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A Boy and His Wolf: The First Meeting

Title: A Boy and His Wolf: The First Meeting
Pairing: Derek Hale / Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
Length/Rating: ~ 2000 / G
Summary: Derek, just a young wolf himself, stumbles across a child who appears lost in the woods.

AN: A Boy and His Wolf is a collaborative project between heavenorspace and myself.

It will be a series of vignettes, out of chronological order, set in a world where Derek, in the form of a wolf, first encountered Stiles when he was a toddler playing in the woods. Derek is under strict pack orders not to reveal himself as werewolf to the human boy and must only interact with him as a wolf. When Stiles is a child, their relationship is strictly platonic and protective in nature. As Stiles grows older that begins to change.

Each drabble will be accompanied by a piece of art drawn by Katie.

The other drabbles can be found in the tag, on AO3, or the fic directory.


Derek is out in the forest investigating a rabbit trail, practicing his hunting strategies the way his father taught him, when a woman’s voice calls out.

“Stiles!  Oh god, Stiles, where are you!?!”

Derek ears prick forward.  The woman sounds distressed.  Fearful.  Panicked.

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