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@victuuri-week: Day 8: (Valentine’s Day)- Life & Love

This sap gave Yuuri a flower crown and some hickeys for Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentines Day all! (-^   v ^-) this is the piece requested by the winner of my Spread the Love event @argentoheart !! they gave me a very specific set of imagery to draw based on a passage from an Otayuri fanfic they are working on! <3 I really hope you enjoy this argentoheart! <3 and i hope everybody has a wonderful Valentines Day full of love! <3

So I have this hc where Sasuke gets his shit together and makes the first move and… yeah. Naru doesn’t survive.

spock spent all last night researching valentines day traditions so he could get jim the perfect gifts and yes they probably still give flowers, chocolate, teddy bears and cheesy cards in the 23rd century ღ’’ღ’’

✨💕Happy Valentines Day 2k17💕✨

more trek art

lets be real~ everybody loves Yurio whether he likes it or not! heheheh! <3

this is the large version of the piece i did for my Valentines Day event, which just ended! (-^   O ^-)