DrewVerbs - Only You

Model: Lan Thi Huynh

Instagram: @lan_tea

Humans love to over think. We need to learn to let go, breathe, and just enjoy the life that we have. Realize that we are only given one chance to live. If you spend most of it stressing then it's like you're already dead.

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If I had a chance to do High School all over again, I would...
  • Make grades and studying my number one priority
  • Have worked instead of just sit and watch tv 50% of my time
  • Found hobbies that would benefit my future
  • Volunteer more
  • Worked out instead of just eating all the time
  • Spent more time with my parents
  • taken more risks and joined more clubs instead of just basketball

What my mouth proclaims my head will start believing.

Every morning for the next 100 days I will say something positive and uplifting to myself. I believe and hope that it will make me into a new and improved person. I’m tired of limiting myself. I’m tired of saying I can’t so now I’m telling myself that I will.

     Today I will:

  • Finish what I start
  • Be better then yesterday
  • Scream Success because I am Success
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Make and keep a new friend
  • Etc…