drew x factor

STYLE FILES: One third of Emblem3 is back for Part 1 of the X Factor USA Finale!  One thing is for sure….we’re not complaining!  Drew made his entrance in this all white ensemble with a jacket and pants by Paul Black, an American Apparel shirt and Timberland boots.


Wes is totally ready to bring E3 back and he never bailed on Keaton. Drew seems like he’s down to bring E3 back bc of all the tweets but Keaton has disappeared and apparently doesn’t want to do it but this is still all because of the shitty management they’ve had through the years.

Drew Chadwick Appreciation Post

Drew really brought something to Emblem3 that just couldn’t be replicated by anyone else. I wish we had all taken the chance to realize how much he really influenced the band’s sound. And we didn’t realize how much of a role he played in the band until he was gone. And just like that, in a little over a year, Emlem3 has split off in 3 different directions. Seriously, I wish nothing more than to just go back in time to when those 3 crazy sunburnt kids were auditioning for the first time.

A little look down memory lane when Drew took the reins and interviewed the adorable, Ally Brooke….with a microphone….uh, we mean water bottle!

We couldn’t help ourselves….had to post an oldie, but a goodie!  Oh Drew….

Just a few of our favorites from the Top 13 of X Factor USA Season 2!

What’s so funny!?  Drew knows how to remain focus…on comic books!  Way to zone us out with your Sony X headphones pre-show….then again, we like to be in our own element too when we’re chilling out and having fun!