Drew this before sleeping late last night. If there was a word for their relationship, I suppose it would be ‘comfort’, regardless if they’re in the mainverse or humanverse or whatever. I was working on their size differences and trying to get a feel of that relationship here.


Drew this last night but it was super-late when I finished so I’m just posting it now. This is actually one of my first tries at drawing a character in a pose separate from the reference I used, and I think it turned out pretty well for that!

Hawke blinked.
Hawke blinked.
Hawke blinked.

“Right - I am way too sober to deal with this.” she said, and stormed off to the bar of the hanged man.

“Yes, because the obvious answer would be getting drunk.” another Hawke sighed, pinching her nose, “Get me something.”

“Me too,” the third Hawke called out.

It didn’t take long for the first Hawke with two daggers strapped to her back to return with three pints. The other two watched as she managed to set them all down on the table without spilling a drop, and proceeded to drink from her mug.

The other two quickly followed suit.

“Alright,” Hawke said, gently placing her mug down, “Three Hawkes meet in the Hanged Man. One a mage, one a rouge, and one a warrior. Where’s the punch line?”

Mage-Hawke glanced over Warrior-Hawke’s shoulder, “I don’t know about a punchline, but I have a feeling there’s going to be punching.” she sighed.

Warrior-Hawke and Rouge-Hawke looked in the same direction that Mage-Hawke was looking. Several dark clad men with swords and daggers.were walking over to them, “We’re here to kill the Champion.” the leader snarled.

Mage-Hawke waved a hand around the table, “Take your pick.” she commented, then glanced at the other two, “I would be correct in my assumptions that you too, nearly singlehandly defended the city from a Qunari Invasion?”

Mage-Hawke grinned, and Warrior-Hawke nodded her head, “What can I say, we’re just that awesome.”

“If you won’t tell us which one of you is the Champion - we’ll kill you all!”

Mage-Hawke groaned, “Why do they always think they can kill us? I mean - took down the freaking Arishock.” “Yes, you’d think that’d at least give the idiots pause.” Warrior-Hawke commented, scanning the group of would-be assassins. “Can’t help stupid, I suppose.” Rouge-Hawke sighed.

The battle, as expected, was short. It ended with two blood covered Hawkes and one clean one.

The clean Mage-Hawke raised her staff and the blood on the other two disappeared. The three sat down at their table and resumed their drinks.

“I’m guessing magic went wrong somehow?” Rouge-Hawke suggested, making Warrior-Hawke groan, “When doesn’t it?”

Mage-Hawke clicked her tongue, “This could be a dream I’m having, and Demons are trying to tempt me.” she paused, looking at her duplicates, “If that’s true, I really need to question the demon in charge. Duplicates? How is that supposed to tempt anyone?”

Rouge-Hawke shrugged, “Ask Isabella.” she answered, taking a large drink from her mug.

Warrior-Hawke frowned, “Wait - let’s say all this is real… and that’s asking a lot, are we in my Hanged Man? Your Hanged Man? Or your Hanged Man?” she asked, looking at Rouge-Hawke and Mage-Hawke both.

A grin lit up on Mage-Hawke’s face, “Lets ask Aveline!”

Cut to Aveline’s office. There’s a knock on the door. She walks over and opens it and sees three Hawke’s standing there. She shuts the door.

This was from yesterday I drew it kinda late last night, after finishing Spirited Away but idk, this would have to be one of my favorite days. ❤️
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