is taken from “Washington on Your Side” from Hamilton: the Musical, which I am now throughly addicted to no thanks to any of you.

We’re breaking down like fractions

At the end of everything, at the end of the more than 8,700 linear days spent together as husband and wife (though to be fair it got extended quite a bit considering they were two Time Lords with a TARDIS), the Doctor went to the Library.

He chose his date carefully, to ensure that he would have plenty of time. It was the summer equinox, the time with the most daylight. As extra insurance, he swapped out the light bulb on top of the TARDIS to one from Alftraxis III that captured a single ray of pure sunlight. He aimed it at the main computer terminal, where a familiar sonic screwdriver stuck out from a port. The blue light at the end blinked steadily, but it wasn’t as strong as the day he first gave it to her, waving it over her as she laughed to set the initial relay. He wondered if she figured it out at some point. Most likely did. She was so clever, his wife.

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He loves the way she giggles when she’s young.

He loves the way she giggles when she’s older too of course, but when she’s young … her giggles have a kind of innocence to them. An innocence she would swear right now never to have possessed or even wanted, but, “Say that again when you’re older,” he says. Older River has the necessary distance to realise that this River he is lying next to is so very innocent in so many ways, despite her already complicated history.

She raises her eyebrows at him, her face still flushed with mirth. “I’m sure I will. I’m hardly likely to become more innocent, am I?”

“Oh, you’re going to become more everything,” the Doctor teases. He tickles her gently under her chin and she squirms, slapping his hand away with a laugh.

“More brilliant?” she asks, grinning.

“Absolutely,” he affirms.

“More sexy,” she declares, fluttering her lashes.


She hesitates for a fraction of a second before continuing, “More in love with you?”

His gaze softens and he shuffles closer, reaching out to cup her cheek. “Oh, I hope so,” he tells her, and presses a gentle kiss to her lips.

River grins against his mouth. “Tell me more about me,” she demands - and she doesn’t yet quite know that he can read her like a book, that he knows she needs to make up for that moment of vulnerability with something outrageous now.

“Can’t,” he replies with a shrug, making it easy for her. “Spoilers.”

“Rubbish,” she declares. “Go on.”

“I can’t!” he says. “By telling you I could risk changing you. And trust me, I don’t want to do that.”

“That’s cute,” she says, deadpan. “And you think I’m the difficult one?”

“Whoever said you were difficult?” he asks incredulously.

She’s about to reply, he can tell, but she snaps her mouth shut, and her eyes regain their sparkle. “Spoilers.” She says it like a challenge.

The Doctor makes a face. “It was me, wasn’t it?”

River looks smug now, and shrugs. “Spoilers.”

“I’m such an idiot,” he mutters to himself, rolling away from her to stare at the ceiling.

An older River would have snorted and agreed with him; this one says nothing. It’s kind of sweet.

“You’re going to have a lot of fun with that word,” he says eventually. “When I’m younger you’re going to drive me batty with it.”

All of a sudden River is looking down at him, propping herself up on her elbows and smirking in speculation. “That does sound like fun .”

“Yeah, for you,” he complains.

“Aren’t I allowed to have any fun?” she asks airily.

“Course you are. I like it when you’re having fun . In case you hadn’t noticed, I even quite like it when you’re driving me batty.”

River’s grin turns predatory. “Do you now?”

She giggles.

He loves the way she giggles when she’s young.

engrprof said: Doctor watching River while she sleeps

The nuns at Sisters of the Infinite Schism didn’t question the Doctor when they found him roaming through the pristine corridors at night, absently flicking through the tablet of chart information kept at the foot of their patient’s bed. There were privacy laws, of course, but Amy had listed him among next of kin and insisted he had every right to know about the health and well-being of her daughter. Everyone knew he would just subvert the nuns and gain the information on his own anyhow, so he was added to the list as Melody Pond’s significant other.

No one objected.

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Welcome to a River Song Ficathon! Or a mini ficathon, because I am not sure how/if it will work out. 

Anyway, here are the rules:

  1. Submit your prompts! Use ask or submit for it. Since it’s a River-centred ficathon, the prompts should be focused on her. Any canon character you want her to meet? Any other ficational character you want her to meet? Any crossover? Any episode you wished she was in? Character study? AU? Let your imagination run wild!
  2. If you don’t want your name attatched to the prompt, just say it. If you have any other requests (smut/no smut/rating/etc.), write it in your submission.
  3. You can submit up to 10 prompts.
  4. You can submit prompts until Tuesday, the 13th of October
  5. I’ll make list of all the prompts submitted and post them on this blog. You’ll  be able to choose which prompt(s) you want to claim (first come, first serve). You can claim up to 5 prompts. Claimed prompts will be crossed off the list. 
  6. Write your fics! Simple as that. 
  7. The writing ~deadline~ for this round is on the 7th of December. I figured that if we get River in the Christmas Special, we can also have some early celebration and post the fics then. If you finish your fics earlier, that’s not a problem. If you finish your fics later, that’s also not a problem. Let’s treat this ficathon more like fun, rather than a thing that must be finished at all cost.
  8. Once your fic is written, post it. ao3, ff.net, tumblr - whatever is more comfortable for you. I’ll try to make a River Song Ficathon collection on ao3, so all the fics can be in one place. I’ll inform you once it’s done/give instructions on how to add fics to the collection. 
  9. While posting on tumblr, you can use ‘river song ficathon’ tag. The fics will be easier to find then. You can also submit link to the fic and then I’ll publish it.
  10. If you have any questions, ask away
  11. To make sure you get all the updates/information/see all the fics/can submit posts, follow this blog. Also, if you want to/can, please reblog this post, so more people know about the ficathon :).

Have fun and let’s hope the ficathon will work out! 

It’s been way too long without our babies, so it’s time for a “mini” River/Doctor ficathon! It’ll work a bit differently than the regular ones, like so: 

1. Submit or ask to this blog with prompts for River/Doctor, in any and all forms/regenerations/ot3s/etc.  You can submit up to 20 prompts! Submit by March 25! (You decide if you want to be anonymous or have your name attached.)

2. I will post a gigantor (hopefully) list of all the prompts, and writers will, on a first come first serve basis, submit or ask to this blog with the # and prompt that they want.  You can claim up to 5 prompts at a time, but if you know you won’t be able to write it, please “release” it back to the public.  As people claim prompts I will cross them off the list (so also prob choose a backup prompt or two just in case). 

3. WRITE FICS.  Fics should be 800+ words. First round of fics due by the end of April.  If it’s a success, we do more rounds! If not, we cry.  Fics can be posted wherever and whenever you like, just make sure to send us a link!

4. Plz reblog and send in prompts so we can have more River/Doctor fic.  Then plz write fic.  Please and thank you amen.

5. Any questions, ask away!

Christmas Shopping with the Ponds

Word Count: 6,101

Rating: M

Pairing/Characters: Eleven/River, Amy/Rory, Clara.

Notes: A late happy birthday to Pam, and a Merry Christmas to all! For the Doctor and Clara, this takes place between “The Day of the Doctor” and “The Time of the Doctor.” For Amy, Rory, and River, this takes place between “Asylum of the Daleks” and “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.”

At one point in the story, Clara refers to having seen Amy and Rory’s pictures. In the series 7 minisode “Clara and the TARDIS,” the TARDIS shows Clara a number of companions that were on the TARDIS. Amy was the final one, and I took a little license with Rory.

Summary: What in Rassilon’s name was Amelia Pond doing at the Intergalactic Mall of Andromeda? The Doctor mentally flipped back through the hundreds of trips he’d taken with the Ponds. He was damn well sure he hadn’t brought them here. Which means River had. Seeing Amy had made his eyes sting, but the thought of being on the same planet as River Song made his hearts ache. He’d only just gotten over saying good-bye to her again, though she’d warned him she’d see him again. Spoilers, right? Now, where the bloody hell was Clara?

There’s no anaesthetic.

River smoothes her pilot’s hair, wondering if she should tell her what she’s about to do or just get on with it. She doesn’t know the other woman very well – her name is Lucy, she’s in her twenties, and she’s very good at navigating through asteroid fields. She replaced the previous pilot at the ship’s last stop a few weeks ago, when River discovered that he was a Nestene duplicate with a too-keen interest in her cargo and blew his head off.

Recalling just how she made that discovery, River pulls out her hallucinogenic lipstick and quickly applies it to her lips. It’s better than nothing.

Lucy is not quite lucid, which is probably a good thing. She might get the wrong impression.

River kisses her gently and sits back, watching her eyes glaze over slightly and her features relax. With any luck, the stink of the smoke and the hiss of the fire extinguishers still trying to save the doomed ship will soon be transmuted for Lucy into something more tranquil.

And the pain won’t register so much either.

Gritting her teeth, River grips Lucy’s arm, anchors them both as best she can, and pops it back into its socket.

Lucy screams, but at least it doesn’t last long.

Someone clears his throat behind her. “River,” says a Scottish voice.

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Twenty-four years.

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

River looked up into the Doctor’s face.  She had never seen him look at her that way before.  She stepped closer to him, smiling and looking away shyly, like a teenager.  

The Doctor’s hand came up and tilted her chin back up toward him.  “Well, what’ll be, Professor?” the Doctor asked, his hand cupping her face while his other arm pulled her tight against him.  “Would you care to spend the night with me?” the Doctor asked, a small smile curling the side of his mouth.

River couldn’t keep the tears from streaming down her face.  “Why yes, Doctor,” she said quietly but smiling.  “I do believe I would.”

The Doctor dipped his head and kissed her, very gently.  His kiss was tentative, testing, and when he leaned back from her, he did not open his eyes.  Instead he pulled her to him and buried his face in her hair.  

“Doctor?” River asked, a bit worriedly, feeling him shake.  

“Hush,” the Doctor said, his voice thick with emotion.  

River rested against him, feeling his hearts beating against her.  She could feel herself melting into him, but she knew what he needed.  “My My,” River said teasingly, “If one kiss will do that to you, what will you do when I touch your…”

“River!” The Doctor cut her off, pulling back so he could see her in mock shock.  “Not in front of Nardol and Ramon,” he said, inclining his head back toward the restaurant.  

River laughed and the Doctor smiled.  “Maybe we could skip dinner?” River asked, her hands moving down his chest.

“Not a chance,” he said, catching her hands with his own, his eyes dancing.  “I’ve had these reservations a long time.  I’ve planned everything down to the last detail,” the Doctor swept his arm around the balcony, “and you are going to admire it.  We are going to have a wonderful dinner, and listen to the towers, and then we will have all night to explore..   other things.”

“All night?” River said, still a bit unbelieving.  Twenty four years with her husband.  

“All night,” the Doctor confirmed.  And then he bent his head to kiss her again.