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And today’s AU of the day from the iwaoi thirst squad @tei-gen and @crossbelladonna is Corpse bride AU (happy end edition because I am the biggest dweeb)

(I just wanted,,,bokuaka to do that piano duet scene,, but I forgot about the angst ending whoops ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽)

Hermione’s stomach was in knots. She was seventeen, and nearly an adult - but the weight of what she knew what she had to do today was getting progressively worse as her appointment drew closer. The wake of Dumbledore’s death had slowed the pace of the castle, and though everyone was moving through grief like dirty lake water, things still had to get done. Exams still had to be taken and discussed. Conversations about the future still had to be had. 

She remembered the chilling feeling of her boggart in third year, and though it would very different today, at the close of her sixth year, the memory of McGonagall’s disappointment was enough to tempt her not to knock on the office door at all.

She was a Gryffindor, though, and a rather good one, so she knocked anyway. 

“Miss Granger,” Professor McGonagall said pleasantly, sitting her down at the vast table for the purpose of the appointment. “Your preliminary NEWT scores look quite good, good enough to go right into the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures next year without further training, if that’s still your goal.” 

Hermione nodded, and they talked for few minutes more about pre-NEWTS, until the inevitable question came. 

“Would you like to come into my office Saturday evening to take the NEWT pretest for NEWT studies, or make a different appointment?” 

Hermione’s face flushed, and she knew that now was the time. With studious calm she’d practiced with Ron on the walk down from the Gryffindor tower, she answered, “I’m not actually planning to take them.” 

McGonagall looked at her, concerned. “You’ll have to, to be considered for the Transfiguration program, at least, not to mention your other classes.” 

Confusion. Not anger. She didn’t believe yet that Hermione would making this decision. “I’m not. Not going to be taking classes next year. I’m leaving Hogwarts to help Harry finish Professor Dumbledore’s work.” 

This. This was the exact face that had haunted Hermione since she’d made the decision. Confusion. Quiet anger. Disappointment. The preparation for a fight. All of them played on the face of the professor before her, and Hermione felt herself shrink down about six sizes in the chair. She wondered what it would feel like to melt onto the hardwood floor of the office. Books lined every wall, and the grades Hermione had worked all year for sat on the desk before her. 

“I’m shocked,” Professor McGonagall finally said, her voice characteristically quiet and accented. “And disappointed. I’d like you to reconsider.” 

Disappointed. The word felt like blunt force to her chest. She was a disappointment. 

As best as she could, Hermione explained her reasons for her decision, but she knew she had already lost the interaction. Like she had predicted, McGonagall pressed, offered other options, tried to make her see sense. But Hermione, stubborn in her grief, didn’t rise to the bait. 

She left the office heavily, and found Ron immediately. He hadn’t talked to her yet, but he had the same conversation ahead of him. 

She wouldn’t wish that on anyone. 

I decided to draw Rocco from his intense ranked battle days for my sweet bun @squid-nerds ♥ ♥ ♥ Ranked battles are too intense for this squib. 


Celebrity look alikes in the Nancy Drew games 

It’s 3am and i should be asleep but instead I just read @becomeawendybird’s new fic Sun Dappled and I’m finger painting some fanart of it on my tablet because I’m a human disaster but her fic is adorable and Harry is EXTRA ADORABLE

WELL! how about we start off Monday with a little color?!?! hahaha! (^ O^) so i saw this post the other day~ and then today (yesterday if you slept!) @salemnevada got in on that action and called me, @space-emos , and @hicstreme0 out to do it too! And who am i to back down from a good challenge?!?!?! (>   w  <) hehhee! it was super fun to just draw something colorful and really stupid! lol! plus it seemed fitting to use Illustrator to do the line work, and i haven’t drawn with Illustrator in ages! so that was fun too! (thank gawd for muscle memory though, cuz fucks if my brain could remember all the hot keys! LOL! LOL! LOL!) @sailershanty i hope you’re gonna get in on this too!!!!! hahaha! XD i hope everybody’s week starts out SUPER FANTASTIC!!! *confetti canon* bed time now! love you all! laters! <3