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   Long story Short: I lost all my motivation to actually finish something and now I’m on a sketching spree. I sketched your OCs ft. Pirouletta because IDK they look cool.

   Also I’m submitting this instead of posting because I don’t have a main/art blog, just this little RP one.

   (I kind of want to finish this later but then I realized I have no idea how to color Macha or Mic so yeah).

   I was also the one to add fuel to the debate over Mic’s name with the “Alexander” bullshit. I’m just rambling now, sorry.

   Love ya. Bye.

-Zenya from Sweet Pool-

Ohkay, can I just fangirl a bit how fantastic this obscure bl visual novel is? 👀 Bittersweet story, horror atmosphere, supernatural parasites, crazy cult, a bit of gore, gorgeous characters, load of feels, the art style and music are just superb~ Got so many nostalgic feels with this…Oh, and from the creators of DmmD. Man… It’s such a delight to see more mature looking characters and tbh I think… If you like Silent Hill and Killing Stalking, then this might be for you too. ;D