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Kel, can I ask how you draw the animated pixel Tyler bc it so cool i cry a river ;-; I want to be able to draw like you, I'm so sorry if you already answered this kind of question..

DON’T BE SORRY!! I know this blog is kind of a mess os it’s hard to sort through questions and stuff. I’m using photoshop CS6!! Okay so first open a canvas that is approx the size of the pixel you want, I’m using 100x100 here: 

^ OOPS I forgot to write it in but I basically cleaned up the pixels and added details

AND YOU’RE DONE!! Save it by going to file > save for web > save it as a gif!!

I drew this quickly as an example, but YOU CAN ADD MORE FRAMES if you want a smoother animation! I also didn’t really elaborate on pixel art itself here but here are some good tutorials that explain how to make nice pixels: 1, 2, 3 I HOPE THAT HELPS YOU OUT!!