Dan Drezner is basically my favorite person ever

His imagined conversation with IR PhD students:

Ph.D. ADVISOR:  I think you should stop reading Wendt [or insert other trendy academic name here].  I don’t like the way his arguments are shaping your argument.

Ph.D. STUDENT:  But you don’t understand!!  I love him – as much as love can be socially constructed!!  He’s let me see the world in a whole new way.  He’s the key to everything!!!

Ph.D. ADVISOR:  You’re writing a dissertation on cooperation among transnational criminal groups – I just don’t think his argument works here.

PH.D. STUDENT:  How would you know which arguments work and which ones don’t?!  When was the last time you read someone who moved you – the Stone Age?!  I bet you’ve never read a piece of constructivist scholarship in your life.  You don’t understand me at all!!!!!

Ph.D. ADVISOR:  Calm down – I just think you might be better off if you read other people is all.  This is just an intellectual crush.  It will pass. 

Ph.D. STUDENT!!!  No!! Never!!  I’ve never read anyone else who can speak to my topic like him.  Wendt and I will stay together forever!!  

March Madness is back! Democrats v. Dictators 2012

Play World Leader March Madness!! (Last year I had Putin winning my bracket…)

From Foreign Policy:

Defending champion Barack Obama is back to defend his title this year, hoping that a second straight victory could power him through November. President-elect Vladimir Putin, fresh off a controversial election victory, is looking for revenge. North Korea’s new supreme leader – and reported basketball enthusiast – Kim Jong Un, is looking to avenge his father’s defeat in last year’s competition. The Arab Spring revolutions have brought us both Tunisian Interim President Moncef Marzouki on the democrats’ side and Egypt’s military junta – the SCAF – facing off against regional powerhouse Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the first autocrat matchup. And Bibi’s back in the picture.

Notable first-round rivalries include Falklands/Malvinas pugilists David Cameron and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a demolition debt derby between Lucas Papademos and Angela Merkel, a battle of the reformist autocrats between Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and Myanmar’s Thein Sein, and an Middle Eastern Abdullah-Abdullah showdown.

The deadline for bracket submissions is 12 p.m. U.S. Eastern time, Thursday, March 15. The readers with the top 10 scores will receive a free one-year subscription to Foreign Policy. Let the madness begin!