drew vine


Taekook | Suicide Squad : Concept Trailer (Anime Ver.)


I planned to make this longer but I got lazy

Here are some BNHA-related vines I drew, I may add more later

“It’s Story Time, come on, grab your friends! We’ll got to very distant lands! With Vine the App and Thomas the Human, the fun will never end, it’s Story Time!”

Yay for Thomas! He is literally one of the nicest people I know of, and hopefully one day I can meet him! He is like the real-life Denny Lachance of us all (if we were all Gordie), so I thought ‘hey why not, I haven’t drawn anything Adventure Time in awhile and I haven’t really drawn anything TS’ so here ya go! Honestly super proud of that header, too

Also to kinda make up for that horrid Saved By The Bell thing I put up yesterday hahaaaaaaaa