Here’s an actual photo of the Excalibur I recently got. Originally, I was gunna get him just so I could have him, but I may make a character out of him yet. First I gotta get a color scheme down. Any suggestions for Sir Butts-a-lot’s colors?

A shitty, unfinished (and never to be finished) Warframe Fanfiction

(So I got bored and I decided to write. Here’s the outcome)

Boone could barely see the cold, bare metal panels in front of him. He tried to get to his feet, but just couldn’t muster the strength to raise himself up.
Alad’s stun bomb had served it’s purpose. Boone was a sitting duck, waiting for the sick Corpus R&D to make his move.
Even before Alad spoke, Boone already knew what Alad wanted to do to the intruders. “Zanuka, grab the other three and relocate them to their respective pods.
I want THIS one to myself!”
Alad began to walk towards the crippled Excalibur Prime. Boone was shell-shocked.
He was expecting to be shipped off somewhere along with his squad, but Alad had other plans. “Wa-wait…no..NononNONO!”
Boone reached out to grab his Magnus, but he knew it was hopeless. Boone tried again to raise himself up,
but was stopped as Alad delivered a sharp kick to the nape of his neck.
An eerie laugh echoed throughout, followed by Alad’s sicking voice.
“An Excalibur Prime, eh? You’ll be a fine specimen. Do not worry Tenno. Your death will be far quicker then those of your squad. I can assure you of that!”
Alad let out another chortle as Boone blacked out.

(There’s more, but I wasn’t done with it yet. Hurray for Warframe stories.)