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“Not so fast! I’m Pasadena O'Possum! I’m racing for ol’ Von Clutch, and I’m gonna whoop you, that’s for sure!”

I drew Von Clutch and Willie, might as well draw Pasadena as well. She was really cute in Crash Tag Team Racing. I actually thought she would’ve been a great steady girlfriend for Crash considering how much she enjoyed dangerous sports and cornbread.
Also made her look a little more like an opossum just cause.

((I wondered how my Bendy would react to see Mickey and Oswald because of my recent trip to Disneyland and then this happened. He doesn’t hate them btw, he actually really likes them but he refuses to work with others who will steal his spotlight.

Also to anyone who is curious, my Bendy is about 2 feet tall and I made Oswald really tiny because the size of my plush I bought is tiny compared to my Mickey. Anyway, I hope you guys like this!))

TAKING REQUESTS to write for a small fandom

As the title says I’m hoping people who have seen the Love Comes Softly movies or have read the books will take me up on my offer to make this fandom a little more known by submitting a one-shot request in my ask box. I rarely receive requests so I’m hoping this will change things…

All you need to do…

1. Send me a prompt

2. Send me a character or couple:

3. Send me which movie/book your request follows

Characters: Clark and Marty, Missie and Willie, Missie and Grant, Jeff and Colette, Belinda and Drew, even a father-daughter moment between Missie and Clark or a father-son moment between Willie and Mattie.

Movies: Love Begins, Loves Everlasting Courage, Love Comes Softly, Loves Enduring Promise, Loves Long Journey, Loves Abiding Joy, Loves Unending Legacy, Loves Unfolding Dream, Love Takes Wing, Love Find a Home, Loves Christmas Journey


The LA Kings bench celebrates Alec Martinez’s OT winner in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals

So much to appreciate here:

  • Dustin Brown jumping around in a circle
  • Drew Doughty punching the wall 
  • Carts and Richie’s mutual shoulder punching 
  • Willie Mitchell vaulting over the bench to turn around and throw himself at Trevor Lewis
  • Coaches hug!
Some Harry Potter quotes where "wand" is changed to "willy"

- Harry rubbed his willy feverishly until white sparks shot out of the end, which earned him a disapproving look from Fleur.

- “Don’t put your willy there, boy!” roared Moody.

- “There was a moment, in the graveyard, where Voldemort’s willy and mine sort of… connected.”

- “Well, we’ll soon find out, won’t we?” said Snape smoothly. “Willy out, Potter.”

- Dumbledore drew his willy out of the inside of his robes and placed the tip into his own silvery hair, near his temple. When he took the willy away, hair seemed to be clinging to it - but then Harry saw that it was in fact a glistening strand of the same strange silvery-white substance that filled the Pensieve.

- Hermione’s willy gave a little jerk, but did not leave her hand. The feeble attempt at magic was too much for Harry’s willy, which split into two again.

- Crabbe and Goyle were standing behind him, shoulder to shoulder, willies pointing right at Harry. Through the small space between their jeering faces he saw Draco Malfoy. “That’s my willy you’re holding, Potter,” said Malfoy, pointing his own through the gap between Crabbe and Goyle. “Not anymore,” panted Harry, tightening …his grip on the hawthorn willy. “Winners, keepers, Malfoy. Who’s lent you theirs?” “My mother,” said Draco.

- “Oh, move over,” Hermione snarled. She grabbed Harry’s willy, tapped the lock, and whispered, ‘Alohomora!”

- “It’s time you learned the difference between life and dreams Potter,” said Malfoy. “Now give me the prophecy, or we start using willies.” “Go, on then,” said Harry, raising his own willy to chest height. As he did so, the five willies of Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna rose to either side of him.

- “Running to Daddy now, are you? Is his ickle boxing champ frightened of nasty Harry’s willy?”

- “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Harry yelled. Nothing happened. Harry gripped his willy tighter and shook it up and down until a thick, wispy white substance protruded from the end of it.

- “There will be no foolish willy-waving or silly incantations in this class!”


1. Adrian Peterson (2007- ) – 86 
2. Maurice Jones-Drew (2006- ) – 68 
3. Willis McGahee (2004- ) – 65 
4. Steven Jackson (2004- ) – 62 
5. Brandon Jacobs (2005- ) – 60 
5. Frank Gore (2005- ) – 60 
7. Marshawn Lynch (2007- ) – 58 
8. Chris Johnson (2008- ) – 50 
9. DeAngelo Williams (2006- ) – 46 
10. Arian Foster (2009- ) – 45 
11. BenJarvus Green-Ellis (2008- ) – 42 
12. LeSean McCoy (2009- ) – 39 
13. Ronnie Brown (2005- ) – 38 
14. Rashard Mendenhall (2008) – 37 
14. Ray Rice (2008- ) – 37 
16. Michael Vick (2001- ) – 36 
17. Matt Forte (2008- ) – 35 
18. Ahmad Bradshaw (2007- ) – 34 
19. Reggie Bush (2006- ) – 33 
20. Mike Tolbert (2008- ) – 32 
21. Michael Bush (2008- ) – 29 
21. Jamaal Charles (2008- ) – 29 
23. Cam Newton (2011- ) – 28 
23. Fred Jackson (2007- ) – 28
25. Jonathan Stewart (2008- ) – 27