Tumblr Tuesday!  Check these great people out!

  • Anna:  One kickass Nashville chick.

  • Sarah:  Getting back on track for all the right reasons.

  • Stef:  Cat Princess of NYC

  • Drew:  A man with a plan and in pursuit of everything.  Watch out.

  • KC:  High Altitude Runner, getting better every day.

  • Rob:  Fellow Do-Lifer and guy with a great sense of humor.  Bang up any cars lately!? :)

  • Rach:  Eats 50K’s for breakfast!

  • Sarah:  Smaller-N-Smaller, SHE AIN’T KIDDING!  Lost MADDDD weight and looks AMAZINGGGG!! Also the birthday girl!

  • Jim:  He’s done a complete 180.  Not the guy he was a year ago.  Very proud of him.

It’s been a very inspiring weekend! Getting updates from Pump on Saturday during his marathon & watching the NYC marathon on tv AND seeing Drewinpursuit post pictures from his run during the NYC marathon today has got me thinking.
Maybe just maybe I’ll aim a little higher next year & do a half marathon. Now I’m not a great runner. Truth is that I can’t run a full 5k, I take walk breaks pretty often.
So what makes me think I can attempt 13.1 miles?! Heck, I don’t know but I think I’d like to try!

drewinpursuit replied to your photo: 13.1/39.3 = done. so far my impression of this…

Agreed. I finished saying to myself that I didn’t even want to do tomorrow. I will, but only because I’m a tenacious bastard. Glad you finished we’ll at least!

i’m glad it’s not just me.   and yeah, that’s basically the only reason i’m doing it too.  

plus, by 5:30 in the morning, i will have convinced myself that it wasn’t so bad.

but it was.  it really was.