Title: Dream

Word Count: 1494

Characters: Prophet!Reader, Dean, Sam + a doctor which I made up

Request: Can you write a one shot based on “Dream” by Imagine Dragons please? :)

A/N: I came up with this idea in february and got the request a few days ago and thought that it fits perfectly together. So please tell me what you think and I’ll continue the story!

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»That’s so childish«, your best Friend said and threw a pillow in your direction. She was sitting on the redish couch and watched you, while you were walking through the room. 

Your room. 

»It’s not childish «, you tried to explain, but she just shook her head and stood up. She didn’t believe you. She couldn’t understand and you didn’t blame her for that. It was crazy. You were crazy. 

»Please stay and I try to explain it to you again«, you begged and gave her your puppy-eyes look. No one was able to resist that look, not even your best friend, who just sighed but nodded and sat down on the ground. You sank down beside her and took her left hand into yours, squeezing it lightly. Thanking her for staying. For listening.

»Thank you«, you murmured and reached for your notebook, which was laying on the nightstand, only a few centimetres away from your current position.
The notebook had all the informations from the dream you had only a night ago. It was a dream you’ve had for the past few weeks. Every night was the same. You went to bed, slept and dreamed about your favorite book series.
With one big difference. In your dreams, you were a part of the books.  

»You need help Y/N«, your best Friend gently said and rubbed over your back. »You are not a prophet of the lord. Sam and Dean, god that are just fictional characters! I love the books just as much as you do but darling, I’m sorry do disappoint you but you are just you. Just Y/N.«

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