drew x amy

dead of summer did it so right by not killing off the only lgbt+ characters and making a woc the heroine

  By The Doctor

Hello Pond,  

And here we are. You and me on the last page.  

By the time you read these words, I would have been deceased.  Know that I lived well and I was happy,  and above all else know that I love you, always.  
Sometimes I do worry about you and think you may be looking for me, and now you’ve found me.  I am afraid that once I’m gone, you may be sad, which you should never be.

Don’t be sad, Amelia.

And do one more thing for me, there’s a mad man in a box waiting to crash into a little girl’s yard. Tell him that he will begin to love again. Tell him that he won’t become a ginger, but he’ll love one with both of his hearts. He’ll fall in love with a big mouthed giraffe who will put her life before his. Tell him he will fall in love with a woman who will save a whale in outer space, fight pirates, and give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived.

Tell him this is a love story, his love story, and this is how it ends.


Dedicated to amysdiaries