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Rogue One Spoilers (Easter Egg References)

1: In the opening Prologue when we see the Erso family home, there’s a pitcher of “Blue Milk” on the counter (Originally seen in Episode 4.

2: When we first see adult Jyn she is being held prisoner on a transport that seems to be a HAVw A6 Juggernaut Tank. This is the heavily armored wheeled talk that was first seen in Revenge of the Sith at the Battle of Kashyyyk.

3: When we see Yavin IV for the first time we get a shot of the ship yard; in the upper corner, one can easily see the ship The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels. Later on in the final battle there is at least two moments where The Ghost can be seen fighting. First when the Rebek fleet arrives, The Ghost is one of the ships to appear and It’s seen flying in front of the flagship bridge.

4: The most obvious is Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker). Saw is the first live action appearance of a character made for the animated series. Introduced in Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 5 Episode 2 during the Onderon arc.

5: When Jyn and Cassian are on Jedha, the walk into Dr. Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba. The same two thugs that Luke and Obi Wan encounter in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

6: Rogue One marks the first live action appearance of Kyber Crystals. They have been shown and mentioned throughout both Clone Wars and Rebels. Kyber Crystals are the heart of a lightsaber as well as partial energy sources for Super Weapons including both Death Stars and ancient Sith weapons such as the Temple from Rebels Season 2 Finale.

7: Chirrut Îmwe and Blaze Malbus (Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen respectively) mention that they are (Guardians of the Whills". The Whills date back to before the original film as in George Lucas’ original script, the events of the franchise were told in “Holy Book” that told the histories of the galaxy.

8: When we first see Darth Vader it is at a dark ‘castle’. This Castle is located on Mustafar where Anakin and Obi Wan had their fateful duel. This palace may be a reference to Vader’s residences in Legends were he has a private palace in the Imperial City on Coruscant or Bast Castle which was Vader’s private fortress on the Acid Rain covered planet of Vjun (Source: Wookieepedia: Search “Vader’s personal abode” and “Bast Castle”

9: General Jan Dodonna has a very small cameo role. Dodonna is the commanding officer of Yavin IV and was in command during the battle of the First Death Star. He was originally played by Alex McCrindle and is now played by Game of Thrones actor Ian McElhinney

10: Genevieve O'Reilly returns to the role of Mon Mothma despite all her scenes from Revenge of the Sith being removed from the final film. (All her scenes can be found online)

11: When Bail Organa and Mon Mothma are speaking privately, over an intercom someone calls for “General Syndulla” it is unknown if they are calling for Hera Syndulla from Rebels or her father Cham Syndulla from Clone Wars and Rebels.

12: When the Rebel communication officer is running to speak to Mon Mothma, for about 2 seconds, C1-10P can be see moving off screen. You can also hear him making his signature grunting sounds.

13a: During the Final Battle the film shows several X-Wing and Y-Wing pilots. There are 4 pilots to pay attention for: Both Red and Gold Leader are portrayed by their actors from the original film, Drewe Henley and Angus MacInnes respectively. Both pilots die during the Battle of the First Death Star. The film uses archive footage from the original film as Angus is much older now and Henley died in early 2016.

13b: The third pilot to look out for is the only X-Wing pilot we see shot down from inside the cockpit. This pilot’s call sight is Red-5 which is the call sign that is given to Luke Skywalker during the Battle of the First Death Star.

13c: (Note: I have no proof of this) There is an X-Wing pilot with black hair and a black Mustache. I believe that this is Biggs Darklighter

14: During the Final Battle, the Rebels strategically use a Hammerhead Corvette. This ship was originally introduced in the game: Knights of the Old Republic, which took place several thousand years before the movies. The ships we re-introduced into Canon in Star Wars Rebels Season 2.

15: Krennic’s personal security is made up of Death Tropers which are the best of the best Stormtropers. In appearance they are similar to Shadowtroopers from the game Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (Legends).

16: When we first see Darth Vader, he is submerged in a bacta tank. This tells us that he is still nursing his wounds from his battle with Obi Wan.

17: Rogue One introduces a new type of TIE fighter: the TIE Striker which is only seen during the final battle. They stand out due to their elongated cockpits and horizontal wings.

18: When Jyn and Cassian are searching for the Death Star plans they looks through several different files. One of these files is called “Black Saber”. This may have a double meaning as it can be referencing the ancient lightsaber called the Dark Saber that belonged to Pre Vizla and Darth Mail in Clone Wars and now owned by Sabine Wren In Rebels, or it can be a reference to the Darksaber Superweapon (Legends) which was built by Durga the Hutt. The weapon was supposed to have the power of the Death Star but built in the shape of a space station sized lightsaber.

This is everything that I noticed so if anyone noticed anything else or if I’m wrong about something please tell me I want to know.


19: The device that Cassian uses to look through the Imperial Files is identical to devices in George Lucas’ first film THX 1138, continuing the tradition of referencing the film.

20: This is the first time in Star Wars history that an entry to the franchise does not have the famous Wilhelm Scream. (Worst SW Movie Ever)

21: At one point there are two Stormtroopers talking about the old T15 model finally being discontinued. This is a reference to A New Hope when Obi Wan is deactivating the tractor beam, two Stormtroopers are talking about the new T16. Also in The Force Awakens when Rey is sneaking around Starkiller Base, there are two Stormtroopers talking about the new T17 which is apparently not as good as the predecessor. This may be a joke about the Star Wars franchise as a whole: The Prequel Trilogy is finally over (T15), the Original Trilogy is good and impressive (T16) and the Sequel Trilogy, while good doesn’t live up to its predecessor (T17) -Credit to @forcedintostarwars  for pointing this out to me