drew with no glasses on

i started listening to taz recently and i really liked it so i drew the night glass scene scene from the last episode of the first chapter? i liked what they did with that. 

well actually i realized halfway through that i drew the scene wrong but oh well. this is technically a taz fanart anyway. so here. i love taz

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One of the saddest parts of FFXV is that you can already see how Noctis will be both revered and forgotten by his people. There will be books about him, statues of him, songs written about him, but they will not remember him.

They will remember the magical king who spend 10 years inside a crystal, who drew magic from the earth and sealed it in glass, who could summon weapons from thin air and wrap across the landscape in milliseconds, who gained the favor of 5 God’s and slew the sixth, who killed the Accursed, who ended the starscurge, who brought back the sun and put an end to all demons.

They will forget the boy who fed stray cats with fish he caught himself. The boy who loved chocobos and video games and sleeping late. The boy who could spend days at a fishing pond, who was passionate and sarcastic and kind. Who laughed with his friends and cried with them. The boy who was human.

There is more in Russian than Vitya :D


Junkrat with glasses and roadhog

Tiberias Calore! It’s only a sketch but I wanted to try out some effects on Procreate (the app I draw on). I had no idea what to draw so I randomly drew Cal. This was supposed to be the execution scene. I wanted to draw Mare beside him but my hand wasn’t cooperating, so Cal’s alone. I love this scene so much and I want to do a full on comic for it but that’s probably not gonna happen. I also forgot what clothes he was wearing so I just put him in a normal shirt.